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The Yoni Dance


A self-awareness story about life, love,
romance, and the intimate love arts.

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Volume Two

Chapter Sixteen

The Gift


“Stoney. . .”   I hear my name being called as if someone a long way off were calling me.   I’m feeling too warm and comfortable to respond.  

“Stoney. . .”   Again, I hear my name being called.   This time the voice is closer.   I open my eyes and look around.   Two women dressed in long, flowing white gowns are standing nearby looking at me.   Although both seem familiar and one of them reminds me very much of Jazz, I make no specific recognition of either of them.  

“Come,” one of them says and holds out her hands to me.   “We have a gift for you.”   Without question or reservation, I get up and walk to them.   “Pick a number,” one of them says.   “Pick a number between eight and ten.”  

I say, “Nine.”  

“Pick another number,” the other one immediately says.   “Pick one between five and seven.”

”Six,” I say.



Six and Nine:

They take my hands, and, with one on either side of me, we begin walking.   It’s a strange kind of walking because it seems so effortless; yet, I don’t think to question it because it feels so absolutely normal.   The woman on my left says, “My name is Nine.”   The woman on the right say, “My name is Six.”  

“My name is Stoney,” I say without hesitation and without the slightest thought regarding their unusual names.  

We walk across a grass-covered area with scattered trees.   The sky overhead is clear and deep blue.   The sun shines brightly and its warmth feels quite pleasant.   A cool breeze also blows from directly behind us.   The sun’s warmth and breeze’s coolness seem to be in perfect harmony.   I look at Nine and Six.   Their long gowns have shrunk to mini skirts.   I smile, but otherwise think nothing of it.  

We come to a river, and it suddenly occurs to me to wonder where we’re going.   Before I can ask, Nine says, “Our destination is over there.”  

Six says, “Pick a number between three and three.”  

“Twenty one,“ I say.  

“Exactly right,” says Nine.   “Two and one make three.”   Six bends over from the waist and seems to tap on the water like one might knock on a door.   Her bending over exposes to me her almost naked derriere, and the rear view of her cloth-covered yoni brings me a tinge of excitement.   Six seems to be momentarily frozen in her bent-over position, and, as I look at her, Nine says, “A preview of coming attractions, my man.” 

I look at Nine, and at the same time, hear Six say, “A bridge for three, please.”

The next thing I know the river is behind us, and we’re standing on a path that leads up a small hill and disappears into the woods beyond.  Their mini skirts are now gone, and their genitals and breasts are still covered, but they’re not wearing enough cloth between the two of them to make even a single handkerchief. 

We walk up the path and enter the woods.   We‘re no sooner in the woods when, the path divides and goes in two directions.   We stop and Six says, “Pick a number.   Pick one between left and right.”  

I hesitate and Nine says, “It doesn’t matter, they’re both virgins.”  

Six says, “And so are we.”   They both laugh hysterically and throw off their bikini tops revealing firm, well-formed breasts.  

After a slight distraction, I say, “Left.”

“Right,” says Nine and we move along the left path.   We soon come to a large and rather impressive gate which blocks the path.   From each side of the gate, tall walls lead off into the woods.  

“Pick a number,” says Six.   “Pick one between open and step aside.”

“Open,” I say, and Six pulls off the miniscule piece of cloth she’s still wearing and throws it over the gate.   The gate immediately begins to open.   As soon as it’s open wide enough for us to enter, we pass through.   We walk only another thirty-three yards to where the pathway abruptly ends at the edge of an extremely high cliff.   We stop, and I look down.   It’s so far down that it takes forever for me to see all the way to the bottom.  

“Pick a number,” says Six.   “Pick one between jump and fly.”  

I point over the cliff and say, “Is this the gift?”   

“Pick a number,” repeats Six.   “Pick one between jump and fly.”  

Again I ask, “Is this the gift?”  

They look at each other and then with Six holding one hand and Nine the other, they jump and pull me with them.

Fear suddenly overwhelms me, and my body twitches.  Instantly, I realize I’m dreaming, and peacefulness overwhelms me.   We neither fall nor fly.   We just float.   I look at Six and she’s still completely naked.   I look at Nine and she’s now wearing only a smile and a jeweled necklace.

I feel myself floating weightless.   The cliff has disappeared.   There is nothing but light all around us.   The light seems to come from everywhere at once.

A sparkle in Nine’s necklace attracts my attention.   It, too, is familiar, but I’m immediately distracted by her words.  “Think a thought,” says Nine.   “Think one between Jazz and Jezebel.”

A picture of Jezebel comes to my mind and instantly she’s sitting naked straddling me, I’m holding her in my arms.   The dream has vanished, and I’m wide-awake.

Jazz notices my look of surprise and says, “Stoney, what’s wrong?”

I look around, then look at her and say, “I’ve just been having this weird dream, and it’s so vivid that I can distinctly remember every detail.”

I notice that I, too, am naked.   I also notice that I still feel like I’m floating.  “Where are we?” I ask.

“We’re in the Tantric swing in Christina’s converted barn.   Are you OK?”

“I don’t know.   This is just too weird for words.   Have we taken any drugs?” I ask.

“No,” she says.

“What are we doing here?”

“We’re celebrating the first time we fully make love with your lingam deep inside my yoni.   We’re about to do the ultimate yoni dance together.”   The thought of making love to Jazz completely distracts my attention from the weird dream I’ve just had and I give her my full attention.

As I’ve already said, we’re both naked and swinging freely in the Tantric chair attached to Christina’s marvelous swing.   Jazz is wearing a cross between a harness and a bottomless seat that is attached through springs to the cables above, so her body, although sitting on mine, is almost weightless.   I can move her about in every direction, up/down, left/right, forward/back as easily as I might move a pillow.   She, likewise can move herself, just as easily.

In this position our genitals easily make contact, and we slide together and apart with extreme ease.   Neither of us has to engage in any significant effort to affect making love.   I slide myself inside her, kiss her passionately and say, “Thank you for loving me.   Thank you for caring.   I’ll do my best to be worthy of your love.”

I lift her off me until we almost separate, then slide back into her and say, “Jazz, I love you.”   She returns my words almost verbatim, except she adds a prayer of gratitude for our mutual good fortune.   Then she states an intention for us to experience this journey into orgasm as a conscious union of our higher selves.   As she speaks, my usual thoughts of doubt completely disappear and her statement seems as natural as breathing.

We slip and slide with each other, and soon she’s floating off into what she calls her space of spiritual ecstasy.   To my surprise, I find myself going there along with her.   I have no idea how long we float together or where we are, other than to say the experience is more than words could ever describe.   When I finally decide to let myself go into a full intensity orgasm, I have absolutely no muscular spasms.   I feel as though my entire being is rushing out the end if my lingam and exploding.   I’m completely engulfed within Jazz.   I completely became her, and then the energy flows back into me through the back of my body and fills me with Jazz.   I take her completely into me.   The sensations and the energy flows do not pulsate, nor do they stop; neither is there a distinction between flowing out and flowing in.   We become one continuous circular flow, and I have no idea how long this flow continues.

When the orgasmic/ecstasy sensations finally fade, I find myself in a state of profound contentment.   I don’t even want to move.   I just stay there with my eyes closed and lounge in the afterglow.

Then my contentment is jolted by the feeling of someone moving beside me.   I open my eyes, but it’s very dark.   I can see almost nothing.   “Where am I?” I wonder.   Am I back in another weird dream?   I turn to the warm body beside me and examine it with my hand.   I quickly determine that it’s definitely female.   My groping arouses the body and I hear Jezebel’s voice, “Stoney, what’s going on?”

I’m completely taken aback.   Actually, a more accurate statement is that I’m in shock.   I pull her close.   “Jazz, Is that you?”

“Of course,” she says.   “What’s going on?”

“Are you real?   Or am I dreaming?”



The Faith of Two Mustard Seeds:

She sits up and turns on a dim light.   “Stoney, are you OK?”

“I don’t know,” I say.   “I’ve just had the weirdest experience.   I was on this strange journey with two women and I realized I was dreaming, and then woke up making love to you and then woke up again here in bed with you, but not making love to you.   At this point, I can’t tell you what was real and what was a dream.”

She says, “I don’t think we’re dreaming now."

“I don’t either, but making love to you was so absolutely real, I can’t believe it was a dream.”

She holds me close, strokes my head while I tell more of the details.   I decide I’d better take some notes because, by morning, I’ll have forgotten most of my experience.   I spend the next ten minutes with pad and pen and make rough notes.   What you’ve read above is a refinement of those notes.   When I’m finished, I set the pad aside, turn off the light, snuggle up to Jazz and drift off to sleep.   In the morning, my memory of everything I just described is still quite vivid in my mind, and I’m left with a profound sense of wonder about it.

I don’t wonder long.   I’m receiving good morning kisses when I realize what the gift is.   It’s the gift of faith.   I’ve experienced the invisible world and been given a taste of what Jazz experiences regularly by conscious intention.   It is not until some time later that the full impact of that gift really hits me.   I realize that with faith in who and what I am and with conscious use of the three universal laws, pink shinny bullet 16-1  I can be, do, have, and experience anything I choose. 

When I describe my ecstasy experience to her as best I can remember it, she confirms that I have, indeed experienced one of the many forms of bliss that she regularly experiences.   She also tells me that the direction of the energy flow was very masculine in nature, and that, if I reverse the direction of the energy flow and take it in at the base of my spine and flow it out from there into every part of my being, I’ll have a very different and equally more profound experience — one that is; however,  much easier to sustain and to repeat, and, when I learn to flow the energy in both directions at once, I’ll have an even more profound experience.

Over the next few months, my experiences continue to surprise me.   My new-found faith is, indeed, a blessing from God.   Our mutual love, our mutual faith, and the joys we share seem to grow beyond anything I could have imagined only a short year ago.   I take a leave of absence from The Life Changer Magazine because the writing of this book becomes my main focus — other than my focus on Jazz, of course.

I develop so much material and so many stories and so many techniques and practices that Jazz, James, and I decide to again break this story in half again and have three books instead of two.   And so dear reader, I’m going to leave you here for now and invite you, if you find the first two parts of this story of interest, to join me in the future files of Jazz and Stoney.

End of Chapter Sixteen ---  The Gift




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pink shinny bullet 16-1  The three universal laws are described in detail in The Yoni Dance,Volume I,  Chapters 13,14, and 15.



The Yoni Dance


Copyright  © 2001-2002   The Life Center  

All rights reserved.     See:  Terms of Use


Yoni Dance - Book Two - Chapter Sixteen 

The Gift