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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Twenty Eight

Chocolate Ice Cream





Once the clothes and wet towels are cared for, Jazbell announces that she would like some chocolate ice cream so we make our way to the kitchen.  Once there, I offer to assist.  

“Please,” she says.   “Sit here.”   She motions me to a backless, cushioned, swivel seat near the central work area.  

“I’ll get out the dishes and ice cream and then watch your masculine muscles ripple as you scoop it out of the container.   What flavor would you like?”  

“Chocolate will be fine.”  

She gets the container, places before me the necessary accoutrements, and then stands directly behind me.   She steps close up against my back, pulls the edges of her towel aside and places her naked belly directly on my back.  Her hands slide over my shoulders and onto to my chest where they gently pull on my chest hairs.  

In a sultry voice she says, “Go for it, big boy.”  






I reach behind me and begin sliding my hand up the inside of her right leg.  “I assume you’re referring to the ice cream,” I say.   

“Ass. . .  U. . .  Me. . .  Assume.   Assumptions often get us in trouble.   Chocolate ice cream, please.”  

I say,  “You didn’t answer my question.”  

“Chocolate ice cream will be just right.”   She pauses and then adds,  “at least for now.”   In the midst of several sensual interruptions, I manage to dish out the ice cream.   When I am finished, Jazbell returns the container to the freezer, rinses the serving spoon, places it in the drying rack, and returns to me.  

“Where are the spoons,”  I ask?

“Ass. . .  U. . .  Me. . .  again, she says.   Who said anything about spoons?”   She spins me around on the chair and sits on my lap straddling me with her spread legs.   The only thing now between my wand of light and her wide-opened yoni is two millimeters of towel.   I feel my loins and my lingam responding to the situation.  

Jazbell wiggles, giggles and says, “Oooo, this feels like it ought to be fun.”   She picks up one of the dishes, takes a piece of ice cream in her fingers and places it in my mouth.   I take in the bulk of the ice cream and then lick off what remains on her fingers.  

“OK, it’s my turn.”   She opens her mouth and waits.   I feed her ice cream with my fingers.   She laps up both the ice cream and my fingers.   This goes on back and forth in drippy delight until both dishes are empty.   The sensual pleasures are once again profound.   Needless to say, things get pretty messy before we’re finished.   We have melted ice cream all over ourselves, the towels, the counter, and even on the floor. 

Jazbell stands up, takes off her towel, wets a corner of it in the sink and proceeds to wipe the ice cream off of me.   As I stand up, she takes off my towel also.   My semi-erection pops into full view.  

“Pleased to meet you, sir,” she says as she nonchalantly reaches out and briefly takes hold of my lingam.  She shakes it up and down as though she were shaking hands with a dog and then lets go and returns to wiping ice cream off my chest.  

We clean up each other and the kitchen, bring the rinsed towels out to the laundry area, and hang them with the other items already there. 

“What now?” she says.

“You seem to have things pretty much planned, so I’ll invite your suggestions.”  

“To say that things are planned is not entirely accurate.   I do have some themes and ideas in mind and I have created a few special bits like the taped male voice you heard earlier, but there is nothing specifically planned other than what was stated in our opening intentions.   For example, bringing the chocolate ice cream was planned, but everything about how we shared it was completely spontaneous.”  

“I understand.”  

“Before we do get into whatever we do next, I have two questions for each of us to answer for the other.”  

“And those questions are?” 

“First, what is it that you liked best about what we just shared together today?”  

“Jazbell, the thing I liked best so far was how you were there for me during our blindfold game.”  

“And what I liked best was when you acknowledged that you were shaking after we did the taped voice bit.   You really shared your vulnerability with me.   Thank you.”  

“You’re welcome.   What’s the other question?”   

“How could we have brought more joy to our experiences?”  

“You mean what would I want to be different?”  

“You could say it that way.” 

“I wish I hadn’t come so quickly in the shower.” 

“Thanks for sharing that.   Just remember that nothing that happens here is in any way wrong.”  

“I know.   So what’s your answer to the question?” 

“I would like to have extended the ice cream sharing longer.”  

“Do you mean more ice cream or do something differently?”  

“More ice cream.”  

“We can still do that.”  

“No, thank you.   The reason for asking these two questions is to expand our awareness.   It’s not to fix anything.  

“Are those two questions part of a regular CLIC session?”  

“They’re part of awareness expansion, and, yes, they’re frequently included in CLI Circles.”  

We both become silent and look into each other eyes.   I'm loving this connection and at the same time it's making me nervous.   "OK, now what?" I ask.   She does not respond other than to keep looking intently at me.   I wonder if she, too, is violating our agreement about no emotional attachments.   I have no clear way to know and I'm not about to risk asking.  All I do know for certain is that I have to look away before my heart starts running my mouth. 

 I look for a distraction and notice a pair of scissors hanging from the cord which controls the window blind.   I point to the scissors and say, "What are the scissors doing hanging on the window cord?  

Jazz responds, "If you'll bring them to me, I'll explain why.   I go over to retrieve the scissors and find that I cannot remove them from the cord.   I notice she's watching me with a mischievous smile on her face and so I intensify my effort to remove the scissors from the cord.   The cord comes from the control mechanism at the top of the window, loops down to where the scissors are and then leads back up and into the control mechanism.   Seeing no break in the cord anywhere in site, I close and open the blinds and still find no end to the cord.   The two haves of the scissors are connected with a rivet and obviously don't come apart.   

I look back at Jazz and say, "OK smart ass, what's with the scissors?"

"Come back here and I'll answer your question."  She gestures to the stool I was sitting on during our ice cream sharing and says, "Sit."   

As I sit, she steps to the window, takes the scissors in her hand, turns so I cannot see what she is doing, and in less that thirty seconds, she returns to me with scissors in hand.   I look at her and say, "Is this some kind of magician's illusion?

"No," she says, "it's simply a function of knowing how to remove the scissors."

"All right, then how's it done?"   Without answering my question, she returns to the window, again blocks my view and, before I can get up to see what she is doing, she steps aside and the scissors are back on the window cord.   I examine the scissors and find them on the cord exactly the way the were before.   I spend another minute in another unsuccessful  attempt to remove them.

Jazbell pulls me away from the window saying, "Come on, don't get lost in your head.   Today is about being and feeling, not about thinking."

"I take it that you're not going to show me how to. . ."

She interrupts with,  "Of course not."   She opens a nearby cupboard and takes out a similar pair of scissors attached to a cord the ends of which are buried in a block of plastic.  "Here," she says, "take this home with you and figure it out later." 26-1   

She reaches back into the cupboard, extracts a piece of paper and hands  it to me saying, "Here, take this, too."   

Here's what's on the page:

Connect the nine dots below with four straight lines without lifting your pencil off the paper.

.    .    .

.    .    .

.    .    .



I say, "Another challenge.  Thank you, I accept."

She adds,  "I invite you to think of them as gifts."

"I take it there's more to this than scissors on a cord."   She just smiles and I know I have my answer.

End of Chapter Twenty Six ---  Chocolate Ice Cream Can Get Pretty Hot





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Footnotes and References

26-1  Here's a diagram showing how the scissors are attached to the window cord:..


Now you, too, can figure out how these two tasks are accomplished.   And in case you think they can't be done, I assure you they're both possible.  If you'd like a hint, you can go to the page on our Success Coaching web site page titled: Glossary of Terms used and read the section titled: Beginners Mind.  The address is: