A self-awareness story about life, love, romance, and the intimate love arts.


   The Yoni Dance Book Trilogy

The Ultimate "How to" Book
About All Those Things
Your Parents Never Taught You


Book Two

Relationships or Fantasy Trips 

Chapter Six 

The Not So Little Man in the Boat








Walk Your Talk:

Much later that evening, I remember to ask a question that I’ve been meaning to ask for some time now.   “Jazz,” I say, “ tell me please, what does your friend, Intendr have to do with all of this?”

“He’s been my mentor and my teacher for years.   Without his guidance, I’d never have accomplished the things I’ve accomplished, nor would I be the woman I am today.”

“I’ve heard you mention him on several occasions.   When am I going to meet him?”

“Any time you want to.   Would you like to meet him right now?”  

“Yes, but that’s not possible.”  

“OK, then if it’s not impossible, obviously you can’t meet him right now.”

“You know what I mean.”  

“I know that you just put yourself in a self-created, ‘It’s impossible’ box.   You believe it is impossible, and, therefore, for you, it is impossible.”  

“Well, it’s almost one a.m.”  

“Now you’re defending your position in your ‘It’s impossible’ box.”  

“Jezebel, sometimes I think you get a bit carried away with yourself around these types of issues.”  

“Stoney, I’m sorry.   I don’t mean to harangue you.”   She comes over to me, sits beside me on the couch and starts rubbing my shoulders.   I, like her, am a kinesthetic junkie, so touch is the perfect way to soothe me. 

“I do think it’s important the we stay in integrity with our commitment to consciously create our reality.   We can’t turn off our creative mechanism, so when you start building limiting-belief boxes I get concerned.”  

“Thank you.   I know your intention is loving.”  

She pulls me over on top of her and starts kissing my neck just below my right ear.   Then says, “OK, chief.   Do you want to change our agreement to keep each other in the truth?”  

“No, of course not.   I would, however, like a more soft and soothing way of being informed that I am off the mark.”  

“OK by me,” she says.  “Would you like it to be auditory, visual of kinesthetic?”  

“You know I like touch the most; however, visual would probably work best.”  

“How about a visual when we’re not close and a touch when we are?”  

“That sounds fine,” I say.   “Here’s a possibility.   When a referee in a football or basketball game calls for time out he uses a visual symbol of putting the finger tips of one opened, vertically-held hand against the palm of the other horizontally held, opened hand.”  

She curls up her nose, looks at me funny and says, “That’s a pretty blatant signal, especially when others are around.   How about something a little more subtle; something you could use when you don’t want to be openly obvious.   What if I just touch the tips of my index fingers together to form a 90 degree angle like this?”   She demonstrates the position.  

She continues, “We could easily do this without anyone knowing we were sending signals to each other, and when we are close, I’ll start drawing X’s somewhere on your body with my finger tip, like this.”   Again she demonstrates, this time by drawing X’s on the palm of my hand.  

“Yes, I like that. . .   and it feels good too, but why not use circles?”  

“Because I am regularly touching you and making circles.”  

“OK, X’s it is,” I say,  “now back to meeting Intendr.”  





Tell Me About Intendr:

“I guess I’d better start by telling you Intendr is not like you and me.”  

“What do you mean?”  

“He’s not presently living in a physical body.”  

“You mean he’s an imaginary friend?”  

“No, he’s as real as you and I are.”  

“Come on.   How can that be?”  

“Do you really want an explanation or are you just talking?”  

“A real explanation, please.”

“Do you recall Einstein’s theory that energy and matter are interchangeable?   Either can be transformed into the other, but neither can be destroyed.  

“Yes,” I say.  

“So what is your physical body made of?”  

“Obviously it’s made of physical matter.”  

“And what are you made of?   Are you just a physical body?” 

“I doubt it.   It does not appear that I’m just this physical body.   Either I’m this physical body and something more also, or I’m something that is not physical and I’m presently living in this physical body.”  

Jezebel continues, “Most of the master teachers over the centuries have said that we are divine energy beings temporarily living in physical bodies.   Have you heard Deepok Chopra talk about how our body cells keep changing, so that every few years our physical bodies are made up of completely new material. pink shinny bullet 6-1  

“Yes, I’m aware of that.   So you’re saying Intendr is a fellow energy being just like us except that he is not presently living in a physical body.”  

“Correct, except I’d say it slightly differently.”  

“How would you say it?”  

“Every human being, along with everything else, physical or otherwise, is part of a huge continuum that is commonly refer to as ‘God,’ or by a host of other names such as ‘The Infinite Source,’ or  ‘Jehovah,’ or ‘Yahweh,’ or ‘The Continuum,’ or ‘The Universe, or ‘The Great Wow,’ or by whatever other name you would like to use.   We are each a God-Being temporarily inhabiting a physical form.   We have chosen to forget who and what we are in order to experience our Divinity while living in a physical body.   

    Because he’s not presently tied to a physical body, Intendr is aware of a much greater portion of that continuum than you or I are at the moment.   Although I relate to him as a separate being, I could also think of him as my Soul Self, or my Higher Self.   Many people in religious circles, such as those who follow Catholicism, refer to this type of being as their guardian angel.”  

I reply, “But most people don’t hear voices or see energy beings.   And a goodly number of people are so completely overwhelmed by their stressful or traumatic, physical experiences or numbed by the constant barrage of external sensory stimulation that they simply have no idea that there is any internal guidance.   To this type of person, speaking about guardian angels is unreal, fairytale talk.  

“And,” she says, “there is a significant portion of the human population that do hear their own inner dialog telling them: ‘This is right.  Do this.’ or ‘That’s wrong.  Don’t do that.’   And all people, regardless of what religion they follow, feel good or bad in response to their thoughts, words or deeds.   According to Catholic theology, a guardian angel is a non-physical entity (an angel) that God sends to walk through life with you and protect you, so even Catholics have an aspect of God that is with them at all times and a voice within that tells them what’s right and wrong.   Many people refer to this inner knowing as their conscience”

     So you see, listening to your own inner wisdom is nothing new.   The difference between what the Roman Catholic Pope and his subordinates teach about inner guidance and how I relate to Intendr is nothing more that an interpretation of the form in which that inner guidance comes.”

I ask, “How do you know that Intendr is your God-self talking and not simply your ego or worse yet, some demonic being sneaking into your mind?”  

“Everyone who consciously perceives beings from outside of what we presently experience as physical reality knows whether or not it’s evil by how much love there is in what they hear, by how much love and joy the being brings to their lives and by how they feel in their hearts.   Intendr expresses complete, unconditional love for me and for everyone and everything else on the entire planet.   He has never ever suggested I do anything that would harm me or anyone else!”

“And what if ego or some evil being were speaking to you, what would that sound like?”

“If you have invited darkness and illusions into your life, look for lies, deception, manipulation, pain, misery, suffering, or thievery.   Look for acts of intentional violence.   Look for attempts to gain at someone else’s expense.   If you allow evil energies into your mind, you’ll know they’re there.   You may want to deny them, but pain, anger, fear, and that whole list of other negative emotions are hard to deny. pink shinny bullet 6-2  

    With regard to evil beings sneaking into your mind, that’s impossible.   Remember, we each create our personal reality by our thoughts, so evil can enter only by invitation and only in response to thought.   That thought-invitation may be conscious intention or it may be completely by default and unconscious.

    The arrival of evil is, however, always in response to thought.   Evil is a reflection, a mirror, if you will, of those who look to harm, manipulate, use, abuse, or in any way harm themselves or others.”

“What you’re talking about is certainly a different way of looking at life.“

“Stoney, this is simply one more possibility.   It may be absolutely true, or it may turn out to be just another fantasy.   Take it or leave it, as you will.”

“But, if I take it, as you say, my life will change.”

“Your life is constantly changing, anyway.   With every heartbeat, with every breath you’re different.   Change is the nature of the universe.    It’s impossible not to change.   And, yes, I know, change can be scary.”

    Most people are threatened by change because they’re afraid things will get worse and not better.   I assure you, that once you’ve played in this park for awhile, you’ll see [and feel] that these changes are definitely for the better.”

I ask, “But what if they’re not?”

Then, here’s a possibility for you.   Temporarily experiment with this new perspective.   Remember that you haven’t given up anything.   You’ve simply added a new perspective.   At any time, you can go back to your former beliefs none-the-worse for wear.”

“So, symbolically speaking, there’s a money-back guarantee here.”

“In the sense that you have nothing to lose, yes.”

“OK, but I still have a major question.   If Intendr lives in a non-physical reality, how can I possibly meet him?

Jezebel responds, “In the traditional sense you can’t; however, if you trust my ability to connect to that non-physical ‘place’ where he is, then you can talk to him through me.   Think of Intendr as though he was a physical person in London and you’re here in San Francisco.   You can’t talk directly to anyone in London from here, but you can, by way of the telephone system, hear an electronic representation of his or her voice.   Think of me as a telephone system connecting you to that ‘distant place’ where Intendr lives.”

“That sounds a little far out.”

“You mean it sounds unreal to you?”


“At one time, so did telephones, radios, television, and a host of other means of communication.   Just think of the Internet for a moment.   Right now, from right here, I have almost instant access to literally millions of location all over the planet.   Just twenty years ago, that would have been considered an absolute fantasy, and yet, today, it’s commonly accepted as reality.   

    Let me share an example with you.   In the late 1800's, the government bureaucrats were considering closing the patent office, because they believed that everything worth inventing had already been invented.   So, Stoney, are you willing to consider the possibility that there is still some aspects of reality that we don't yet know about or would you prefer to 'close the patent office'?"

"OK, I'll be open minded about this.

"Do you recall some time ago we talked about belief boxes?”

“Yes, I remember.” 

“Well, you’re into another one of your boxes, and your personal beliefs have set the limits on how much of reality you can perceive.   

“Yeah, I guess they have.”

Jezebel picks up one of the two books she gave me earlier (A New Beginning by Jerry & Ester Hicks) and says, “Once you’ve read this, you’ll understand my relationship to Intendr.   I relate to Intendr much the way Ester Hicks relates to the group of non-physical beings she refers to as Abraham.” pink shinny bullet 6-3    

“Oh, good!   I’ll start reading it tomorrow.”



The Universe According to Einstein:

“Stoney, with regard to the invisible aspects of reality, are you aware of the latest findings that have come out of theoretical physics and modern astronomy?"


“Astronomers, in attempting to find out at what speed the universe is expanding and the rate at which that expansion is slowing down have come up with some phenomenal and unexpected findings.”

“Like what?”

“Einstein’s theory of the Cosmological Constant which he, himself, later renounced as false appears to be correct, after all.”

“I’m not versed in physics.   You’ll have to tell me what that means.”

“The latest findings indicate that of all the matter and energy that make up the universe only about five percent is perceivable to human senses or to present-day, scientific instruments.”

“So how do they know the other ninety-five percent is there?”

“By its gravitational effect it has on that five percent portion we call physical matter.   About one third of all the material that makes up the known universe appears to be invisible matter (called ‘dark matter,’) and about two thirds of the known universe appears to consist of an invisible energy (called ‘dark energy’).   Unlike physical matter, dark matter neither emits or reflects light, and, unlike physical matter which gathers together in clumps, this invisible energy, is present everywhere.

    What appears to humans as empty space is actually, to use one astronomers words, ‘a seething stew of energy and matter.’   This fits Einstein’s original theory of the Cosmological Constant.”

“Jazz, am I to assume this has some bearing on your story about Intendr?”

“Indeed it does.   With ninety-five percent of the universe being imperceptible to present day humans, do you suppose it just might be possible that those invisible beings which some humans, like myself, manage to see or hear just might be real beings from that other part of reality called dark energy and dark matter?” 

“We obviously don’t know the answer to that question.”

“Well, then, perhaps some of our present-day carved-in-stone beliefs just might turn out to be only partial truths or complete fantasies.   These new discoveries could very well be a glimpse into the aspect of reality we call God.   Let me quote Albert Einstein for you in this regard:

To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms — this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness.   In this sense, and in this sense only, I belong to the ranks of devoutly religious men.

“So what are you telling me?”

“To keep an open mind.”


“And one other thing, the expansion of the universe is not slowing down.  It’s actually speeding up. pink shinny bullet 6-4  

“Wow!   The universe really is a strange place.”

Jezebel continues, “I’d guess that what we, as humans, know about universal reality is so insignificantly small as to be all but nothing at all.   Again, to quote Einstein: ‘I now know that I know nothing’.”

“Jazz, I’m still not clear on why you believe we would want to come here to Earth and forget who we are.”

“The only way to know hot is to know cold.   The only way to know light is to know dark.   The only way to know bliss is to know that which is not blissful.   Once you’ve read the two books I just gave you, you’ll have a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

    We are here on Earth because we chose to be here and for the pure joy of having physical experiences.   Was not last weekend’s sharing a joyous experience?”  

“It certainly was, but much of Earth life is the antithesis of joy.”  

“That’s because humans haven’t yet figured out who and what they are, and haven’t figured out how to correctly, consciously and consistently apply the rules of reality to earth-plane living.”  

“You mean rules like The Law of Thought you keep reminding me of?”  


“OK, so if Intendr is not in a physical body, how do you manage to see and hear him?”





The Who, What and How About Intendr:

“Have you ever wondered how Edgar Casey came up with all that phenomenal information he gave to his clients?   And how about the spiritual master, Sai Baba who lives in India today? or the countless others who see, hear and do things that the rest of humanity calls impossible?   The best way to answer your question is to share a conversation I had with Intendr on this very topic.   When I first became aware of him, I made some notes and then much later, I wrote a story of my experiences with him.   May I read that story to you?”

“You have it available?” 

“Yup.   I dug the story out of my old files earlier today with the intention of reading it to you tonight.”

“And here I am, ready and willing to listen, so you’ve just managed to create another of your intentional manifestations."

“Just another example of conscious living!”

“Okay, the story, please.”

“Remember, Stoney, this is my 11-year-old self that you’ll be listening to.   She picks up a notebook and starts reading from it.  She speaks with a distinct style which is not the Jezebel I know.

My official legal name is Henrietta Scrivener.   I hate being called Henrietta so I’ve chosen a real name for myself.   I now call myself Jezebel.   I’m eleven years old.   My body is starting to become a woman, and I don’t know what to think about what‘s happening to me, so I start asking for help.   I don’t want to talk to mom ‘cause she’s such a prude, and the only other, older person I can talk with is Cousin Cynthia.   Cynthia is Seventeen.   She’s very supportive and informative, and I really appreciated her, but I have this funny feeling there was more I need to know and someone else for me to talk to.   That feeling and my asking is what triggers my memory of Intendr.   Here’s how it happens.  

One afternoon I’m sitting by the stream in Welsly Park splashing in the water with my feet and with a stick I found nearby.   I’m daydreaming about nothing in particular.   Then I begin to wonder what it would be like to be wise like Jesus’ mom.   She’d know what to do.   She’d know how to deal with this body of mine.   Or I’d even just like to be wise like Abraham Lincoln was.   Almost without thought I say out loud,  “Dear God, thank you for sending me someone wise to talk with so I can get wise too.”   Then with out much further thought, I continue splashing and daydreaming.  

“Jazz, can I interrupt you for a minute.   People don’t pray by saying thank you.   People are usually begging God for favors.   Where did you come up with that novel way of praying at age eleven?”  

“It’s not novel at all.   It’s older than the Bible, itself.   Do you recall, on the day we met, I told you about our long-time family friend, Walter Watkins?”  

“I remember.”  

“Well, Walter taught this to me.   He told me that’s the way Jesus always prayed, and it sure worked for him, so I figured if Walter say it’s the way to pray and it’s the way Jesus prayed, then it’s the way for me, too.”   

I express my satisfaction with her explanation, and Jezebel returns to reading her story.

About three minutes later, I see this man rowing a boat right down the middle of the stream.   I think this is kind of weird ‘cause Hadley Creek is hardly big enough for a toy boat never, mind a real, get-in-it-&-row, kinda’ boat.   He’s dressed weird, too.   He’s wearing cobalt blue pants, a magenta shirt and a dark-green, funny-looking hat.   His hat is kind of long from front to back and narrow on the sides.   The hat has a long, thin pheasant feather in it that sticks out behind.   It reminds me of Robin Hood, but the rest of his clothes are too weird, even for a medieval folk tale.

He comes right up to where I am sitting and runs the front of the boat into the creek bank.   I see that under that hat is a kind of handsome looking face.   He looks at me as though he knows me and says, “Greetings, my lady.   How may I be of service?”

I look back at him like he is some kind of freak and say,   “Mamma told me not to talk to strangers, so you better get out of here before I conk you one on the head with this stick.”

He says,  “As you wish, my lady.”   He turns, pushes the boat back off the creek bank, climbs in, and continues to row down the stream.  He soon disappears around the bend.

I think to myself, “He’s kind of cute, but he sure dresses weird, and what’s he doing in a boat, anyway?”   Soon I’m into splashing again and I don’t give him any more thought.   I don’t think any more about this wise person stuff either until that night when I’m lying in bed and almost asleep.   I’m feeling strange feelings in my body again, so once more, I pray to God for someone wise to help me.   That night I have a very powerful dream, but when I wake up, all I can remember about the dream is that it was very special dream, and in the dream I felt very very good.

Several times during that day and the next day, I start thinking about the funny man in the boat, but I make no connection between him and my dream.   I find myself feeling a strange attraction to him.   I wonder about him, but I think my attraction is just associated with his cute face and my changing body.

The next day, I’m at Ferris Lake sitting alone near the picnic area.   I’m sitting on a rock and splashing my feet in the water.   Rather spontaneously and almost without thinking, I look up to the clouds overhead and again say, “God, thank you for sending me someone wise that I can talk with.”   I continue to kick water into the air and watch the clouds roll by.

In less than a minute, I notice a sparkle of light way out in the lake.   “What do you suppose that is?” I say to myself.   I watch the sparkle.   It appears to be coming closer.   Soon, I can make out that it is a person rowing a boat and coming in my direction.   In another couple of minutes, I can see it’s a man wearing a hat rowing the boat, only instead of rowing with his back to where he is going, this man is facing where he is heading.

Then I notice the bright colored clothes and say to myself,  “Do you suppose this is the same weirdo I saw in Hadley Creek a couple of days ago?”   When he gets about fifty yards away, there is no longer and doubt in my mind.   It’s the same weirdo.   He rows right up to me and again runs the front of his boat onto the ground.   I wait and watch as he steps out of the boat, walks over the picnic table, and sits at the bench.  He’s wearing same clothes that he had on the day I saw him in the creek, cobalt blue pants, magenta shirt and a deep forest-green hat, only today there is a ring on the hat that sparkles.

Also new to me is a necklace similar the ring around his hat.   At the bottom of the necklace and covering his chest is a round object that has a brightness about it which prevents me from distinguishing any details.   His clothes appear to be very soft.   I don’t actually touch the cloth, however, from their look, I’d guess they were a cross between velvet and silk.

He looks at me.   I look back.   Finally, I break the silence and say, “What’re you doing here?”

“You called again, my lady.”

I say,  “I’m not a lady.”

“Ahhh. . .  but you are!   And that ladyship will soon be showing itself gallantly.”

“Who are you, anyway, and what do you want?”

“I am Intendr, and I want for nothing.”

I say again, “Then what are you doing here?”

“I came in answer to your call.”

“What call?   Are you crazy?”

“I certainly would be thought of as crazy by many if they knew of me.   But then, perhaps you are not aware that in a society of lunatics, a sane person would be considered crazy.”

“You talk funny.   Now tell me, what call are you talking about?”

He stands up, removes his hat and bows to me slightly.   “As you wish, my lady.”

“You’re doing that funny talk, again.   Tell me what call?” 

He seems to turn around without moving and says to me,  “As you wish.   May I quote your latest words?”

“Yeah, I’m listening.”

“God, thank you for sending me someone wise that I can talk with.” 

My mouth drops open, and I just stare at him.   “I was splashing water at Hadley Creek the day I first saw you.”

“You called me that day also, and then you sent me away.”

“This is just too weird.   Who are you?”

“Someone wise to talk with.”

“What do you want with me?”

“I have already answered that question.   I want for nothing.  I came in answer to your call.”

“We’re going around in circles.”

“As you wish.”   All of a sudden the world appears to be spinning.   I feel myself getting dizzy.

“Whoa!   Whoa!  Stop!” I yell.   Instantly, everything becomes calm again.

“This is just too weird.”  

“Another circle?”

“No!  No!   I mean this is very unusual.”

“Yes, you are an unusual lady.   Most don’t call and fewer still see or hear me when I arrive.   Look closely at this boat.   Does it bring back any memories?”

“It reminds me of my favorite baby song, Row, row, row your boat; Gently down the stream.”

“Would you like to sing it with me?


“Singing might help you to remember.”

“Remember what?”

“That’s what we can sing the song to find out”


We sing together,

Row, row, row your boat, 

Gently down the stream, 

Merrily, merrily, merrily, 

Life is but a dream.  

“What does the song remind you of?”  

“I remember lots of times when I was a little girl lying on my mom's bed and looking at the three-inch-wide strip of paper that ran along the top of the wall just below the ceiling.”  

“Tell my anything you remember about that strip.”

“It was pastel colored, blue and peach, with a pale off-white background.   It had double straight lines at the top and bottom, and between the double lines, it had two wavy lines and lots of little flowers.  It looked to me like a river flowing in waves.   It went up and down as it went around the room.” pink shinny bullet 6-4  

“What else can you remember?”

“I remember it looked like it was really alive.   I remember watching it flow around the room like a river, and it always flowed from left to right.   I also remember mamma rubbing my head and singing “Row, row, row you boat while I watched the river flow around the room.”   

“May we sing the song again?” 


“This time, close your eyes and imagine yourself as a little girl lying in your mom's bed and watching that river.”  

I close my eyes and we sing together.  

Row, row, row your boat, 

Gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is. . .

I stop singing and open my eyes.   I exclaim, “You were in a boat in that river!”  

“You remember!   Good!   Your mom taught you that song while you were a very young child and that has held your connection to me.   Most lose their connection.   You didn’t, mainly by that song.”

“But why me?   Why are you coming to me?”

“Does this sound familiar?   ‘God, thank you for sending me someone wise to talk with so I can get wise too.’   ‘I wish I was wise like Jesus’ mom.’   Or how about this one, ‘God, thank you for sending me someone wise that I can talk with’.”

“I called you?”

“Three times in three days.”

“That’s only twice.”

“Do you remember a couple nights age when you had that powerful dream?   That was the third call.   Well, actually it was the second call.   Today was the third.”

“And you answered?”

“Of Course!"

"Why?"  I ask.

Because that's how the Universe functions.  Seek and you shall find.   Knock and the door shall be opened.”  

“You also called on several other occasions, but at those times you were not able to see or hear me.”  

“What do you mean?”  

“I live in a different world than you.”  

“I still don’t get what you mean?”  

“If others were here with us right now, they would neither see nor hear me.”  

“You mean like Harvey, the invisible six-foot rabbit?”  


“Now you’re really talking crazy.”  

“And I suppose you’re going to tell me that you and Harvey are bosom buddies.”  

“No, we're just acquaintances.”

“How come I can see you if no one else can?”  

“Several factors contribute to your ability to see and hear me.   Part of it has to do with the row your boat song and the river we just talked about.   Part has to do with the strong desire within you for the truth and much of this has to do with the conditions you intended for yourself before you entered this body for this lifetime.   Part of it also has to do with your willingness to see and do the unusual, even in the face of being ridiculed.   Your biological changes are the trigger mechanism that is assisting you in breaking the barriers between our two realities.”

“You are also much less cluttered with the usual fears and false beliefs that most humans your age carry.   You have a strong faith in God, a substantial belief in yourself, and joy filled heart.   And most importantly, you called me using the exact correct technique to create my presence here with you. 

“So all these things contribute to my being able to see and hear you.“

“Correct, my lady.”

“What did you mean when you said I called you using the exact correct technique?”  

“Saying ‘God, thank you for sending me someone wise that I can talk with.’ is quite different from saying, ‘God please send me someone wise that I can talk with.’   Where did you learn to pray like that?”

“From Walter.   I figure since that’s the way Jesus prayed, it’s good enough for me.”

“Obviously it worked.”

“Why doe s it work?”

“I suggest we reserve for another time the discussion of why that works as it does.”

“Good, I’d rather play now, anyway.”





Jezebel stops reading from her notebook, turns to me and says,  “Does that answer your question, Stoney?”

“Yes, but you’ve sure punched a lot of holes in my reality.“

“You mean holes in your beliefs about reality.”

“Yeah,” I respond, “that’s a more accurate way to say it.” 

“And you’ve heard only the first part of my Intendr story!   Do you want to hear more?”


End of Chapter Six ---  The Not-so-little Man in the Boat





pink shinny bullet 6-1   Deepok Chopra is a well-known and respected physician, author, and lecturer.   He has written several books and his lectures are frequently aired on PBS television.


pink shinny bullet 6-2   Those who intentionally manipulate or use others tend to be egocentric and insensitive to the needs and desires of others.   In order to do the things they do, they have to deny their own inner feeling --  feelings which are telling them that what they are doing is in violation of who they really are. 


pink shinny bullet 6-3  A New Beginning Vol. I;  by Jerry and Esther Hicks,  Published by Crown International  © 1994. <http://www.abraham-hicks.com>

This is book one of a two-volume set.


pink shinny bullet 6-4  The information about the latest astronomical findings is taken from the PBS, program in the NOVA series called the “Runaway Universe” Produced by WGBH, Boston and aired on KCET, Los Angeles, Tuesday, November 21,2000. 


pink shinny bullet 6-4  In geometry this type of wavy line is called a repeating sine curve.






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