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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Seven

Innocence, Inspiration, and Destiny



The CLIC Virgin


Late one Saturday afternoon, Jazbell and I are sitting on the couch in her living room talking about a variety of topics when she starts snapping her fingers in a repetitive series of three clicks each.   I don’t think anything of it.   I figure she’s just in another of what she calls her happy moments.  

After several sets of three clicks each, she looks at me intently and asks, “Do you click?”

"Can I snap my fingers?   Yes, of course I can.”   I snap my fingers in a rhythm matching hers. 

She smiles and says, “Do the three clicks mean anything to you other than the snapping of fingers?“  

"No,” I respond.   Her smile gets much broadens, and she just looks at me.

I look back expectantly, but she remains silent.   I gesture to her to speak and in response her smile turns into a giggle.  

OK, Jazz, what’s with the finger snapping?”  

I take it then, that you have never been introduced to a CLIC?”  


Suddenly, Jazbell is filled with laughter, and I’m completely at a loss to know what she is laughing about.  

Come on?   Seriously, you’re not a member of any CLI Circle?”  

Member hell!   I don’t even know what a CLI Circle is.”  

Really,” she says in amazement.   She stops.   Her eyes get wide and her sparkle lights up the room.   She turns and faces me directly.   With the Jazbell look — that look that completely overwhelms me, she says, “Then I’d like to be the lady given the honor of introducing you to the CLIC.”   She then breaks into laughter again, reaches out to me, and takes me into her arms like I’m a lost kitten.    

I still don’t know what’s about to unfold, but, whatever it is, Jazbell is excited about it, and when Jazbell gets excited, joy is in the wind; sparks are about to fly.   She lets go of me and moves back slightly, then retreats into her sensual, not-quite-sexual innocence and gives me the look that I find myself falling in love with.   In spite of my promise to myself to stay out of emotional relationships, my intellectual promise has taken a back seat to my heart.   As I sit and look at her, my emotions completely overwhelm me, and I simply melt.  

Another CLIC virgin,” she says.   “How delightful!”    

In my helplessness, I become the lost kitten ready to lap up the honey-milk.  

Well, as long as you’re a virgin, I’d better take my time,” she says.  

Three months have passed since the day I stumbled in the street for a closer look at Jazbell.   In those three months, I have seen her on several different occasions and have been amazed many times by the different aspects of this same woman.  

To date, all of my personal interactions with Jazbell have been polite, courteous, and slightly distant.   For some reason, she has declined to direct any of her sensual-sexual incitements in my direction.   It’s not until sometime later that I find out why, but then, that’s another story (a very pleasant story I might add) for another time.

What I’m now experiencing in Jazbell is a delightfully more intimate and infinitely more tantalizing facet of this jewel — a facet that I had not previously had the joy of viewing.  

OK, are you in a CLI Circle?” I ask. 

Relax!   I said this will take a little time.   Kick off your shoes.   Stretch back on the sofa, and hang on.”

Off come my shoes, and I sit back while Jazbell slides back to the end of the couch, bringing her legs and feet up onto the couch so she’s facing me; and another of her amazing, almost-fairytale stories starts to unfold.  


Swimming in Silent Water Pond


Jazbell begins, “The story I’m about to tell you involves a dear friend named Henry whom I have known since grade school.   In my pre-teen years, I hated Henry because I thought he was a butt-flaming asshole for the way he sucked up to some of the teachers at school.   Do you recall my mentioning Brown Nose University and promising to tell you a story about it?”  


Well, Henry is the lead character in that story.   BNU is still another story for another time, and I only mention it now to introduce you to Henry and set the stage for sharing the CLIC ideas with you.”  

I take it that Henry also plays a leading role in the CLIC?”  

Yes, he does.   At the time of the incident I’m about to share with you, I was still really angry with Henry.   He and I had had a major confrontation about a year before and we were still hardly even speaking to each other unless the social situation at school demanded it.   For reasons that I didn’t yet understand, Henry both fascinated and repulsed me at the same time.   It wasn’t until much later after we became the best of friends that I realized how much like me he was and that what I didn’t like about him was what I didn’t like about me.   At any rate, I’ll tell you more about that later."

Then on to the CLIC story, please.”

On a late August afternoon, Sarah and I were up at Silent Water Pond.   It was hot so we took off our shoes and socks and started playing in the water.   We were having a good time, but soon realize that we were getting our clothes wet.   Since neither of us wanted to walk all the way home in wet clothes and since we didn’t have our swimsuits with us, we decided to take off our shorts and blouses and set them on the bank to keep them dry.   Since it was very private there, we weren’t concerned about anybody seeing us, so we frolicked in the water wearing only our bras and panties.  

We weren’t thinking about it, but we were making a lot of noise, so if anyone was near, they would have surely heard us.   I was splashing away when I saw none other than Henry looking at us from behind a bush.   He was only about twenty yards away, so I knew it was him.    I turned my back and kept splashing.   I didn’t tell Sarah immediately.   I took a few moments to think about the situation.   I silently said to myself, ‘OK, Jazbell, what are you going to do now?  

I continued splashing and thinking.   Several times in the past few months, I had been wondering what it would be like to be naked in front of a man and now here I was wearing only bra and panties and Henry was watching me.   Even though it was only Henry watching and even though I was only half naked, I found myself becoming scared, excited and nervous all at the same time.   Although Henry was not a woman’s ideal dream man, he was kind of cute, a little skinny perhaps, but nonetheless, kind of cute.  

At this point an inspiration hit me.   I could take off my bra and find out what that would be like.   And, because Henry doesn’t know that I know he’s watching me, I could always deny I had done anything on purpose.   Still without telling Sarah of Henry’s presence, I took off my bra and placed it on a rock ledge that extended out from the shore into the water.   I splashed about while walking out farther into the water until it was about waist deep and then carefully snuck a peek in Henry’s direction.   He was still watching.  

The water was covering me from the waist down so I decide to take off my panties too and actually be naked.   That way, I could be nude and not be fully seen, all at the same time.   I slipped off my panties, held them up in full view of my hiding observer and squeezed the water out of them.   I found myself getting even more excited.   I was also getting braver.

At this point, Sarah noticed what I had done.   “Jazbell, what are you doing?” she said.  

I turned to her and said,  “We’re going to look funny going home carrying wet undies.   I’m going to hang mine out in the sun to let them dry.”  

I took a deep breath, turned toward shore, and then slowly and deliberately walked out of the water into full view of Henry.   I felt like a fairytale princess being presented to Prince Charming.   My heart was racing with excitement.   I was also so nervous I started to tremble.   I wondered if Henry was excited seeing me naked.”  

I hung my panties on a branch in the direct sunshine as Sarah came out of the water.   I quickly grabbed her hand and dragged her back into the water.   Sarah looked at me and immediately noticed that something unusual is going on.  

What’s going on?” she said.   Without speaking, I took her around the other side of the rock ledge out of sight and out of earshot from Henry.  

I got close to Sarah and softly said, “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be buck naked in front of a boy who wasn’t your brother?”  

If I weren’t so scared, it would probably be fun.”  

Would you like to do that sometime?” 

I guess maybe, sometime.”  

Even though we were behind the ledge, I faced her away from where Henry was.   “How about now?   What if someone is watching us right now?”  

She looked at me in panic, but my smile and my nakedness completely disarmed her fear.   “Is someone watching us?“  


She yelped.   “Shhhhh,”  I said.  

Who’s watching?”  


And you’re buck naked?”  

It’s fun.   Want to join me?”   


Come on.   What do you have to lose?”  

Henry will tell everyone.” 

No, he won’t.   And even if he did, who would believe him?   Come on!   Take off your bra.”  

Where is he?”  

He’s behind the bush just to the left of the big oak tree.   Let’s go back around the ledge and you can see for yourself, only you can’t let on that you know he’s there, so you have to sneak a glance and not stare in his direction.”  

Still holding her hand, I started back around the rock into Henry’s view.   With only slight initial resistance, Sarah came along.   I didn’t stop just at the other side of the ledge, but kept on walking right up out of the water, once again in full view of Henry with Sarah still in tow.  

I walked over to where my panties were hanging and pretend to be seeing if they’re drying.   What I was really doing was looking to see if Henry was still there.   He was, so I stepped between Sarah and Henry and unhooked Sarah’s bra.   She held it in front of her for only a moment and then softly said, “Oh, well, what the hell.”   She tossed it into the air.   I caught it and put it on a branch near my panties. 

Is he still watching?” she whispered.   “What’s he doing?”  

I whisper back, “Yes, he’s still watching, and I don’t know what he’s doing.”  

He’s probably jerking off.”   

Good for him,’ I say.”  

While watching us buck naked.   Is that right?”   

You’re not naked — you’ve still got your panties on!   And as for what’s right, does it feel good?   It does for me, and if it didn’t for him, he’d stop watching.   Is anyone being harmed in any way?   Not that I can figure out.   Is it bringing me joy?   My heart’s racing, even if it is only Henry.  Off with those panties, girl!”  

Sarah turned and looked at me.   I looked back at her smiling and I said nothing more.   She slowly hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and slipped them off.  

How do you feel?" I whispered.  


Of what?  Henry?”  

With Sarah’s company, I became doubly brave.   With my back still turned toward Henry, I spread my feet wide apart, bent over, picked up a small stone, straightened up and threw it into the water.   As I bent over again to pick up another stone, I looked between my legs and see that Henry was still there.   I was giving him quite a show.   ‘Too bad he’s not closer’ I thought to myself.   I straightened up again and tossed the rock to Sarah.   She threw it into the water.  

We danced and strolled about naked for a few moments intentionally giving Henry quite a show.   I was surprised to find that I was no longer scared, just extremely excited.   I was also surprised at how much Sarah seems to be enjoying our game.   After a few minutes, we ran back into the water and splashed around some more.   After about five minutes, we noticed that  Henry was gone.  



The Hidden Invitation.


Jazbell becomes silent.   She shifts her focus of her attention back to herself sitting on the couch near me.   She sighs.  



What does this story have to do with the CLIC?”

I’ll get to that," she replies.   "Don’t you know that most of the joy is in the journey?   When you enjoy the journey, the destination is like frosting on your birthday cake.”  

OK.   Tell me more.”  

That incident at Silent Water Pond inspired the birth of the CLIC.”  

How so?”  

I’m getting to that.   Shall I continue?”  

By all means.” 

I sit back again and Jazbell continues her story:  

When I got home, I went to my room and masturbated while imagining that Henry was still watching me.   I had three very delightful orgasms.   The next morning I went straight over to Sarah’s.

Sarah, what did you do when you got home yesterday?”

Nothing much.”

Did you think of Henry?”

Well, sort of, only I pretended it was Tim who was watching me.”

Did you play with yourself?”


Well, did you?” 

Don’t ask that.”

Why not?   I did.”

Jazbell, I don’t believe you’re telling me about this.”

Why not?   It was fantastic.   I came three times.   
Sarah, tell me, did you. . .?”

Did I what?”

Masturbate, of course.   What do you think I’m talking about?”

OK.  I did, but I pretended it was Tim who was watching.”  

I ask, “What would you do if you could do yesterday all over again?”

I’d either run away or I’d walk right up to Henry buck naked.”

Sarah, if he knew we knew that he was watching us, that would blow the whole game.   He’d run off, and we would never get to dance naked for him again.” 

Again?   Are you saying you want to do it again?”

I sure am.”

Jazbell ! ! !”

And here’s my plan.   Do you know the old boathouse at Fullman’s Pond?   It’s got that dock and the old boat shed.   It’s a perfect place for Henry to hide and watch us up much closer than he was yesterday.”

And how are you going to get Henry into that shed without inviting him?”

We’ll invite him all right.   He just won’t know it’s an invitation.   All we need to do is let Henry overhear our plan to go to the dock at Fullman’s Pond.   I’ll guarantee he’ll be there way before we arrive.”

To my surprise and to my delight, it took me only about two minutes to talk Sarah into being a full partner in my plan.   We strategized about how to invite Henry to come to the boathouse and watch us swim naked.

Just three days later, we came upon the perfect opportunity to arrange a time for our little scheme to unfold.   Sarah and I went to the ball field to watch the Pirates and the Buckups play, and we found Henry  alone, leaning on the right field fence opposite the first base line.

We had rehearsed our lines several times, so the-invitation-that-didn’t-sound -like-an-invitation went off like clockwork.   We walked past Henry saying, “Hi,” but otherwise, pretty much ignoring him.   We made sure he could overhear our conversation.   We leaned against the fence about eight feet from him.   We talked about  the ball game, then about swimming, and then we discussed our plan to be on the dock at Fullman’s Pond about 1:00 p.m. on the very next day.   In less than five minutes , our clever, secret invitation had been communicated to Henry.  

End of Chapter Seven --  Innocence, Inspiration, and Destiny





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