A self-awareness story about life, love, romance, and the intimate love arts.


   The Yoni Dance Book Trilogy

The Ultimate "How to" Book
About All Those Things
Your Parents Never Taught You


Book Two

Relationships or Fantasy Trips 

Chapter Eight

How Long Is a Chinaman







Jazbell stops reading, sets down the still open notebook, and looks at me.   She says,  “I met Intendr and started on this path just a few weeks before my twelfth birthday.   I’ve been blessed with his guidance and wisdom ever since.”  

“I’m impressed.   With guidance like that from age eleven, it’s no wonder you’re different from most people.”   Can you talk to him whenever you want to?”  

“Yes,” she says.   “Any time, including one a.m. in the morning.”  

“Jezebel, I apologize for my cynicism.   And even you must admit, your contact with Intendr is a highly unusual phenomenon.”  

“Yes, I acknowledge that.” 

Then I ask, “Is there more that you would like to read to me tonight?”  

“Yes,” she says.   “I have one more section I would like to read to you, that is, if you are interested.”  

“Of course I am.   Please go on.“  

Jezebel picks up the notebook and continues reading. 





How Long is a Chinaman:

Intendr next says to me, “As long as we’re in this vein, let me tell you one of my  ‘How Long stories.”  

“OK,” I say.  

He says, “How Long is a Chinaman”   He then sits silently looking at me.   Not having any idea what to say, I just look back at him.   He sits like a statue, looking intently at me.   Soon, I begin to wiggle in discomfort.   Then I begin to laugh.   He neither moves nor speaks.   I wave my hand in front of his face, but he remains silent and motionless.  

Finally, I say, “Is this silent statue stuff another one of your games?  I don’t know how long a Chinaman is.   You tell me.“ 

He replies, “I just did.   How Long is a Chinaman”   Again, he sits in complete stillness.   I laugh, wiggle my nose right up in front of his eyes, even blow in his face, but he is stiller than a statue.  

“Come on.   You said you were going to tell me a story, and now you’re asking me questions, instead.“ 

He winks at me and says, “Wag.   Tail.   Dog.   Get it?”  


“One more time.    Wag.   Tail.   Dog.   How Long is a Chinaman”  

“I still don’t get it.”  

“OK, take ten minutes, walk around and think about it.   Carefully examine what I just said.   Repeat it to yourself several times.   If you don’t get it verbally, write it down and look at it.”  

Five minutes later, I’m running back toward him calling his name.   “Intendr!    Intendr!    Intendr!”   

“Yes.   What?   It’s only been five minutes.”  

“I know, but I got it.”  

“You got what?”  

“You were telling me, not asking me.   How Long is a Chinaman.   Period.”  

“Yes, that’s it.   How did it come to you?”

“I had to write it down.”  

“Good.   You wrote it down.   Now back up and throw away the  ‘I had to’ part.   Saying  ‘I had to’ is like detouring to B.N.U.”  

“What do you mean?”  

“In saying ‘I had to’  you also said something like this to yourself.  ‘I’m so stupid that I had to write it down’.”  

“You’re right,” I say.   “I was feeling a bit stupid for not getting it sooner.”  

He then points to the tree I had recently climbed and says, “Just like you felt when you were up there.”  

My mouth drops open.   I look intently at him and say,  “I didn’t tell you I felt stupid.   How did you know that?”  

He smiles and says, ”You didn’t have to tell me in words.   It was written all over you.”  

“What do you mean?” I say.  

“When you came down from the tree, your mouth was silent, while your eyes, your facial expression, and your body language, all said,  ‘I’m stupid.   Kick me’.”  

“Really?” I say.   “And you didn’t laugh at me or put me down.   You just told me that I had done a good job.”  

“Well, silly, you did do a good job.   And remember, I promised not to laugh at you or step on you.”  

“Wow!   You really are my friend.   Thank you.   Please tell me about body language and all that other stuff?  

“I would be glad to, my lady, but that’s another story for another time.”  





Jezebel stops reading, hesitates, and then closes the notebook. 

I look at her and ask, “Is that all?   Are you finished reading?”

“Oh no,” Jezebel says.   There’s a lot more.   I just go to thinking for a moment.” 


Only later do I find out why she stopped reading.   When she resumes reading she has skipped the following five lines in the book:

Another story for another time.   You like that line don ‘t you?   

Intendr replies, "Yes and one day you’ll meet another friend who likes to use that line.”

“What do you mean?” I say.

“Not now, my lady.   That, too, is another story for another time."

I laugh and say, “Intendr, you really are something else!”

She opens the notebook and starts reading again. 





Intendr continues, “Now, getting back to the issue at hand, judging and condemning yourself derails your forward movement.   It gets between you and where you want to go.   Twice in ten minutes, you’ve put yourself down for the very changes in behavior that got you the answers you wanted.   Also, saying  ‘I had to’ is using out-of-control language, but that too, is another story for another time.   So now share with me your process in getting it.”

“I wrote it down.”  

“Good.  You just told me a clear, simple statement of fact.   In the process of writing it down, you not only brought your physical body into the process, you moved from audio to visual.   This shift brought in a whole new set of tools for you to work with.   So tell me more about your process.”  

“I wrote it down and looked at it.   Then I wrote it again and looked at it.   The third time when I wrote it, without thinking, I put a period after Chinaman instead of a question mark.   As I went to add the question mark, that’s when I got it.”  

“Great!   The kind of looking that got you the unexpected view of How Long is what I’m suggesting you do all the time and everywhere.   So now if we have finally left B.N.U. behind, let’s look at the positive, productive, creative part of ass kissers;  the part of them that is the artist skilled in the craft of creating what he/she wants.”  

“Thanks for your patience.”  





Creating Intentionally:

“All in the game, my lady.   Let’s talk about Henry and see if we can figure out how he got his ‘A’ in English.   Do you think he knew what he intended.”  

“Yes, he intended to get an ‘A’ grade.”  

“Did he focus his attention on getting an ‘A’?” 

“Every time I saw him near Mr. Morgan, he was sucking up to him.”  

“Henry was taking what he thought was appropriate action — action that he believed would produce the results he intended.   That is also a part of creating by intention.   Let me re-ask the question about attention.   Did Henry focus his attention on getting an ‘A’?”  

"He must have, because he studied hard and did all the English assignments.”  

“Do you think he thought much about getting an ‘F’ grade?”  

“I doubt it.”  

“OK.   Do you think he believed he could get an ‘A’ grade?”  

“Yes.   One day, when I called him an ass kisser, he told me that he intended to get an ‘A’ grade.”  

“That’s two more parts.   He believed he could get an ‘A’ and he stated his intention to get an ‘A’.   Do you think he intended to get an ‘A’ grade., or was he just saying that to impress you?” 

“He must have, otherwise he wouldn’t have done all the work that he did.”  

“Do you think he felt that he deserved an ‘A’ grade?”   

“Even I thought he deserved an ‘A’.   It was his ass-kissing that turned me off.”  

“Did Henry like English?   Did he feel good when he was involved in the class?”  

“He ate it up like it was honey.”  

“How did he react when he actually got the ‘A’ grade?”  

“He had a shit-eating grin on his face that almost made me puke.”  

“So let’s recap what Henry did that got him what he intended.”   

1)   He clearly knew what he intended.

2)   He focused his attention on his goal.   

3)   He ignored the possibilities that he the he choose to avoid.  

4)   He believed he could get what he intended.  

5)   He consciously and verbally stated his intention to reach his goal.

6)   He expected to achieve his objective.  

7)   He felt that he deserved to get what he intended.  

8)   He repeatedly focused his attention on his target.  

9)   He held strong, positive emotions regarding his objective.  

10)  He took what he thought were the appropriate actions to get what he intended.  

11)  And when he actually received his prize, he accepted it and took it in.


“Wow!   I never thought about in that way.   Is all that stuff necessary just to get something?”  

“The answer to your question will take more than a simple yes or no.”  

“What do you mean?”  

“The steps I just listed are like two way streets.   You can use them to get where you want to go, or you can use them to go in the opposite direction.   There are also some of additional things that I haven’t yet mentioned.  

“Like what?”  

“A whole list of things, like beliefs, attitudes, and emotions -- like victim consciousness -- like taking responsibility -- like speaking in positive, personal, present-tense language -- declaring and then saying thank you instead of asking -- evaluating you process and making mid-course corrections -- and being persistence.   Is that enough for you?”  

“More that enough.”

When you’re aware of these things, you can use them to take you where you want to go.   When you are not aware of them, they often take you down dead-end streets or in the opposite direction from where you want to go.  

“Can you give me an example of something that could take me in the opposite direction from where I want to go?”   

“Sure.   If you desire something and, at the same time, you believe it’s impossible for you to have what you desire, then your desire is taking you in one direction, toward your goal, while your thoughts and beliefs are taking you in the opposite direction and are creating not having it.   We’ll talk more about all of this, and we’ll talk about lots of other things in our future meetings.“  

“I’ve got one more question before I go home.”  

“And what is that?” 

“How come I keep getting things that I don’t want.”  

“There could be several reasons like the one about belief that I just mentioned.   More likely, it’s because you live the vast majority of your life on automatic pilot.”  

“Automatic who?”  

“Its kind of like going to a big city airport and saying to the person behind the ticket counter, ‘Please give me a ticket for the next airplane’.“ 

“That could get me almost anywhere and there are lots of places I don’t want to go to.”  

“You’ve got it.”  

“I’ve got to go home pretty soon, so when and where will I see you again.?”  

“We can meet here if you like.”   

“That’s fine.   When can we meet?”  

“Whenever you like.” 

“How do I contact you?”

“When you decide on a day and a time that you want to meet with me again, sit quietly and think strongly about me for one full minute.   In your mind, tell me when you choose for us to meet, and when you arrive, I’ll be here.“  

“You’re crazy.”  

“Perhaps I am.   Does that mean you don’t want
to meet again?”  

“Heavens no.   I didn’t mean you’re crazy crazy.   I meant like you’re really different.”  

“Then do you think you might communicate more effectively by using other language.”  

“OK.  How about ‘You’re so far out you’re in’  or 
‘You’re a cool dude’?“  

“Where did you hear phrases like that?”  

“At school.”  

“Jazbell, you are a neat lady and you’re sharper than Brer Rabbit’s briar patch.”

“There, you did it again.   See what I mean?”   

“Yes, I do.”  

“What if you’re not here when I arrive?”  

“And miss the rest of your story?   Not a chance.   I’ll be here.”  

I still feel concerned so I say, “If, for any reason, we don’t meet here within seven days, will you come and find me?”  

“Count me in as tried and true, for that I will surely do.” 

“Raise you right hand and promise.”  

“Yes, and I cross my heart and hope to fly.   Poke my finger into the sky.   If we don’t meet again, I’ll sadly cry.”  

Intendr, I don’t think you’re crazy, but you sure are silly.”  

“Then it’s a deal.   We’ll meet here again, soon.”  



“Goodbye, Intendr.”  

“Goodbye, Miss Jazbell.”  

I walk home feeling good and not so good all at the same time; good ‘cause I got to talk to someone who is wise, and not so good ‘cause part of me is wondering if I will ever see Intendr again.   By the time I get home, I don’t know if I’ve really saw him or if I’d just been daydreaming.  

At bedtime, two days later, I sit and think about him for one full minute.   I tell him to meet me again tomorrow at noon, and sure as water’s wet, he’s there at the dock when I arrive.   He’s in the same boat and has on the same fancy colored clothes.

“Well holy brief britches, you‘re really here,” I say.

“Did you expect otherwise?”  

“No, but I was wondering if maybe I had just been dreaming last time, and that we really hadn’t met.” 

“Now what do you believe?”

“I believe that you’re really here, but my mind is still asking, who and what are you?”  

“Miss Jazbell, I am a multi-dimensional being of light.   I am part of something grander than you can, at the moment, even begin to imagine.   I am here because you invited me to be here.   I will be here as long as it remains your desire that I be here.

    If you so choose, you may join me on an incredible journey of self discovery.   Now, before you agree to walk with me, you need to know that this journey is not for the faint of heart.   If you do choose to walk and ride along with me, the road may, at times, get rather bumpy, and you’ll be required to hang on to things that your mind will say are absolutely crazy.   And, on the other hand, you will be required to let go of things that now seem to be very essential to your life.”  

“That sounds pretty weird.”  

“Relative to what most folks think of as normal, the path you’re being invited to walk on is very weird.”  

“So why would I want to walk on a weird path with an invisible guy that wears bizarre clothes, talks funny, and does the strangest things I’ve ever seen or heard of?”  

“You did ask to be wise, did you not?” 


“Well, now you know the price of wisdom.”  

“Is that sort of like what Grandpa Perkins means when he says, ‘There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’?”  

“Yes, that’s an excellent analogy.   The price of wisdom is seeing a bigger piece of truth than most of those around you and, at times, feeling very strange because what to you is obvious is literally invisible to others.”  

And then, I ask,  “Are you the answer to my prayers for someone wise to talk with?”  

“Yes, my lady, that I am.”  

“Then yes, weird or not, I choose to go on this journey with you.” 

“Good.   Just to be sure, I’ll ask you again later.   Right now I would like to hear the rest of your story?” 

“OK,” I say.  

“Then sit down on the dock there and let’s have it.”





The Henry Story -- Part Two:

I sit down and proceed to tell him about Henry.   “Well, the very next day after I ran into Henry peeing, all of us kids are down at Macalaster’s pumpkin patch getting ready for the parade and the party.   Gee Gee and I. . .   Gee Gee’s my dog.   We’d been doing lots of running, so we both needed to rest.  

“Well, anyway, I was sitting quietly by the creek stroking Gee Gee’s head when Henry shows up.   He’s lookin’ his weird self, so I know something’s up.   I just sit there fully prepared to knock his block off if I needed to.   He walks right up to me, drops his drawers, waves his wee pecker to me and says, “Ha ha! I’ve got one of these and you don’t.”  

“I don’t do anything.  I don’t say anything.   I just look at him and think, ‘This nut is an eleven-year-old retard.   I’d expect that kind of behavior from a five year old.’   Two days later, over near school, he does the same damned thing again.   The third time he whips it out on me, I’m over in the park.   This time I’m really pissed.   I think to myself, ‘I need to put a crinkle in this poor putz’s’ peter before this gets completely out of hand’.”  

“As I look at him, I know, in a flash, my next move.   I’ll take my story to cousin Cynthia and ask her advice.   Now Cynthia is seventeen and has been the object of terrible rumors and the butt of a lot of sexy jokes, so I figure that Cynthia is the right person to talk to about this matter.   And, as sure as wolves walk in the woods, talking to Cynthia inspires me to come up with the perfect answer.”  

“Now that I’ve figured out what to do, I’m ready for Henry.   I can hardly wait to crumble this clown’s cookies.   I go looking for him.   I put myself in places where he can easily find me.   I wait.   I wait seven full days and nothing.   I think maybe he’s cured himself.   On the eighth day after talking with Cynthia, I’m sitting in the park with Gee Gee re-reading my favorite Nancy Drew story when Henry shows up.   Henry spots me.   He waits till old man Snelling has walked out of sight and then he comes over to me opens his pants, and as he waves his magic wand at me again, he repeats his one liner.   “Ha Ha!   I’ve got one of these and you don’t.”  

“I say, ‘OK Henry, that’s it.’   I’m laughing on the inside, but I put on the most disgusted look I can muster up.   I stand up and toss my book on the ground.   I lift my skirt, pull down my pants and point at my pussy.   I look Henry straight in the eye and say, “Henry, you poor, dumb bastard, some day you gonna’ learn that with just one of these I can get as many of those as I want’!”  

“Henry looks at my exposed self.   His mouth drops open.   He doesn’t move for what seems like forever.   Slowly, he pulls up his pants and walks off without a word.”  

“Is that a true story?”  

“Of course it’s true.   But the idea is old and came from a joke that Cynthia heard from her friends.   I don’t know why, but when I heard Cynthia tell me that joke, I thought it was a great idea, and, when I did it to Henry, it sure seemed to work wonders on him.   He’s changed.   He’s been almost human since that day.   I think I must have knocked a couple of the goof balls out of his head.   And another funny thing about this is I liked doing it.”  

Jezebel interrupts her reading and says to me, “That day was my first realization of how my sexuality affected boys.   And my first realization of how my sexuality affected me physiologically.   All the way home I thought about what I had just done and when I got home I found that my yoni was wet and slippery.   I believe that that incident has had significant influence on my adult sexual nature.”  

Without waiting for a response from me, Jezebel returns to reading her story.  

Intender asks, “Have you told this story to anyone else?”  

“Only to Cynthia and Sarah.”  

“Who is Sarah?”  

“She’s my best friend in the whole wide world.”  

“Have you told her about me?”  

“Not yet.   I plan to tell her, but first I wanted to be sure you weren’t just a one-ride pony.   When I do tell her, I’ll hint around for a while and then ease into it slowly so she won’t think I’ve gone completely crazy.”  

“You’re a wise woman already.”

Intendr, as you would say it, that’s my intention.”  





Make Up a Word:   

“Are you complete with your Henry story?”  


“Then perhaps you’d like to play an intentional creation game?”

“Yes,  as long as it’s fun.”  

”Then fun it shall be.   Jezebel, make up a word, any kind of word.”  

“OK. Ummm...    Ummm…"    I sit silently for about a minute and then say,  "I got one, scribabble.”

“Congratulations, my lady you have just created a new word for the English language.”  

“Come on!  Scribabble?   That’s not a real word.”  

“Perhaps it wasn’t this morning, but it is now.”

“No, it isn’t.”  

“Why not?”  

“Because I was just pretending.   I just made it up.”  

“What has that got to do with it?  

“Because I just made it up, it’s not real.”  

“Is that something you know, or is it just something you believe?”  

“What’s the difference?”  

“Knowing is knowledge gained from experience or from correctly observing physical evidence.”  

“Believing is holding a mental perception of how things are.   Beliefs may be nothing more than your own story about something — or someone else’s story.   Beliefs may also be based of false evidence or on a misinterpretation of the evidence.   Beliefs often have nothing physical to support their reality.   Beliefs can be as unreal as the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy.  

“Give me an example.” 

“OK,” he says, and points to the lake.   “This lake has water in it.   You can see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it.   When you splash it around you can ever hear it.   That’s knowledge in the face of experiential evidence.”  

“And believing?”  

“You just gave me a good example when you said scribabble is not a real word.   What is a real word?   What makes a word a real word?  Do you have any evidence that supports you statement that scribabble is not a real word?”  

Ummmm. . .   No.”  

“Let’s examine scribabble and see if it’s a real word.   Do you have a pen or a pencil?”

“Yes, I have a pencil.” 

“How about something to write on?”

“I have an old envelope in my pocket.”  

“That will work fine.  Would you write down your creation on the envelope for me please?” 

“Sure,” I say.   “How do I spell it?” 

“Any way you want to.   It’s your word, so just write it down.” 

“OK.   I’ve got it.”

“Does it look real?”  


“Spell it out loud for me, please.”  

I spell,  “S  C  R  I  B  B  A  B  L  E.”  

“Are all the letters real?”  


“OK. now say it.” 


“Does your mouth know whether or not it’s a real word?”  


“Now, I’ll say it and you listen.   Scribbable.   Does your ear tell you it’s not a real word?”  

“I don’t know what it means?”  

“I didn’t ask if you know what it means.   I asked if your ear could tell whether or not it was a real word?” 

“My ear doesn’t know.”  

Intendr reaches into his pocket, and takes out a dictionary.   “Now here’s a dictionary.   I’ll just open it anywhere and find a word.   “Here’s a nice word, vociferous.   Do you know what that means?”  


“So even though you don’t know what it means, is vociferous a real word?”  

“Yes.   It’s in the dictionary.”  

“One hundred years ago, was computer a real word?   Were automobile, television or telephone real words?   Were any of them in the 19th-century dictionary?”  


“So how did computer, and telephone get to be a real words?”  

“They are nouns, names for things people invented.”  

“And surfing?  or pasteurize?”  

“They’re verbs describing actions.”  

”OK, now tell me what would you like scribbable to mean?”  

“Well, it reminds me of my brother when he was little.   He scribbled with a crayon and babbled at the mouth but never said or wrote anything that had any meaning to any one else.”  

“So scribbable is a combination of scribbled lines and useless noise.” 


“So now you have created a new word and given it meaning.   And if you were to give the word scribabble to the world in a functional way, in a few years you would find it in the dictionary.”  

“What do you mean by a functional way?” 

“Perhaps scribbable is not a word that people will gravitate to, find appealing and start using, so let me give you a classic example of a word that is just that.”  


“There was a time long before you were born when there was toilet paper but there was no such thing as what is now called facial tissue.”  

“Back in that distant past day, some very clever people thought of making soft tissue paper similar to the finest, softest toilet paper, and making that one-time-use, disposable, tissue paper in a form that people would use in place of the cloth handkerchiefs that people commonly used to blow their noses, wipe their reading glasses, or cleanup their messy children’s faces.

    They also realized that people could use this new product in their bedrooms to wipe themselves after having sex.   And being fully aware of the concept that sex sells products, they wondered how to tell the public to use their tissues in the bedroom.   Then someone thought of creating a name, like an acronym for their product that sounded like clean sex.  

“What’s an acronym?”  

“An acronym is a combination word made up of a series of letters that are part of two or more words and the single word stands for the whole series of words.   An example is Nabisco which stand for National Biscuit Company.   Another example is Arco which stands for Atlantic Richfield Company and then there’s your word, scribbable which stands for scribble & babble.

    So the company gave the world a new product and they sold it under the name Kleenex.   This is subliminal way of saying "Clean Sex."   It was so popular that Kleenex became the most commonly used name for what we today call facial tissues.   Today Kleenex is in the dictionary and is officially defined as  ‘an arbitrary alteration of clean+-ex.’   The name was so popular that the company that created Kleenex had to go court to protect their claim to exclusive use of the word for their product.  

    There you have an example of a personal creation of your own and a commercial creation by a major company.   The whole world of language as we know it is made up just like Kleenex and scribabble.“   

“It is?”  

“Of course.”  

“Like what’s made up?” 

“It would be simpler to ask what isn’t made up.   Where do you suppose baseball games originated?   Where did airplanes come from?   Where did your favorite music come from?   Where did ice cream come from?”  

“Someone made them all up in their minds?” 

“Precisely, and then they took action to physically create what they’d thought up.   Are you aware that you’re creating and then re-creating your life all day long, every day?”  

“I am?”  

“Of course.   You just don’t bring much conscious thought to the process.   How did you get here?”  

“I decided to come here.”  

“And then took action to get here.”  

“How did those green socks get on your feet?”  

“I decided to put them on.”  

“And then you took action and put them on.   So it is with all of life.   If you’d like, I’ll show you and coach you in creating your life to be any way you choose it to be.”   

“Wow!   I’d like that.   When do we start?”   

“In case you hadn’t noticed, we have already started.   If we’re to continue, however, I will need your permission to be your coach and your guide.  

“Definitely yes.”  

“It may get rough at times and I’ll tell you things you may not, in the moment, want to hear.   I’ll invite you to take actions that will seem sometimes difficult and challenging, sometimes silly and ridiculous, and sometimes absolutely embarrassing.  

“I am not concerned about being embarrassed because I usually don’t care what anyone says or thinks.   As for challenging, I’m ready right now, so count me in and give me the scoop.”  

“Good!” he says.   “I now consider our agreement to be confirmed.”   He stands, removes his hat, and with hat in hand and an exaggerated sweeping gesture, he bows to me and says, Miss Jazbell, I will be honored to be your coach and your guide.”  

I giggle, stand up, mimic his bow and say, “Mister Intendr, I will be honored to be your student.”  





Stoney’s Invitation:

At this point, Jezebel stops reading, puts down her notebook and turns her attention to me.   

“Stoney, that was my start with Intendr.   He has been available for me whenever I have needed his advice ever since.   Over the years, I have loved him, hated him, been angry at him and even been afraid of him.   As I matured, I began to realize that the things I hate, feared or got angry about, were parts of myself that I had not yet learned to accept.   Today, my relationship with him is much like that of woman relating to a very wise and loving uncle.   Our relationship is very much one of mutual love and respect.”  

“Am I correct that there’s more in your note book about your interactions with Intendr?”  

“Oh yes!" she says.   "There’s much more.   I’ll share several more pieces with you at some other time.   One of my favorites is when he explains to me the essence of using vulgar language and how to curse without using four-letter words.”  

“Jezebel, I rarely ever hear you swear or use offensive words.”  

“And I owe that to a session with Intender when I was twelve years old, but that’s another story for another time.”  

“There’s my line again.”  

“And so it is.   Thank you for bringing it to my attention.”  

“It’s not new.   You must have heard it before.”  

She smiles and is quiet for a moment.   “A penny for your thoughts,” I say. 

She looks at me in a strange way and says, “That’s another story for another day.”

“Then, perhaps a dime, or even another quarter for your thoughts.”

She laughs and says, “The story’s not for sale; but, for curiosity’s sake, if you’ve got another quarter, keep it handy.”

I say, “Haven’t we already been down this road?”

“Obviously, yes, and as I recall, you liked where that road took us.   You’ll probably like this journey, too.”

“Then, I’m to sit and wondering what the quarter’s for this time and what revelation is yet to come forth.”

“Well, you can lie down, or you can even stand and walk around.”

I just smile and otherwise ignore her smart-ass remark.   She then says, “Before we part company for the night, I have an invitation to extend to you for next Saturday, from early afternoon until approximately 1:00 am.   Are you available?"

“My schedule is such that I can be available for that time period; however, before I make any commitments, I’d like to know what am I being invited to.”  

“To another CLI Circle.”  

“In that case, I definitely accept.   Where is it to be and what preparations do I need to make?”  

“The party will be held a Christina’s home which is about thirty miles east of here.   So If you come here at 12:00, we can easily be there by 1:00.”  

“Have I met Christina?”  

“If you have to ask that question, then you haven’t met Christina.   As far as preparation is concerned, there’s nothing you need to do except that I suggest you  stop your orgasmic-related, CLIC practices as of about Thursday afternoon.   Continue all of the other practices like the Kegal exercises and your daily quiet time.”  

“Is there anything I need to bring?”  

“Whenever you go to any CLI Circle, always bring at least one extra set of clothes, preferably two sets, including extra footwear, and have a blanket and pillow in your car in case you need it.   Also bring along some kind of pad that you can place on the floor to sit and/or lie down on.   Bringing along two or three large towels is also a good idea.   You also might want to mark your towels in some way so you can identify them as yours   The CLICs are generally pot luck.   In this case, I’ll make a dish for both of us, so you can forget that requirement for this session.“  

“I’ll give you a general flow of what might occur.   Keep in mind that this is a description of only one type of CLI Circle.   Every party setting is different, and the style is usually determined by the host and/or hostess.”  

“All CLIC sessions hosted by Christina are for couples only and are by invitation only.   No singles, either male or female, will be invited, and no invited guests can bring anyone else with them to a session.   There will be approximately 12 to 16 couples there.   All couples will be male/female, with the occasional exception of a female/female couple.”

I say, “She allows lesbians but not gay men.   That sounds bias and prejudicial to me.” 

Jezebel responds with, “Well, by the standard social definition, it definitely is expressing prejudice.   Making choices can also be labeled as having personal preferences or discriminating taste.   That’s the nature of free choice.   Everybody has the right to be whomever he or she chooses to be in his or her own personal lives.   And that includes the absolute right to be a bigot, a sexist, racist, a dogmatist, or anything else they choose to be.   Behaving that way in public; however, is an entirely different matter.”

“Isn’t a CLI Circle a public gathering?”

“Absolutely not!   It is a completely private gathering in a private home with guests allowed in only by personal invitation.   Nobody, other than the invited guests has any knowledge about the gathering and no monetary exchanges are ever involved.  

“As long as we’re talking about prejudice or preferences, S&M couples are not invited either, so there will be no whips or boots or bondage.   Also, Christina will not allow anyone to bring cigarettes, alcohol or any other drugs onto her property.   Those who need to smoke, must park off the property and then go out to their cars later to do so.   Also, no one under eighteen is allowed on the property while a CLI Circle is in progress.”  

“Everyone must arrive between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.   The one to four time is to get comfortable and to get aquatinted with others there.   This is a time for snacks, for swimming, for relaxing, for socializing and for just being there.   This reminds me of one other thing to bring.   Bring along shorts or swim suit for afternoon swimming.”  

“Swimsuits at an CLIC party?   I don’t understand.”  

“Because nudity, although wholesome, is not very erotic when taken in large doses.   The objective for afternoon clothing is to tantalize and tease each other about what will later be unveiled.   Remember, this is only one way to play the CLIC game.   You’ll find the activities at each CLI Circle following their own unique style.  

“What about sex in the afternoon?” 

“Some private, back-room sexual activity may go on, but afternoons are a more social than sexual time.   Everybody generally keeps his or her clothes on until the evening session begins.   Those in the pool may or may not be wearing swim suits, but once out of the pool, people usually wear clothes.”  

“At 4:00 we gather together, and each shares with the group their intention for the session.   Once the sharing of intention starts, no one else is allowed in.   The entire space becomes clothing optional.   Rarely will you find anyone who keeps street clothes on during the evening session.   Some will probably be wearing exotic or erotic costumes.   Many people will be naked for the most of the evening.”  

“The basic tenets of CLIC sessions, such as every interaction is by mutual consent and the maintaining separate body fluids, are strictly adhered to.   We have talked about these before and they will be clearly spelled out to all present as part of the 4:00 p.m. sharing.   After the 4:00 o’clock gathering, we usually share the potluck food that was brought.   After that, anything goes.”  

“Many participants bring flowers to decorate the space.   With rare exception, everyone has great respect for the property, for the furniture, and for the vegetation, and after the session, most will share in cleaning up anything that needs cleaning up.   Those who dishonor the space, anyone else, or their agreements, are simply not invited back.   CLICs hosted by Christina are such delightful events that nobody wants to be excluded from a future party, so rarely are there any problems.   Do you have any questions?”  

“Jezebel, you have obviously attended several of her parties in the past, so what are some of the highlights you remember?”  

“Each CLI Circle session is unique, so I’m going to ask you to wait and experience it for yourself.   When you get into actually writing the book, I’ll share some ideas you may want to include.”  

“Any hints now?”  

“Yes, just two.”  

“What are they?”  

“Get out of your head!   And, on Saturday, bring some flowers.”  

End of Chapter Eight ---  How Long is a Chinaman






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