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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Twenty Nine

A very Pleasant Anatomy Lesson





OK, now what?”  I say.   

How about an anatomy lesson?”  

I reach out and stroke her backside.   “Yes, I’d like that.”  

Not my anatomy, yours.”

Oh.”   I withdraw my hand.  

Jazbell takes my hand, puts it back on her derriere, and then says, “More please.   I like that.   I’m suggesting that you get more familiar with how your own body functions.“  

I think I know my body.”  

I doubt that you do.   Let’s go in on the couch and we’ll find out.”   We go to the living room with a detour through the hall closet where we get two very large towels, two smaller towels, two boxes of facial tissues, and two small bottles of almond oil.   She places tissues and a bottle of oil on the tables at each end of the couch.   She spreads the two large towels on the couch, one at each end, places one of the small towels on a big towel where she is about to sit and then sits at one end of the couch facing me.   She bids me to do likewise, which I do.   We are both still totally naked as we sit facing each other.  

She sits there looking at me for a moment and then says, “You’re quite a handsome man.”  

Thank you.    I guess you already know that I think you are very attractive too.”   

I know, and you can tell me that as often as you like.” 

Jazbell, I find you sensationally beautiful.   Your showing and sharing your body with me is a greatdelight.”  

"As you well know, it’s for our mutual pleasure that I share myself with you.   And, enough ego boosting.   On to the anatomy lesson.”  





I see you’re not circumcised.   You’re one of the lucky ones.”  

Why do you say that?”  

Because the sheath commonly referred to as the male foreskin is designed to protect the head of the penis.   Yours is still intact. 

Does that make any difference?” 

If you compare the hands of a jeweler with those of a man who runs a jackhammer, will you find any difference in their degree of sensitivity?”  

Certainly.   I would expect a considerable difference.”  

Do you remember when you were a kid and, at the beginning of summer when you first started running around barefoot, every little pebble hurt your foot, but by the end of summer, your feet were covered with thick layers of calluses and those same pebbles no longer bothered you.”  

Yes, I remember that.” 

What’s the common thing that most men want as they near orgasm?”  

I have no answer, so I just look at her.  

The answer is ‘beat it harder and faster.’   That’s certainly the antithesis of sensitivity.   If you stick with this process and actually learn and use the techniques that I share with you, you will find that softer, slower, and lighter will produce for you far more intense, more frequent, and longer lasting periods of sexual ecstasy.”  

And so, to directly answer your question, having your male sheath intact gives you an advantage in reaching the more subtle levels of tactile sensitivity.”  

Is that really true?”  

The human body is an incredible biological machine which adapts itself to its environment with amazing exactitude.   Could you possible believe that you could cut the sheath off the penis and the body would have no response with regard to reducing the sensitivity of the now exposed penile head?”  

I know a lot of men who would like to believe that fantasy.   I personally believe, and this is just my personal opinion, that circumcision is a significant causal factor in the social and emotional insensitivity of men in our society today.”  

Why do you say that?” 

Would you like someone to come along today and cut off your foreskin without asking your permission?”  

Certainly not.”  

Then why would you think a newborn baby would feel any different?   He doesn’t know what’s happening until it’s too late.   He cannot run away, and he cannot speak to protest.   All he can do is scream, which most of them do profusely.   I can’t speak for you, but I’d be pissed as hell if someone did that to me.   It’s a barbaric custom that may have served a hygienic purpose in a desert environment 2,000 years ago, but its days have long since passed.   Today, a little soap and water turn its hygienic justification into a joke.”  

Then why is it still done so often today?”  

For two main reasons.   First, because, with regard to this issue, logic and reason have been subverted by religious beliefs and customs for thousands of years and, second, because today it is a way for doctors and hospitals to collect a little more money from the birthing parents or their insurance companies.”  

That’s a rather sad commentary on both religion and medicine.”  

I like to say it’s more a matter of ignorance.”  

You obviously disapprove.”  

Disapprove is not the correct word.   I always stand on the side of free will choice and free will choice is certainly lacking in regard to infant circumcision.   We’re talking about an irreversible, life-changing decision made without the consent of the person whose life is being forever changed.   The result of infant circumcision is a deeply hidden psychological rage and a reduced penile sensitivity in those so violated.” 

You’ll get a lot of people to argue with you and dispute those conclusions.”  

Yes, and denial is just a river in Egypt, too.   I’m not interested in arguing with anyone who wants to cut a piece off of themselves.   It’s third party, non-consensual violation that I object to.   We’re getting off track here; however, there’s one other factor that’s been completely ignored regarding circumcision.   I’ll share this concept with you as long as we’re on this topic.   This involves the flow of subtle body energies.”

Are you referring to what I’ve been told is the aura or energy field interpenetrating with and surrounding the physical body?” 

Yes, and most so-called experts will pooh-pooh this because it’s invisible to them.”  

You mean like Louis Pasture’s microbes?”  

Yes, that’s a good analogy.”  

OK, what’s being ignored?” 

With a non-circumcised penis, the sheath acts as a door or like an energy switch.   When the sheath is over the head, the door is closed, the switch is in the off position, and the energy is maintained within the body.   When the sheath is pulled back, the door is open, the switch is in the on position, and energy flows out from the head of the penis.”  

With a circumcised penis, the door has been removed so the doorway is always wide open, and, as a result, life energy is constantly leaking out of the body and dripping off the end of the penis.”  

You will certainly get derided and scoffed at on that one.”  

Yes, I’m sure that’s true, and, then one day, we’ll hear, ‘Oh, we knew that all along.’   Stoney, I think we’re getting way off track here.   Let’s get back to playing."   



The Anatomy Lesson


Good plan.   I was about to receive an anatomy lesson.” 

You still are.   Take your wand in hand and pull your foreskin back as far as it will go.”  

I do as she asks.   “Can you do that with an erection?”  

No, I don’t think so.   At least not that far.”  

Put some oil on your lingam, stroke it till it’s hard and let’s find out.”  

All of a sudden, I am once again excited and scared at the same time.   I have never before displayed my penis so openly in front of a woman, particularly in front of a woman who was intent on watching me.   So I add oil and a few strokes and, voilŕ, I display a stiff wand of light.  

Draw your foreskin back again now as far as it will go.”   I do so and find that it goes back only about half as far as before.  

Where do you feel the resistance?”  

I say, “Right here,” indicating the point on the underside near the head of my lingam.  

Where else?” 

There’s a ring of foreskin tissue circling the shaft that seems tighter than the rest of the foreskin.”  

What do you suppose is the cause of that?” 

The ring is that portion of foreskin tissue which hangs off the tip of my lingam when I’m not sexually aroused.”  

It’s also that part of your sheath that’s the least stretched out it when your penis is in its flaccid state?”  


So when you stretch it with an erection, there’s tension on that ring of tissue, but at other times there is no tension.”  


Have you ever noticed that area ring being sore after you’ve masturbated or had sexual intercourse?”   

Yes, numerous times.   The skin would crack and I’d have to let it heal for a few days before I could be sexual again.”  

And what did you do while it was healing?”  

Nothing.   I’d just leave it alone to heal.”  

And then?”  

It would heal.” 

And later, you’d have the same problem all over again.”  


Would you like to eliminate that problem and, at the same time, increase your capacity for sexual pleasure?”  

Certainly, who wouldn’t?”  

I won’t answer that question, but I will share with you a new way of relating to your lingam.”  


Remember, just knowing about this won’t make any difference for you.   You’ll have to do the suggested practice for yourself before there’ll be any difference.”  

I’m listening — and I am also willing to do the practices.”  

OK.   This will take regular practice for about one to two months, after which you’ll be able to draw your foreskin fully back over your erect lingam without feeling the tight ring around your shaft.   The tension on the underside near the head will also be greatly reduced.”  

All right, what do I do?”  

When you go to bed at night, pull the sheath back off the head of your soft penis and, if you are lying on your back, hold the sheath back by placing a pillow on top of you.  If you are lying on your stomach, let the pressure of the mattress beneath you hold the sheath back.   Let yourself fall asleep that way.”  

When you are sitting quietly, or at any other time when you are physically inactive, pull the sheath back off the head of your soft penis and hold it back by pulling your clothing tight against your lingam.   Do whatever it takes to hold the sheath back and keep tension on these two areas that need to be stretched.”   

When you have a spontaneous erection, pull the sheath back, hold it back and just be there with the skin being gently stretched.”  

Holding this stretched position is particularly important after you have been sexually active and when there is any soreness or irritation in either of these two areas.   Why?   Because, if the skin is cracked, you’ll want it to heal in the stretched position.   After you have done this practice regularly for a while, the stretched condition will become the normal condition and you can stop this practice.”  

That sounds simple enough.”  

It’s very simple.   There are only two requirements to make it work.   The first is knowing about it and the second is doing the required practice.” 

Where does increased capacity for sexual pleasure come into the picture?”

When you can draw your sheath on and off the head of your lingam with long slow easy strokes, you will notice that this feels very similar to inserting your lingam into a yoni.   The main difference is that you will be sliding out instead of sliding in.   There is also a temperature reversal.   You will be sliding out into a colder place instead of sliding in into a warmer place.   Once you become more energy sensitive, you may also begin to feel the on/off energy flow that I mentioned a few minutes ago.  

Jazbell is quiet for a moment and then says, “So there you are.”  

Is that it?” I ask. 

For this bite of the elephant, yes.   For today’s anatomy lesson, of course not.”  

So what’s next?”  

Did you do the practices I showed you a couple of weeks ago?”  27-1  


So you’re ready for the next phase.  





Kegal Exercise - In Reverse



OK.   Using either hand, place two fingers firmly, yet gently against the base of your pubic bone between your testicles and your anus.   Now with your thumb and fingers of the other hand, take hold of and squeeze your lingam two or three times at the point close to where it connects to your body.   Do you feel any muscle spasms?”  


Now squeeze your lingam up close to its head.   Do you feel any muscles spasms?"


Move your hand back and forth along the shaft and keep squeezing.   What do you notice?” 

No spasms at the base, strong spasms near the head, and a sliding scale of spasm intensity in between.    The closer I get to the head the stronger the spasms.” 

Now find the point along the shaft where the spasms are present but very mild.”  

I’ve got it.”

Now continue to squeeze there and make the spasms stop.” 

How do I do that?   They’re automatic.”  

Like your breathing muscles, they are automatic if you do not take intentional control.   I can’t exactly put that into words how to make them relax, but I can demonstrate a similar process.   Let go of your lingam and just lay back on the couch, close your eyes and relax.   Now intentionally let your body relax.   Let your jaw drop open.   Let your hand flop loose.   Just plain let go.   How does your body feel now?”  

Much more relaxed.”  

Now go back to squeezing on your lingam and let these muscles relax in a similar way to how you relaxed the rest of your body.”   

Practice this regularly until you can squeeze anywhere and the muscles stay relaxed in response to your conscious intention for them to stay relaxed.”  

I’ll practice this, but I’d have more incentive if I knew why I was doing this.” 

The goal is to reach higher and higher states of sexual excitement and still keep your sexual muscles relaxed.   The eventual goal is to experience completely relaxed orgasms — with no ejaculation — with no semen expulsion — just wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy.   Learning to consciously stop your muscle spasms is an essential step in reaching that goal.”  

The traditional way of stopping the spasm involved strengthening the PC muscles to the point where you could squeeze them and hold them tight, thus preventing ejaculation.   That is one of the reasons why most Tantric instructors tell you to practicing the Kegal exercise.   The squeezing exercises are important, and I do recommend mastering them; however, squeezing muscles to prevent ejaculation is approaching orgasm from the direction of struggle, domination, and control.”  

With the techniques I am sharing with you, you can approach orgasm from the opposite pole, the end called total relaxation, the pole of allowing, of letting go and of just being.”  

If you will experiment with this practice for a while, you’ll notice that the intensity of the spasms will also vary depending on your body position, depending on how sexually excited you are, depending on how deeply and rhythmically you are breathing, and depending on your stated intention.”  

Sounds like we’re into a pretty big elephant again.” 



Fifteen Minutes of Orgasmic Ecstasy


We are, so I’d like to end the talk and demonstrate for you ten to fifteen minutes of orgasmic ecstasy.”

Didn’t you already do that in the shower?”  

That wasn’t for very long.”  

It seemed long to me.”  

That’s because you’re not used to extended orgasms.   I want to demonstrate this so you’ll see it can be done.”

You can do that because you are a woman.”

That’s bullshit, Stoney.   Anything I can do you can do as well.   I personally know several men who are multi-orgasmic.   The fact that you have a male body and I have a female body means very little.   We can both experience the same intensities and durations of bliss.   We simple need to use slightly different approaches.”  

The major distinction is that most men still believe that extended orgasms are impossible, and therefore, for them they are impossible.   As I said earlier, I intend to demonstrate for you how you can raise your passion, your pleasure, and your orgasmic ecstasy to levels that you have previously considered to be impossible and unreachable.   But, of course, we can skip the demonstration if you prefer.”   

Oh!   No!   No.   The demonstration please.”  

Good.   I’ve been looking forward to this part of our sharing.   You can share this with me however you choose as long as you remember to maintain the integrity of our separate body fluids.   You can touch me, massage me, stroke me; you can even put your finger inside me as long as you maintain the integrity of our separate body fluids.   If you play with your lingam with one hand, use only the other hand to touch me and I will do likewise.   When you come, be sure you don’t squirt all over the place and particularly, do not come on me.   I don’t mean to sound clinical, but I do want us to be clear about our intentions.   Are you okay with this?”  


Good.   Then I declare that I am experiencing at least ten minutes of intense orgasmic ecstasy while you are here with me, watching me, and/or touching me.   What is your intention?”  

My intention is to share orgasmic ecstasy with you, to be here with you and for you.”  

Good.   I think we need a mood shifter.   I’ll put on some music.”    Jazbell gets up and puts on a CD titled, “Music to Disappear In” by Raphael.   She begins to dance around in rhythm with the music and motions me to join her.   She swirls and turns coming close to me and then moving away again.  

Spin yourself in clockwise circles,” she says.   I’m already dizzy just watching her.   I start spinning but soon have to stop and sit back down lest I fall down.   Jazbell keeps on spinning and then literally throws herself back onto the couch.   She laughs, then giggles, then groans, closes her eyes and begins to move her hands over the front of her body.   Her fingers dance over her body like little elves having a field day in a flower garden.   I watch in awe as those fingers dance around her face, into her hair, over and around her breasts, and then down her belly, over the mountain into the valley of love.  

She opens her eyes briefly, I assume to see what I am doing and if I’m watching.   “Stroke yourself, watch me, and remember to breathe,” she says and then she closes her eyes again.   She extends her foot toward me and her leg makes full contact with me along the inside of my right leg.   As she moves her hips, her toes come so close to my testicles that they brush against the hair but do not quite touch flesh.  

Again she opens her eyes and looks at me.   Even though she is smiling and looking at me she is, at the same time, a million miles away.   Her right hand is making slow circles between her legs.   Her mouth is partially opened and her eyes have a glazed look.   Her eyeballs roll up and her head tilts back.   Her eyes close and she is gone.   After a moment she is back and looks at me again.  

I am so excited watching her that I completely forget about breathing or about controlling myself and, as a result, I soon find myself in an intense orgasm.   I have to cover my lingam with my free hand to prevent squirting fluids all the way into the next county.   Jazbell feels the warm semen falling onto her foot.   She opens her eyes and smiles at me.   Her hand continues its slow stroking between her legs.   Her eyes roll back and then close.   She is gone again.  

I just sit and watch for some minutes as Jazbell rolls, and slides, and floats through orgasmic heaven.   I become aware of the same hip movements and the associated, harmonic, rhythmic breathing that I noticed earlier in the shower.   I silently offer a prayer of gratitude for my good fortune to be here with her.   As my last words are silently offered, Jazbell opens her eyes, looks at me and says, “Do that again, Stoney.”   Her eyes close, and once more, she’s gone.  

Eventually the moaning and moving and stroking subside and stillness rules the couch.   The beautiful music is still playing softly behind me.   I take some tissue and begin to wipe Jazbell’s foot.   Jazbell opens her eyes and says, “What a delightful experience.   Heaven is a real place.   I can assure you of that.”  

What made you open your eyes a few minutes ago and say, “Do that again, Stoney?” 

Did I do that?   Hum.   I don’t remember.   Well, it sounds like the right thing to say.”  

I had just completed offering a silent prayer of gratitude when you opened your eyes, looked at me and said, Do that again, Stoney.”  

Sounds to me like we were on the same wave length — sex as a spiritual experience, prayers and all.”  

One other thing I need to clear up.” 

What’s that?” she says.   

My apologies for coming on your foot.”  

Actually, I rather enjoyed it.   It didn’t violate our body fluids agreement, so under the circumstances, it was fine.”  

But I did get semen on you and I had agreed not to do that.”  

If I were masturbating you, I would expect to get semen on my hands.   I put my foot in the way, so don’t be concerned about it.”  


Anything else?” she asks.  

Yes.   Thank you for sharing your orgasms with me.” 

Believe me, I enjoyed it more than you did.” 

Yes, I can believe that.”  

End of Chapter Twenty Nine ---  An Very Pleasant Anatomy Lesson





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