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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream 

Chapter Six

The Of Course Foundation 







To Read or Not to Read:

As a storyteller, I offer you the information in this chapter because it provides valuable information about the story’s characters.   It also sets the framework for the narrative that is to come later and it offers you some useful insights regarding the relationship between who you believe you are and how you function in the world.   It is, however, not essential reading for those eager to get to the heart of the tale about CLI Circle sharing.   

So you, too, are now at one of those simple crossroads in life where a choice is available and a decision is called for.   You face the choice between reading on or skipping to the next chapter and perhaps, returning here at some later time.   Seems like a simple choice, doesn’t it?   It is!   However, your decision right here, right now is about to change the rest of your day.   It could even change the rest of your life.   So go ahead, please; make this seemingly simple, seemingly inconsequential choice. 





Chapter  six  --  The Of Course Foundation

The hour is 8:45 when I arrive at Giorgio’s.   I’m 15 minutes early for my second meeting with Jazbell.   I sit at an empty table wondering how I will experience her this morning.   I don’t have long to wonder for in less than five minutes, she arrives.  

Good morning, Stoney.   Have you been here long?”  

About five minutes.   And good morning to you, too.”   

Have you ordered yet?” 

Of course not.   I was waiting for you.”  

Well, here I am in prime spirits and ready to fly.   I’d like a surprise today, so if you would, please, when Giorgio or one of his waiters arrives, order something delicious for both of us.”  

That I will.   Was your  ‘ready-to-fly’ statement a fact or a figure of speech?” 

It was the literal truth.   In less than three hours, I am off to, of all places, Peoria, Illinois.”  

What for?”  

Probably to see another lunatic, but hopefully to find the future of humanity.”  

This sounds interesting.   Would you care to tell me more?”  

Certainly.   Have you heard of  The Of-Course Foundation?”©  

No.   What is it?”

It’s a non-profit foundation that finances ideas too far out to get financial support elsewhere.   The motto of The Of-Course Foundation© is: 

Somewhere out there 
in the lunatic fringe is the future of humanity.  
Our job is to find that future and bring it to the world.”

I know what you mean by the lunatic fringe, but I’d like to hear about it from your perspective, please.” 

Certainly.   I’ll start with a few examples.  Einstein was thrown out of grade school as hopelessly unteachable.   Louis Pasteur was drummed out of his medical college for proposing that life forms so small the human eye can’t see them were the causes of disease.   Galileo was imprisoned for life for publicly proclaiming that the Earth revolved around the sun.   And then there’s the most famous rebel of all time, Jesus of Nazareth.   All of these people were major contributors to the future of humanity, yet, when they expressed their mastery into the world, they were looked at as trouble makers, as lunatics, or as fools.  

Even today, the future of humanity is still “out there” in that lunatic fringe.   If you look among the malcontents, the eccentrics, lunatics and the quasi-criminals, you’ll also find the visionaries, the dreamers, the possibility thinkers.   You’ll find the modern-day equivalents of Galileo, Louis Pasteur, Gandhi, Nicola Tesla, Robert Fulton, or possibly even another world-renowned, divine spiritual leader.  

Look closely and you’ll find yet another man, woman or even a child who is diligently working on a fantastic new idea.   If he or she survives the assault of the status quo, his or her creation will change the face of this planet forever.   Major changes have always come from people who live outside the mainstream of society, from people who think differently, believe differently, act differently from what is considered normal.   It has always been that way.   It’s that way now, and there is no evidence that it’s about to change.    If all you can think of is the way things are or the way they used to be, that’s what your future will be.”  

I think about this for a moment and then say, “I’d guess that funding The Of-Course Foundation © is, in the long-run, infinitely more productive than giving money to the old-fashioned, status quo charities and foundations.”  

Yes, we like to think so.   We have speculated about what we will accomplish when someone like Ted Turner decides to fund us with a billion dollars just like he did for the United Nations.”  

The world would have some wealthy lunatics!”  

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world already has an abundance of wealthy lunatics.   Funding The Of-Course Foundation © would allow a lot more highly-gifted people to focus their creative attention on the product or service that they are bringing to mankind.”     pink shinny bullet4-1  

So, Jazbell, what's your capacity in the Foundation?”  

I search for the new, the unusual, for potentials-still-untapped and bring in projects for the foundation to finance, oversee, and support.”  

That sounds exciting — sounds like a great job.”  

It’s not a job.   I don’t have a job.”  

What do you mean?   You do get paid, don’t you?”  

The financial rewards that arrive as a result of my thoughts, words, and actions are quite profound; however, what I do is not a job.   I live a lifestyle that brings me great joy, and, along the way, an abundance of money flows into my life.”  

I sit back in my seat.   Once again, in less than five minutes in her presence, I’m amazed by this woman.   “So how do you manage to do that?” I ask.  

I have been blessed with the ability to listen to my feelings and follow my heart.”  

Money by listening to your heart.   That doesn’t make any sense at all to me, but it does sound like the basis for a very interesting story.”  




"You do enjoy writing, don’t you?”

Yes, and as I’ve already said, my specialty is human interest stories so, I would be delighted to write about how you managed to be who you are and do what you do.”  

Jazbell smiles.   The sparkle in her eyes twinkles ever brighter.   She just sits there quietly and looks directly into my eyes.   Her mind is obviously contemplating something, but she says nothing.

A penny for your thoughts,” I say.       

Her smile broadens, and she says, “With inflation, they must be worth at least a dime.”

OK, how about a quarter for your thoughts?”

All in right timing,” she says.

And what, pray tell, does that mean?”

It means put your quarter away, but keep it handy.”

OK.   Now I’m going to translate that last sentence into plain English and you tell me if I’ve received the same message that you sent.”  

Please do.” 

You have something specific in mind you’re not willing to tell me about today, but, very likely, there will come a time very soon when you will tell me.”  


Sounds like I won the prize.   I just don’t know what it is yet.”  

All in right timing.”  

déjà vu . . .” 

Jazbell cut me off with,  “All over again,” and then adds,   “I’ll bet you are a good reporter.”  

I like to think so, and I’ll bet you are a good story to write.” 

And I’ll also bet that the main reason you are a good reporter is that you love being a reporter.“ 


Then you already know about receiving money by listening to your heart.”  

I do?” 

Have you heard the well-known quote from Joseph Campbell,  ‘Do what you love doing and the money will follow’?’ 

That sounds vaguely familiar.”  

Do you do what you love doing?  Do you write because you love writing?”  


Does money come to you as a result of your stories?”  


Then, like I just said, you already know about receiving money by listening to your heart.”  

Thank you.   I never thought of it like that before.”   

She adds, “Shall I share with you another example of money from the heart?”  

Yes, please do.”  

Do you remember Mickey Mantle, the famous baseball player of the 1950’s?” 

Although he was way before my time, I have definitely heard of him.”  

Well, Mickey Mantle loved to play baseball so much that he’d get mad when it rained and he couldn’t play.   He didn’t work, and yet he was one of the most highly paid men of his day.   He played.   His game was baseball.   He did what he loved doing and was highly paid at the same time.   That’s receiving money by listening to your heart.”       

Yeah,” I say, “but he was a rare exception.”  

Not true.   He was just one of the famous ones.   There are now and there always have been countless numbers of people who have lived their lives doing what they loved to do.   They are just not famous or even well known.   The difference between the dream-walkers and those who struggle through life is that the dream-walkers know the truth about the nature of reality and have totally and completely committed themselves to manifesting their dreams.”  

The strugglers, on the other hand, dance to someone else’s tune, walk someone else’s talk, and obey someone else’s rules.   They have buried their own dreams in bullshit beliefs like:  ‘It’s impossible.’  ‘It’s inevitable.’  ‘It can’t be any other way.’  ‘Life sucks and then you die.’ “  

She continues, “When President John F. Kennedy made his now famous speech in 1961 about putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade, which of those two categories do you suppose he was in?”

I give the obvious answer,  “He was a dream-walker of course.”  

And he was also the most popular and most dynamic president of the twentieth century.”  

So, Jazbell, you’re telling me that I, too, have a choice.   I can be a dream-walker or a shit shoveler. . .”  

Yes.   Everybody has that choice.”

So, how did you get to be one of the dream-walkers?”  

Since I was a young child, I’ve had access to several marvelous mentors who’ve lovingly guided me along the way.”  



Foundation Details

I’d like to know more about your mentors, but that’s another story for another time.   Right now, please talk to me about The Of-Course Foundation.”©  

Jazbell gets a rather strange look on her face.   She stops breathing momentarily and just looks at me.   I don’t know what to make of her reaction, so I ask, “Did I say something or do something wrong?”  

My question breaks the spell of whatever’s going on within her, and she brushes it off with, “Oh, it’s nothing”  

I pursue this a little further with one more question, “What do you mean?”  

She takes a deep breath and looks at me in a way that tells me something’s going on that she’s not telling me about.   Then she says, “Twice, the last time we met, you used the line, ‘another story for another time.”   Is that one of your favorite phrases?” 

Yeah, I guess you could say that.   Why?   What of it?”  

Oh nothing,” she says.   “It just reminds me of something a friend told me when I was about twelve-years old, but then, that too, is another story for another time; so lets talk about the foundation.”                

Quite curious, yet not wanting to be too aggressive, I let it go with a promise to follow up on this later.   I simply say, “OK, on to the foundation.”  

The name for the Foundation is based on the series of steps that are common to the development of anything new.”  

And what are those steps?” 

At first, the new idea is ignored.   Then the creator and his creation are ridiculed.   You’ve probably heard the old line, ‘If man were meant to fly, God would have given him wings.’   Next the status quo becomes very threatened by this crazy idea or this new-fangled whatayacallit.   For example, Nicholas Copernicus was burned at the stake and Galileo imprisoned for life.   Both were guilty of a heinous crime.   They publicly said that the Earth was round.  And the final step is  Of course!   We knew that all along.”  

So how does the Foundation function?”  

We provide the lab and/or workshop space for product or project development, any special tools or technical specialists, financial management such as a monthly stipend for the idea person [the developer], and payment for anything needed for the development of the idea.”  

What about patents?”  

The Foundation provides all types of legal services and coverage including creating contracts, agreements and everything required to create and to insure patent protection.”  

So when you find and successfully develop a project, who owns the patent and where does the money go?”

For every project, a trust is set up and the trust legally owns the patent.   A second trust is set up which is responsible for developing the product.” 

Why use trusts?”

To limit liability and to avoid excessive taxation.   In case you are not aware of it, the wisest wealthy people don’t actually own anything.   They set up trusts and the trusts own everything.   They simply manage the trusts.”

OK, so who controls the money?”

Sixty percent of the money generated by whatever is created belongs to the idea person.   Within the context of the trusts and the tax laws, it is his to do with as he so chooses.   The Of-Course Foundation© gets twenty percent of the profit from whatever is developed for the entire life of whatever has been created.   The idea person is also required by our contract to give away an additional ten percent of the profits to anyone he so chooses.   This also applies to the entire life of whatever has been created.   He or she is encouraged to give the money with no strings attached; however, the idea person makes the final decision as to whom and in what fashion the money is given.   The last ten percent goes into a special project fund.”  

Do you have any projects going right now?”  

We have several ongoing projects.”  

Like what?”  

Most of the projects are not publicly discussed until they are complete.” 

We have one project in the works that is being developed in absolute and complete secrecy.   Under a third party name, the foundation even purchased a special, remote, development complex specifically for the creation of this product.”  

Why the secrecy and the expense?” 

Because this product is so profound, so universally useful and, at the same time, so utterly simple that once the idea became public knowledge, most major companies will be kicking their butts and saying, ‘Why didn’t we think of that’?”  

So can you tell me about a completed project?” 

The Of-Course Foundation© was involved in developing a fire protection system for single family homes in areas where brush fires might threaten the home.   We developed a rooftop sprinkler system using diesel pumps and water from the property swimming pool.   Because the pump is powered by diesel engine and because it uses pool water, the system is totally owner controlled and completely self-sufficient.   It also has a fire hose that can direct pool water anywhere the owner chooses.”  

That sounds like a great idea.” 

It’s relatively new and yet, has saved several houses already.”

Any other projects?”  

I can tell you about a couple of projects that are publicly known.”  

OK, please, do.” 

Do you recall seeing the movie, ’Oh God,’ with George Burns and John Denver?” 


There’s a scene in the film where John Denver tells God that he [God] made a mistake by making the avocado pit too big.”  


So things aren’t always what they seem to be.”  

They aren’t?”  

Of course not!   Are you aware that there was a time when crude oil oozing out of the ground was considered a nuisance.”  

What’s oil got to do with avocadoes?”  

The crude oil turned out to be quite different than what it was originally thought to be.   The avocado seed is probably also something other than what it appears to be.   So the question is ‘Did God really make the avocado seed too big or is it that no one has yet figured out how to effectively use it’?”  

Who knows?”

Precisely.   That’s why the Of-Course Foundation is offering to provide 3,000,000 avocado seeds and Foundation support for idea development to the first person who finds a really good use for them.”  

And the other project?”





"In the Los Angeles area, there is an inversion layer in the atmosphere that traps smog and keeps the valleys east of the city in pretty foul air much of the year.   It is possible to plant the hills around Los Angeles with evergreen trees and water those trees with recycled water from the sewer and/or the storm drain systems.   The trees, once grown, would put a phenomenal amount of oxygen and water into the atmosphere.   They would literally create a whole new, area ecosystem which would pull the foul air out of the valleys and virtually eliminate the smog.”  

That sounds pretty far out.”  

Yeah, in 1980, so did the CAT scan; yet, it or an evolutionary counterpart to that piece of equipment, is standard equipment today in every major hospital in the entire world.”          l

Of course, all of us know that the idea of using trees to eliminate smog in the Los Angeles area is presently in the lunatic fringe, but what most people still don’t know is that it is also a very probable and a very feasible future for the Los Angeles basin.”  

How do you know that?”  

Preliminary, theoretical studies have proven it feasible, workable, and successful.”  

So why isn’t it happening?”  

The project is so big that numerous governments and government agencies would need to cooperate.   Have you ever tried to get even just one bureaucrat to move?”  

An all but impossible task.” 

This project certainly is possible; however, because it’s such a big step from the status quo, a major shift in awareness will be required before it can happen.”  

I ask,  “What kind of shift in awareness?”  

It will require a significant shift in attitude regarding trees and an understanding of how human life on this planet is intimately tied to and dependent upon trees, upon forests and upon countless other life forms that most people are completely unaware of or simply take for granted.  

Please share with me your understanding of what a forest is.”  

If I do, you’ll probably accuse me of lecturing or preaching and want to take my soap box away.”  

Nobody’s preached from a soap box since my great grandfather’s time, so you needn’t be concerned about losing your podium.” 

OK, but promise to stop me if I get carried away.”  

Will do.”  

She takes a deep breath and says,  “A forest is far more than just a bunch of trees.   Technically speaking, a forest as an ecosystem in which trees are the largest and most obvious part of an intimately interconnected, bio-social, mutual-life-support system consisting of thousands of different life forms and billions of individuals, all sharing a common home.  

Trees are a major source of oxygen and a major consumer of carbon dioxide.   Trees stabilize out fragile topsoil.  Trees also have a significant impact on our climate.   Over the course of its lifetime, a tree transfers literally thousands of gallons of water from the soil into the atmosphere.   Trees are the homes of the vast majority of life forms on this planet.   In the tropics, a single, full- sized tree can be the home of several hundred different life forms and thousands of individuals.  

And, each forest is a mini-ecosystem in the grander scheme of life.  You and I and everyone else are part of a similar, but much larger ecosystem called planet Earth.”

I laugh and say, “Professor, which university did you say you lectured at?” 

She responds with, “BNU, that’s Brown Nose University.“   Remind me sometime and I’ll tell you a story about BNU.”  

I shall do that.”   I’m secretly pleased because that invitation means she is open to our meeting again.   I continue, “You speak of ecology as though you think most people don’t usually regard themselves as a small piece of a very large planet?”  

Most people know this, but, at the same time, they don’t.”  

Can you explain that, please?” 

As an analogy, it’s like the difference between hearing and listening.   The sound registers but the meaning doesn’t.   For example, if I spoke to you in a foreign language, you would hear my words but they would have little or no meaning.   To many people, ecology is something outside their natural experience   Sure, they may have visited a forest a time or two, and they may even have a good intellectual grasp of what a forest is, but that is far different from being born and raised in or close to a forest.  

   So for a vast number of people, particularly city dwellers and people who live in desert climates such as Southern California, a forest is devoid of intimate personal meaning for lack of a firsthand experience.   As a result, they do not know how to relate to trees.”  

They don’t?”  

Jazbell asks, “Have you been to Los Angeles lately?”  

No." I say.

They cut most of the branches off what few trees they do have there.”

That doesn’t make any sense.   Why would they do that?”  

From a broader perspective, no, it doesn’t make any sense; however, it obviously makes sense to the decision makers.”  

And who are the decision makers?”  

I can’t speak directly about what any specific individuals do on their private property nor about any specific political decision makers; however, I can share with you the mentality out of which these decisions come.”  

I’m listening.”  

The decisions are based on money and are made out of lawyer and accountant mentality, not ecological vision.”  

How so?” I ask.  

The lawyer mentality says that a branch might some day fall off and damage something or hurt someone, so if we cut most of the branches off the trees, then we won’t get sued, and even if we do get sued, we can say we took every precaution we could; therefore, it’s not our fault.”  

I see.  That  really is a money issue, isn’t it?”


I ask, “And where does the accountant mentality come in?” 

The accountant mentality says that if we cut most of the branches off the trees, then we won’t have to trim them very often or rake up so many leaves and so it will be cheaper.”  

Money again.”  

And then there are the companies that are hired to butcher the trees.”  

For money again.” 

Yes!   Money.   Money.   Money.   If you want to know why anything is done, just follow the money trail.   For example, those responsible for the mass destruction of our forests believe that their own, personal, short-term-profits are of greater value than the long term survival of their fellow passengers on space ship Earth.  

   The Great God Money controls every government bureaucracy and the personal lives of most people.   Most people can hardly turn around without opening their wallets and asking permission.   But then, that’s another story for another time.”  

Sometime, I’d like to hear it.”  

And so you shall.”  

Obviously, the Los Angeles forest is a long term project.”  





Yes.   We, as yet, can’t even get the governmental decision makers to stop cutting most of the branches off the city trees.

   In the Los Angeles Basin, the needless removal of branches seriously defoliates hundreds of thousands to trees.  Not only is this destroying the trees, elimination their shade value and making them aesthetically ugly, it’s also raising the area’s temperature, reducing the oxygen supply and increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.   As you probably know, excess levels of carbon dioxide gas are a major factor in the climate change that is presently taking place on Earth.

   Government agencies destroying trees creates still another problem.   Because individuals see the government workers cutting most of the branches from the city trees, many, in sheep-like fashion, do likewise on their own private property and/or on the property they manage.   When asked why cut they branches off, some typical responses are:   “It doesn’t matter.   They’ll grow back.”   “The branches are too thick.”    “I really don’t know.”  And  “I just thought it was the right thing to do because everybody else does it.

   And then there are the gardeners whom many people hire to take care to the vegetation on their property.   These people are poor peasants most of whom do not even speak English.   They come out of a culture that’s living in survival mode.   They know little or nothing about ecology or about taking care of their environment, and even if they did know, survival takes priority over environmental concerns.

   So when they come to Los Angeles, they bring their cultural conditioning with them, and because they are paid slave wages, they’re still in survivor mode.   They cut the branches off the trees because with fewer branches there are fewer leaves to rake up.   And that's translates into less work for the same amount of money, which brings us back to money again."

So if I can be masculine and bottom line this, you’re saying that getting the politicians to plant a forest around Los Angeles is like bringing the mountain to Mohammed?”

That I am.”

Then why bother?”

Sanity will one day rule.   In the meantime, we just keep putting the word out.   We keep offering a three million dollars matching fund to entice someone to fund the project, and we keep offering one million dollars to the person or team that develops the plan that’s actually accepted and implemented.”  

Sounds like the Of-Course Foundation© is well-funded.”  

Indeed it is.   But, enough about what I do.” 

At this point Jazbell shifts the focus of our conversation onto me with the following statement,  “I want to hear about some of your adventures.”  

My first thought is General Custer, so I say,  “I had an interesting encounter with a nut from Saint Eucharist Mental Hospital last week.”   I tell her about the flying bottles, my flat tire, and General Custer.  

Since you expressed an interest in joining me on one of my story hunts, I told him that I would come back to visit him and that I would bring you along, that is, of course, if you are still interested.”  

Yes, I am.”  

During the remainder of our time together on this day, we share breakfast and talk more about a wide variety of things.   No matter what the course of our conversation, I find myself greatly enjoying Jazbell’s company, and although I can’t say for sure, she seems to be enjoying mine.  

We meet several times over the next few weeks; however, we do not visit General Custer, and, for some reason, I do not find an appropriate opportunity to take her with me on any other story search.  

In watching her with other people, one curious thing occurs to me.   Although she is often intentionally enticing with other men, she is, for some reason not at this time known to me, maintaining a distance from me like one might find between co-workers or perhaps between siblings.   Our meetings are very friendly, pleasant and very enjoyable; yet, she continues to behave toward me in a manner that is what I perceive to be somewhat reserved and distant.   Because she is not nearly so reserved with others, I am very curious to find out why.   It will, however, be some time before I find out the reason for my special treatment.  

In spite of her reserve with me, I find myself getting more and more taken in by her.   At any rate, before I blurt out and confess that I am falling in love with her, I want to get to the core of our story.  

End of Chapter Six --  The Of-Course Foundation ©  

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Choices, Decisions and Feedback:  

Before we get into the heart of our story, I’d like to share some of the pre-publication comments I have received regarding the story you are presently reading.   Most of the comments have been very positive and very supporting.   There have, however, been some not-so-positive reactions.

I share these with you now so that you can again make an informed, free-choice decision about whether or not to read the remainder of this book. Here are some of the comments:

***   “It has too much sex.”

***   “There’s not enough sex.”

***   “Some of your statements about the established order of things
            are outright blasphemous.”

***   “Do you think anyone will actually read a novel where there are
           no car crashes or explosions and no police chases?  In fact,
           there aren’t even any police in the entire story.   There are no
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And, I might add, nobody gets murdered either.   Also, there aren’t any rapes, robberies or muggings and nobody gets ripped off.   In fact, there isn’t even a hint of violence.  

Regarding the chosen writing style, I share the following comment:  

***  “You’re not following an accepted writing style.   You can’t
          combine a story and all that other stuff in the same book.  
         And about all those footnotes and endnotes in the back
         of the book, are you crazy?”  

Am I crazy?   Who’s to say?   My last name, “Tonto,” means” fool.” in Spanish, but then, in a society of lunatics, a sane person will be considered crazy.   Regarding the comment that I can’t combine two distinctly different writing styles, I know I can’t, so I just pretended it was possible and then, went ahead and did it anyway.  

Regarding the positive comments, here are two:  

***  “You take some rather difficult concepts and explain them
          simply and very well.”  

***  “You’d have to be numb from the waist down not to get a tingle
          out of this book, and you’d have to be numb from the waist up
          not to get at least a dozen insights into your own life.”

So now, with the new information about what is in this book, please choose to quit or read on.




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