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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
through physical touch.    Touch may be    purely sensual,    sexually-sensual,     or    outright orgasmic.       

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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Twenty Six

Let the Games Begin





So, Stoney, where would you like us to be as we enter this next phase of our adventure?”

Where we are right now is just perfect.”  

OK.   Then here I am.   Unwrap me.”  

The pleasure is mine,” I say.  

Jazbell sits up, raises her arm as though holding the Olympic torch and, in a firm voice, declares, “If the pleasure is yours, then I shall have the ecstasy.”

I laugh, slip off the couch, kneel on the floor in front of her and say, “My lady, perhaps we might each have an abundance of both.”  

Done!” says the queen.   “Place the torch in yonder holder, and let the games begin.”  

I take the imaginary torch from her hands and place it in yonder, imaginary holder and then turn my attention to the sensual delights before me.   I remove Jazbell’s socks and begin to massage and stroke her feet.  





Great start, Laddie,”  she says in an Irish accent as she falls back onto the couch.   “I’ll give you a day and a half to stop that.”  

I stay with her feet and ankles for a about two minutes and then in delicate, sensual circles, I begin to slowly slide my hands up the inside of her legs and then back down on the outside.   The circles become longer and longer as I go higher and higher up her legs.   In those same slow circles, I slide my hands up under her skirt and back out again, with each circle reaching a little bit higher than the one before.   Jazbell is now lying back, smiling with her eyes closed.   I reach the top of those beautiful, long slender legs and, with my hands still under her skirt, I brush across the mount of Venus and then immediately go all the way back to her feet.    Jazbell twitches slightly as my hand crosses the mountain.  

Again I slowly raise my hands in a series of rising circles to the top of her legs.   This time I slide onto the mount of Venus and pause briefly with heel of each hand there and my fingers firmly, yet gently on her belly above.   I proceed to move my hands and fingers as if I were a kitten nursing its mother.   Jazbell begins to move her hips in rhythm with me.   I continue the gentle, rhythmic pulsations on her belly for about a minute and then move my hands to the sides of her hips and then slowly slide down the outsides of her legs, returning my attention to her feet.   

When I have reached her feet, she says, “That feels delicious.   Where did you learn to be so teasingly sensual?” 

I remembered your words about being slow and easy.   Are you not the one who said, ‘When you walk slowly up the mountain, you have time to take in the view and enjoy your journey’.“  

Indeed I am.   And I, too, am enjoying your journey.   Please continue.”  

Again, I start at her feet.  This time as my hands walk up her legs, I stay on the outside of her skirt.   Upon reaching her waistline, I pull her blouse out of its tucks inside the top of her skirt exposing her firm flat belly.   I lean forward and roll my tongue around her belly in several clockwise circles.   Jazbell giggles and wiggles in response to my tongue.  

As I’m kissing her belly, I slide both hands up her back and reach to unhook her bra, but find no hooks to undo.   My fingers then follow the fabric under her arms and over her breasts to where they find and release the hook.   In sliding the bra aside, my hands gently flow back over the contours of her breasts, pausing briefly to give each firmly erect nipple its appropriate attention.

I slowly withdraw my hands, sit up on the couch beside her, reach into the left arm of her blouse and pull out the bra strap.   I manage to get the loop out far enough to pass it around her arm and then release it.   I go to her right arm and pull the bra out completely.   Placing it aside, I kneel back down on the floor and return my attention to the remaining wrappings on my delectably delightful present.  

Again I start at her feet.   This time after my hands circle up her legs and reach their destination under her skirt and on her belly, I gently pull down on the waistline of her panties, and they begin their descent to her feet.   Jazbell lifts her hips in response to my hands and the panties slide south with considerable ease and with great delight for both of us.   I completely remove her panties and set them aside.  

My hands slowly and gently roam all over her body, both inside and outside of her skirt and blouse.   My touch, sometimes firm, sometimes light, is a sensual dance of mutual delight.   In their travels, my fingers alternate between unbuttoning another blouse button and slide her skirt up a few inches higher. Soon, I have a clear view of those normally concealed parts of the female anatomy.

Her light brown pubic hair is neatly trimmed.   A light but clearly perceivable, bikini-tan-line forms an elongated triangle on her belly.  The lines between tanned and not-tanned curve inward, and, like the leading lines in an artistic masterpiece, they both frame my picture of delight and lead my eyes to the point of highest interest.   I sit quietly for a moment taking in the sight before me.   I’m filled with both wonder and delight.   Although nothing new in kind has been exposed, I find Jazbell in her nearly naked repose to be an awe-inspiring sight.  

As I sit still, quietly enjoying the view, I hear the words,  “Is it time to switch roles?”

Not just yet,“ I respond.  

We’re both silent for a moment.   Then I ask,  “What are those places along the highways where you can pull over and view the scenery?” 

They’re called scenic turn outs or look out points.”    

Well I’m in a scenic turn out, and I’m certainly enjoying this view.   I’d just like to sit here for a minute or so and take in the sight before me.”  

Jazbell contentedly sits there and showers smiles down upon me.   Her eyes are dilated.   Her nipples erect.   The lips of her yoni glisten with moisture.   She is obviously as turned on as I am.  

Stoney, as you must know by now, I’m an exhibitionist and a show-off, so I’m delighted and thrilled that the sight of me so thoroughly pleasures you.   I’m also a kinesthetic junkie so your marvelously sensual touching has me in seventh heaven.   I hope you’re being as thoroughly pleasured as I am.” 

Yes, pleasured, I certainly am.”  As I look at her, I feel like an aura of angel dust is radiating from her being and filling the space around us.   At least, in my heightened state of excitement, that’s my perception of what’s before me.   I lift Jazbell’s left leg and gently slide it farther up onto the couch.   Her right foot is still on the floor.   From where I now kneel, between her open legs, the eighth wonder of the world is pink and bright, and open, right before my eyes.  

Together in twelve-part harmony, my eyes and my fingertips dance over her body and between her legs.   I’m a little boy in an adult candy store.   The delighted dozen continue to dance around heaven, stopping briefly several times to lightly spread and then release those lips that never smile.   Jazbell is relaxed and yet sexually excited.   She is obviously taking quite a delight in my play.  

As the dancing dozen continue to roam, I start singing, adding a new dimension to the experience.  “Thank you for sharing.   Thank you for caring.   Thank you for showing your body to me.”   As I repeat the line several times, I get quite carried away with myself.  

Thank you for sharing.   Thank you for caring.   Thank you for showing your yoni to me.”   Soon we are both singing and laughing.   Suddenly, I become aware that my mental/emotional state has shifted from sexual excitement to an overall feeling of great joy.  

The surprise of finding myself in such ecstasy breaks the spell, and my head takes over.   Within a few seconds, most of the feelings of joy float away.   I stop singing and my fingers stop dancing.   Still kneeling between her legs, I place my hands gently on her belly and look deeply into her eyes.  





Confusing External Things with Internal Responses.


Why are men so completely lost in the sight of a beautiful female body?” 

Probably for several reasons.”  

Like what?”  

Well, for starters,” she replies with a sigh, “Our culture distorts and dishonors our sexual nature.   For example, in American society, its perfectly okay to use female bodies in bait-and-switch advertising to sell men almost anything you can imagine — except sexual fulfillment.”  

What else?” 

The sight of naked women has been denied to most men for most of their lives.   When was the last time you looked at a woman as you are looking at me right now?”  

I never have.   I’ve seen naked women before but never the way we are here today.”  

And after you have seen a couple dozen beautiful women as openly and as freely as you are looking at me now, the female body will take on a new meaning.   It will still be a joy-filled experience under circumstances like we are sharing today, but much of the mystery and the mystique will be gone.”  

I like the mystique.   It’s exciting.   It makes me feel good.”

Of course!   That’s a very delightful part of interrelating, particularly in the first stages of the sexual game.   Can you also see that it’s the internal feelings of joy and pleasure that we’re after and not the external trappings or the naked bodies that inspire those feelings.”  

So you’re saying that by sharing your body with me, you’re inspiring me to feel good?”  

Was that a question or a statement?”  

Both, I guess.”  

Then pose it as a question and answer it yourself.”  

I think I’m missing something.”  

OK.   What are you after?  My body or the feelings you feel inside yourself as a result of playing sensual/sexual games with me?”  

Both, I guess.”  

Let’s approach this from a different angle.   Sit up here beside me.   We need to temporarily break the sexual cycle anyway, and this will be a perfect way to do so.”   I sit on the couch and Jazbell continues.  

Do you need a job?”  

I like to eat and have a bed to sleep in.”  

I didn’t ask about food or your bed.   I asked you if you need to have a job.   If I gave you ten million dollars, would you need a job?”  

No, of course not.”  

So a job is not a goal.   A job is a way to get money, a means to a desired end.”  

I get that.”  

Good.   Now, we’re on the right track.   If you had a perfect home for yourself — for example, suppose you owned a home like this one, and you had completely free and total access to go anywhere and do anything and have anything you could ever want, would you still need money?” 


So money‘s not the goal either   Your desire is for the goods and services, and money is a means to access those goods and services.”  


And what do you get from those goods and services?   For example, what do you get from your bed?”  

Satisfaction, comfort, peace of mind,  security, pleasure.”  

Are those external things, or are they feelings and states of being?”  

They’re all feelings and states of being.”  

Good!  You got it.  The ultimate goal of all human beings is to generate internally the state of being we call ‘feeling good.’   Unfortunately, we tend to confuse the external means with the internal goal.  We get lost in the physical world and lose our inner selves in the process.”  

Yes, I suppose I do that.   Doesn’t everyone?”  

Jazbell looks and me and smiles,  “Stoney, if everyone tied one hand behind his back, would you do the same?   What we're talking about is bringing consciousness into your life so that you can live by intention and not by accident or default.   I’m inviting you to stop living your life as a robot, to stop being a mechanical man.   I'm inviting you to wake up and become aware of how life works and what's really going on, to become aware that it’s pleasurable, internal feelings you're after, not the external trappings.   For example, why are you playing with my body?”  

Jazz. that's obvious!  Because I enjoy it.   You’re an incredibly beautiful woman and touching you makes me feel  good.” 

And where is the ‘feel good’?”

In me.”  

Do you see that I’m not the source of your feeling good?   You are the source of your feeling good.   I am an external inspiration out of which you create, within yourself, your own internal feelings of pleasure.”  

True, but I never thought of it that way before.”  

Jazbell continues,  “Can you now see that your intention to manifest what we’re presently sharing comes from a desire to feel good and not from a desire for the external thing itself.   Feeling good is the goal, and our sexual sharing is a means to that end“  

Yes, I see that.”  

Yet some people would find what we are sharing here today to be disgusting and revolting.   For them, the same external circumstances that are creating joy for us would create a totally different internal response for them.”  

Yes, but what has all this to do with our sexual sharing?”  

It’s at the feeling level that we contact our true nature, and without using destructive, mid-altering drugs, orgasm is the ultimate ‘feel-good’ for any human being.   Believe it or not, orgasm is as close as most humans ever get to experiencing who they really are.   As sexual partners, we help each other open up and connect with the ecstasy of God.”  

So you really mean it when you say that sex is a spiritual experience?”  

It certainly is for me. “ 

I say to her, “Well, you know it isn’t for most people.”  

Yes, I’m aware of that,” she says.   “And, like everything else in the external world, sex is what we each make of it by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, words, and actions.   But enough mental stuff for now; let’s get back to the fun part.   Are you ready to be stripped?”  

I was ready some time ago.”  

You were too ready.” she laughs.   “We needed to break your sexual cycle.” 

What about your cycle?   Did that need to be broken?”  

No, not really.   Actually, because I’m highly skilled in the Tantric arts, I could go either way, but, even for me, breaking the cycle was the optimum response.”  

Why is that?”  

Do you remember me telling you that the most pleasurable and most intense orgasms come as a result of a series of sexual stimulations, each being a little more intense that the one before it?  


And with extended periods of sexual ecstasy as the stated intention, a frontal charge to orgasm is extremely counter-productive.   It’s like approaching a stray cat.   If you run after it, what happens?”  

It runs away.”  

And so it is with sexual ecstasy.   You may catch it briefly with a bulldog charge, but you can’t keep it that way.   The average male orgasm lasts for seven seconds and occurs about three times a week.   That is definitely not sexual ecstasy.   What we’re talking about is something quite different.”  

And that is . . . ?”  



Sex as a Spiritual Experience           Sex as a Spiritual Experience.


The union of sexual ecstasy and spiritual consciousness.  The true Tantric sexual art is a pathway to God, a pathway to Divine bliss, a pathway to remembering who and what you really are.”  

I’ve heard you say this before, but I’m sure your words would sound incredulous to most people and even blasphemous to some, or at least contradictory to contemporary thought.”  

So?   At one time saying the Earth was round was blasphemous and contradictory to contemporary thought, but remember, what people believe may or may not have any correlation with reality.”  

OK.   You say we’re on a pathway to remembering who and what you really are.   In your opinion, who and what are you?”  

Each of us is a spiritual being having a human experience.”  

I hope you don’t say that to most people.   They’ll think you’re crazy.”  

In the eyes of many people, I am crazy.   But remember,  in a society of lunatics, a sane person is considered to be the crazy one.”  

Well, in my eyes, Jazz, you’re very unusual.   I’d say even eccentric and far out, but certainly far from crazy.”  

Thank you.   I appreciate your vote of confidence.”  

You’re welcome," I say.    "Now, in a way that I can understand, please explain how sex is, or even can be, a spiritual experience.”  

The basic principle is quite simple:  sexual stimulation is used to alter consciousness — to connect with our higher energy centers — to connect to the source of creation that we commonly call God.”  

Whoa!   Before you go any further, I really need to ask, is this sex and consciousness thing something you dreamed up on your own, or do people really use sex to alter consciousness?  

I thought I had already made that clear, but let me say it again.   What we are talking about is a variation of the Tantric sexual arts.   Tantra is thousands of years old and is a pathway to God (the Source of All Creation) that intentionally uses the sexual energies to alter consciousness.   It’s quite common among followers of the eastern religions which honor our sexual nature, but is relatively rare among the followers of the sexually repressed Christian religions.24-1

    For most people, orgasm never gets higher in their body than the second chakra.   Their consciousness simply does not connect sex and God so, for them, sex is simply a pleasant physical experience that has about the same religious significance as eating dinner.  

I respond,  "Let me se if I've got this straight.   For you, God is not a superhuman being living up-there-somewhere above the clouds.   When you say God, you are referring to the infinite source of everything that we perceive as some form of consciousness - a consciousness that directs the universal energy -- a consciousness that we are an intimate part of  -- a consciousness that we also direct by our thoughts, beliefs attitudes and expectations -- a consciousness that transforms of energy into physical things and experiences.  

Jazz responds, "That's a good summary.   Tantra seeks to reach God by way of internal experiences and uses sexual energy as the pathway.   The physical process revolves around moving the sexual energies out of the genitals and up into the body.   When you can experience orgasm in your entire body, in all seven chakras at once, you’ll know what I mean.”  

Are you saying that’s how you experience orgasm?” 

Yes, for me sex and orgasm are full-body experiences.   My experiences far surpasses anything I could possible feel during an orgasm that’s limited to my genitals.    For me, energy commonly flows up my spine and into my head, or it may fill my entire body and sometime I feel the energy move down into my legs and even to my feet.   When I completely let go, the energy can be so overwhelming that I lose awareness of physical reality.  

Stoney, I assure you that this is not a fantasy or make believe.  It's simply applying the laws of the universe to sensuality and sexuality.   I'm not special in this regard. I'm simply more skilled than most people.   What I do is learnable, and, 'anything I can do you can do and more'."  

That may be easy for you, but how can I do that?”  

Do you remember the basic technique I taught you for achieving expanded orgasms?”

Yes, you said to stimulate myself physically and then before reaching the point of no return I was to stop the physical stimulation and shift to imagining that I'm feeling an orgasm.” 24-2   

That’s it.   What else did I tell you to do?”

To imagine my orgasms filling my entire body; to pause briefly while holding that feeling and that vision, then to shift back to physical stimulation, and repeat the cycle.   You told me to repeat these cycles until the internal self takes over and produces the same pleasure response that previously, my external physical stimulation produced.“  

And I also told you that, if you do this practice on a regular basis, you will find yourself slowly shifting from strong physical stimulation with little pleasure to very little physical stimulation with intense and extended periods of pleasure.”  



Poor Me


Yes, I do remember.   And I did practice this, but didn’t have a great deal of success.   Most of the time, I’d pass the point where I could stop.   Is what you’re describing really possible?”

It is for me, and it can be for you and for any one else interested and self-disciplined enough to stick with it.   It just takes practice and a lot of trust — trust in yourself as a divine being who can create your own personal reality and trust that the goal you are reaching for is possible for you to reach.

I wasn’t very successful in my practicing.”

Sounds like you were going too far with the physical stimulation before you stopped and continued mentally.   Just keep practicing.   You’ll get there.”

I will?”

That depends entirely on your attitude and your level of commitment.   Unless I’m hearing you wrong, your words and your face don’t express much confidence or commitment.   How long have you been practicing?”

About two weeks.”

And how many disciplines can you master in two weeks?’   With no answer to such a question, I remain silent, and Jazbell continues, “Can you become an expert tennis player in two weeks?   Can you become an accomplished musician in two weeks?   Did you master your writing skills in two weeks?”

No, obviously not.”

So what did you expect to accomplish with two weeks of this practice?”   Jazbell laughs, slides over close to me, pulls my head toward her and whispers in my ear,  “Patience, practice and perseverance.”

Her closeness and her touch make me a little feel better, and I respond with, “I guess I hadn’t thought about it clearly.   Now that you put it that way, I feel sort of stupid and a little bit put down.”

You feel like I’m judging you?

To some degree, yes.”

She moves back just far enough to take both of my hands in hers and looks me straight in the eye.   Then she says, “Stoney, I understand that you may feel bad as a result of hearing of my words.      My words are certainly not spoken to hurt you or to pass judgment upon you.   Neither were they spoken as judgments upon you.  

   I assure you, my intentions are to wake you up.   What I’m doing is listening to you, observing your actions, and then, using my experience and my skills as your coach, I’m giving you an assessment based on what I observe and hear.   An assessment is an observation of what is.   My statements are not in any way intended as a put down or judge you.”

A judgment is a belief or opinion about what is.   It’s a personal story about what is.   It may be a complete fabrication and have nothing to do with reality.   Judgments are often filled with negative emotions.   Perhaps I heard you wrong.   So tell me, please, was there some self pity in your statement about your lack of success?”

Truthfully?  Yes, I suppose there was.”

OK, now that you see the emotional state of being you’re coming from, can you choose to come from a different emotional state?”

Like what?”

She looks at me with a loving smile and says, “Like gratitude that you now have knowledge you didn’t have before.   Like belief that you can increase your level of ecstasy.   Like trust and expectation.   Like being grateful for having me as your personal coach to guide you along the way.   How about starting with those?”

Oh, those little things!” I say.   “Yes, I will."  I start to say thank you,  catch myself and instead, make the hand gesture of appreciation that she taught me.

Jazbell smiles and continues, “And here’s another thing to consider.   If I had not pointed out your emotional state of being, would you have been able to choose to come from a different emotional state?”

Obviously no.”

Do you see now, the value of a coach?” 24-3 


So let me re-confirm your commitment to have me as your CLIC coach.   When I hear you say you intend to reach a specific goal and I observe that your actions are taking you somewhere else, do I still have your permission to inform you of your misdirection?”


So if, for example, you’re learning tennis and you’re hitting the ball in a manner that gives you little control over where it goes, is it appropriate that I, as your coach, inform you of a more effective technique?”


Then, is such a statement a judgment or an observation about what, to me, is obviously true?”

An observation.”

Then regarding your commitment to master the CLIC arts, are you still willing to accept my comments as observations and assessments designed to assist you?”

Yes, of course I am.”

Good!   Are you clear now on the distinction between a judgment and an observation?”


Stoney, remember, this is a pretty big elephant that you’re setting out to eat, so please be persistent and patient.   It’s not that I am any better or smarter than you.   It’s just that, at the moment, I see a bigger piece of the picture.   In this area, I’m more experienced than you are, and so I look at the CLIC arts from a very different perspective than you do.   I’ve been practicing for years what you’ve been practicing for only two weeks.   There’s bound to be a significant difference in our abilities.

    After you’ve been with these practices a while longer, I’ll share some conscious breathing practices with you that will make reaching your goal much easier.   And, later today, I’ll demonstrate the extended ecstasy technique for you.   Seeing someone else demonstrate mastery at what you are in the process of learning exposes your goal as a real possibility and makes trusting yourself much easier.”  

End of Chapter Twenty Six  ---  Let the Games Begin





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Footnotes and References

  24-1   There are dozens of excellent books available Tantric sex available to anyone who chooses to read them.   Check the Internet.   Go to any search engine, type in the word “Tantra” and then click search.   

  24-2    Some of you may think this practice is too simple to accomplish anything.   I assure you it is an essential practice to master.   Why?   Because sexual pleasure, is much more a function of the mind than it is a function of the body.  

This simple practice can be likened to a musician learning to play the scales on a piano keyboard.   It is the fundamental practice upon which all of the other Yoni Dance techniques are based.   You might want to review Chapter Ten, Two Basic Practices, particularly the section titled, Flying Solo.  

  24-3  Coaching is not about changing you or fixing anything.   Coaching is about consciously creating new choices, new opportunities and new possibilities in your life.   Coaching is about being more successful and better paid in your chosen field of endeavor.    Coaching is about having an assistant, a helper, a guide as you endeavor to manifest your career, financial, personal and health goals.   

Coaching is about having an objective outsider to tell you the truth, to guide you, and to keep you on track.   Successful athletes and entertainers all have coaches.   The most successful business executives have coaches.  

Personal consultations are now available to you.   To contact the author regarding receiving your own personal coaching sessions, please go to:           http://www.ThetaHealing101.info#90