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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Twenty Seven

Seeing While Blindfolded





So, come on now, Stoney, no more talk.   I want to get into your pants.”

Now that’s a change of roles if I ever heard one!” 

Jazbell responds only by asking, “Are you ready?” 


You did tell me you have an extra set of clothes with you?”


Then take everything out of your pockets and lay it on the table there.”   While I’m emptying my pockets, Jazbell reaches into a bag beside the couch and retrieves a blindfold like one might use for sleeping.

I’m about to lead you through an intimate, kinesthetic experience.   Are you willing to trust me?”







She hands me the blindfold and says, “Then, put this on.”  

I follow instructions and cover my eyes.   “Can you see anything?” 


Then stand up please.”   I stand and Jazbell takes my hand.   She begins to lead me around the room.  

Come on relax.   You’ll be totally safe  and  in my care at all times.”   I feel her standing in front of me and place my hands on her hips.   She has her back to me.

Keep your hands on me and move with me.”   We move and stop, and move some more.   Suddenly I hear music.  

Move with the music,” she says.    Jazbell takes my hands and slides them around onto her belly as she backs up close to me.   I can feel that her skirt remains in place and her blouse is still unbuttoned.  

Follow me and move with the music.”   I’m used to being in control so this is a new experience for me.   I feel awkward at first as I lurch around the room, but soon I’m following her with ease.   After a few minutes, Jazbell lifts my left arm, rolls herself around my hip and enfolds me in her arms from behind.   I feel her body pressed close against my backside.   Her hands reach under my arms and onto my chest.   She slips a hand into my shirt and strokes my chest.   If this is trust, then I’m beginning to trust her and myself.   I feel good.   

Stoney, I’m going to let go of you now, and I want you to follow my verbal instructions.   I also want you to be aware of how you are feeling.”  

She moves away and gives me a series of verbal instructions, which I follow:   “Walk forward.   Stop.   Turn left.   Take three steps.   Turn around.”  

Now walk toward my voice.”   She starts singing and I move toward the sound.   As I get close to the sound, it comes from a different place.   I stop.  

Follow my voice,” she says again.   I follow the sound of her song as she moves around the room.   In less than a minute, she allows me to get close.   I feel her hands take mine and then I am engulfed in her arms. 

Good job, Stoney.”  

She holds me for a minute and then steps away.  The music stops.   All is silent save for a lone crow calling from somewhere outside.   I feel alone.   I wait.   I wait some more.   I hear only the distant crow.  

I call,  “Jazbell?”   There is no response.  

Jazbell?”   There is still no response.  

After what seems like forever, I hear a man’s voice from across the room gently say   “How are you feeling, Stoney?”   I’m taken aback and don’t respond.  

Silence continues to fill the room.   I wait, motionless.   I’m feeling very confused and want to take off the blindfold but resist doing so.   Again, I hear the male voice, “How are you feeling, Stoney?”  

I’m beginning to panic.   “What’s going on?” I ask.   

There is no response.   The silence overwhelms me.  I ask again,  “What’s going on?”

I hear Jazbell speak.  She is also across the room where the man is.   “How are you feeling, Stoney?”

Abandoned.   Scared.   What’s going on?”  

Jazbell ignores my question.   “What else do you feel?” 

Confused.   Who is here with us?”  

Again she ignores my question and instead say,  "Take a deep breath and feel the feeling inside of you.   Get out of your head and just feel the emotions inside of you."   All is silent again.   After about a minute, I feel Jazbell enfold me in her arms.   She speaks,  Except for the angels and the other beings of light, we are here alone.”  

Then who just spoke to me?”  

A tape recorder.”  

I am surprised that I feel myself still shaking, even in her arms.  

Not a real person?” 

A tape recorder and not a real person,” she says.   “How are you feeling now?”  

Relieved.”   With her touch and her words, my body begins to relax, and only then do I realize how tense I became over hearing that male voice.   My heart is still beating fast and my body is actually shaking.  

Do you want to keep playing?”  

I pause for a moment and then say, “Yes.”  

Can I take the blindfold off now?” 

You may do whatever you choose; however, the game has only started.   Do you want to take a break or shall we continue?”  

I respond with, “It’s break time.”

She slips the blindfold off my head and continues to hold me.   “How are you feeling?”


Surprised is not a feeling.   Give me another word please.” 

Relieved.   Grateful.   Connected to you.   I am literally shaking.”  

I know.   I can feel it.   You’re doing a great job at touching your own inner feelings.   You’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable and emotional.   Let’s go out and walk barefoot on the lawn.   That will make you feel better.”   She takes my hand and leads me out through the front door and onto the lawn.   

The sun is bright and warm, the sky is clear, and Jazbell, with her blouse still unbuttoned, is holding my hand.   I start to relax immediately.  

As we walk around the house, Jazbell points out the various flowers and describes the kinds of tree we pass.    I soon feel much more relaxed.   Pointing east beyond the house,   she says, “There’s a beautiful canyon over there.   We can walk over and see the view later, if you like.  

I would enjoy that.”  

And so it shall be.”   After completely circling the house, we sit down on the front step.  

How are you feeling now?” she asks.  

Contented, calm, excited and expectant, all at once.”  



To the Shower


She looks directly into my eyes and says, "Sounds to me as if it’s game time again.   If you need to use the bathroom, please do so now,  then come back and sit here.   I’ll be right back.”    We each go our separate ways, and when I return she is sitting on the steps with blindfold in hand.   I sit down beside her.  

Are you ready?”  

Yes,” I respond.

Then put this on,” she says as she hands me the blindfold.   I cover my eyes again.  

"Remember the infinity-sign-breathing-exercise we did earlier.   This exercise is similar to that one, but without the hand movement and with Creator/God's creation as you partner.   As you inhale, imagine a fountain of brilliant white light coming up from the center of the Earth and entering your body through your lower abdomen.   See the light as billions of tiny stars sparkling with every imaginable color.  

As you breath in, see and feel the light as it enters you lower abdomen and flows up into the area between your heart and your throat.   Then, as you exhale, imagine the light radiating out from your high heart area.   Imagine it flowing out to to fill your entire body with light and then continuing to radiate in every direction until it fills the entire universe..  

With each breathing cycle, feel yourself being filled with that light and then radiating that light out again.   Stay with that image and breathe deeply.   Now notice that your body will tend to rock forward and back with your breath.   Breath in as you move back and exhale as you move forward”   I follow her instructions.  All is quiet except for the chirping of birds and the sound of my breath.  

After about a minute, she says, “Good job, Stoney.    Please remember this breathing practice because I’m going to ask you to practice it whenever you are sexually excited.”  


Not now, Stoney.  We’ll talk about that later.”    Right now, stand up please.”  

She takes my hand and pulls me into forward motion.   Soon we are running in large clockwise circles on the grass.   Jazbell stops quite quickly, and I almost fall over as she spins me into a smaller circle.   We stop.   I am breathing hard.   Except for the feel of the sun on my skin, I have no orientation of where I am.   With Jazbell still holding my hand, we walk about 100 feet and stop.   She tells me that there are three steps directly in front of me.  

She leads me up the steps and into what I assume is the house, and then up a flight of stairs and into a room.   As we enter the room, I’m led across a hard floor and then onto a mat or rug of some kind.   I can tell from the way the sounds reflect back to me from the walls that we are in a relatively small room.  

Smell this,” she says as she places a container of something under my nose.   Three more containers are placed under my nose and, in a process of elimination I choose the aroma I like best.   I’m amazed at how much more perceptive I am to sounds, smells, and physical sensations while my eyes are on vacation behind a sleeper’s mask.  

I hear water running and shortly I am led into a shower of warm water, clothes and all.   There are, not one, but two shower heads raining water down onto us.   I feel Jazbell unbuttoning my shirt.   She slips it off me and I hear it plop on the shower floor behind me.  

Jazbell turns her back to me and says, “Take off my blouse please.”   I pull the blouse at her shoulder, but it does not come off, so I reach around her and to my surprise, my fingers find it fully buttoned.   Even more surprising, there is now a bra underneath it.   I attempt to unbutton her blouse, but the buttons will not release.   I hear Jazbell giggling.   She says, “OK, now what?”  

I turn her around and fumble with the buttons with no success.   “I hope you aren’t wearing a chastity belt,” I say.  

I might be, so you’d better check that out.”   I lower myself to my knees, slide my hands down her body and then up under her now very wet skirt where I find only warm, soft female charms, lightly covered with silk panties.   I stay kneeling, retrieve my hands from under her skirt reach behind her and unzip her zipper.   Gravity immediately drags the now waterlogged skirt to the shower floor.   I lift her feet one at a time and slide the skirt out from underfoot.   While remaining kneeling, I return my attention to the blouse buttons.   I pull and tug and twist, but the buttons still won’t budge.  

This calls for more drastic action,” I say.  

In response, I hear, “I’m sure you’ll find a way.”  

I already have.”   At about midway between her breasts and her navel, I place my fingers inside the openings between the buttons and literally tear her blouse open.   I hear buttons popping, fabric tearing and Jazbell laughing.   I stand up and slide the now defunct blouse off her shoulders and send it after her skirt.  

Jazbell turns around and snuggles her backside tight against me.   She slides my hands up onto her breasts and then unsnaps her bra.   I soon evict the fabric from its domain in the space between my hands and her inviting breasts, and then I smell the fragrance that I had chosen earlier and feel oil as it pours over my hands and Jazbell’s upper torso.   The stroking movements of my hands cause the bra to catch on my fingertips.   I release my connection to her breasts long enough to disengage the bra and send it in search of her blouse.   As I return my attention to her body, I feel more oil being splashed around.   I move my hands and, with amazing ease, they gracefully slip and slide over Jazbell’s delightfully warm, wet and willing torso.   As the oil flows down over her, I slip her panties off and spread the oil over her belly and butt.   

She turns facing me, pours oil over my chest and shoulders, and then proceeds to rubs her body up against me.   This, for me, is a completely new experience.   I find the sensations not only delightful, but also sexually arousing.   Slowly and sensually, she moves around behind me and oils my back.  

Her hands slide over me only briefly before I feel my belt being unbuckled, and my pants unzipped.   The pants, wet and heavy, easily fall to the floor.   Jazbell immediately drags my underwear to the floor.   I step out of the soggy pile and, at last we are both completely naked together.   I feel Jazbell’s oil-covered hands pour over my backside.   She slips around in front of me again, pours more oil on me, and then snuggles tight against me.   Her slippery body sliding against mine brings me a new level of sensuality.   The combination of warm water, oil and my delicious partner’s naked body make the tactile sensations unbelievably pleasurable.  

After a few minutes, she again, moves around behind me.   With her body close against my backside, her arms reach under mine, and her hands slide lightly over my lingam.   All too quickly her hands again glide upward over the front of my body.   She moves her hands over my belly and chest, strokes my legs briefly, and then returns to my lingam with freshly oiled hands.  

She has hardly begun to touch my lingam for the second time when I am overwhelmed by a delightful orgasm.  

When I’ve regained some of my composure, I start to speak.   Jazbell places her hand over my mouth and silences me.   “Stay with the feelings,” she says.   “Go back into those sensations and just be with them.   And remember to breathe.”   She continues to hold me.   We rock lightly and the water flows on.   We stay like that for some time.  

After a while, I become aware of Jazbell humming and feel her lips vibrating against my back.   She has one arm still wrapped around me.   Her other hand is between her legs.   She is obviously stroking her yoni and is in a very pleasant state.   I turn to face her, turn her around and hold her backside snugly in front of me with my arms wrapped around her.  She reaches up with her free hand and removes the blindfold.  The other hand stays between her legs.   “Stroke me,” she says softly as she draws my hand to her lower belly.   She guides my hand as it slides over the mountain and into the valley below.  

Move slowly, touch me very lightly, and do not enter me more than a finger tip.   She holds her hand over mine and guides my touch.   We rock together and I feel her body shaking, moving and wiggling in my arms.   I feel her hips move forward and back through several, slow cycles.   More shaking, more wiggling, more hip movements, which I now notice are being matched by her deep breathing.   We continue to rock together for quite some time as she breathes, moves her hips, and guides my hand in a harmonic, rhythmic dance.   Then Jazbell takes a very deep breath, moves my hand back up onto her belly and becomes quite still.   During all this time I do not feel her body spasm as I would have expected of a woman as she experiences orgasm.  After about another minute of stillness, she breaks the cycle and turns to face me.    

How do you feel?” she says.  

Words can’t describe what I'm feeling and have been feeling.”  

Good.   Are you ready to get out of the shower?”  


Neither am I.   Please just hold me for a while.”  

I pull her close and wrap my arms firmly around her.   She reciprocates and holds me tightly.   Together we drift.   For how long I float with her, I do not know.   My mind is off sailing on a sea of pleasantries, when a distant melody attracts my attention.   I hear a gentle, lyrical female voice singing,   “Thank you for sharing.   Thank you for caring.   Thank you for sharing your body with me.”   I become aware that it is Jazbell singing, and my focus returns to intertwined bodies and the warm water showering down on us.   The song continues, “Thank you for sharing.   Thank you for caring.   Thank you for sharing your body with me.”  

I join her in song and soon we are singing into each other’s eyes.   If ever there were a shadow of a doubt about my love for Jazbell and my commitment to her, that doubt completely vanished in that song.   Since she requested no emotional hooks, I remain on my best behavior to hide my true feeling from her.   Had not water been showering down all over us, I am sure she would have seen my tears.  

We stop singing and, in silence, just hold each other.   The look of love in her eyes is very comforting.   I suspect she is also hiding her true feeling from me.  



Are you ready to get out of the shower now?”  


She releases me, turns the water off, opens the door and leads me out.   She takes a towel and begins to dry me off.   As she wipes, I hear her softly singing again, more to herself than to me.  “Thank you for sharing.   Thank you for caring.   Thank you for sharing your body with me.”   After a moment, she straightens up, sets the damp towel aside and reaches for a dry towel, which she hands to me.   “Now it’s your turn,“ she says and stands there smiling at me.   I take the towel and guide it over her delicious body.   I imagine that the towel is my tongue.  As I kneel before her to wipe her lower body I again become face to face with that lightly-forest-covered mountain of joy and the inviting valley beneath.   I resist my temptation to bury my face in her.   Instead, I literally give her belly a lick and a promise, and then finish my task.  As stand up, I look down and think to myself,  “Yes, I do promise to return my tongue to that belly.”  

My fantasy is interrupted as Jazbell hands me a relatively small, dry towel and says,  “Wrap this around your waist.”   The towel has Velcro strips on two corners which make it easy to attach the ends together.   She wraps a similar towel around herself with the top of the towel just above her breasts.   We retrieve our wet clothes, wring out the bulk of the water and take them, along with the used towels and the sleeping mask to the laundry area where we hang them in the sun to dry.  

As we move about, I am fascinated by the angel before me.   I’m sure she is an angel because of the way she is moving and wearing that towel.  The towel itself is barely large enough to cover the essentials.   When she moves the opening in the front of the towel parts just enough to give a view of her short, neatly-trimmed pubic hair, and when she bends over, her derriere is clearly visible.   The way she is almost dancing about, I’m well nigh sure she is an artist performing for her enthralled audience.   I am tempted to ask her, but my inner senses tell me that silence is called for.   In spite of the fact that I have clearly seen all that’s beneath that towel, I find my self completely taken in and very much enjoying the show.  

End of Chapter Twenty Seven ---  Seeing While Blindfolded





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