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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Thirty Two

The Awakening






Jazbell says,  “Frederica and Eric have offered to give us each a complete and thorough body treatment.   However, if we begin such a treatment this late in the day, neither of us is going to be in any condition to drive home.”

"Is it that good?”

"It's that good and then some!" she says.   If you like, they'll come up and give us a taste of their mastery with foot treatments and brief, sample, body massages.  

I definitely accept”

Jazbell phones Frederica and expresses our choices.   Within twenty minutes she and Eric arrive.   Frederica stays with us as Eric goes to prepare the massage room.   While Jazbell and Frederica carry on a conversation, it occurs to me that most likely Frederica shares in some of the CLI Connections.

Immediately, without consciously intending to, I find my mind drifting into that oh-so-natural male tendency of imagining what a woman (in this case Frederica) would look like naked.   And, with my thoughts now rolling in the sexual direction, I start imagining what it would be like to share Sensual Ecstasy with her and Jazbell at the same time. 

Spiritual-Sensuality   Spiritual-Sensuality 

Editor's Note:  In the CLIC context of sharing sensual intimacy with one or more partners,  there is no sexual intercourse and no sharing of bodily fluids.    A few seconds of orgasm is not the goal.  

Sensuality can be a little or as much as the people involved choose it to be.   Being fully clothed and simply holding hands can be a very sensual experience.   Nothing in sharing is right or wrong.   Creating Sensual Delights is about mutual consent; it's about pleasing yourself; and it's about pleasing others.

Being Versus Doing:    Being here and now is all there is.   The in-the-moment focus is on prolonged sensuality and heightened awareness of one's own responses to giving and  receiving, loving, physical touch.  

In sensual delights sharing, there is no goal.   Experiencing Sensual Delights is not a function of doing.   It's a process of allowing.   It's like relaxing or almost falling asleep.   Just be and allow the sensations to take you where they will.  

The journey into full body sensuality heightens one's state of being and moves one's mind towered the higher and higher states of the feel good feelings  that we call  fahzoom.   Intimate sensuality raises fahzoom to the point where extended states of ecstasy significantly pass in intensity the best that traditional orgasm has to offer.   Sensual Delights are the inevitable results of a deep, conscious, rhythmic breathing cycle that draws particular attention to the moment of stillness between the outbreath and the next inhale.   It also focuses on feelings  --  slow, gentle, and prolonged intimate, full-body sensual touching by your partner (or partners)  --   mental imagery  --   and one's own gentle physical movements. 

Spirituality (Source/Creation)  In addition  to being a physical experience, many of us find this to also be a spiritual experience  --  a pathway to the non-physical part of reality where anything and everything is waiting "there" for us.

An amazing thing that one finds in exploring the non-physical portion of realty is that everybody is right.   Everybody is right within the context that they call reality.   The conflict is not in the correctness or incorrectness of our beliefs, but rather, it's in not recognizing that there's more than one version of reality.  

Now back to the story.  


My mind is just getting warmed up when my fantasy is interrupted, and we are ushered into a room that has two unique massage tables.   The tables ride on springs, swing in circles, and have a way of making me feel like I'm floating in space.    Jazbell later tells me they were designed as one of the Of-Course Foundation’s projects.  

 Jazbell and I are guided onto separate massage tables.   A light blanket is placed over each of us, and we are told to close our eyes, breathe deeply, and relax.   Once I'm on the table, I close my eyes and let go completely.   My mind drifts, and soon, I'm back into my sexual fantasy with Frederica and Jazbell together.   I ride this castle in the sky for only about a minute when suddenly it hits me why the CLI Circles are so popular with men.   In less than five seconds a whole raft of feminine benefits comes drifting to me, and it immediately becomes apparent to me that men and women find CLI Circles intriguing for quite different reasons.

I lie there with my mind in overwhelm.   I've just received two elephant-size thoughts in less than fifteen seconds.   To make useful sense of this information, I'll need to cut these elephants into bite-sized pieces.   I start thinking, How would I explain the benefits of a CLI Circle to my male friends?   The answer comes out something like this:



Guy Talk -- What Do CLI Circles Offer Men?


OK, fellows, how many sexually exciting women have we each seen in our lives?   Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands.   How many of them have we ever seen naked?   Damned too few.   With how many of them have we shared anything sexual?   Yeah, I know.   Damned fewer still.   So, we walk around with absolutely no expectation of ever seeing naked the vast majority of the sexually attractive women we encounter.   It’s just not possible.   For us, they’re absolutely unreachable.

Let’s face it guys, where sex is involved, women are in control.   We may have the power of command, but women have veto power.   If we were to go out somewhere today with the intent of getting laid before the night was through, what do you suppose our chances would be?   Well, I can’t say for you, so I’ll just speak for myself.   Based on my history, I’d say my chances were somewhere between slim to none, unless of course, I was willing to hire a hooker or get it on with anyone that passed the gender test as female.

If you’ve got an excess of money or you look like Leonardo DiCaprio or some other, currently-in-vogue sex symbol, you probably can do just fine, but for us average Joe’s, getting laid as a result of just going out after it is relatively rare.

In contrast, let’s look at a woman’s chances of having sex under the same circumstances.   What does she have to do? Let’s see...  take a bath occasionally.   Show up where there are men around.   That’s about it.

While a single woman is saying to herself, “Shall I have sex today?”  we single guys are saying to ourselves, “I wonder if I’ll ever get laid again?”   Now let’s bring CLI Circle sharing into our lives, and then re-ask these same questions.   Violŕ!   BIG difference.   Wow!   My mind whirls as I think of the distinctions. 

So what are the differences?   First off, the CLI Connections offer a safe context in which nudity would be acceptable even appealing to a great many women who, in almost any other context, would never consider shedding their clothes in front of a man at a social event.   The CLI Connection concept offers you a way to invite the women you know to join you in a personal CLI Connection session.    But from the male perspective,  here's another very intriguing  use for the CLI Connections.   If you become a member of someone else’s circle, particularly if it’s a large and well-organized group, you have no idea who might also be at a gathering.

My mind goes berserk.   A whole new world of possibilities opens up.   The woman you drooled over at the market yesterday just might show up at your next CLIC gathering and strip off her clothes right there in front of you.   And, if she doesn’t, some other equally attractive and enticing woman probably will.

Not only that, talking about CLI Circles offers a way to bring the topic of sex into a polite conversation with a woman.   In almost any other type of discussion, talking about sex, and particularly about mutual masturbation, would be an absolute taboo.

Yeah, guys, I know the quandary.   How do we even bring up the topic of sex
with women without appearing as jerks or perverts, to say nothing of makings sexual invitations in the present sexual–harassment-charged environment.   Well, fellows, here’s the answerrrrrrr. . .

On the rrrrr’s of answer, lightning flashes in my head.   My eyes pop open; I sit bolt upright; and look at Jazbell.   She’s lying peacefully with her eyes closed.   My sudden movement startles both Eric and Frederica.   They look at me with questioning eyes.   I say nothing, lie back down, and close my eyes.

Jazbell, that master of men, wants me to write a novel about the CLI Connections.   So after I write this book, all a guy would have to do is bring the book to the attention of several of the women he comes in contact with and bingo!  success would be almost guaranteed.   It’d be only a matter of time until one or more of them would express curiosity about CLI Connections and then, after a discussion, she'd likely express a willingness to share sexual joys with him in the CLI Connections’ safe and caring context.   And who knows where that could eventually lead.  



Girl Talk -- What Do CLI Circles Offer Women?


As I lie quietly basking in thoughts of my good fortune and enjoying the touch of Frederica's hands on me, I drift into thoughts about the CLI Circle benefits for women.   Although quite different from those for men, I imagine them to be equally satisfying.   I think of several things that seem to me to be feminine advantages, but I'm only a man.   What do I know for sure about women and how they think?   So I decide I'll have to ask some CLI Circle ladies to speak for themselves.

With that thought I drift into imagining the feminine joys of sexual sharing, and soon I find myself in still another time warp as if I were actually, at this moment, listening to women I haven't yet talked with.   Here's what I imagine I hear, and to my great surprise, my thoughts turn out to be very much in harmony with what, sometime later, I actually do hear.

   I love being in a context where I can relate freely and openly with others and be treated as a person rather than as just a sex object.   It's great to be respected for who I am.  

   In CLI Circles, I've had the opportunity to develop caring, understanding, and respectful relationships prior to committing myself to any personal sexual involvement.  

   I feel safe knowing I'm in a setting where I can express and share my needs and desires without fear of being pressured into sexual intercourse.  

   Sex, for me, has always been an active, energetic connection with the Cosmic Consciousness that animates the universe.   It's great to find others who also acknowledge the relationship between sex and our spiritual nature.  

   What I love most are the CLI Circle discussion groups.   I feel comfortable discussing things I'd never dare to bring up in mixed company in any other setting.  

   I love sex, but in a world with AIDS, I've been afraid to relate intimately with men.   CLI Circle sharing has been a real godsend for me.  

   I'm an exhibitionist.   I love to have men watch me play with myself, but before the CLI Circles came along, I never felt safe doing so because outside of that safe environment, I simply can't trust a man with an erection.  

   I feel safe and in control of my sexuality.   I can set my own sexual limits, express them to the men present, and know those limits will be honored.  

   I love sharing orgasmic intimacy with a man while, at the same time, avoiding the dangers and implications of sexual intercourse.



The Social benefits of CLI Circles 


As the voices fade away, I find my physical body lying quietly on the massage table, but inside, I'm anything but quiet.  Mentally, I'm in another whirlwind of anticipation.   I can hardly wait to confront Jazzbell with my insight.   I know -- I just know I am right.   My mind is spinning with thoughts about writing a book describing CLI Circles and what that book will mean to those who read it.  

If I'm any good at my craft,  the book I write will inspire the creation of a vast number of one-on-one safe-sex sharing situations.   It will also inspire a new way of relating for those who choose to relate sexually in a group context.  Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people will reduce or eliminate their sexual frustrations and eliminate or greatly reduce their need to indulge in domination, sexual violence, or those all-to-pervasive money for sex situations.

Writing a book and telling the world about the CLI Circle arts and how to apply them to your life is a way to bring more love, freedom, peace, harmony and joy into the world.   The book will tell people how to share in the type of intimacy, care and love that I'm experiencing today -- the intimacy, care and love that Jazbell says is so common in CLI Circles.

Publishing the book about CLI Connection sharing will inspire sexual freedom, and because sexual freedom is so closely related to political freedom, the book will increase freedom in every other aspect of human life.  For a moment, I think of the  equally strong correlation between sexual repression and violence.    It will also reduce the harmful effects of those who are presently promoting sexual repression. 30-1  

I  shout to myself, Just plain WOW!   The implications of what such a book could produce are phenomenal.   Either Jazbell is a genius or she is getting guidance from a very loving God.  Either way I'm delighted to be a part of it.

I am so completely lost in my realization and its consequences that I miss much of the joy of the massage I am receiving.   Even so, when Eric and Frederica finish, we both express our sincere gratitude and tell them we’ll be leaving soon.   We each receive a genuine hug from both of them and an invitation to return soon.   Then they head back to their home.   

As soon as they leave, I go to where I left my extra clothes and find a quarter.   I return to Jazbell, hold the quarter out to her and say, “OK, kiddo, I know what’s up.”

She looks at me with puzzled eyes.   I say,  “Do you remember our second meeting a Giorgio’s?"   (See Volume one, Chapter Five.) 

Yes,” she says.   She still looks puzzled.

Still holding out the quarter, I say, "A penny for your thoughts.”   I stand silent and motionless looking directly and intensely into her eyes.  She smiles and that endearing sparkle of mischief lights up her eyes.  

Do you recall your answer,  'With inflation my answer must be worth at least ten cents

I handed you a quarter and asked you what you were thinking about, but you refused to tell me.   You gave me back the quarter and dodged the question by saying, 'Put your quarter away, but keep it handy'  

She responds with a slow, inviting, emotional-filled, "Yes, I remember."  

Well, here’s your quarter.”   I place the quarter in her hand a wrap her fingers around it.  

She opens her hand, looks at the quarter, then back at me.   Her smile broadens, she leans toward me, looks directly into my eyes, and in a confident, lively manner, say,   “OK, clever man,  what’s the quarter for?”  

I mirror her body language, her eye contact, and voice inflections.  “For the book you want me to write about CLI Connections.”  

She chuckles lightly, straightens her body, pulls back from me slightly, and responds with,  “You do have a very creative mind, don’t you?   Good deductive reasoning, Stoney!   Yes, you’re correct.   Jim and I decided to publicize the CLIC concepts and I agreed to find a writer.”  She then steps back and turns away ending our little non-verbal sparing session. 

I say, “That book could trigger a profound social/sexual transformation.”

We know.   That’s why we want it written.”

So am I to be that writer?”

Only if you want to be.”

No, I’d rather write about fat-assed princes and new greenhouses.”

As you will; however, if you change your mind, please let me know.”

OK, now who’s being the smart ass?”

She laughs and says, “What goes around comes around.”

Yes, I do choose to be that writer.”

Good.   I’ll tell Jim and we can talk about the details later.”

I say, “I hope I’m more than just a business deal for you.”

She remains silent.   The sparkle in her eye dims.   I look at her and repeat my question.   “I hope I’m more than just a business deal for you?”

Finally, to my relief, she says,  “You needn’t be concerned about that.”

That’s more good news,” I say.

OK,” she says,  “Let’s gather up our things, clean up any messes we’ve made, and head back to town.”

In about thirty minutes we are out the door and on our way home.   I’m so hyper that I insist on driving.   Jazbell seems very mellow while I’m jazzed; so on the way home, we just share each other’s presence, mostly in silence.   

What I don't realize, at this time, is that our day together has triggered Jazbell’s relationship fears and has pushed her into a deep emotional turmoil -- a turmoil that is the mirror image of my own.   It's not until much later that I find out that one part of her is falling in love with me while another part is deeply into fear and is madly running away.   As for my conflict, I’m already very much in love with her, but I’ve promised to keep our relationship purely professional, and I'm doing so out of fear that if I confess my real feelings, she'll run away.

In spite of my intellectual promise, when I look at her,
I find myself being swept away by waves of emotion.  
I also find myself sitting on a fence between heaven and hell —
*    heaven because I’m physically near her and
      hell because I can’t really be close to her —
*   heaven because I can see her and
      hell because I can’t hold her in my arms —
*   heaven because I love her and
      hell because I can’t tell her -- 
*   heaven because I’m overjoyed with love and
      hell because, as close as I am to her,
      I may never experience her love for me.  

Obviously, I'm also going to share with you how I get off that fence on the heaven side,  but the in-depth details of our conflicts and how we resolve them are another story for another day.

In the mean time, the drive back is uneventful except that Jazbell shares with me one more piece of new information.   She says that it took her only seven days from the time she and Jim decided to publicize the CLI Circles for her to find me.   I want to know more about this, but I figure that that, too, is another story for another day, so I don’t ask any questions.

This has, indeed, turned out to be a truly extraordinary day.

End of Chapter Thirty One -- The Awakening





End of  Book One

The Story Continues in Book Two 

Relationships or Fantasy Trips



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