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The Yoni Dance


A self-awareness story about life, love,
romance, and the intimate love arts.

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Volume Two

Chapter Ten

Sex as a Spiritual Experience 


Later that evening, I participate in an in-depth conversation with Jezebel and Christina together.   We start by discussing the light I saw.  

I say to Christina,  “When I connected with that light, it was as if I exploded.   I, as Stoney, disappeared.   I was no longer me experiencing an orgasm.   I became the orgasm.   I became completely engulfed in the experience.   I was the experience itself.   I cannot even begin to describe where I was or what I experienced.   All I know is that it was exquisite, ecstatic, profound, and beyond anything that can be described in words.”

“Christina responds by saying, “As I said earlier, you were touched by the lady we, in the CLI Circles, call The Angel of Ecstasy.”

“Who or what is she?’’

‘’She’s a Divine Energy that is neither masculine of feminine and, at the same time, is both masculine and feminine.   We think of this energy field as a non-physical being who is part of each one of us, and we think of her as an angel simply out of descriptive convenience.   She is our collective vision of absolute joy.”



Examining Sex as a Spiritual Experience:

“So you’re saying I had a non-physical experience?”

“Let’s discuss this a little further and perhaps you’ll be able to answer your own question.   As you well know, there are definite limits to what you can do with your physical body.”

“Everyone knows that.”

“But with your mind, your imagination, and your Spiritual Self, the only limits are your capacity to imagine and your faith.   That’s why raising the sexual energy out of the first two chakras has been the life-long practice of Eastern mystics for centuries.   True Tantric sex uses the body and the sexual energy to transcend normal  consciousness and reach the non-physical realm of the Spirit.   You could also say it's a way to experience the non-physical world while in an earthly body."

“You’re saying sexual energy transforms consciousness?”

“Stoney, what does your own experience tell you?”

“That sexual energy transforms consciousness."

“Of course it does,” she says.   “Sexual energy is a profound transformer of consciousness.   In what we call everyday life, the urge for sexual ecstasy is a major controller, if not the major controller of human behavior.  Sex is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bridge between male and female.   Sex is also the bridge between the physical body and the god-self within.   In an ideal context such as you were in earlier this evening, the potential to induce a transcendent experience with orgasm is profound.   Its potential is far greater than that of celibacy.

“Can sexual abstinence induce a transcendent experience?

“In and of itself, no.   This belief stems from the early Christian church where celibacy, self-denial, self-torture, and suffering were combined together and considered to be the only pathway to God.   Even today, many people still believe that misery is the only pathway to the Divine.   For them, pleasure is considered as evil and satanic.

    The mind-altering potential of spiritual sexuality is also far greater than that of chemicals.   Chemicals cloud the mind and some have serious negative side affects.   Sex, as we used it tonight, clears the mind and has no negative side effects.”

I ask, “Then why do so few people in the U.S. use sex to induce spiritual experiences?”

“For three main reasons.   First, because the Christians have taken sex out of their religion.   The thought of connecting sex with God has been turned into a serious sin.   Jesus, the role model of Christianity, is held up and worshipped as a sexless, golden idol.   He’s even claimed to have been born of a mother who never had sex.   The very thought of Jesus being sexual strikes horror in the minds of the controllers of Christianity. pink shinny bullet 10-1   

“Are other religions different?”

“Markedly!   Other religions acknowledge, even encourage sexuality.   The Hindu Kama Sutra describes every sexual position possible.   Krishna, for example, the revered deity of Hinduism, is a very sexual being.   His sexual prowess is legendary.   In the literature, he is reported as being sexual with numerous women.   Buddhism is also a very sexual religion.   According to Buddhism, spiritual bliss resides in the yoni. pink shinny bullet 10-2     In Buddhism, phallic worship is quite prevalent.   In countries that are mainly Hindu and Buddhist, you'll find phallic symbols displayed with the same fervor, pride, and intensity that Christians in America display crosses.    Have you not seen pictures of the carving on the Eastern temples depicting sexual activity?   And in the Moslem religion, sex is openly acknowledged and accepted.   Of all the major religions, only Christianity denies human sexuality.”

“The second reason is that, in Christian theology, transcendent experiences have been proclaimed to be the exclusive property of a very select few, who are labeled the holiest of the holy.   The average person has been and still is being fed the false belief that he or she is too base, too low, and too sinful to have such an experience.

“If it’s a false belief, then why do so many religious leaders still promote it?

“It’s a matter of self-preservation for the church hierarchy.   If the average person can have a transcendent spiritual experience and can connect directly to God, then what need is there for a church as intermediary? -- what need is there for a organized religion?   The Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci expressed this idea quite well:   ‘He who has access to the well goes not to the water pot’.”

“And what’s the third reason why sex and religion are segregated in Christianity?”

“The third reason is that, for most people, utilizing sex as a transcendent experience is quite literally impossible.   Why?   First, because they believe it is impossible, and, second, because playing in the realm of the spirit, as you did earlier tonight, defies their intellectual understanding.   And, as you must know, attempting to explain something, particularly something as uncommon as transcendental sex, to someone who has never experienced it is an all but impossible task.”

“What about the addictive nature of sex?” I ask.   “I’m quite sexually contented at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be looking for my next session.”

“Let me answer that by using myself as the model.   As I became more sexually skilled, I learned to ride the orgasmic waves, much like a surfer rides the ocean waves.   I now regularly float on the sea of ecstasy,  easily reaching levels of fulfillment that bring me great peace in the periods between my rides.   A sense of fulfillment that has replaced the urge I used to have for straight sex.   Sex as I previously knew it is, to use an analogy, like a bicycle ride as compared to my now regularly riding rockets to the moon.   With fulfillment available to me almost any time I want it, the urgency has gone away.   Sex, for me, has become a series of natural, joyous, and fulfilling experiences.”  

“Yes, but you’re a woman.   Women can get sex any time they want it.”

“Traditional sex and sexually-induced, spiritual ecstasy are two distinctly different things.   In our present society, common, garden-variety, root-chakra sex is definitely more easily obtainable for women; however, the type of ecstatic experience you just had is equally available to both sexes, particularly now that the CLI Circle sharing groups are beginning to become popular.   Within the more sophisticated CLICs, you can experience sex fulfillment beyond your wildest fantasy.   For example, when was the last time you shared your orgasm with four women at once?”  

“Until tonight, I never have.”  

“Was your experience, fulfilling?”  

“Of course!   Profoundly so.”  

“And while you were sitting on the couch after your lingam massage, how strong was you sexual desire?”  

“There was none.   I was totally peaceful and contented.”  

“And, regarding sexual desire, how do you feel right now?”  

“I’m still very peaceful and contented.”  

“As you become more proficient in the CLIC arts, you’ll find that your peacefulness and sexual contentment lasting longer and spilling over into the rest of your life — not that you’ll stop striving, seeking and doing, but rather that the urgency and the tension will decrease significantly.  


“And, you perspective of women will profoundly change.”  

“Yeah, Jezebel told me that, too.”  

“Would you say that the culmination of your session was an experience that transcends space and time?”


“Then you just demonstrated for yourself the second CLIC principle which is to transform sensual and sexual sharing into a spiritual experience.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”  

“Did you ever wonder what a spiritual experience is?”  

“I think I just had one.   I certainly went somewhere that was outside of my normal state of consciousness, someplace that was beyond what I normally experience as orgasm.   I experienced something that I can only describe as extraordinary to the nth degree.”  

“What words would you use to describe your experience?”  

I’d use words like blissful, loving, joyous, heavenly, exquisite, ecstatic, peaceful, fulfilling, but the experience really defies verbal description.”  

“Yes, I know.   And what words might you use to describe the essence of what we call God?”  

“You know that whatever it is we call God is unknown and unknowable by the human mind.   It transcends verbal description.”  

“Yes, I know that’s the ultimate reality, but play with me for a moment, anyway.   Just say some words.” 

“OK, if you insist on describing the indescribable, I would use the same words I just used to characterize my latest orgasmic experience, blissful, loving, joyous, heavenly, exquisite, ecstatic, peaceful, and fulfilling.”  

“Sounds to me like you’re describing a transcendent experience — something that is beyond ordinary human physical experience.”  


And what would you call the activity that got you to that transcendent experience?’’

“I’m not sure what you’re asking for?”

“OK,” Christina says, “I’ll tell you.   I consider the steps we took to induce your blissful experience to be an active, energetic prayer.”

“Prayer?   I find that attitude to be very refreshing!   But don’t you get flack from those who think what you do is wrong or even sacrilegious?”

First of all, we are each free to approach Divinity in any way we choose.   That’s called freedom of religion.   Second, I don’t give a damn whether anybody else approves or disapproves of my behavior.   That’s called personal freedom.   Third, this is interpersonal behavior between consenting adults.   Fourth, everything that goes on here is perfectly legal.   Fifth, this is a completely-private, by-invitation-only event, and sixth, no money ever changes hands for participation in any CLI Circle functions.”

    You may recall that the confidentiality agreement was strongly stressed in our 5:00 o’clock gathering.   Nobody beyond the people presently here right now have any idea what is occurring here today, and, unless someone violates his or her integrity, any specific information about what is occurring here will remain forever in the realm of strict confidentiality.   Because nobody outside this present circle knows anything about it, there’s nobody to complain or give us flack, as you call it. 

    By mutual consent, a certain amount of general information about the CLI Circles will soon be made public; however, specific information about any individuals and specific information about what occurs here or in any other CLI Circle will remain strictly confidential.   That’s why you have been instructed to change the names, the dates, and the locations in your book when you write about your CLIC experiences.”  



We’ve Only Just Begun:

“That seems reasonable.”   Since this is only my second MC sharing and my first time in a group, am I correct in assuming there’s more I still don’t know about?”   As soon as that question leaves my mouth I realize that I just asked another one of my really stupid questions.  

Christina laughs, gives me a strange look and replies,  “Is that a real question or are you putting me on?”  

I reply, “Sorry!  Dumb question.”  

“That’s OK.   I’ll answer it anyway.   Have you ever gone to a sporting event such as a football or baseball game?”  

“Yes, of course.”  

“And at the end of the first game you ever went to, did you know all there was to know about that sport?” 

I just look at her as she continues, ”Has Jazz told you about simulating intercourse with two female partners?”  

“What do you mean by simulating intercourse?” 

“I mean there is no vaginal, penetration, and yet your little wienerschnitzel won’t know the difference.”  

“What about oral or anal?” 

“None of that either.”

“And do you still maintain the integrity of your body fluids?”  

“Of course.” 

“Now that you have my full attention, how is it done and what is that like?”  

“The night is still young.   Perhaps we can get someone to demonstrate that for you.   Or, perchance you may want to experience it for yourself.”  

Jezebel says to Christina,  “I have intentionally not told him much about CLIC sharing because Stoney has an acute intellect.   He has a tendency to get into his head and lose the here and now experience.”  

Christina responds, “Yeah, I’ve noticed.” 

I say to Christina,  “Before you get involved in something else, I have a couple more questions I’d like to ask, if I may.”  

“Ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.”  

“You seemed to know just how slow or fast to move your hands, how light or strong to touch me, where to touch, and exactly when to pause.   How do you do that?”

“How does a baseball player become skilled at his game?”


“And how do you suppose a pianist masters the piano?”


“I’ve been stroking lingams and yonis for more years than you’ve been here on Earth.   You probably can’t even guess how many hundreds of bodies have come in my hands.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Well, neither can I.”   Christina laughs and her eyes sparkle even brighter.

“But I can tell you one thing, I now experience great joy every time I stroke a body into orgasm and, with all that practice, you just might guess I’d be pretty good at it.”  

“I can see why Jezebel told me you were the best of the best.”

Jezebel adds, “Stoney, Christina is rather understating her qualifications.   Energetically, she tunes in with you on the inner planes and feels pretty much what you feel.”  

“She’s right,” Christina says.   “As I stroked you, I mentally floated off into the ecstasy state with you.   Because I feel in my body what you feel in yours, I know how to respond to you physically.   Although our body parts differ, on the emotional, on the feeling and on the spiritual levels, male and female orgasms are the same, so I simply connect with you on a non-physical level.   Do you recall that before the session tonight, I asked permission to touch your sacred self?”  


Well, your consent gave me permission to blend with you energetically.   It’s kind of like a real-life version of Star Treck’s Mr. Spak when he does a mind meld.”  

“So you’re telling me that on some non-physical space, or plane, or whatever you want to call it, you and I connected and that’s how you knew what to do while stroking my physical body?”  

“Well, sort of, but not exactly.”  

“OK, let me hear it in your words, please.”  

“On the inner dimensions of reality, you and I and everyone else are one united consciousness.   What I do is become aware of my connection to that oneness.   At that level of awareness, all things are known.   In this case, we were both focused on your physical body and so I knew how to guide you into an intense sexual high.”  

“Which you experienced also.”  

“Yes, but because of my physical activity and my focus on your body, the intensity of my feelings was not nearly as strong as yours.”  

“Can I learn to do that?”   

“That depends entirely on you.   Potentially the answer is a definite yes, however most people will never even come close to reaching my level of expertise in this area unless, of course, they’re willing to devote the same amount of time, dedication, and practice that I have.  

“Why not?”  

“Because I have personally taken the study and the practice of combining spirituality and sexual ecstasy to an unusual and extreme level.   One could almost say I am to orgasm what Mozart and Beethoven were to music.   But then, anything I can do is also possible for others to do.   It’s really only a matter of focus, desire, dedication, commitment, tenacity, trust in one’s self, and years of practice.”

I laugh and say, “Oh, those minor things.”  

Christine continues, "Even without all that, there are many very beautiful and very blissful levels of orgasmic ecstasy that you or anybody else can reach if you so choose."  

“So why aren’t more people reaching for those levels?”  

“Actually, more people are.   It’s just that the majority still isn’t.   The main reasons why most people don’t master the art of spiritual orgasm are:  first, they don’t hold sex in the context of an art that can be mastered;  second, because they don’t know much about the nature of orgasm, they don’t believe there is anything beyond what they are currently experiencing;  third, those who have heard stories about Tantric, sexual ecstasy don’t believe the stories and so they hold such achievements as something impossible for them to attain;  fourth, most people don’t know what do or how to do it;  fifth, most of those who do know choose not to take the required steps;  and, on top of that, there’s the guilt and shame factor.” 

“Whew!   That’s quite a list.   What’s the guilt and shame factor?”  

“In our society, most forms of sexual expression are labeled and peddled as evil and sinful.   Reformed sinners like Saint Augustine and numerous of his more modern, fellow, would-be do-gooders,  such as Anthony  Comstock, have, over the years, burdened sex with so much guilt and shame that many people today are intimidated into severely restricting their natural sexual expression. pink shinny bullet 10-3  

“So lack of practice creates a poor player?”  

“Precisely!   Orgasm can be likened to an athletic sport.   How many people do you know who will discipline themselves enough to become a world class athlete.”  

“Not very many.” 

“So, to answer your question -- yes, you can do anything I can do.   Then, I’ll qualify that yes by repeating what I just said.   Your success will require faith and belief that it is possible.   It will require complete trust in yourself, and it will require a strong desire, intense study, significant self-discipline and lots of practice.”

“How long will it take?”

“Again, that depends entirely upon you and upon what level of mastery you choose for yourself.   With relative ease, most people can significantly enhance the joy of their sexuality.”

“How long did it take you?”

“It took me years to reach my present level of mastery.   My life has been and still is an ongoing and continuing evolution.   I have experienced a long series of seemingly minor transformations.   I like to think of it symbolically as climbing a mountain.   Did Jezebel tell you how to climb mountain?”  

“No, but if it’s anything like eating an elephant, I can easily guess, one step at a time.” 

“That’s it,” Christina replies.   “The higher I get, the more profound the view is from where I stand.   And, I assure you, the view from the mountain is beautiful no matter where you stand.  

“Are you at the top of the mountain?”

“Heavens no!   At this stage in my life, I don’t believe there is a top to the mountain, nor do I believe that there is any limit to what we as divine human beings can create for ourselves.   I'm constantly seeking, creating, and manifesting a grander vision of who I am.”  

“And on what do you base that belief?”

“My personal experience.”  

I ask, “What do you mean by a divine human being?”  

“I’ll give you my answer, but remember, there are many who hold different beliefs.”  

OK, from your perspective, please.” 

“Each one of us is a soul -- a non-physical aspect of something far grander than our human minds can grasp -- a being who is presently holding his/her focus on the Earth by way of a physical body.”  

“Are you saying you are a soul who has a body rather than a body who has a soul?”

“Precisely.   The only difference between me and most others is that I have chosen to remember who and what I am while most others still have not.”  

“Obviously, you see life from a rather unusual perspective.”  

Yes, but this is truly a matter of choice.   Anybody can do that.”

I ask, “How?”

“Two things.  First, open your mind and look around you.   The world is definitely not what most people presently perceive it to be.  pink shinny bullet 10-4   And second, practice.”

“Practice what?”

“Making sex a spiritual experience, but we’re into eating the whole elephant again.   Let me say simply that we each create our own personal reality by way of our thoughts,  attitudes, emotions, words, and actions. . .   pink shinny bullet 10-5    And that’s another story for another time.”

“My very words.”

“What was the hardest part for you in becoming masterful in this area?” 

“The toughest part for me was learning to trust myself and my own inner knowing.   But then, when I started, I had neither earthly teachers nor role models.   Besides, the planetary energy was much weaker than it is today.   You, on the other hand, have access to several highly qualified teachers and role models.   You live in a much more powerful planetary energy field, and with a personal teacher like Jazz, you’ll evolve to levels beyond your present belief in relatively short order.”  



A Planetary Energy Field:

“Planetary energy field?   What’s that?” I ask. 

“Think of the planetary energy field as the collective consciousness and the collective actions of all the living beings on Earth, including plants, humans, and other animals.   You and I and every else  are each part of that collective human consciousness.   We influence it, and are influenced by it.   One portion of that collective is moving toward greater freedom and greater self-awareness.   Another part is moving in the opposite direction.   We can, by conscious choice, move with the positive pole of that energy toward more freedom and greater self awareness.

     Those humans who don’t think for themselves, are, by default, choosing to move in the opposite direction.   These two, opposing movements of consciousness are the core of the major political, social, and religious struggles occurring on the planet today. pink shinny bullet 10-6

      You might think of the planetary energy as if it were a snowball rolling downhill.   The farther it rolls, the bigger it gets; the faster it rolls, the more energy it contains.   As a consequence of human thoughts and actions, major changes are in store for all of humankind.   That snowball of collective consciousness and collective action is on a collision course with the backward-looking, ego-dominated, patriarchal, status quo, and when that snowball hits, it will be like an elephant stepping on an ant."   The demise of Russia's so-called Communism pink shinny bullet.10-7  was an example of the kind of fall you can expect in to see in the near future.

I ask, "Are you referring to those ultra-conservative organizations that are controlled exclusively by egocentric old men and commonly referred to as 'Old Boys Clubs'?".   

"Yes.   There are numerous governments, religious organizations,  semi-secret groups, and major corporations that fit that description.   Unfortunately, because of the present, ongoing, massive, and  irreversible destruction of our Sacred Mother Earth, by the time the snowball hits, there may not be much left to salvage, but that’s another story for another time.   I’d rather we talk about orgasm.” 



Orgasm and the Mechanical Man:

“OK, then please tell me about your own experiences of orgasm?”

“I experience the big “O” as a state of being rather than as a physical phenomenon.   Because orgasm has no specific sense organ like sight, hearing, taste and smell, orgasm can be experienced anywhere in the body.”  

“I’ve heard Jezebel talk of that, but I still don’t understand how that can be.”  

We here in human bodies have been programmed to associate orgasm with our genitals.   Because that’s what we believe and expect, that’s what we experience, and then we say,  “See this is how it is, because this is how I just experienced it.

     What I am telling you is that just the opposite is true.   The way you experience orgasm is based on what you believe it to be.   Orgasm, like everything else on this planet, is a product of our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and deeds.   So, by altering our thoughts, attitudes, etcetera, we can make of it as we will.   The problem is that most people don’t believe in themselves and so they have taken on literally dozens of other peoples’ fantasies as if they were true reality. pink shinny bullet 10-8

    The present fantasy about orgasm is that it is a genital experience that lasts about seven seconds and is a response to physical stimulation of the sex organs.”  

“That’s not a fantasy.   That is how it is.”  

“Stoney, it’s a fantasy!   And, at the same time, you’re right; it’s also present reality for the bulk of humanity.   It’s a fantasy because it’s not a universal truth, and it’s a reality for most people because that’s both what they experience and what they believe.   

    Here's the problem.   Most humans have their creation mechanisms running in reverse.   As a result they rarely get the life they desire.   They allow their physical experiences to determine their thought and beliefs.   In reality, it's your thoughts and beliefs that determine your physical experiences.”  

“I still don’t get it.” 

“Then, let me explain again, this time by analogy.   Are you familiar with how a computer works?”  

“To a limited degree, yes.”  

“Then you know there’s a whole series of pre-programmed, default commands built into the software that runs every computer.   This means that if you do not make an intentional choice, the computer gives you the automatic choice that’s already in the computer programming.”  


“So the human mechanism is a biological computer which also has a whole series of built-in, default commands that run the body until its occupant learns to take over and run it by conscious intention.   ‘Instinct’ is the label scientists use to identify these commands.   Your breathing is probably the most obvious example of that.   There are countless books on how to consciously breathe and thus produce phenomenal results; yet most people still let the default breathing program control the breath in their bodies.   The same principle applies to orgasm, only mastering orgasm is a little more involved and much less understood than mastering the breath.”  

“And then there are all the dysfunctional and false beliefs that get programmed into every one of us as a children.   These add to or alter our instinctual programming.   Very few people ever challenge their own beliefs, so they end up living their lives by a combination of their automatic instinctual nature and their own, internal, unconscious programming.   Have you ever driven a car along a muddy road in spring time?”  

“Yes, once a long time ago.”

“Do you remember what happened when you took your hands off the steering wheel?”

“Yes, the car just kept bouncing down the road because the wheels were stuck in the ruts made by the cars that had previously driven along that road.”  

“And what choices did you have as you drove along?”   

“To do nothing, to allow myself to stay stuck in the ruts and, as a result, drive where everyone else has driven, or to intentionally pull hard one way or the other and get out of the rut.”  

“That is exactly how the human biological machine functions.   Our genetic makeup and our early childhood conditioning form the ruts that control almost everything we do for our entire lives.   The strange part of this is that most people think they are in charge of their lives when, in reality, their internal programming is running their lives.”  

At this point Jezebel adds, “Stoney, remember your childhood, strawberry ice cream story. pink shinny bullet 10-9    Who’s in charge of your life when you relate to strawberry ice cream?”

I reply, “It’s not the adult me, it’s my childhood conditioning.”  

“And do you also recall my offer to assist you in breaking that chain?”

“Yes,” I say.   “Obviously, you both believe it’s possible to break these patterns.” 

I ask Christina, “How did you get out of your ruts?”

She responds, “What makes you think I’m any different from you?   Everything I’ve said about other human beings applies to me as well.   I just have a couple of areas in my life where I am a master.   The rest of me is a normal human being and, although probably somewhat less mechanical than most people, much of my life still runs on autopilot, just like everyone else’s.”  

“OK.   Take us back to orgasm, or should I say, please relate the autopilot analogy to our discussion about orgasm.”  

Christina smiles and says, “Your choice.”  

“To the discussion please, at least for now.” 

“The cultural myths around orgasm are the experiential reality for most people because they believe in the myths.   For them, orgasm is a certain way.   It has always been that way.   They expect it to be way, and they believe it can’t be any other way.

     They believe in limitations.   And that‘s where the fantasy comes in.   Orgasm is indeed a seven-second genital response to a physical stimulation.    And, at the same time, it is also far more than that.”  

I ask, “How can something be two different things at the same time?” 

The answer lies in the perspective from which one looks.   Most people think that if one thing is right, then everything else must be wrong.   It doesn’t take much looking to see that this belief is just another cultural fantasy.   As you expand your view of anything, you can see that it is much more than you previously thought it to be.   Do you remember the ancient Sufi story about three blind men and an elephant?”  

“Another elephant story.”  

“If that is how you choose to see it.” 

“OK, the Sufi story please.”  

“Three blind men were touching an elephant.   The one touching the tail said, “An elephant is like a snake.”   The one touching the elephant’s side said,  “No, you’re wrong, an elephant is like a wall.”   The one touching the elephant’s leg said,  “You’re both wrong, an elephant is like a tree.”  

“So you’re telling me that because of their different perspectives, all three were having a different experience of the same thing and, at the same time, all three were right and none of them were wrong.”  

“More accurately, they were all right, and, at the same time, they were all wrong, but wrong only in the sense that they were incomplete.   Each experienced only a small piece of the truth and, each declared his piece to be the whole truth.”  

“That sounds like organized religion,” I say.  

“That sounds like all of us,” Christina replies.   Religious leaders may have raised the process to an art form; however, it’s a universal, human practice.  

“Then seeing a bigger picture is our goal?”  



Climbing Symbolic Mountain:

“Yes, And when you expand that concept out of the physical and into the non-physical realms where orgasm takes you, the possibilities become endless.   May I share another analogy with you?”  


“This analogy will take you on an imaginary and symbolic adventure.   It will take a few minutes to tell the story.   Is that OK with you?”   


“Jezebel, do you want to stay for this?”  

“Jezebel puts her hand on my arm and says,  “Yes, I’m here to share Stoney’s adventures, so please continue.”   I’m pleased with Jezebel’s touch her desire to be with me, so I feel quite contented to be exactly where I am.  

“OK,” she says.   “Sit back and close your eyes.   Take a couple of deep breaths and relax.”   I’m quite contented relaxing with Jazz at my side, so close my eyes and listen as Christina tells her story.  

“Imagine yourself living in a small cabin with your family in a valley surrounded by high mountains.   You were born in this cabin ten years before.   Your family home is part of a small, very isolated, farming community that is confined to the valley floor.   When you sit on your front porch, you can see the yard close at hand, planting fields beyond the yard and the edge of a forest beyond that.   The forest prevents any further distant views.   As you have grown older, you have freely moved about the community, and now, at age ten, you see yourself, and your home as one among many.  

     There is a clearly marked perimeter around the valley, and the village elders have always said that something evil, mysterious and foreboding lies beyond that perimeter.   No one has dared to step beyond the valley boundary for as long as your young years can remember. 

      One day while you and your dog, Buddy, are enthusiastically playing in the woods near the edge of the valley safe-land, he starts to chase a rabbit.   You know that rabbits run in circles so you, too, run around with Buddy.   Suddenly you realize that you have mistakenly crossed into the forbidden zone.   You stop, frozen with fear, expecting something awful to happen, but nothing happens and you quickly return to the safe side of this mysterious border.  

     This mistaken venture into the unknown sparks your imagination, and you start to watch what happens at this puzzling dividing line between what is known and what is not.   You notice Buddy running freely across the border and back and nothing ever happens to him.   You watch deer come and go with no apparent harm.

    One day you get brave enough to step a few feet across the forbidden border and sit down on the stump of a fallen tree.   You teeth are chattering, even though the day is warm and sunny and Buddy is sitting right at you feet.   Nothing out of the ordinary happens so after a while you head back home.   As casually as possible you start asking questions about the forbidden zone, but you get no real answers because no one you talk to has ever been there.   Soon again, you venture briefly into the forbidden zone.   You tell no one of your adventure for you know you could be ridiculed or condemned to possibly something even worse.

     Before long, your ventures into the forbidden zone become frequent, for you find sites and treasures that you have never seen before.   Still, you keep your travels secret.   One day you venture to the top of a small hill and look down and see your home among the other village dwellings.   It is still the same home you have seen daily for years, but today you are seeing it for the first time from a completely different vantage point.   You are seeing it from outside of the village.   You see how your home relates to the other homes and to the farm land and to the creek that you see sparkling in the sunlight as it runs along the south edge of the village. 

     When you arrive back in the village, somehow it has changed or at least your perception of it has changed.   Over the next few days as you travel about among the houses and fields, you decide that for your eleventh birthday, you’re going to climb to the mountain ridge that towers above the village.   Secretly you prepare yourself for your grand adventure.   This adventure creates a lot of excitement for you, but it is also the source of much fear, for this is an extreme violation of the village taboos, and there is the possibility of never coming back. 

     On the morning of your eleventh birthday you tell your parents a phony story about where you’re going, and then you and Buddy head for the mountain.   The thrill, the fear and the exertion have your heart beating fast, and your eyes are so dilated by your excitement that the bright sun is almost blinding.   You pull your cap down close over your eyes and continue to climb.   The higher you climb the more spectacular the view.   Soon you can see the entire valley below.   There in the middle is still your little cabin — the same cabin that has always been your home, but now you can see not only your cabin and the village, you can also see for miles up and down the valley.   You can also see a river flowing along the foot of the mountains on the opposite side of the valley.

     As you climb, you notice that you are getting closer and closer to the billowing white clouds that roam the sky above.   From your rising vantage point the clouds are becoming even more beautiful.   The sky is beginning to look like a huge blue and white patch blanket.   Their combined beauty and gentle motion is awe-inspiring.

     You continue to climb, and upon reaching the crest of the ridge, you look over the other side and experience a shock that temporarily takes your breath away.   Not only do you see another valley similar to the one you just climbed out of, but beyond that valley several more mountains are visible in the distance, and you conclude there must also be valleys beyond each of those mountains.  You look back to your village, then to the newly found valley and then back to your valley again.  

     Your home, which was once the only world you knew, is now only a speech on a patch of ground called your village, which, in turn, is just a minute piece of a huge expanse of valley, which is only one valley among who knows how many others.   Your mind is filled with excitement, fear, and with countless questions.

     As you look toward your home and the valley that encompasses it, your eyes follow the course of the river for miles up the valley.   You now see the river as the union of two smaller rivers that appear to join where the valley divides and become two smaller valleys.   You look in the opposite direction to see the mountains give way to a huge expansive flat area.   With your eyes, you follow the river’s course as it makes several S-curves, crosses the flat land, and then disappears into what looks like blue sky, only it’s down and not up.   You can see no more mountains in that direction, only an expanse of blue.   When you gaze across your home valley, you see what look like row after row of mountains and you guess there are valleys between them also.  

     As you sit and stare, a shiver runs up your spine for you have just remembered again that you are in the forbidden land.   You wonder if the sky will fall and kill you or what other unknown tragedy might strike.   Nervously, you stroke Buddy and then share your lunch with him.   He doesn’t appear to be at all concerned.   On the contrary, he appears to be having a great time.

     You sit quietly for several minutes and breathe deeply.   You decide to ask Spirit for guidance.   ‘Oh Great Spirit, show me please if my venture here is for good or have I done evil.’   You sit quietly and wait.   You begin to feel really good.   Then suddenly a sparkle of light from deep in the opposite valley below catches your eye.   You see it twice more but have no idea what might have caused it.   You take the light as a sign that your venture is blessed and is for the good.

     Smiling and contented, you climb back down the mountain retracing your steps from your climb up.   By the time you arrive home, you and Buddy are both hungry and very tired.   You are asked where you went, but merely make up a story to pacify the inquiry.

     Your home and the village that encases it have now taken on a completely new meaning.   They are the same home and the same village you left this morning and, at the same time, they’re completely and irrevocably different.   You’ll never see them again as you did prior to leaving that morning.

     You seem somehow not able to relate to your fellow villagers the way you did before.   You are happy and secretly wish there was someone with whom you could share your joy, but alas, other than Buddy, there are none.

     As you sleep that night, your dreams are filled with vivid scenes of natural beauty.   You awake early the following morning with one especially potent dream memory, the memory of riding on a soft white cloud to a place of beauty.  Unfortunately, you can’t remember the details.   You just know it is a place of exquisite beauty and someone is waiting there for you.   You’re out of bed early that morning feeling vibrant and totally alive.

     Your adventure has broadened your view of life, producing many more questions than answers.   Where does the river go?   It seems to run into the sky, but why is the sky where the earth usually is?   What could our ancestors have experienced that caused them to be so afraid to leave the valley?   Will I die if I leave?   What will happen if I am outside the valley at night?   If I leave, will I ever be able to find my way back home?   What caused that sparkle in the other valley?   How do I relate to my parents and the other villagers who know nothing of this strange outside world?

     Although your fears are strong, your questions are much stronger, and so you vow to venture to the valley of the sparkles to find the source of the light you saw the previous day.   It’s not likely that a journey of that magnitude could be done in a single day, so for now, you bide your time.

     You step out into your village.    But it is not the same village you knew only two days ago.   It no longer constitutes your entire world.   Questions!   Questions!   Questions!   A hundred questions fill your mind.”  

Christina becomes silent.   I take a deep breath in the silence as the extraneous noise from the guests outside at the pool slowly draws my focus back to the physical world.   I open my eyes and smile.   Christina is watching me.  “Thank you,”  I say.  

“You are most welcome,” she says. 

I turn to Jezebel.  “Have you heard this story before?”  

“Yes, but never so eloquently told.” 



Orgasm, Olympic Style:

I turn back to Christina.   “To use your analogy, you’re saying that most people view orgasm from the front porch of their cabin and you view it from somewhere up on the mountain.  

“That’s correct.”  

“From that greater vantage point, what more is there to it?”

“From the expanded perspective, orgasm is whatever one chooses to create it as, and it is whatever one experiences it to be.”

“And what is that for you?”

Now mind you, I’ll speak of what it is for me in my own personal experience.   This is not what most others will report."

“I understand.”  

“OK.  Here goes.   For me, orgasm is communion with God.   It is a way of stepping beyond the limitations of the physical body.   When I am in an orgasmic session, particularly when I am with a partner with whom I share a deep, intimate and loving relationship, my orgasms usually start at the base of my spine and/or in my lower back and hips.   They engulf the genitals, then turn into full body experiences and then they expand beyond the parameters of my physical body.  

     All limitations disappear, and I connect with that unseen world that is exquisite beyond description.  I expand and feel as if I’m a huge being of light, love, and energy floating in a state of ecstasy that defies verbal description.   Usually, upon my return, I have no specific memory of where or what I experienced other than to say that whatever occurred was absolutely profound.   After such an experience, I feel the afterglow high for hours and sometimes days.”  

    As a result of my years of practice, I can now stay in or close to orgasm ecstasy for extended periods of time.   A fifteen-minute orgasmic session is common for me.   During a typical session, I may experience from five to thirty or more orgasms.  I can repeat these several-minute, ecstatic experiences at least once per day for several days in a row.”  

“You said orgasmic session rather than orgasm.   What’s the difference?” 

“For me, orgasm is neither a steady state nor is it a single definable experience.   It’s a continuing dance moving in several directions on several different tracks all at the same time.   It’s a balancing act, like riding waves on a surfboard.   I experience the ecstasy of the God-Self as an ever-flowing series of waves that are always there.   I just have to catch a wave and ride.   Over the years, I have learned how to keep riding wave after wave.   

“Please remember that all of this is just words.   I am translating into words something that defies verbal description.   There are no scorecards at this level.   There is a blending into ecstasy that transcends the intellect, and, at this level, I no longer care about such things as how many orgasms.   I experience varying degrees of ecstasy on a variety of scales. 

“What do you mean?”  



Variations on a Theme:

“If you like, I’ll share with you the areas where I’ve become aware of variations in my orgasmic experiences.”

“Please do.”  Christina takes a deep breath and begins a series of statements that had I not had Jezebel beside me to confirm the reality of what I hear, I certainly would not have believed her.

“There are variations in the intensity of my orgasms.   Using the wave analogy, how big is the wave I am riding?”

     There are variations in how long the ecstatic states lasts.   For me, these generally range from thirty seconds to about twenty minutes.   The longer sessions consist of a series of wave-like ecstatic experiences where the lows are still very high.

      Once I have risen beyond the threshold of normal consciousness and into the lower- intensity levels of the orgasmic state, the experiences then vary depending on whether I completely release myself into a single all-encompassing orgasm or continue to hold onto a series of smaller, less intense orgasmic waves and ride wave after wave.

      There are variations depending on how frequently I engage in an orgasmic session.   Assuming I am flowing with the series of smaller, less intense orgasmic waves, as distinct from a complete release into a single all-encompassing orgasm, the closer the sessions are to each other, the more they tend to support each other, and so, after the initial series of orgasms, the intensity of the experiences becomes more profound and the afterglows tend to last longer.

     There are variations with regard to what part of my body feels the orgasmic sensations and in how much of my body feels them.   I tell you from personal experience there are no limits regarding where in your body you can experience orgasm.”

I ask, “You’re saying that orgasms are not limited to the genitals?  Can you give an example?”

"Certainly,” she responds.   “In addition to very joyous genital orgasms, I frequently experience these same types of sensations in the back of my hips, in the front of my thighs running all the way to my toes, in the roof of my mouth, and most commonly in the back of my head.    The most powerful and ecstatic orgasms are full body experiences.   They feel like I am blowing the top of my head off and at that point I often transcend that which we call physical reality.’’

I just sit there with my mouth open and listen as she continues.   “Several other factors are also important."

“Such as . . . ?”

“Am I experiencing orgasm as a flow or is there a stillness that takes over?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

She responds, “Sometimes orgasm feels like a stream of tingling, bubbly, warm water were flowing completely through me.   At other times there is an incredible stillness.

     When the orgasms are a flow, they also vary depending upon from which direction the energy is flowing?   From above down into the body?   From below up into the body?   Is it coming from the left, or from the right; from in front or from behind? pink shinny bullet 10-10    Commonly, the ecstatic sensations start at the base of my spine and flow or explode out from there.   Often they’ll start at my pubic bone and literally fill my lower abdomen with sensations.”

     My orgasmic experiences also vary depending upon several other factors.  

    Orgasmic intensity will vary depending upon how long has it been since I last experienced an orgasmic session and upon how long I took to bring myself from normal consciousness into the beginning levels of orgasmic ecstasy.

     Did I strain or tighten any muscles to reach orgasm, did I allow myself to flow into it, or did I push it away several times before taking it in?   For me, straining or tightening muscles produces the least intense orgasms.   

    Within each session, how frequently do I stimulate myself to into riding another wave?

    What type of physical setting I’m in?

     Is this a solitary or a shared experience?’’  If it is shared experience, with whom is it shared and under what circumstances is it being shared?

     What is my physical body doing during orgasm?’

     What external stimuli am I using to bring me to ecstasy?’’

     What time of day is it?   For me personally, morning sessions seem to be more intense.”

     What is my mind set?

I ask, “What do you mean by mind set?”

Christina responds, “You may recall hearing the following statement:   How an experience is perceived is a combination of three factors; the activity itself, the setting in which the activity takes place and the mind set of the person engaged in the activity.

     The mind set includes things like the following:   What are my beliefs regarding orgasm?   What are my expectations regarding orgasm?   What will I allow myself to experience?   What will I prohibit myself from experiencing?   What thoughts are tied to my orgasms?   What fantasies are tied to my orgasms?   What positive or negative emotions are tied to my orgasms?    How strong are those emotions?   What past experiences are tied to my orgasms?   What is occurring in my mind immediately prior to, during, and immediately following orgasm?"

    How tuned-in am I to my ‘here and now’ experience?   How do I feel about the person or persons with whom I am sharing my experience?   What physical, mental, or emotional distractions are dampening my ecstasy?   For example, if I engage in a strenuous physical activity, if I become worried, angry, or emotionally upset in any way about anything, my ability to be orgasmic is seriously hindered.   Am I concerned about anything pending that I have to deal with after this experience?

    Have I ingested anything that will alter my experience?’’   Excessive food intake will dampen sexual intensity, as will nicotine, alcohol, and cocaine.   Such mind altering substances as sacred mushrooms, Iawaska, and MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy or ecstacy), will take the user to a space of great joy where sexual desire will be absent and orgasmic capacity is all but eliminated.   Marijuana and LSD are powerful, sexual enhancers. 10-11

     And then there’s the factor that I consider to be the most important.   Have I entered the session with the intention of making this a spiritual experience?   Have I spent a few minutes in prayer prior to my session and invited my Divine Self to bring its wisdom into the experience?

     Every single one of these factors alters the orgasmic experience.”

I say, “That is an impressive list.”

“Impressive is not the correct word.   If you were to say “more inclusive,” I would agree with you.   I am simply more aware of these variations than are most other people.   And again let me remind you that I say and do none of this to be impressive.   Anything I can do, you can do and more.”

“That is a very spiritual line.” 

“I know.   Orgasm is a very spiritual experience.”  

I turn to Jezebel.   “You have been conspicuously quiet during most of this discussion.   Do you have anything to add?”  

‘’You are listening to and experiencing one of my most gifted mentors.   There is little I can do to polish a lamp that shines so bright.   I can, however, confirm for you the accuracy of her statements.’’  

“Is that because you experience these things, too?”  

“I do, but not with the ease, the intensity, or the mastery of Christina.”  

Christina adds, “Stoney, let me make it absolutely clear to you that what I’m describing here is a spiritual experience, a communion with the Divine.   This is distinctly different from what’s commonly called fucking or jerking off.”  

“Yes, I got that loud and clear.   Jezebel has shared with me that idea of making intimate sexual sharing a spiritual experience.   Thanks to you and Jazz, that idea has moved from the realm of the absurd to the realm of possibility, and now to the realm of personal experience.”  

Christina says, “Awareness of the possibilities is one of the prerequisites of success.”  

Jezebel adds,  “As are a strong desire, clear intention, unwavering trust, and frequent practice.   You can’t rush into a three-minute sexual encounter twice a week and expect this kind of experience.   Christina, there’s one other area that you might share with Stoney, and that is to distinguish physical sensations from internal emotional feelings.”  



A Question of Sanity:

I interject, “Before you get into that, I’d like your advice regarding the unwavering trust issue.   For me trust has been a major obstacle.   I’ve found much of this hard to believe.   What you and Jezebel have been telling me is so far from what I learned as a child that, quite frankly, there has been a part of me that has wanted to run away and call you crazy.” pink shinny bullet 10-12  

Christina responds with,  “Please remember two things.   First, a great many of the beliefs every single one of us learned as a child are deafening and blinding illusions.   Second, and I know you’ve heard this statement before, but I’m going to repeat it again and, this time, add a few examples.   In a society of lunatics, a sane person is considered crazy. 

    Just look around you.   Do you see any sanity out there?   Do you see any sanity in destroying the rain forests or the last of the virgin redwoods?  Any sanity in polluting our streams, lakes, and rivers?  or in destroying the ozone layer?  Any sanity in nuclear bombs?  or in creating nuclear waste products that will still be toxic 300,000 years from now?  Any sanity in biological warfare?  or in spending half our resources creating weapons of destruction to destroy the other half?   Where is the sanity in any of that?  

      And what about the insanity of the all-but-constant religious warring that occurs in many parts of the world?  not even to speak of the plants and animals that have no protection at all from their insane destruction by a species supposedly appointed as their stewards and guardians.   We are irreversibly headed for environmental disaster of unprecedented proportions.   We are in the midst of human-caused species extinction on the level of that which killed the dinosaurs, and most people are more concerned about who won the latest ball game.

     And what about the anti abortion war here in the United States where religious fanatics, intentionally spread illusion and fantasy and, as a result, produce more people in an already overcrowded world.   Just look around you!   Not even one of our social, economic, political, religious, and environmental structures is sustainable in the form that it's currently constructed.   Every one of them is heading for unavoidable disaster, and, what are our so-called leaders doing?   They’ve turned spaceship Earth into a colossal version of the Titanic, and are now busy fighting over whose going to control the deckchairs.   Where is the sanity in any of that?

    Tens of thousands of our fellow humans starve to death every day while we, in this country, throw away tons of food.   The world is grossly over populated, and yet we have the Roman Catholic hierarchy and the fundamentalist Christians are busy promoting the birth of still more people, and millions of mindless, religious  sheep are falling right into step behind them.   We spend hundreds of millions of dollars criminalizing the use of marijuana which is relatively harmless, and, at the same time, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars promoting the use of nicotine and alcohol which kills half a million people each year.   With full knowledge that smoking is slow suicide, thirty-percent of the population intentionally inhales deadly fumes from burning tobacco leaves.   Where is the sanity in any of that?

    We are killing ourselves and destroying our planet with fossil fuels.   For the price of the so-called star-wars weapon system, we could sponsor research the would find a non-toxic renewable, energy source that would supply the entire worlds energy needs for as long as humans survive on this planet.   Instead, we, as a species are, at this very moment, still raping Sacred Mother Earth and sacrificing our grand children on the altar of greed and personal pleasure.

   And those supporting the status quo have the audacity to label connecting to Divinity through love, bliss, and sexual ecstasy as wrong and crazy!   Do you see anything out of whack, even just a little bit in such an attitude?   Well let me say it for you plain and simple:   The crazy ones are the people sitting in their own environmentally destructive shit, spewing anti-sexual mouthfart into the public airwaves while promoting the birth of  more unwanted babies in an already overcrowded world, and supporting mass murder of their so-called enemies.   So now you tell me whose crazy and whose sane?"

“Whew!   You obviously feel strongly about this.”

“Yes and anybody who doesn’t feel strongly about these issues is either brain dead, asleep or criminally insane.   But getting back to CLI Circles, please remember, we’re not promoting or selling anything except perhaps a bit of sanity, which, in case you hadn’t noticed, can be very frightening.   We’re sharing ideas with you.   These ideas are for you to do with as you will.   Make them real via your personal experience or trash them.   The choice is yours.”

    So once again, I’m going to ask you to make a choice.   If you’re having serious problems being here, you know where your clothes are and there’s the door.   We will be here for you if and when you decide to return.“ 

“No!   No!   Please don’t get me wrong.   I don’t want to leave or anything anywhere near that.   It’s just that I’ve had a tough time reconciling my beliefs with what I have been hearing, and I’m asking so I can pass clear information on to those who will read the book I’ll soon be writing.”  

“Then tell them to throw out their beliefs or at least suspend them for a while.   Tell them to let their inner selves be the guide in distinguishing between what is truth and what is trash.”  



With the Faith of Only Two Mustard Seeds:

“How is that done?”  

“First and foremost, by trusting yourself and your personal experiences.   Personal experience is always a major answer.   Second, listen to others as they describe their experiences, but do not believe anything they say, and don't  disbelieve anything they say, either.   Instead, test what they say.   See if it is real for you.   Remember, what may be right for them may, at the same time, be wrong for you, or vise versa.”

“Third, drop any task that is in the realm of should, shouldn’t, don’t, can’t, have to, must, ought to, and the like.   Instead trust your own inner feelings about everything, and I mean everything.”

“And how do I do that?”

“Do you recall my saying that you’re a divine being having a physical experience?”


“Well, that divine part of you is in constant communication with you by way of your feelings.   Jezebel has probably already told you that everything we do in the external world is done to generate internal feelings.”

“Yes she has.” pink shinny bullet 10-13  

“And she has probably also told you, that if what you are thinking saying, seeing, hearing or doing feels good and feels right for you, go for it and if it feels bad, stop immediately, change your thoughts, words or actions and, if necessary, literally leave the place where you are as fast as you can.”

“Yes, she told me that also.”

“Which brings us to the topic of distinguishing the differences between feelings and sensations.   Sensations are what the body feels, sees, hears, smells, or tastes.   Feelings are the emotional responses we have to those physical sensations.  Physical sensation and inner emotional feelings can be thought of as opposite poles of the same thing — like hot and cold, up and down, left and right.   Sensations are the earthly and physical end and inner emotional feelings are the non-physical end.

     Constantly be aware of how you’re feeling.   Following your own feelings is always the best guide.   Your mastery is only a matter of time, patience, and practice.   Because a skilled coach and guide is also an important factor, you are fortunate to have Jazz as your personal mentor."

Christina then says, “OK, enough talk for now.   It’s back-to-the-party time.   If you would like to talk more, we can do so at some other time."

“Christina, thanks for your session with me, thank you for your words of wisdom, and my apologies for getting into my writer mode which I earlier made a commitment not to do.”

“That’s quite all right, Stoney.   Thank you for becoming aware that you broke your agreement and reverted to your nature as a writer.   Are you willing to recommit to again setting the writer-self aside and becoming totally here and now with your experiences?” 


“Then please do so.    And now, while you two enjoy yourselves, I’m off to Oz to see another wizard.”   With that, Christina gets up and walks out to the pool area.  

End of Chapter Ten ---  Sex as a Spiritual Experience 




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pink shinny bullet 10-1  Why?   Because, if Jesus was sexual, this would imply that he quite possibly would also have had children and, in the time period he lived, control and power were automatically transferred to the next generation via the eldest son.   Thus, acknowledging Jesus as having a biological lineage would have questioned the legitimacy of the hierarchical structure which controlled the early Roman Catholic Church.  

Apostolic Succession (church lineage via the apostles) would have come into question as would the authority of the church leaders.   Since Christians were (and still are) taught that the only way to heaven is through the established Christian church as they, the church elders, had constructed it, acknowledging a biological lineage for Jesus could have caused their entire house of cards to come tumbling down.   Not only that, such acknowledgement would make Jesus much more human and that would have interfered with the church’s need to hold Jesus their untouchable golden idol.  


pink shinny bullet 10-2  Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit term for the female sex organs.


pink shinny bullet 10-3  For example, the federal organization presently know as the FBI started out as a sex-police organization established in response to false rumors by the ultra-conservative Christian right that thousands of prostitutes, particularly in New York City were being held against their will as sex slaves.   See the video, “The History of Prostitution, Sex in the City,” aired on The History Channel in December 2000.   A copy of the video is available on the Internet at <>.  

As still another example of the ultra-conservative sexual hypocrisy, in that same video, Saint Augustine, the patron saint of sexual repression is quoted as saying, in essence, that prostitution was an essential ingredient in any successful society.  


pink shinny bullet 10-4  Two excellent examples of how our own beliefs color our perceptions about reality and leave us living in illusion can be found by reading: The Yoni Dance Volume One, 
       Chapter 18  --  The Assumptions Underlying Capital Punishment
       Chapter 19  --  The Assumptions Underlying Abortion.


pink shinny bullet 10-5   See Book I, Chapter 13, 14, and 15.


pink shinny bullet 10-6   An ongoing example of this conflict is the conservative/liberal battle that has been occurring with unparalleled intensity in the United States between the supporters of the Republicans and the supporters of the Democrats since Bill Clinton became the United States President in 1992.   All the Republican mouthfart about President Clinton's behavior was just that, hypocritical mouthfart.   All the while the conservatives were condemning the President Clinton's behavior, their leaders, were engaging in extramarital affairs.   

Knute Gingrich, the Republican's Chief spokesperson, was actually spearheading the anti-Clinton attacks while he, himself was having an adulterous affair.   When his hypocrisy was exposed and he was forced to resign, the second most powerful republican _____ ____, was set to replace Gingrich until he, too, was exposed as also having an adulterous affair. 


pink shinny bullet 10-7   The Russian governmental structure was actually a Hitler-style, right wing, fascist police state disguised as communism.   The big joke in Russia used to be: "What will those in the Russian leaders do when the communists arrive?"   

Although it may take some looking beneath the surface illusions to see the reality in this perspective, here's one view comparing the similarities and differences between the way the present United States government is run and the way the Russian Communist government was run.   Both are fascist police states in disguise.   Russia's Communist government  was violence backed up by illusion.   The present United States government is illusion backed up by violence.

Please don't believe this view, but don't disbelieve it either.   Examine the evidence that you won't find on TV and come to your own conclusions.   As one piece of evidence you might choose to examine Endnote Number Five, Let George Do It.   You might also want to examine the conspiracies behind the John and Robert Kennedy assassinations.


pink shinny bullet 10-8  For a comprehensive list and a  discussion of this  topic, please go to:


pink shinny bullet 10-9  See Book I, Chapter Nine The CLIC Principles.


pink shinny bullet 10-10  This will be discussed in detail in volume three.



pink shinny bullet 10-11  Although this author strongly urges everyone to stay away from any and all mind-altering chemicals, marijuana and LSD, can be, as Alan Watts once described them, "like training wheels on a bicycle."   They give you a hint of where you can later go without them.

Unfortunately, the long-term negative consequences of using these or any other mind-altering substances are still unknown and so their use has the possibility of being very detrimental.   Caution is urged for any such use.   Recommendations for those who do use marijuana and LSD are:  1) use it rarely, 2) always in a private setting, 3) under the watchful eye of an experienced guide, and 4) with the intention of creating a spiritual experience.


pink shinny bullet 10-12  Dear reader:  I assure you that the experiences Christina describes in this fictional context are nonetheless completely true.   They are real-life possibilities for those of us who choose to seek them.  They can be for you, too!


pink shinny bullet 10-13  See Book I, Chapter Nine, The CLIC Principles.



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