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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Fifteen

The Universal Law of Thought





"What’s the second principle?”

"The second principle, The Law of Thought, involves what we think about, and how we feel regarding what we think about.   The law, simply stated, says,  ‘Our lives are what our dominant thoughts and emotions make it’.”

Is it that simple,”  I ask?

Let me restate it in more precise language.   Within the context of life in a human body on planet Earth, we each create our personal experiences by a blend of our dominant and most frequent thoughts.   We empower our thoughts with our emotions, and our thoughts manifest within the context of what we believe, what we expect, and what we will (or won’t) allow ourselves to experience.   A person's attitude, his/her outlook on life is also a major factor.   Joy begets joy.    Sadness attracts more sadness. 

Herbert is silent for a moment and then adds, "I see you’re like most people in this regard.   You’re nodding your head ‘yes’.”

I say, “I’ve heard that idea for years.   It sounds right to me.”





Herbert continues, “Every one of us is a powerful creator, every one of us is constantly in the state of becoming, and what we become is a function of our dominant thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, words, and actions.   Within this creative process, there’s a critical piece that most people miss.”

What’s that?” I ask.

It involves feelings.   In addition to thoughts, what we become is also a function of how we feel about whatever it is that we give our thoughts to.   If we think about something we would like to be, do, or have while in a joy-filled state of anticipation and expectancy, we are bringing it to us.   If we think about that same thing while feeling sad or angry that we don’t have it, we are pushing it away and creating not having it.   

"Why's that?" I ask.

"Because your focus on not having is a message to the universe.   That message says, 'Bring me more not-having'."   And the universe simply follows the law.  The result is you get more 'not having'.

    We cannot turn off our creative capacity.   The only thing we can do is choose what we shall create.   Most of us simply do our creating unconsciously, and then look for someone or something outside of ourselves to blame for what’s wrong in our lives.   Stoney, may I ask you a couple of direct questions in this regard?”  

Certainly,” I respond.  

Is this concept more than just a nice idea in your life?   Are the words you speak and listen to in harmony with this principle?   Are your attitudes and your actions in harmony with this principle?   Is the way you feel about your thoughts in harmony with this principle?  In other words, do you intentionally apply The Law of Thought to your life?"

I can’t say that I do.”

Well, I do.   And my doing so has been one of the major factors contributing to my success.   Let me say this principle in still another way.

In every waking moment, we are creating or altering our future.   Our lives are a product of our dominant thoughts, including our visualizations, our intentions, our emotions, our feelings, our beliefs, our attitudes, our expectations, what we will (or will not) allow ourselves to experience, our spoken words, and our physical actions.”   Joy, compassion, care, love, gratitude, fear, anger, and all the other forms of emotions/feelings are all major tools of attraction.  

You just listed more than a dozen items, but only one involves physically doing anything.   Why is that?”

Because the first cause of everything that we experience is in our minds, and our minds are in the non-physical part of ourselves.”

Isn’t my mind in my head?”

No!   Your brain is in your head.   No scientific study has yet found a physical location for the human mind.”

Why is that?”

Because, like I just said, our minds are in that indefinable, non-physical part of our selves.   And it’s in that non-physical part of us where we experience visualizations, intentions, emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations.   This is where we decide what we will (or will not) allow ourselves to experience.   These are all aspects of thought.”

What about words?” I ask.  

Words are simply spoken thoughts.”   The nature and the power of spoken thoughts is even clearly stated in the Christian Bible.   ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God’.”(John 1:1)

I say, “The Mind and God and Words all seem to be blending into one.”

Yes, that’s how I see it, but many others see things quite differently.   In spite of the clear biblical statement I just quoted to you, some will even take offense at such a suggestion.”


Because it implies that human beings have the power of God, and most people cannot accept themselves as being that powerful.”

At this point, Jazbell interjected with,  “Jesus said,     'Anything I can do you can do and more.’   That sounds pretty much like Godly power to me.”

Herbert continues, “If the Christian Bible is correct then humans have the potential to express the same powers that Jesus demonstrated.   From my perspective, I see The word 'God' as the name many people use when referring to the nonphysical part of themselves.

So,” I ask, “what’s the problem with that?”

The problem is that with Godly power comes Godly responsibility, and responsibility is one of those issues that most people hide under mountains of denial.   But we’re getting off track again.   Let’s, as you, yourself, would say, ‘hold denial and responsibility as another story for another day’.”

OK,” I say.  “Let’s talk about actions.   Are actions important?”

Of course, actions are important.   Without physical action nothing happens.   Every man-made thing on this entire planet, without exception, started with a human thought and is the product of human action.   Actions are also important for another not-so-obvious reason.”

And what is that?”

A significant portion of the power that comes from our physical activity is due to the additional thoughts and emotions that our actions generate.   And for each one of us, thoughts and how we feel while thinking those thoughts are the first cause of what we experience in our lives.“

Are you saying every thought manifests into something physical?”

No.   As I said a moment ago, our lives are a product of our dominant thoughts and our dominant attitudes and our dominant emotions.   What we experience is a blending of our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, etc.   Our thoughts often conflict and counter-balance each other, so the physical experiences we manifest are a combination of multiple thoughts and not the consequences of a single thought.”

Can you give an example, please?”

Certainly.   If you say, ‘I desire a new car,’ and then add, ‘but they’re too expensive!’ you’ve just created a new car and then created not having a new car, all in the same sentence.   The desire for a new car attracts it, and the thought of it being too expensive pushes it away and, thus, creates not having a new car.   Your future reality will be a function of those two opposing thoughts.   Because they cancel each other out, there is a constant vacillation between having and not having the car.   Whichever end of that duality you think about most frequently and with the strongest emotion will become your physical reality.

Symbolically, look at this idea as if each of your thoughts is a container of water that you pour into your swimming pool and each thing you experience is a container of water that you take back out.   In the pool all your thoughts blend together, so the more muddy, yucky thoughts you put in, the muddier the water that you take back out.”

That sounds like my computer-loving friend who says ‘garbage in, garbage out’.”

It is.   And the more clear, positive, joyous, abundant and loving thoughts you put in, the more clear, positive, joyous, abundant, and loving experiences you take back out.”

I ask, "What about attracting the things we fear?   

What we attract is a product of our thoughts empowered by our emotions regardless of the content of the thought, so if you think about something with strong fear, you are inviting it to be one of  your future experience.

Please tell me how do emotions fit into this law?”

Think of highly emotional thoughts as big buckets of water being dumped into your pool, and non-emotional thoughts as small cups of water.   Emotions are what connect us to the universal power behind our thoughts.   The stronger the emotion, the more power there is behind the thought.”

Why is that?”

Why is water wet?   Why is the fire hot?   Why is sex enjoyable?    Who knows?   All I can say is that’s the way the universe functions.

So you’re saying I’m totally responsible for all those yucky things I’ve experienced in my life?”


Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment and say, ‘That can’t be so.   I would never intentionally have created all those painful experiences’.”

Herbert responds, "I didn’t say you created them on purpose.   What I did say is that what you experienced in your life was a product of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, words, and actions.

    Whether your thoughts, words, and actions were conscious and intentional or unconscious and mechanical is irrelevant.   And, regardless of who else was involved with you in those experiences, you, and you alone, empowered the universe to bring those experiences into your life.   If you’re like most of us, you created the vast majority of your experiences unconsciously, unintentionally, by accident and/or by default.”

I did?”

Yes.” Herbert continues, “You did so by repeatedly thinking about those things, by believing they were possible for you to experience, and by holding strong emotional feelings about them.   And, in regard to empowering your thoughts, the universe does not distinguish between negative and positive emotions.   The empowering emotions may have been fear or worry, loathing, anger or some other negative emotions.

    Emotions empower whatever you think about.   Whether you want that experience or not is irrelevant.   So, if you repeatedly put out emotion-laden thoughts about something, make room for it in your life, for sooner or later, it will almost certainly show up.”

"But I have feared or worried about or strongly desired lots of things that never showed up.   How come?”

I just answered that with the swimming pool analogy.   Not every individual thought shows up.   Rather it’s a blending of all your thoughts.   Like I just said, if your dominant thoughts were about not having your desired whatever, you got the  not-having  instead of the  having.“

So you’re saying that I’m a mechanical man doing most of my life on auto-pilot.”

Yes.   Just like all the rest of us, but then, that’s the nature of living in a human body on planet Earth at this time.”

You just said I created some of my experiences by default.   What did you mean?”

Creating by default is allowing other people or your environment to influence and alter what you think about and how you feel.   How many conversations have you listened to regarding someone else’s negative experiences?   How many films or TV shows have you watched about things you wouldn’t want in your life?   How many news items have you read, listened to, or watched about someone’s grief, pain or misery?

    There are always others who will gladly tell you what to think, so if you don’t take charge of what you think about, you get whatever comes along.”

Okay,” I say.   “So how do I become an intentional creator?”

Good question.   Discussing the third principle will make that clearer.”

And that principle is. . .”

End of Chapter Fifteen --  The Universal Law of Thought




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