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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter  Sixteen

The Universal Law of Intentional Creation





It’s called The Law of Intentional Creation.   It’s the process of consciously and intentionally applying the first and the second principles, The Laws of Allowing and Thought to our lives and thereby intentionally creating and experiencing anything we choose.”

So you’re saying that to follow The Law of Thought is to intentionally focus my mind on what I choose to attract into my life?”


And tell me again please, what’s the advantage for following The Law of Allowing?”

Herbert responds, “By allowing others to be who they are and do as they do, you stop having emotion-laden thoughts about those things and experiences that you choose to avoid.”

And so you’re saying that to apply The Law of Intentional Creation to my life, I simply withdraw my mind from anything I choose to avoid and, instead, focus my thoughts on being, doing, or having what I want and thus, create it or attract it into my life?”

If you substitute the word ‘choose’ for the word ‘want,’ you’ll be right on, but there's one other vital thing you must remember.  

"I ask, "And that is..."

You can't ignore what's already manifested in your life.   If something is already in your life and you don't want it there, deal with it as quickly as possible and then get on with your intentional creating.





So getting back to the distinction between wanting and choosing, are you saying I can manifest whatever I choose but not whatever I want?”


What’s the difference?   How does want differ from choose?”

Let me explain this with an example.   If you say you want a pony.   Where are you in relation to the pony?”

I ask,  “What do you mean?”

I mean if you want a pony, do you have one?”

No, I’m separate from it.   I don’t have it.”

That’s right.   Saying  ‘I want a pony’ is a statement of lack.   It’s a statement that you don’t have a pony.   The Universal Mind is like a huge copy machine which brings you an exact physical copy of your dominant thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, so saying ‘I want a pony,’ empowers the experience of wanting a pony and instructs the Universe to give you more wanting and no pony.   The net result — the pony never comes.   Not only that, if you feel sad, angry, or hold any other negative emotion about not having the pony, you add even more energy to the wanting and, thus, you apply your creative power to the experience of not having a pony”

You’re saying that’s because my dominant thoughts and emotions were focused on wanting the pony and not on having the pony?"

Right again.   Once you’ve played with this idea for a while, you’ll know for yourself that wanting and having are two distinctly different thoughts and produce distinctly different experiences.”

So how do I get what I want?"

I just told you, you can never have what you want, but you can have whatever you choose.”

Oh, sorry.   How do I get what I choose?  

"First, notice that saying 'I choose a pony' makes no reference to where you are in relation to the pony."

OK, now please relate this to our example.   How do I manifest a pony?”

The first step is to withdraw your thoughts from not having a pony, and you do that by focusing on everything you can think of that goes with having a pony.   Think of all the reasons why you want a pony.  Think of all the joyous things that you’ll experience by having the pony.   Make a written list of all these reasons and these positive experiences.   Imagine you already have the pony and say prayers (make statements) of gratitude and appreciation about your new pony.   Focus on your pony at least twice daily —first thing in the morning, last thing at night and as often as you can in between.

    Always focus on the pony from the state of joyous expectancy or from the space of gratitude.   To the best of your ability, take the leap of faith that says these universal laws are real -- that I am the creator of my personal reality — that it is possible for me to have my pony -- that I already have my pony; I'm simply waiting for its arrival.

     Put pictures of a ponies on  your wall.   Talk about ponies.   Read stories about ponies.   Watch movies of videos about horses.   Buy a bridal, a horse blanket, or something else that is related to having a pony and keep it on your bed.   Go to any nearby location where there are ponies.   Find and/or create situation where you ride someone else's pony.   Write fantasy stories where you have your ideal pony.   Write letters to people who own famous horses and ask to visit their ranch.   Bottom line is THINK PONY!   THINK PONY!   THINK PONY!

    When thoughts of ‘no-pony’ come to mind, ignore them and, without any emotion, let them pass.   Say to yourself, 'that's just a thought,' and then re-focusing your mind on having the pony.   Initially, your mind will tend to focus on the lack because that’s how you’ve trained it, so whenever lack comes to mind, simply re-commit to thinking only about having the pony.   Soon the subconscious mind will get the new picture — the picture of you with the pony and will go to work making that your physical reality.”

That’s simple to say and something else to practice.”

Take heart.   The more you practice, the easier it gets.   Remember to pay attention to how you’re feeling.   You’ll feel bad whenever a thought comes to mind that is pushing your pony away, and you’ll feel good when you think about things that are moving you toward your pony.   So stop all thoughts that make you feel bad and amplify all thoughts that make you feel good.   If you choose to learn this technique, start with something simple.   For example, make a commitment to exercise for one minute each day for the next week.”

I say, “That’s so easy to do it seems pointless and besides, what good is there in exercising for only a minute?”

Its ease of accomplishment is the very reason I suggested it as an example.   It programs the mind for success.   And as far as the value of exercising for a minute, first, it’s’ far better than not exercising for 20 minutes, which is what most people do; and second, it programs a new habit into the mind.   It’s similar to why a good salesman will go to great lengths to sell to a prospective customer an order so small that he makes all but zero commission.   In making the sale, he converts a prospect into a customer and customers are very likely to buy more products from him in the future.

    Another simple technique is to think of as many things as you possibly can to be grateful for; not just about the pony, but also, about everything else in your life.   Let this practice become a matter of habit, every day, all day long, no matter what you may be physically experiencing.   Constantly be in the state of gratitude for what is.   Even if it seems like a bad experience, look for something good within it.”  

I ask, “Why do that?”

Because holding an attitude of gratitude is focusing your mind on the things in your life that make you feel good, and this attitude empowers the universe to bring you more things and experiences to be grateful for —more things to feel good about.   It’s like adding the power of a river to your life.   You know a river always flows down hill, so if you place your vision downstream and ride the river of gratitude, you’ll get to your goal a lot faster and with a great deal more ease than if you focus on swimming upstream."

End of Chapter Sixteen  --  The Universal Law of Intentional Creation




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