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The Yoni Dance


A self-awareness story about life, love,
romance, and the intimate love arts.

Copyright  © 2001-2002   The Life Center   All rights reserved.     See:  Terms of Use



Volume Two

Chapter Nine

Stoney's Second CLI Circle 


On Saturday afternoon, I arrive to pick up Jezebel.   She puts her things in my car, including the food to share, and we head for Christina’s.   We drive east for about thirty miles and arrive at our destination at approximately 2:50 p.m.   We pull off the main road onto a paved entryway about thirty yards long.  

We drive up toward the house, then off to the right of the driveway onto a graveled area and stop.   In front of me is a fairly large and well-kept home with a wooden fence enclosing all but the front side of the house.   The house is secluded and separated from any neighboring dwellings.  

We each bring our bags with personal items.   I carry the potluck dish and Jazz carries the flowers.   We enter the yard via a gate at the west side of the house.   Christina, her husband, Charles, and four other couples are already there.  

We set the food and our belongings down and Jezebel immediately introduces me to our hostess.   Christina is a rather tall and attractive woman with light brown hair and large, penetrating eyes which match her hair in color.   She appears to be in her late forties.   She reaches for Jezebel and embraces her in a hug.   As soon as she releases Jezebel, she takes both my hands in hers, looks intently into my eyes, says, “Welcome, Stoney,” and then embraces me in hug.   When she releases me, she again looks intently into my eyes and says, “A man who knows how to hug.   That’s a good sign.   Thank you.”   She introduces me to her husband, Charlie.

After a brief chat with Christina and Charlie, we are introduced to the others there, and then Jezebel gives me a tour of the property.   Our setting consists of a remodeled, two-story farmhouse.   Two additional rooms and a swimming pool have been added to the original structure.   The newest, ground level room is adjacent to the pool and consists of a kitchen, bar, dining area and a bathroom with a large shower stall.   The room above this is a new master bedroom.   Jezebel tells me that we are free to be anywhere we chose on the ground floor of the house; however, as indicated by a string crossing the stairwell with a small sign saying, Please stay downstairs, the upstairs is off limits.   In addition to the house and pool area, I’m shown a former barn that has been completely renovated and converted into a very spacious meeting room.  



The Swing:

We spend a few minutes talking with the other guests, but, my attention is strongly drawn to a swing which hangs in the center of the barn.   The roof of the barn is three stories up, so the swing is suspended from the ridge beam about 24 feet above the floor.   It swings freely in any direction and can also spin in circles.   The open space at floor level provides ample space for the swing to move freely.

Instead of the usual seat at the bottom of the cable, this cable has a junction at about eight feet above the floor from which four smaller cables extend down the four corners of a four-foot by eight-foot platform that has a mattress pad on it.   Jezebel invites me to lie down on the pad on my back.   Although the pad swings, tilts and moves freely, I manage to get onto the platform and lie down with relative ease.   As I’m climbing on, I become aware there’s also a spring mechanism within the support cable so the base of the swing also moves up and down.   Jezebel places pillows under my neck, my knees and my hands.   “Close your eyes,” she says.   “Take several deep breaths, hold the intention of floating freely in space, and then let yourself go completely.”

She pushes and pulls on the swing until I’m moving in a wide circular motion.  She starts the pad spinning, adds some up and down movement, and then lets go.   “If this is too much,” she says, “let me know and I’ll pull you back in.”   I very quickly become completely lost in the motion.   Soon, my head is spinning faster than I am.   I open my eyes but that makes matters even worse.

My stomach begins to feel queasy so I say,  “Jazz, stop the spinning, and shift the swing into a mild back and forth motion.”   She does as I request, and the queasy sensations subside.   The motion is now at a level that I find very pleasant.

“That’s a bit overwhelming for a beginner,” I say.

“Thank you, Stoney, for sharing your feelings.   I must admit, I gave you a full dose of this swing to see how you would react.   And thank you for leaving Mister Macho at home and asking me to slow you down.”

“Why do you say that?   Have you had other men who wouldn’t ask to be slowed down?”

“Definitely!   This swing can wipe you out if you try to fight it.   It’s best taken on in small increments.”

“And you gave me a full dose on my first ride!”

“Indeed I did.   If you’re a roller coaster buff, this isn’t that much, but for those of us who rarely get our feet off terra firma, this can be quite a shock to the equilibrium.   Occasionally a macho man will fight the effects until he distributes his last meal all over the place.   Losing lunch can be quite an ego buster.   Thanks for not needing to do that.”

At this point, our host, Charlie, comes in.   “Jezebel, if you’d like to ride with Stoney, climb on, and I’ll set you both swinging.”   Jezebel looks at me, and I motion her to join me, which she does.

She lies on her back with her head at my feet.   She asks me to slide about 12 inches in the direction of my feet.   She then places her right arm under my right leg and slides toward my head far enough so that she can place her hand over my heart.   She directs me to do likewise on her, which I do.   Charlie adds the pillows with extra pillows under our shoulders, necks and heads so we can easily look at each other.   He then begins to push and pull us into motion.

“A straight back and forth swing for us, Charlie, please — no circles, no spinning.”   Once we are swinging, Charlie leaves with an offer to come back after about five minutes to re-intensify the swing.   Jezebel declines the offer and we are left alone.

“Just relax and imagine us melting into each other.   Feel free to move and adjust your body position and also move your right hand over me in any way that feels right in the moment.   If it’s OK with you, I’ll state an intention for both of us.”

“Right,” I respond.   She expresses our intention to relax and be with each other and then proceeds to invite The Essence of Divine Love to touch our hearts and fill us both with great joy.

I close my eyes and focus on the sensations I am feeling.   The gentle back and forth movement is very comforting.   Jezebel is wearing a knee-length skirt so I feel her bare, smooth, freshly shaved leg against my right cheek.   I feel her mount of Venus under my arm and, by way of my hand, I am aware of the rise and fall of her torso as she breathes.   Without my consciously thinking about it, I find we are soon breathing in unison.

I feel Jezebel’s hand gently kneading on my chest with a motion similar to that of the paw of a nursing kitten.   In response, I do likewise on her while keeping my hand between her breasts.   For several minutes, we are just there with each other.   As the swinging motion slows, Jezebel stops moving her hand and I still mine also.   As we float together, I feel myself wanting to escape into her as if she were a doorway to some exotic and delightful place.   I kiss her leg and then again press my cheek tight against her.   I am just there in a delicate and gentle oscillation between desire and fulfillment.   Although desire seems to be becoming stronger than fulfillment and, although I have been granted permission to do so, I resist the temptation to slide my hand over her breasts.

The swing’s to and fro motion has almost completely stopped when two newly arriving couples enter the meeting room.   The noise of their entry breaks our spell and we both open our eyes and look at each other.

“That’s quite a ride,” I say.

“Yes, it does have a lot of potential for those introspective enough to take advantage of it.   It also has more Earthy potentials.”

“You mean Tantric sexual potential?”

“Yes, that too, as you may later witness or perhaps experience.   I take it you enjoyed the ride.”

“Feels like more.”

“Good!  We’ll ride again later without clothes.   For now, let’s go out and get acquainted with our fellow guests.”

I manage to dismount by rolling off head first onto the floor pad below us.   I turn, and while still sitting on the floor, hold the swing steady while Jezebel dismounts.   Once we’re both on the floor, she points to a chair and some other items in the corner of the room and says, “There are several different apparatuses that can be attached in place of the bed pad.   You’ll probably see some of them  later.”

We emerge into the sunlight, get drinks for ourselves and decide socializing in the pool would be our choice.   In the room near the pool, we shed our street clothes, shower with specially provided soap and don our swimsuits.  We take our drinks and enter the shallow end of the pool.   For the next hour, we socialize in or round the pool and get acquainted with our fellow guests.

By 4:30 p.m., all invited guests have arrived.   Including Christina and her husband, 14 male/female couples are present   The average age is mid-thirties, with the youngest appearing to be a woman in her early twenties and the oldest a man in his late fifties.   All are reasonably attractive.   With the obvious exception of Jezebel, there is no one there that I have met before.   There is, however, one woman present named Tina who looks vaguely familiar.

Other than myself, only two other people present haven’t been to a party at Christina’s before.   They’ve each been to two other parties and, like me, they are both here with someone who has been at Christina’s before.  



Group Sharing:

The 5:00 o’clock group sharing covers the CLIC practices and policies of maintaining separate body fluids, sharing by mutual consent only, etc. along with Christina and Charlie’s property-etiquette, including smoking off the property.   Everyone is requested to shower soon after engaging in any sexual activity and to shower before entering the pool.   Everyone is also advised to eat lightly of the food offered so that our body’s physiology will be more in tuned with our mutual, sensual sharing.  

We then begin the brief sharing of our intentions for the evening session.   As part of that sharing, Tina asks Christina to demonstrate a lingam massage for her.   Christina laughs and says before the evening is over she intends to administer several lingam and yoni massages, and anyone interested in observing is welcome to watch.   She immediately turns to me and asks me if I would like to receive her first lingam massage of the day.   My groin immediately twinges, and then without hesitation and without having any real idea of the extent of what I am about to experience, I accept her invitation.   Jezebel whispers to me that I just made a very wise choice.  

The sharing continues.   Jezebel offers to start the shedding of clothing by leading what she calls a strip dance.   She receives very enthusiastic responses from two of the men.   One couple who, in their everyday life, fully share body fluids with each other, offer to be actors in sex theater and as part of the process, to have sexual intercourse in front of anyone who would like to watch.   When it’s my turn to share, I say my intention is to experience great joy during Christina’s lingam massage and to bring joy to all I encounter here.  

Jezebel suggests that we spend some time with Christina to get acquainted and to enhance the emotional connections between us so that our intimate time together will be more powerful.   Christina is quite pleased to sit and talk with us.   I get her to talking about herself, and, in the course of our conversation, she tells me a few of the details about her exotic past.   She tells me about her high school virgin days and how she and two other cheerleaders had great fun inspiring the basketball team to be state champions two years in a row.   She tells me that she spent 5 years, from age 19 to 24, working for a posh and clandestine sexual service agency as one of about 25 high class call girls who serviced some of the richest, most famous and/or the most powerful men on the planet.  

When Christina met her husband-to-be, she quit the sex/escort business, and with the money she’d saved and the contacts she’d made, she bought a small import/export business which she and Charlie have turned into a very profitable enterprise.   Christina, like Jezebel, has been strongly in tune with the inner, invisible part of herself for many years.   I also find out that Christina has been into CLI Circles for more than ten years.   She met Jezebel when Jezebel was only sixteen and holds the distinction of being the first over-thirty adult to be introduced to the CLIC arts.  



Christina's Offer:

Christina expresses and interest in my writing.  “So, Stoney," she says, " Jezebel tells me you’re a writer and you’re going to write a book describing your CLI Circle experiences.”  

“Yes, and this is certainly the most interesting writing project I’ve ever undertaken.”  

“So you came here as a writer.”  

“At least partially.”  

“Can you set your writer-self aside for the evening and be completely here and now with your present experience?”  

“I think so.”  

“ ’I think so’ won’t cut the mustard.   Let me back up and start again.   I’ve offered you a lingam massage and you have accepted.   Correct?”


“Since this is your first such experience, may I have your total permission to become your Tantric teacher, your intimacy guide, and your personal coach for the next couple of hours?”  


“Good!   Now let me ask my question again.   Can you set your writer-self aside for the evening and be completely here and now with your present experience?  


“Is that a yes, definitely, or a yes, probably?”  

“Yes, definitely!” 

“Now that’s more like it.   Energetically, I can see that you have great potential, and with Jezebel as your personal mentor, you’ll do just fine.   You’ll be a master in short order.”  

“Now, regarding our session together, I may say or do things tonight that your mind will not understand, so stay out of your head, and stay with your feeling as much as possible.   Later, if you still want to play writer, you can be that while watching someone else receive a massage.   OK?”  


“Our Tantric session together will be stronger if we are more comfortable with each other, so I’m going to suggest we, that is Jezebel, you and I spend a some time together before we start your massage.”   Jezebel and I both agree.  




“At about this point, my attention is drawn to the sounds of very soft chanting coming from the back end of the meeting room.   At first, I can’t make out what words are being chanted.   I’ve not long to wait before the volume increases to a level that I clearly hear,   “Jez-a-belly, Jez-a-belly, please come forth and bare your belly.   Jez-a-belly, Jez-a-belly, give lingam life with bared sweet belly.”    

Christina says,  “Jazz, it sounds like your fans are calling you.”  

“So they are.   One must keep them waiting, but not for too long.   If you two will excuse me I shall attend to my calling.”   Jezebel leaves us, walks to a raised, stage-like platform at the back of the meeting room and whispers in the ear of one of the chanters.   He is one of the two who responded so enthusiastically earlier when Jezebel offered to start the festivities with what she referred to as a strip-dance.  

Jezebel disappears in the direction of the swimming pool changing room and the man she whispered to, whose name is Jerome, goes stage rear right and draws back a six foot by six-foot curtain revealing a very large, brass gong hanging by cords from right angle brackets attached to the wall and two drums, each set on a separate stand.   He picks up drum sticks and begins tapping out a series of short and unique drum rolls on the smaller of the two drums, softly at first and then louder and louder as he shifts between the two drums until the sound commands the attention of all present.  

He halts the drum rolls and then speaks with the voice of an announcer in a king’s court.   “Hear ye.   Hear ye.    Ladies and Gentlemen, come forth and be present for the arrival of Princess Jez  aaa  belleeee.”   The chanting begins again, this time with the added support of the drums.   “Jez-a-belly, Jez-a-belly, please come forth and bare you belly.”  

While the chanting goes on, Christina leads me to a unique seat directly in front of the stage with a “reserved” sign on it.   It has an elongated seat that is made of two side-by-side sections so that it splits completely down the middle.   At both ends of the seat, it has adjustable backs, like one would find in an automobile.   The chair is mounted on a swivel base so it can rotate easily in any direction.   Later, I find it has removable armrests and that it can also be lifted off its swivel base and attached to the swing in place of the bed pad.   The backrests have Naugahyde surfaces which are draped with specially cut and sewn towels.   The seat portion is also covered with Naugahyde.  

Christina removes the reserved sign, sets it aside, and unfolds a large towel which she drapes over the seat.   She bids me to sit straddling the seat and leaning against one of the almost upright backrests.   She says, “If you would like to adjust the angle of the backrest, reach down to the lever on your right.   Pull up on the lever to release the tension, and a spring will pull the back toward the upright position.   Lean back until you’re comfortable and push the handle back down to fix its position.”   On each side of the seat, at about a foot off the floor, there are movable footrests, which Christina adjusts for me until I’m comfortable.   It feels almost like I’m sitting on a fancy motorcycle.  

Christina adjusts the footrests for her feet, straddles the seat, sits down, adjusts the back on her side, gives the floor a push to start the chair turning, and then lifts her feet onto the foot rests.   The chair makes about two complete revolutions before it comes to a stop.   We are now sitting with our legs intertwined and our hips less than two feet from each other.   She says, “Feel free to let your hands roam over my body in any way that feels good to you as long as you abide by prior separate-body-fluids agreement.”  

She gives the chair another spin and says, “Pretend I’m Jezebel or whoever else might be the lady of your dreams.   Also feel free to swivel the chair any way you like at any time.”   As the lights are dimmed, I become aware that the other guests have gathered around the stage area.  

Christina picks up my feet one at a time and removes the socks I’ve been walking around in.   Her hands then begin a sensual dance between stroking, lightly touching and firmly massaging my feet and my legs.   She then invites me to be in the sensuality of the moment by closing my eyes and taking in the attention my feet and legs are getting.   She spins the chair again several times, and, between the spinning and the touch of her hands, I feel detached from the world around me.  

After what I’d guess was about three minutes, the large gong is struck, and I feel the deep and powerful vibrations in my chest.    The sound also reverberates throughout the building.   I open my eyes and look up in time to see the gong being struck for the second time with a large striker that looks like a grape fruit-sized ball on the end of a three-foot long dowel.   As the gong is struck a third time, a curtain at the rear of the stage begins to open slowly, and I hear the sound of low-volume music.   The opening curtain reveals what looks like a large piece of cloth that is tied in the middle and hung from an overhead cord.   It is about seven feet high.  

As the music volume increases, the cloth begins to move, and it doesn’t take much imagination to know that Jezebel is under the draped cloth.   A hand soon pokes out, another hand, then a head and then the complete Jezebel emerges.   She has what look like several pieces of sheer cloth covering her body.  

The music rises to a loud, yet comfortable volume.   The musical flavor reminds me of what might be heard in an Arabian cabaret.   Jezebel goes through an audience-interactive routine of removing her veils one at a time and in the process getting most of her audience to remove the majority of their own and each other’s clothing.   By the time she has removed the last of her veils, Christina and I are wearing only smiles.  

To the sounds of cheers and thank you’s, Jezebel steps off the platform and comes to where I’m now sitting naked with Christina.   “That” I say to her,  “was both unexpected and delightful to watch.”  

“Thank you, Stoney.   I’m glad you enjoyed it.”  

“What else don’t I know about you?”  I ask.  

“Almost everything there is to know because you know very little about me.   And on the other hand, you know everything there is to know, for I am, like you, one of billions of very similar human beings.   I just happen to reside in a female body.”  

To which I add, “And I’m sure that’s another story for another time.”  



Massage Preparation:

At this point, Christina asks,   “Stoney, are you ready for your massage?”

“That I am.”  

“Jezebel, are you ready to assist?”  

“Yes, as soon as I get some water.”  

“Good, please tell Tina we’re about ready for her demonstration and then meet us in the shower.”   Christina and I get up and walk to the shower room.   As we enter, Christina says,  “The toilet is there.   Your session will be more potent if you empty both bowel and bladder.”   I enter the toilet stall and Christina starts the shower running.   By the time I join her she is singing softly and completely wet, except for her hair which is now tucked up under a shower cap.   This shower, like those at James’ cabin, has two showerheads.   Christina suggests that I also don a shower cap so my hair will be dry for the massage.   I do as suggested and then step into the shower.   Jezebel soon joins us.   She too, now has a shower cap on.  

In sensual delight we wash ourselves and each other.   I find my lingam vacillating between erect and semi-erect.   At one point, my sexual excitement is so strong I have to step out of the shower and focus on counting the number of tiles on the floor.  

With the shower complete and my excitement under control, we remove our headgear, towel each other dry, and adjourn to one of the rooms in the house.   Tina and her partner, Jack, are already there waiting for us.   A second couple, Sandy and Ray, are there also.   The lights are low, yet there is abundant light to clearly see the faces and bodies of all present.   From speakers on opposite sides of the room, I hear soft, very pleasant music and a female voice singing.   I later learn I’m listening to an artist called Sophia on a CD titled Journey into Love.   As Christina closes the door, I notice a note attached to the outside surface: “Tantric session in process.   You are welcome to come in.   Please enter silently and sit down quietly.”  

Christina says, “Our goal for the time we are about to share together is to enhance our connecting with each other.”  In the middle of the room is a three-foot by six-foot pad on a platform about a foot and a half off the floor.   The pad has a flannel sheet covering the Naugahyde surface.   She places one of my large towels on the table, and then Christina and I sit facing each other.   Jezebel sits on a small padded stool at the end of the table behind me.   Tina and Jack and the other couple sit on similar stools, with one couple on either side. 

“Are you OK being held, and/or touched by the others here?   Their touch will be highly sensual but not overtly sexual in nature.”  




Allowing Versus Doing:

Christina continues, “You are about to go on a journey into the core of who you are and to touch divine love and pure joy.   I will touch you and stroke you.   I may, at times, speak to you.   You will tend to float toward orgasm.   Please remember that orgasm is not the goal here.   There is no goal to reach.   We are already there. 

“Please also remember that orgasm is much more intense and pleasurable from the space of allowing rather than from the space of doing.   As you approach orgasm, relax as much as possible and allow yourself to float in the space of feeling good.   Avoid striving to reach a greater level of intensity and avoid trying to get to that some-where-else-goal called orgasm.   When the orgasmic energy becomes strong, push it away by relaxing your body as much as possible.   Your job is to avoid orgasm for as long as you can so that when it does arrive, it will arrive with an overwhelming intensity.”  

“The intention here is to have your body as relaxed as possible and your mind as an observer — to slowly move into higher and higher levels of pleasure — to just be with yourself at whatever level of sensation you are in at the moment — to feel that level of intensely — to mentally imagine yourself floating on wave after wave of joy and/or ecstasy.”  

“As you continue, allow the waves to become more intense and more pleasurable.  Mentally imagine yourself rising on a wave and then dropping off, only to rise again on the next wave.   This is a rhythmic pattern.   Avoid trying to hold onto anything.   Just allow yourself to flow with whatever you are feeling in the moment.   At the end of our session, you will probably reach an unstoppable orgasm.   When that comes, let yourself go.   Become the orgasm.   Go with it.   Flow into it.”  

“During the course of our session, your lingam may at times go soft.   Completely let go of any thoughts about this.” In right timing, it will get hard again.   You will probably find that it will get hard, then go soft, get hard again several times during the session.   This is a highly desirable Tantric experience.   It’s like riding a wave from crest to trough to crest again.   Hardness usually accompanies sexual excitement and orgasm; however, Tantric ecstasy can be reached while the penis is soft, so forget all the garbage you have probably heard about erections.”  

At this point, Christina looks at Tina and Sandy and says.   “It is vitally important that you not expect a perpetual erection out of your man because you will simply not get one.   If his lingam gets soft and you create a story about it, you will end up living that story.   One of the main reasons for impotence is unrealistic expectations on the part of both partners.   Expectations create tension and tension inhibits erections.   Contrary to popular, sexual mythology, erections come out of relaxation and not out of tension, so focus on pleasure, and, if you stay out of the way, erections will naturally follow in right timing.  

You also need to understand that even though the muscle contractions necessary to create and maintain an erection are primarily done on the unconscious level, maintaining an erection does take a certain amount of physical effort.   So relax.   In right timing the wand of light will respond and stand tall.”  

Christina then invites both couples to move in close.   She says to them, “If I give you any instructions during this session, are you willing to follow them immediately without challenging them?”   They all agree.   She then repositions everyone except Jezebel, who is already in her ideal position.   I now have the two males at my feet, one woman at either side, and Jezebel at my head.

Christina turns her attention back to me and again asks, “Do I have your permission to energetically blend with you?”  

“Yes, of course,” I respond.  

“During the course of the session, when you hear outside noises just allow them to be.   I may or I may not describe to the others what I am doing.   Whatever happens, your job is to stay with your feelings.   How are you feeling?”  


“Good.   As we talked about earlier, I’m going to wear thin latex gloves and use a water-soluble, silicone-based lubricant that feels very much like oil.   Are you still OK with this?”  


“Are you ready?”  

“Definitely, yes."

“Then let’s begin,” she says.   She holds her hands out to me, left palm up, right palm down and says, “Place your palms against mine.”   She directs those surrounding us to join hands in a circle and also to have at least one hand in contact with either Christina or with me.   “Now look into my eyes,” she says, “and just be here with me.   Imagine that I am the Goddess of Ecstasy and you are the God of Great Joy.   Breathe deeply and slowly and with each inhale, feel my feminine energy flowing into you like a river of light flowing in through your left hand and filling your entire body with feminine ecstasy.”

Christina is quiet for a moment and then says, “Now allow yourself to flow into me.   With each exhale, feel your masculine energy flowing into me like a river of light flowing out your right hand entering my body and filling me with masculine ecstasy.”

Again she is quiet for a moment, and then she says, “Continue to breathe deeply.  As you breathe in, take me in.   As you breathe out, flow into me.   Imagine us as one single, unified, blended being, as one continuous circle of ecstasy.   We have no beginning.   We have no end.   We just are.   Stay with the energy flow, breathe consciously, and feel the sparks of ecstasy as masculine and feminine meet inside your body.   She instructs everybody else to breathe deeply along with us.”



Lingam Massage:

As she slowly withdraws her hands, she says, “Slide up toward the end of the table, then lie back.”   She places a towel-covered pad under my hips, pillows under each knee, a small pillow under my head, and then kneels between my legs.   She invites the men to massage my feet.   She invites Tina and Sandy to massage my hands, arms, and chest, and Jezebel to massage my head, neck, and shoulders.   She asks if I want a light or firm touch to which I respond, “A firm, but gentle touch, please.”  

She says to me, “If any of us touch you in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable, please speak up immediately.   Close your eyes now, continue to breathe deeply.   We spent the next three minutes or so breathing energy into and then relaxing the various parts of my body.   

She says, "As you inhale, breathe the energy into your right hand.   As you exhale let your right hand relax.  Next as you inhale, breathe the energy into your right arm.   As you exhale let your right arm relax."   In this step by step fashion, she guides me through my entire body.

Once I am very relaxed she guides into the next phase.  "As you breathe, remember to visualize the energy flowing between us.   As you inhale, breathe in the energy coming from me.   Take it in at the base of your spine and feel that energy rising up to the top of your head.   As you exhale breath the energy down the front of your body and back into me.   As you exhale, relax as much as possible and feel your entire being entering me.   And forget about orgasm," she says.   "You're already there.   Simply breathe yourself into me with each exhale"  

All the while she has had her hands on me, and has moving them gently in clockwise circles, moving up on the right side of my torso and down of the left.  I'm also well aware of the additional ten hands and fifty fingers that are caressing my body.

As a kinesthetic junkie, I'm in heaven already.   I focus on the twelve loving hands that are lovingly stroking my body.   As my sensual awareness shifts between the various sets of hands on me, I become aware that as I focus on one set of hands, I’m much less aware of the others.   Soon, I let go and simply allow my mind to dance freely among the sensations.  

I get lost in the bliss and soon hear Christina’s voice.   “Stoney, remember, there’s no place to go.   You’re already there.   Breathe deeply, and with each exhale, allow your body to become more and more relaxed.   Let yourself sink into the cushions you’re lying on.   Again she goes through a body relaxation cycle.   Feel your hands relaxing. . .   Feel your face relaxing. . .   Feel your belly relaxing. . .   Feel your legs and feet relaxing. . .   

If you are comfortable doing so, sigh and moan as you exhale.   The sounds will enhance your experience.   I feel my body being stroked massaged and kneaded.   I hear Christina and Jazz both sighing and making other noises which makes me feel more comfortable in allowing myself to sigh.  

“Christina says, “Open your mouth.   Let your jaw relax.”   Jezebel takes my lower jaw in her hands and gently attempts to move it.   In my natural stiffness, I am unconsciously resisting the movement.   Slowly, I feel the muscles letting go. 

Christina is now massaging my abdomen and my hips.   In repetitive cycles, she makes rocking, and clockwise circles on my belly, rolls my hips side to side and then returns to my belly.   She slides her hand up onto my chest leans toward me and looks into my eyes.  

“Open your eyes,” she says,  “and look at me for moment.”   Breathe me into yourself with each inhale and flow into me with each exhale.   You and I are becoming one, incredibly delightful being.   Take me in and, at the same time, give yourself away to me.   I am now a goddess with twelve hands.   Simply surrender yourself into the pleasure of my touch.”   After a minute or so she invites me to again close my eyes.  

I soon feel her breast gently stroking my abdomen and her long brown hair slowly moving on my chest.   Tina and Sandy begin stroking my arms with their breasts and Jezebel leans forward and places her breasts over my eyes.   I start laughing and say,  “Help!   I’m being buried alive in boobs.”   The breasts move away and I open my eyes briefly and look at Christina.   In the soft lighting she looks like an angel.   I look at Jezebel.   She smiles and kisses me on the forehead.   Tina and Sandy each place one of my hands on one of their breasts while the men continue to massage my feet and lower legs.  I look back to Christina.  She returns my gaze.   Soon my eyelids become so heavy I must close my eyes.   My lingam has had only the lightest touch of Christina’s hands as they seem to just pass through on their way to someplace else, and yet, the sensual delights are already awesome.  

I am floating in sensuality when I become aware of a slippery hand on my stomach.   I open my eyes to see that Christina has donned the latex gloves and has coated them with the lubricant.   I also see Jezebel pour lubricant into her hands and then pass the bottle to Tina.   I close my eyes and take in the intensified sensuality.  

Soon I have twelve  very slippery hands sliding around on my body, a delightful, oil-covered breast in each hand, and Christina’s hands focusing on my groin area.   Her hands move slowly with a deliberate, gentle, yet firm touch over my inner thighs, my lingam, scrotum and perineum.   Her hand movements are a choreographed dance moving in rhythm with the music we hear.   Her hands dance only briefly with my lingam and then move on only to return again for another brief stay.  

She also pays particular attention to what she later called the Sacred Spot, the male equivalent to the female G-spot which is a pea-sized, slight indentation between the testes and the anus.   As she massages me, she also pulls gently on the scrotum countering its tendency to draw up tight against the body during sexual arousal.   Several times, she asks how I’m feeling in response to her touch.   Several times she also reminds me to breathe deeply.  

Her touch varies in speed, in pressure, and in duration at any particular area.   Her style of motion varies depending on where she touches me.   When on my lingam itself, she uses several different strokes.   She gently squeezes the lingam at the base with one hand, pulls that hand up and slides it to the head and then off.   As one hand is sliding off the end, her other hand is back at the base.   Her movements are quite slow, smooth and deliberate as she alternates between hands.  

She continues this rhythmic cycle only briefly and then reverses the direction of her movements by starting the squeeze at the head of the lingam and then sliding down to my body.   Again, alternating between her right and left hands.  

Then she moves her hands away and focuses on my inner thighs or on my belly leaving my lingam to rest.   At one point when I’m quite thoroughly aroused, she says,” Stoney, open your eyes.”  I look at her and she says,  “Tell me which direction is north.”  

“I don’t know,” I respond.  

“Then tell me what’s four times seventeen?” 


“Never mind,” she says.   Just close your eyes and breathe.”  

I feel a bit confused until Jezebel whispers in my ear, “She just derailed your impending orgasm.” 

She sometimes massages the head of my lingam in a motion similar to what one might use on a hand-powered orange juicer.   She sometimes uses the traditional and common up and down strokes.   She sometimes holds the foreskin back with one hand and strokes me with the other.   Sometimes she allows the foreskin to make its normal movements on and off my lingam head.  

The sensations are exquisite, drawing me with each cycle into higher and higher levels of intensity.   As I reach the high point in each cycle, Christina seems to know my feelings for she backs off and pushes firmly on the sacred spot (described above).   Sometimes she speaks and says, “Breathe, Stoney, breathe deeply.”   Her touch, her words, my breathing, and the ten other hands, all assist my sexual intensity in sliding up and the back down again in a rhythmic erotic dance.  



I have no idea how long the session has been going on when I hear an unusual sound rush through my mind at an incredibly fast speed.   The reverberation is internal and yet it sounds like a miniature jet plane flying past my ear.   The sound, however, neither comes from any particular direction nor goes in any other.   It’s more like it bursts out of me, or perhaps it burst into me.   I’d be hard pressed to make that “in-or-out” distinction.   

The sound occurs a second time.   I'm  aware that a rather pleasant feeling accompanies the sound.   The feeling comes in at the same incredibly fast speed as the sound, but takes longer to dissipate.   The phenomenon is quite strange, and at the same time, very familiar.   It’s not at all frightening.   On the contrary, it’s rather inviting.   I would not label this phenomenon sexual in any way, yet I’m quite certain the sensual/sexual stimulation I’m receiving has triggered it.   The closest association I can make to this is the lightning and thunder experience I previously had while with Jezebel in James’ cliff-side cabin during the thunderstorm.  

The twelve-handed physical stimulation I’m receiving draws my attention back to my body.   I moan now with each exhale and my body seems to be mildly twisting and turning in response to the sensations.   I’m floating in the sensual delights when the sound and feeling rush through me a third time.   This time the sound is louder and the feeling more intense.   Everything gets brighter, and I open my eyes thinking someone has turned on the overhead room light.   I see a light, but it’s not from any physical source.   I’m instantly drawn into the light and my level of sexual excitement takes a jump right over the point of no return, and I am off into a full blown, intense orgasmic release.  

Christina places a hand above my lingam which cause the ejaculated semen to strike her hand and fall back onto my belly.   I moan softly and through now-closed eyelids, tears flow out and roll down my cheeks.   All physical tension magically melts away as if I had no muscles at all and I lie back in absolute surrender.  

When I gain enough composure to open my eyes, the light is no longer there.   I look around.   The room is the same as it was.   Jezebel notices my confused expression and whispers in my ear, “Relax!  Close your eyes.   Stay with your feelings.”   I close my eyes.  Jezebel and Christina stay there with me while the others slowly disengage their contact with me.   Christina wipes off my belly and genitals with a small towel.   She then removes the gloves, places a large, clean towel over me and moves to sit at my left side where Tina had been sitting.   Both women very softly and very lovingly caress my upper body, my head, my neck and my shoulders.  

After what I would guess to be about five minutes, I open my eyes again.   Jezebel, Christina and I are the only people left in the room.   I ask, “Did you see any unusual light near the end of our session?”  

Christina and Jezebel look at each other and smile.   Jezebel says, “You were touched by the lady we, in the CLI Circles, call The Angel of Ecstasy.”   She is a non-physical being who is part of each one of us.   She is our vision of absolute joy.”

I reply, “I didn’t see anything but a bright light.”

“And what feelings accompanied the light?” Christina asks.

“An incredibly pleasant feeling that pushed me off the cliff into the ocean of orgasm.”

Christina continues, “If you heard or perhaps felt the beauty of a rose instead of seeing or smelling it, would it be any less beautiful?”

I lie there with that thought, and everyone is quiet.   After a couple of deep breaths, I ask Jezebel, “Is she sort of like Intendr?”  

“Yes, similar but different,” she replies.   “They’re both aspects of our collective divine selves.   Christina and I, and now you, are among the fortunate few who are blessed with an awareness of her presence.   But enough talk for now.   We can discuss this more later.   Right now we’re going take you back to the shower.”   I start to speak, but Jezebel covers my mouth with her hand.   They roll me onto my side and help me up off the pad.   I’m amazed at how unsteady I am.   With a real live angel on each side, I’m guided back to the shower.   Like a two-year old, I am washed, dried, wrapped in a huge fluffy towel, and then placed on the couch.  

“What would you like to drink?” Jezebel asks.   I smile, noticing that the question is not “Do you want a drink?”   It is, instead, a forced-choice question, “What do you want to drink?”   From the options offered, I choose plain water.   Jezebel sits with me on the couch while Christina heads for the kitchen for the water.   She returns shortly with three glasses, one for each of us and sits beside me on the opposite side from Jezebel.   There we are — ourselves, each other, and the water.  

I'm obviously profoundly impacted by the experience I've just had because the next few minutes on the couch are a phenomenal experience in and of themselves.   The human doing, called Stoney, who is normally striving and seeking and moving has been temporarily replaced by a human being with no name and with none of the normal needs, desires, or compulsions that are so natural to people.   All those compulsions are completely gone.   In their place I feel a complete stillness, an absolute contentment, and an incredible sense of peacefulness.   It’s as if I were high on a magic ecstasy drug.   The closest experience I can relate this to was the feeling I had the day I ingested magic mushrooms.  

After only a few sips of water, I hand my glass to Jazz and just sit there.   My jaw hangs lose, my is mouth half open, and my eyes stare blankly at whatever is in front of me.   The world has temporarily disappeared.  I now know why sex in its spiritual context can be so addicting.  

End of Chapter Nine ---  Stoney's Second CLI Circle 




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Yoni Dance - Book Two - Chapter Nine 

   Stoney's Second CLI Circle