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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
through physical touch.    Touch may be    purely sensual,    sexually-sensual,     or    outright orgasmic.       

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Book Two Preview

Relationships or Fantasy trips

What You'll Find in Book Two






After Sunday with Jazbell in a CLI Circle context, Stoney wakes up on Monday morning and finds the world he knew just two days ago has vanished.   He muses about Jazbell, about his love for her, about life; he  describe his feeling and shares many insights.    Then, in reaching out to contact Jazzbell, it seem she has gone to New York without so much as a word to him.

We now hear our story from Jazbell's perspective.   Her Sunday CLI Connection experience with Stoney has had an equally profound affect upon her.   The denial of her attachment to Stoney has been completely been blown away, and she finds herself in a powerful tug of way between running to him and running from him.   

Without saying a word to Stoney, she flies off to Europe, under the excuse that it's a business trip, but soon finds she can't simply run away.   She returns home and on the way stops in Denver to seek the assistance of her dearest friend.   The two women offer us some deep insights into the pros and cons of relationships and the possible ways to solve this seemingly unsolvable tug of war.   She then turns to her life-long mentor and friend, Intendr, for some additional insights about life, love, and relationships.   Intendr also takes us deep into fears, emotions, and intentions underlying the concept we call marriage.   Then he offers ways to transform marriage from an institution onto a loving partnership.

Jazbell returns to Stoney and they talk in detail about their differences and similarities and how people accommodate each other's styles.   Jazbell still does not acknowledge her feeling to Stoney.   

Then, in a lighthearted story format, Jazbell takes the us back to her childhood and shares with Stoney many of the gifts of knowledge and wisdom that, over the years, her mentor, Intendr, has taught her.

Stoney gets to experience a large and well organized CLI Circle and finds it very pleasant and very different from what he expected and also different from his first and private CLI Circle where he and JazzSSbell were the only players.

Stony relates to us his first encounter with Sex as a Spiritual Experience:   Orgasm, like everything else in life, is limited to what we believe and expect it to be.   In the greater reality; however, orgasm is a multifaceted jewel that can be experience in dozens (if not hundreds) of different ways.   As an example, here's a quote from chapter eight:  

When I connected with that light, it was as if I exploded.   I, as Stoney, disappeared.   I was no longer me experiencing an orgasm.   I became the orgasm.   I became completely engulfed in the experience.   I was the experience itself.   I cannot even begin to describe where I was or what I experienced, or how long I stayed in that altered state.   All I know is that it was exquisite, ecstatic, profound, and beyond anything that can be described in words.

Stoney is pleased, surprised and delighted as he experiences Jazbell in social CLI Circle.   He's also surprised at how the party progresses.   Here's a quote from chapter nine:  

For most of the people present, including both Jazbell and me, sexual desires soon fade into the background.   Much to my surprise, the evening becomes a social event like one might expect at a party where clothing was worn by all present.   There is, however, one very significant difference — nobody here is trying to get into anybody else’s pants. 

On the morning after his second CLIC experience, Stoney wakes up and finds his world has change once more.   He again muses about Jazbell and about life.   He describe his feeling and shares many insights.  He also starts wondering where the form we call "heart-shaped" comes from because that shape is a poor representation of an actual heart.   In only a matter of minutes the answer is kneeling before him.  He then again reverts to writing poetry this time describing the day he found out about sex.

Jazbell is finally forced to choose between running away and confessing her love for Stony.   She has a long heart to heart talk with her mentor which pushes her into seeing what is beneath her fear of commitment.   After much beating around the bush, Jazbell and Stoney finally acknowledges their love for each other.   The discussion of relationships moves to a deeper more intense level.

The book ends with a chapter titled "The Gift."  You'll have to read the book to find out what the gift is.





Book Two will soon be available on line.  



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