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Book Two

Relationships or Fantasy Trips 

Chapter Five









Jezebel will be back shortly with more of our story from her point of view.   For now,  Stoney, will resume with the telling of this tale.  





Stoney’s Arrival:

Saturday evening, as planned, at 6:00 p.m., I am knocking on her door.  

She opens the door with a smile and a long hug.   “Come in please,” she says.  

“Thank you.   Don’t mind if I do.“   

I walk into a room filled with sweet aromas coming from the kitchen.   “What are you baking?   It smells like I’m back home in Indiana.”

“Dinner and a chocolate cake to go with our ice cream later this evening.”  

“Sit down please.   Relax and take a moment to just be here.   May I get you something to drink?   I have fresh apple juice, bottled grape juice, lemonade, water, or Kombucha Tea.”  

“What is Kombucha tea?”  

“It’s a brew made by growing the Manchurian Tea Mushroom in mixture of water, light brown sugar and green tea. pink shinny bullet 5-1     It’s a little tart, but is touted as being a healthy alternative to the refreshments we commonly drink like alcohol, coffee, or carbonated beverages.”  

I say, "I know alcohol is a mind-deadening poison and coffee stimulates the body, but what's wrong with carbonated beverages?

"Besides rotting your teeth, they throw the acid alkaline balance way off toward the acid end of the scale.   This significantly interferes with the body metabolism, and the imbalance is a contributing factor to many health problems."

“OK, then I’d like to experience the tea, please.”   

She says, “While I’m getting your tea,  please put your feet up, close your eyes, and relax.   I’ll be right back.”   I sit while Jezebel exits to the kitchen, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and drift into the memories that the baking aromas induce in me from my childhood.   I’m drifting and relaxing when I feel Jezebels hands on the back of my neck.   I didn’t hear her come back into the living room, so I open my eyes in surprise.   Jezebel strokes her hand over my eyes to induce me to close them again.   “Just be.”  She says.  

I sit quietly while Jezebel, standing behind my chair, rubs my neck and my shoulders.   After two minutes or so, the rubbing becomes more vigorous and soon she is shaking me quite strongly.   “OK, Kiddo,” she says.   “It’s time to be here and now.  

I open my eyes as she moves around to the front of the chair and pulls me up onto my feet.   She leads me into the kitchen where I’m handed a glass of chilled tea and ushered out to the back patio.   She directs me to one of two chairs at her patio table, which is set for dinner with place mats, napkins, silverware, glasses, but no plates.  

“Sit,” she says,   “I have some good news for you.”  

“Are you always this bossy?”  I say.  

“No, smart ass.   You know that I am not.”  

“OK.   What’s up?”  





Stoney Is Invited to Write a Book:

“I’ve talked to James and our conclusion is that we would definitely like you to write a book about your experiences with the CLI Circles.”  

“Oh, great.   This will be fun.   I assume there are some stipulation that I will be asked to meet.”  

“Yes.   I’ll give you the highlights now and you tell me if you are still interested.”


“If you accept the writing assignment, you will do so as a client of The Of-Course Foundation.   A trust will be set up which will legally own the book.   You will have free reign to write the book any way you choose; however, The Of-Course Foundation will have final artistic control over it’s content and over when, where, and how it is published and/or distributed.  

     The profits will be divided as follows:  Twenty percent is to be tithed to The Of-Course Foundation.   Another ten percent is to be given away by you to anyone you choose.   The foundation has suggested guidelines about this, however the final decision is yours. 

    Forty percent will go into another trust.   This will be your money held in an investment trust in your name and managed for you and with you by The Of-Course Foundation.   You may take complete charge of the trust after two years and do anything you want with the money after five-year management agreement has expired.   Most clients are more than satisfied with having the foundation manage their assets, so very few have ever actually taken their money out ”  

“OK, what about the remaining thirty percent?”  

“That's yours to do with as you will.   I assume you have more questions.”  

“Yes.   When you say The Of-Course Foundation maintains control, is that an indirect way of saying that James Johnson is in control?”  


“Why is that?”  

“Cause he’s the boss, that’s why.   He set up and he runs the foundation.   He is usually quite occupied with his own affairs, so it’s not likely that he’ll interfere with anything you do.   He pretty much lets the rest of us make most of the day-to-day decisions.   He is a stickler on whom he gets involves with; however, so once you pass that hurdle, you’ll do just fine.”  

“Have I passed that hurdle?”  


“How did I do that?”  

“The foundation did a thorough background check on you and you have my wholehearted endorsement.”  

“You mean he’s been snooping into my affairs?”  

“I suppose you could view it that way.”  

“I guess I don’t want to get into that issue, so I’ll ask a different question.   Why does forty percent of the profit go into a trust?”  

“This is part of the process of teaching you how to get money to work for you rather than you working for money.   All Foundation clients are treated the same in this regard.”  

“And why are trusts used?”  

“For asset protection and tax savings.   This is a huge elephant that we need to deal with at another time.   Just remember, James is a self-made multi-millionaire so he does not do anything that is not financially prudent.   Neither does he do anything with only the intent of making himself more money.   He already gives away about ninety percent of all the new money that comes to him.”  

“Other multi-millionaires ought to use him as a role model.”  

“Well, put this idea out in your book and maybe some of them will.” 

“So I am not writing this book as a freelance writer.   Am I to do so as an employee of The Of-Course Foundation?”  

“Definitely not.   The foundation only has two employees.   Everything else is handled in a different fashion which we can get into later if you’re really interested.   You will function through the trust which will own the book.   We will have one of the Foundation’s trust people go over that with you later.   You will also receive a generous, monthly stipend to cover your living expenses or to use any other way you choose.”  

“Tell me more about the ten percent that I’m to give away.   Why would I want to do that.?”  

“In answering this question, experience is the best teacher.   Once you experience the feelings inside you when you have enough money so you can simply give away a big chunk of money, you won’t need to ask that question.   Please hold any further question for a few minutes while I check on dinner and the cake.”  

She is gone only briefly.   Upon returning, she announces that dinner will be ready in ten minutes.   “Any more questions?” she asks. 

“Do you give away money?”

“Yes, quite regularly.”  

“To whom?”  

“Anyone who suites my fancy in the moment.   I give the money on a personal level rather than through an established charity.   This is also one of the Foundation’s recommendations.”  

“Where do you, or where have you given money away?”  

“I pay for seventy-five percent of the cost for music lessons for three gifted students.   Through a restaurant near their home, I provide breakfast and a bag lunch for two ghetto kids who otherwise would go to school hungry.   I paid the orthodontist bill for a teenager in Detroit.   I bought the baseball equipment for a New Jersey, YMCA girl’s team.   I send $300 per month to a friend in Malaysia to support a school she is running.   I also gave $7,000 to my sixteen-year-old cousin who wanted to buy a car with the stipulation the she could not use the money directly to buy the car, but could only use the profit she made from the $7, 000 I gave her.”  

“In spite of my sometimes flamboyant personality, I usually give money away rather quietly.   For example, the music students were simply told that a 3:1 scholarship-matching fund was available to them for as long as they were committed to their music.   They don’t know me.   They have never even seen me.   Their music tutors handle all the details.”  

“Why does the Foundation recommend direct giving rather than giving money to an established charity?”  

“Personal experience will give you the best answer to this question also.   Besides knowing where your money is actually going, there is an emotional connection to those you help that raises being charitable to a new level and gives it a completely fresh meaning.”  

“Dinner is about ready so let’s go in and enjoy another bounty that the universe has provided us with.”  

We walk into the kitchen.   Jezebel says,  “I have created a one-pot dish that my grandmother taught me how to make.   I’m not much for formality, so here’s a plate.   Take as much as you like and we’ll go back out to the table on the patio to eat.   There’s also fresh baked corn bread and butter to go with it.”  

As I look into the pot, I can visually identify carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms and small pieces of what I guess are chicken.   I help myself and after Jezebel does like wise, we return to the patio.   The food is delicious, the company wonderful and the setting sublime, so I thoroughly enjoy the next half hour with Jezebel.  

As we share dinner, it becomes obvious that something is distinctly different with Jezebel.   The distance she had been keeping between us for the past three months is not here.   I’m not sure what’s going on with her or why, but I do know that I like it.






When dinner has been eaten, Jezebel takes our plates back to the kitchen and returns with six coins, a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, a half dollar and a new, one-dollar coin.    She places all six coins on the table in front of me and says, “Please describe what you see.”   

I respond with,   “I see money; each is a U.S. coin; they’re all round; they’re all made of metal, they‘re all flat;  they’re all silver colored except for the penny which is copper-colored, and the dollar coin which is gold-colored;  and each represents a different monetary value.”  

“Anything else?”  

“There is no correlation between size and value.   Why are you asking?   Is this some kind of test?”  

“No it is not a test.   It is a way to determine if you see similarities first and then differences or see differences first and then similarities.”  

“So what did my answers tell you?” 

“That you see similarities first and then, after seeing the similarities you note the differences.   In this regard, you are like me are like the majority of people.”  

“Not to be cynical, but so what?”  

“Have you ever spent any time with someone who focuses primarily on differences?   They regularly ask “Yes, but” questions:   Yes, but what about this?   Yes, but what about that?   This won’t work because of such and such.   This is wrong.   This is missing.   You can’t wear that blouse with those slacks, etc.”  

“Sounds like my Aunt Harriet.”  

“Was she a lot of fun to be around?” 

“No, and my uncle hated her constant corrections.”  

“If you are sending a rocket to the moon, you need some ‘Yes, but’ people on your team, however in a personal relationship, having similar styles adds a definite advantage.   ‘Yes, but’ people tend to get along OK with each other, however a sameness person and a difference person will tend to clash.”  

“So we are fine together?”  

“In that area, yes.”  

“Are there areas where we clash?”  

“Two of our biggest differences between us are that I tend to be spontaneous, out-going and sometimes outlandish while you tend to be more quite, reserved and much more planned.   I tend to make intuitive decisions, while you’re more often logically analyze the pros and cons or try to figure things out.”  

“Is that a problem?”  

“Not as long as we understand our differences, and allow each other to be who we are.”  

“That’s good to hear.”   Then I ask,  “What area of compatibility do you like best about us?”  

She replies,  “Oh that’s easy.   We are both kinesthetic junkies.   We love touching and being touched by each other.   We are also both strongly visual and, for both of us, auditory information is of much less importance.”   We talk about this in considerable detail.   Unfortunately, it’s just too big of a bite out of our elephant for a complete discussion here, so I promise to hold this topic as another story for another time.  

I go on to ask, “Are there other areas where, compatibility is important in a personal relationships?”  

“Several,” she says.   “Sharing the same cultural myths is another important area.”  

“What do you mean by cultural myths,” I ask?  

“I mean do we share common religious and philosophical beliefs?”  

“I think we do pretty well here.”  

“We seem to; however, I suggest we talk more about this.   Are you willing to read two books before we discuss this in detail?”  


“Good!”  Jezebel takes two books from a nearby shelf and hands them to me: Conversations with God,  Volume One pink shinny bullet  5-2   and A New Beginning, Volume I pink shinny bullet 5-3   “These two books express the essence of my religious and spiritual beliefs and practices.   I have already shared with you numerous ideas that are clearly expressed in these books.   If you intend to master the CLIC arts, I suggest you read both of them.”  

“They sound interesting.   I’ll read them immediately.”   I glanced briefly through the books and then set them aside.  

“So Jezebel, why did you place religious and philosophical beliefs in the same category as cultural myths?”  

“Because they are often confused and all too often they are one and the same.”  

“Please tell me why you feel that way?” 

“Certainly.   We would all like to believe that what our parents, our teachers and other role models taught us when we were little kids is the truth. Unfortunately much of it was simply what they were taught by their parents.   Our parents told us stories about life, often in answer to difficult or unanswerable question -- answers that often had no provable basis in reality.   There are dozens and dozens of global, cultural, community or family myths that humans accept as truth.”  

I ask, “What are some of the common ones?”   Jezebel proceeds to share with me a long list of ideas that many people believe to be the absolute truth. pink shinny bullet 5-4    I’ll share just one of them with you now:”

Every human being is born in sin and is considered to be inherently evil simply because some far-distant, long-dead ancestor who lived thousands and thousands of years ago was conned by a snake into eating an apple from a particular tree.  

I reply, “If you take that statement out of its religious context and tell it to someone who is not familiar with the Christian Bible, it does indeed, sound rather farfetched.”   After listening to her discuss several cultural myths, I tell her that we seem to have a lot of similar and compatible values in these areas.   When I say that many of the myths do not apply to me, Jezebel suggests that I become an observer of my own actions and see if what I say I believe and what I actually practice are one and the same.  

We talk about many other areas of our potential similarities and differences.   Because the concept of similarities and differences is also so large that it’s another story for another time. pink shinny bullet 5-5 

The New Jezebel:

As the evening wears on, Jezebel becomes even more open and loving.   We are quite sensual with each other, but, as she requests, we refrain from engaging in anything that is overtly sexual.   We talk some about our previous Sunday together at James’ cabin and both agree it was a delightful experience; however, when I want to talk in detail, she requests that we hold the discussion for a week or so. 

I also comment on her shift in attitude toward me, but short of outright denial, she plays down the idea that there has been a change.   Since I’m feeling so good about everything else that is occurring between us, and since she also promises that we’ll share another CLIC experience in the near future, I just let it go, figuring I’ll find out soon enough what has triggered the change.  

End of Chapter Five ---  Check Mate





pink shinny bullet 5-1  For information on Kombucha tea, see   Andre's Kombucha Page –on the Internet     http://members.iquest.net/~vanmeule/health/k-tea.html


pink shinny bullet 5-2   Conversations with God,  Book One;  by Neal Donald Walsh;   G. P. Putnam’s Sons;  New York, N. Y.;  ©1995.   This is book one of a three-volume set. (See the comment in footnote 5-3, below)


pink shinny bullet 5-3  

A New Beginning Vol. I;  by Jerry and Esther Hicks,  Published by Crown International  © 1994. <http://www.abraham-hicks.com>

This is book one of a two-volume set.

These two books, along with the three Conversations with God,  Books are highly recommended reading for those who are serious about improving their relationships, mastering the CLI Circle arts, or accomplishing anything else in their lives.   Why is this book recommended?   Because, if you don’t know the rules of the game, its’ very hard to play and all but impossible to win.


pink shinny bullet 5-4   For a comprehensive list and a  discussion of this topic, please go to:   http://www.joy101.org/book-content-06.html


pink shinny bullet 5-5   More on this will be forthcoming in book three. 






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Book Two

Relationships or Fantasy Trips 

Chapter Five



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