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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
through physical touch.    Touch may be    purely sensual,    sexually-sensual,     or    outright orgasmic.       

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The Yoni Dance
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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Eight

Watch the Yoni Dance





Jazbell stops telling her story and turns to me.   “Intermission time,” she says.   We take few minutes for a bathroom break, Jazbell brings water from the kitchen for both of us and then, while I listen with ever increasing interest, she continues her story.  

I was so excited, I hardly slept a wink that night.   The next day, at about one o’clock, Sarah and I arrived at the dock.   We played and laughed for a while.   We didn’t know for sure if Henry was there.   Obviously, we couldn’t call out and ask him, so we listened for noises.   Through a crack in the wall I glimpsed a slight movement.   Sarah saw it also.   We whispered our confirmations to each other.   “He’s here.”   

Now what?” Sarah whispered to me.  

Follow my lead if you like, but remember to do only what feels right for you in your own heart.”   

Sarah rolled her eyes in a gesture that said, “Oh my God!   Now what?”   I just laughed and I said,   “Let’s play.”  

I knew Henry was watching us, but he didn’t know that we knew he was watching.   I started humming and dancing and began to play my fantasy of a go-go dancer.  

Sarah, sing with me.   I want to pretend I’m dancing for my lover.”  

Jazbell, you’re a virgin.   You don’t have any lover.”  

I know,” I say, “but it’s fun to pretend I do.” 

Sarah didn’t sing with me.   Instead, she said, “I’m too hot!   I’m going in the water.”  

To my surprise, she stripped naked right there in front of me.   She was well aware that Henry was watching.   She immediately jumped into the water and swam around while I still stood on the dock debating what to do.  

I stood there briefly watching Sarah and then decided to slowly strip in front of my unseen audience.   I started humming, singing, and dancing.   I dance around and put on a show that would have both made a go-go dancer proud and caused my mom to have a fit.   The more clothes I shed the more excited I became.   By the time I was stripped to only my panties, I was so turned on my knees began to shake.   My nipples were erect, and I’m sure my eyes were dilated because my heart was beating right out of my chest.

As I slipped off my panties, it occurs to me that Henry might notice my shaking, so I threw my panties into the air and by the time they hit the dock, I was jumping into the water to cool off.   I swam and splashed around for a while and then swam under the dock to peek into the boathouse and confirm whether or not he’s there.   While being careful not to be obvious, I managed to sneak a peak into the boathouse through a crack between the boards.    Henry was indeed there watching us.  

I swam over to Sarah and told her that I had visual confirmation of Henry’s presence.   I swam and splashed around a while longer, and then, with our audience confirmed, I climbed out of the water onto the dock.   I walked around shaking the water off myself.   I intentionally stopped close to and directly in front of the shed wall behind which Henry was hiding.   I stood in profile to him, knowing that if the wall had not been there, I was so close I could have reached out and touch him.   I tilted my head back, raise both hands to my head and shook the water out of my hair.   As I did so, I was wondering if Henry was as excited as I was.   I straightened up, walk around a bit longer and then decide to lie on my back in the sun.   I intentionally laid with my feet toward where Henry was hiding so he could get a full view of my genitals.   Sarah came out of the water and sat beside me with her back to Henry.  

We rested quietly for a while.   I noticed that both of us were breathing more heavily that normal.  

Watch the Yoni Dance




Do you masturbate?”

Jazbell!”   She looked at me and cringed.  

I just laughed.   “I do.”   I slipped my hand over my stomach and gently brushed across my genitals.  

I spoke loudly enough so that Henry could hear me.   “I pretend my lover is watching me and I spread my legs for him.”  

I actually spread my legs and then, with both hands, spread my labia wide open.   Henry’s eyes were exactly twelve feet from my spread lips.   For the very first time in my entire life, I was naked with my pussy wide open in front of a man.   I was almost in orgasm already.  

I closed my legs and moved my hands over my body.   Then, again I opened my legs.   This time, I stroked myself and I soon experienced one of the wildest orgasms I have ever had.   Sarah just watched, in all but disbelief.  

I lay there panting.   “Sarah, pour some water on me, please.”  

Sarah filled my sun hat with water and splashed it over me.  

More water please.”  

Sarah poured another hatful of water on me.   I opened my eyes and slowly sat up.   I was feeling a bit dizzy, but the orgasmic afterglow was far more pleasant than anything I had previously experienced, so I just closed my eyes again and enjoyed the sensations.  

My entire body seemed to be still vibrating, my mind was partially somewhere else, and at the same time, I was feeling very relaxed and completely contented.   After a couple of minutes, I opened my eyes again and turned to Sarah.  

She looked at me and said, “You look strange!”

I replied, “I feel strange, but it’s a extremely pleasant kind of strange,” and then after a moments thought, added, “I’ve just visited heaven and I’m not quite back yet.”   At the time, I had no idea how true my statement was.  




Then I leaned toward her and whispered, “OK, now it’s your turn.   Lie down here.”   She just looked at me and smiled.   She neither actively participated nor did she resist as I swung her legs around and laid her down so that her feet were toward Henry.   She just laid there.  

In a voice loud enough for our audience to hear, I said,
“What turns you on?”  

Sarah said nothing.   She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  

I asked, “What’s your wildest fantasy?”  

She’s remained quiet.   Then her eyebrows went up, she smiled again, and softly I heard, “Oh, well, what the hell!” and I watched as Sarah, with surprising gusto, masturbated in full view of Henry.   This was the first time I had ever watched anyone experience an orgasm, and even though I was looking at another woman, I found myself fascinated and more than a little bit turned on.   I thought to myself, “I wonder what it would be like to watch a man do it to himself?”  

After Sara’s orgasmic spasms drifted away, she continued to lay there with her legs still wide open.   She looked at me and began to laugh.  

What’s so funny?” I asked.  

Sara replied, “It’s not really funny; it’s just so joyful that I have to either laugh or cry.   This is the first time I’ve ever masturbated while anyone was with me or watching me.   I’m really surprised by the intensity of my orgasm.” 

She sat up, leaned toward me and whispered in my ear, “By now, Henry must have shot his wad for the next month.”   She laughed again, got up and jumped into the water.   I follow in quick pursuit.   We swam around for a short while, then climbed back onto the dock.  

Jazbell, we didn’t bring any towels.”

Well, I guess we’ll just have to sun dry.”    

Sarah sat on the edge of the dock, and I danced around naked in the sun.   Again, I intentionally moved close to the wall behind which Henry thought he was hiding.   I turned in profile to my secret watcher and wiped my hands over my body to shake off the water.   I intentionally bounced around and jiggled my breasts.   I wondered what Henry was doing as he watched -- if he hadn’t fainted or died!   I was again so close to him that, if there were no wall between us, I could have reached out and touched him.   The thought of being naked this close to a man sent thrilling chills up my spine.  

I felt myself getting turned on again, but I figured I’d better cool it so I danced over to Sarah and began putting my clothes back on.   Sarah joined me.   We got dressed and left.   

We went just out of sight of the boathouse and circled back to where we could watch to see when Henry came out.   We hid in the bushes.   We watched.   Five minutes went by.   No Henry.   Ten minutes.   Still no Henry.   We got worried.  

Jazbell, what if we killed him?   What if we gave him a heart attack?”   We were just about to go and look for him when he appeared.  

It’s Henry all right.”   

Whew.   I was getting worried there for a moment.”  

He’s fine Sarah.    

We both watched in relief as Henry moved off and disappeared into the undergrowth.   We strolled home laughing and feeling triumphant.   Sarah went off the next day to her Aunt Jesse’s in Bakersville for the weekend, so I didn’t see her for two days.   The moment she got home, she ran over to talk to me.  

Have you seen Henry?” were the first words out of her mouth. 

Of course.  I found him the very next morning over at the ball field’.”  

Did he look at you funny?”  

He sure did.”  

You didn’t let on, did you?”  

Of course not.”  

That’s what I want to talk to you about.”  

Jazbell. . .   No! . . . “

Sarah, did you have fun at Fullman’s Pond?”  


Was anybody hurt?”  

We probably half killed Henry.”  

I saw him the next day.    I assure you, he was in the best of health and, I might add, thanks to us, in the best of spirits also.”  

Jazbell, what’s up your sleeve this time? “ 

I want to see him naked, doing himself.”  

Jazbell, you are absolutely out of your mind.   How are you going to do that, ask him?”  

You got it.”  

You’re kidding me.   You can’t just walk up to him and say I want to watch you flong your dong!”  

You know I’m more resourceful than that.   I want us to ask him together!”  

Jazbell !   You’re the ballsiest woman I’ve ever met.”  

Sarah, I’ll guarantee you one thing.   If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it.    If I don’t hear ‘No’ to my requests at least twice a week, I know that I’m not asking for enough.”  

Where did you get that idea?”  

From Intendr.” ***

I should’ve guessed.”  

***  Intendr is Jazbell's personal mentor and another major player in our story.   You will meet him and learn the who, what, when, where, witch, and why of Intendr in  The Yoni Dance Book II - The Gift. Chapters four through six.  

Just think of Henry as class study, as if you were going to school to learn about men and sex.”  

Henry is not my ideal man.”  

But he has all the same equipment.   Come on let’s give it a shot.”  

I explain my plan, and soon Sarah, in her jovial way, says, “Oh well, what the hell.   Count me in.”  

We’ll need to be very slow and tactful and feel out his willingness to maintain absolute secrecy,” I say.   Sarah agrees.  

We immediately began plotting our strategy.   Where could we talk?   What would we say?   What would we do if he say’s this, or says that?   Over the next few days, we confirmed our commitment and refined our strategy.  

We intentionally placed ourselves in Henry’s path and acted friendlier toward him than we ever had before.   Henry responded to our attention like a wilting flower that’s been given fresh water.  



The Open Invitation


It took about two weeks for us to get up the nerve to actually talk with him about our plan.   We met him again at another baseball game.   I said, “Henry, we have an idea that we would like your personal advice on.   Will you meet us back here at sunset so we can talk about it?”  

He was there at sunset.   Sarah and I were both very nervous, but I swore I was going to ask him anyway.  

Henry, in his innocence, asked, “Do you want to know about some science thing?”  

Well, not exactly, Henry.   We have something else in mind.   Do you remember a long time ago, when you were flashing your dong at me?”

For the Henry Flashing story, see  The Yoni Dance Book II -- The Gift. Chapters Eight -- How Long Is a Chinaman.  

Jazbell, I’m sorry.   I know I was a jerk.”   Henry got up and started to leave.  

Henry!   Wait!   Please!”  

Henry turned around and looked at me.   “Jazbell, I didn’t mean to hurt you.   I’m sorry.”  

Henry, please come back and listen to us.”   

He came back and with a sheepish and embarrassed look sat on the bench facing us.  

I asked, “What made you stop doing that?”  

You did,” he said.   “I grew up by ten years in that fifteen seconds when you confronted me.”  

I know.   I respect that in you.   That’s one of the reasons you are here with us now.    Henry, I’m about to invite you to grow up another ten years.   Are you interested?”  

How could I not be?”  

Sarah says, “Henry, have you ever seen a real woman naked?”  

Henry’s mouth dropped open, his jaw moved slightly, but no sound came out.  

She repeated her question,
“Henry, have you ever seen a real woman naked?”  

He managed a breathy “Yes.”  

Will you tell us about it?”  

Absolutely not.”   

Why not?   We’re your friends, aren’t we?”  

That doesn’t matter.   It’s private and none of anyone else’s business.”  

I asked, “Henry, have you ever seen a woman masturbate herself?”  

Henry just stared at us.   I could see the wheels beginning to turn in his head.   He sat up straight and looked at us both-- looking intently into Sarah’s eyes and then into mine.  

OK,” he said, ”What’s up?   I have a hunch that all the cards are not yet on the table.”  

Clever man,” I said.   “Can you keep your mouth shut?”  


Do you promise?”  


An absolute cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die kind of promise?”  


That day out at Silent Water Pond when Sarah and I were splashing around in our undies, I saw you watching us.” 

And you got naked knowing that I was watching you?” 


Sarah, you, too?”  



It was fun.   Did you like what you saw?” 

Honestly, you’re both so beautiful, I was totally blown away.”  

Sarah asked, “Did you masturbate while watching us?”  

Henry did not respond.   He just looked at us.  

Sarah asked again,   “Did you masturbate while watching us?”  

Reluctantly, he answered, “Yes.”  

Then I said, “Henry, you still didn’t answer my question.   Have you ever watched a woman masturbate herself?”   

He smiled,  “You’re setting me up again.”  

That’s exactly what we did at the boat house.”  

The boat house!   You knew I was there?”  

Of course we knew.   Who do you think invited you?   And if you ever breathe a word of it, first we will deny it, and second, we’ll make your life so miserable that you will wish we had simply killed you.”  

Why are you confessing this to me now?   What’s the catch?   What do you want?”

I looked at Sarah, took a deep breath, then turned to Henry.   “We want to invite you to openly join us in another Fullman’s Pond experience.”  

Henry gulped and said, “When you invited me to grow up another ten years, you weren’t kidding.”  

No, we weren’t, but if you agree to join us, there are rules you must absolutely abide by.”  

You have my full attention.”  

First, absolutely no one, that means no one is ever to be told anything about our times together.”  


Second, as a safety precaution, we must not mix our body fluids.   We’re on our honor to keep then separate.”  


Is that agreed?”  


Third, everything we share has to be done completely by mutual agreement.”  

Agreed again.”  

Henry looked at us, waiting for more rules.   After a moment, he said, “Is that it?”  

That’s it,” I responded.    

Just three rules?”  

You’ve got it!”  

Well, then, I agree to participate,” he said.   Simultaneously we all took deep breaths.   As I exhaled, I felt the tension flow out of me like a huge dam that has just broken loose.   For a few moments, we just sat there and looked at each other. 

Henry broke the silence.   “Where do you propose we can get together?   Certainly not on the dock at Fullman’s Pond.   Someone might see us.”

I said, “I’ll sneak a key to Uncle Fred’s cabin at Moose Lake.   We can get together there occasionally-- or on a blanket in the woods.   Start thinking of other places where we can get together.” 

OK, but there’s one other problem.”  

What is it, Henry?”  

We don’t usually hang out together.   When others see us together they’re going to wonder what’s up.”  

I looked at him and said, “Henry, I’d like to be your friend.   I’m willing to go to social events with you, if you’re willing to be seen with me.”  

Henry, already in shock, was left completely speechless by my invitation to be seen in public with him.   He just sat there and looked at me.   After about a quarter of a minute, Sarah and I both got up, went over to him, sat on either side of him and put our arms around him.   For the longest time, we stayed there motionless with our bodies touching and our arms intertwined.   Silence reigned, except for our breathing and our pounding hearts.   When we loosened our touch that evening, we each knew that our lives had forever changed.  

End of Chapter Eight --  Watch the Yoni Dance





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