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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
through physical touch.    Touch may be    purely sensual,    sexually-sensual,     or    outright orgasmic.       

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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Twenty Five

My First day in Heaven





Jazbell gets up and comes to me, takes my hands in hers and pulls me back to the couch.   “Would you like some water or some fruit juice?   The bathroom is over there if you need it.”  

Yes, I’d like some water.”  

Please sit here,” she says in a loving voice, as if she were a mother speaking to a lost child.   “Take a couple of deep breaths.   I’ll be right back.”   As I watch her walk away, I feel completely comfortable and cared for.  

She disappears into the kitchen, so I turn and again focus on the picture.   The picture is still magnificent, but the duality and the sense of floating are gone.   I sit quietly, intentionally breathe deeply, and await Jazbell’s return.

She soon returns with water for me and apple juice for herself.   She places her glass on the table, slides onto the couch near me, and twists her body to sit facing me.   While her right foot stays on the floor, she pulls her left leg up onto the couch so that her knee is touching the back of the couch.   She rests her left toe gently against my right leg just below my knee.   She smiles and leans toward me and says. “Stoney, how do you feel now?”

I’m quite aware of her open body language, her delightful smile and the pressure of her toe against my leg.   I reply, “I feel like a four-year old who is about to be given cookies, warm milk, and a long-awaited, birthday present.”



Energy Enhancing Exercises 


Good!   Shall we focus on the reason we came here?”

Instantly, my heart starts beating fast and my hands tingle.   I am amazed at the speed of my physiological response.   I feel sensations similar to those I remember having on the day I lost my virginity.   I flash back to those magnificent sensations that I had between the moment I knew I was soon going to be making love to a beautiful woman and the time that it actually happened.

My head feels light.   I think to myself,  “It’s happening again right now.   The moment I have waited two and a half weeks for is unfolding before me now.”

Jazbell interrupts my thought by holding her open hands out to me, left palm up and right palm down.   “Put the palms of your hands against mine,” she says.

I put down my water glass, turn my body slightly toward her and place my hands against hers.   “Close your eyes and breathe deeply,” she says.   “Now feel my feminine energy flowing into you like a river of light flowing in through your left hand and filling your entire body with feminine ecstasy.”

Jazbell is quiet for a moment and then says, “Now allow yourself to flow into me.   Feel your masculine energy flowing into me like a river of light flowing out your right hand entering my body and filling me with masculine ecstasy.

Again she is quiet for a moment.   Then she says, “Continue to breathe deeply.  As you breathe in, take me in.   As you breathe out, flow into me.   Imagine us as one single, unified, blended being, as one continuous circle of ecstasy.   We have no beginning.   We have no end.   We just are.”

All is quiet for what I would guess to be about two minutes, then she says,  “Now open your eyes, look at me, and continue to feel the energy flowing between us.”

As I look at her, my eyes keep wanting to close.   I resist and keep them open.   Then she says,  “We can put my hands down, but I want you to continue feeling the joyous energies flowing between us.” 24-1  

We lower our hands, she smiles, and says, “Stoney, how do you feel now?”

Very pleasant and a little bit dizzy,” I say as I bring my hands down.

Thank you, Stoney.   Thank you for sharing yourself with me.   I can see already, that this is going to be a very delightful day for both of us.   And don’t be concerned about your light-headedness.   Anytime you want that feeling to stop, simply open your eyes, breathe deeply and focus your mind on some mundane object in your immediate environment — an object that brings in your left brain analytical thinking.”   She points across the room and says, “For example, you could count the number of numbers on the clock face over there.”

That’s simple.   I know that without looking.   There are 12 numbers."

Perhaps you might continue to breathe deeply and actually look at the clock and count the numbers.   I get three different totals, 12, 15 and 18 numbers, depending upon how I choose to count them.” 23-2   

Jazbell sits quietly as I examine the clock face.   After a moment or so, I realize she is right.   As I turn my attention back to her she speaks, “How do you feel, now?”

Perfectly normal,” I respond.

So the light-headedness is gone?”


Before we get back to ecstasy, you might like to be aware of two things about your relationship to that clock.”

Are you playing coach again?”


Then, I’m listening."

First, you had a pre-judgment about how many numbers were there and another expectation about what you would see when you actually looked at the clock.   This was all based on your past, on the story in your mind about what you think you know about what’s in your external environment.

Second, you did not consider that the number of numbers could be calculated, or seen, if you will, in at least three different ways.   You imagined that your pre-programmed way of viewing the clock was the only way to see a clock.”

If I may be masculine again, what’s your point?   What’s the bottom line, here?”

What I’m sharing with you regarding the clock is a very simple example of how you and I and all the rest of humanity see only a small piece of reality and then believe that our small piece is all there is to the truth.   We get ourselves in deep trouble all the time in countless ways by seeing only a small piece of the truth.”

I respond with, “I think we get into even deeper trouble when we ignore portions of the truth that we actually do see.”

That, too,” she says, “but enough of this head stuff.   Let’s get back to altering our minds with tactile sensations.   Connect your hands to mine again.”

We re-connect and hold the palms of our hands together for about another two minutes while we both breathe deeply and imagine the energies flowing between us.   Jazbell slowly withdraws her hands and says, “How do you feel?”

I feel wonderful.   I’d like this to continue.”  

"Good!   There are several breathing practices with which can enhance our level of joy.  I'll share one of them with you.   This one involves, visualization, breathing, and hand movements.   The hand movement is an infinity sign going between us.   I'll demonstrate first and they well move together.

   Begin with your hand out in front of you about a foot and a half , with palms facing each other.  Let your hands be loose, free, and relaxed.   Move you hands toward your lower abdominal area, and when your hands are close to your body bring them up to about your throat area.   Then move them out and down and toward my lower abdominal area, then up along my body to about by my throat area, then pull them back towards yourself and down to where you started.   Notice that your hands are making an infinity sigh with the downward movement in the middle."   She Demonstrates this, and I copy her hand movements.  

"Now breath in as you move your hand toward your self and up along your body.  Exhale as your hands go our and down, toward my body,  and up along my body.   As you start moving your hands back down and toward your self begin the inhale."   Again she demonstrates and I duplicate her movement.  

"Now the visualization.   As you breathe in, take me into yourself.   As your hands begin to rise in front of your body, fill your hands with your masculine energy.   As you breathe out and move your hands down and toward my abdominal are, and give you energy to me.   Flow into me and fill me, then as you move your hands up along my body, scoop up some of my feminine energy and then bring you hands  back down and toward  your abdominal area, and with you breath, take my feminine energy into yourself."   Again she demonstrates and I follow.   

"Notice that you body will tend to rock forward and back as you do this exercise.   OK, now lets do this together."   I'm a bit rough, but after only a few cycles, I begin to get into the flow.   "Ok, she says, "enough of that for now.   Practice this at home with and imaginary partner and you soon be able to do this with grace and ease."  

"Are you saying I lack grace and ease?"  

"Stoney, I encourage you to become an observers and answer your own questions.   A new born gazelle is anything but graceful, but with only a couple of days practice it matches the grace and elegance of even the most gifted, ballerina dancers.

"You can also do this without the hand movement by simply imagining our energy fields flowing into around and through each other.”   After a brief pause, she added,   “Consider how we just connected as another preview of coming attractions.”



A Sneak Peek


I sigh and smile at her as she continues to speak.   “Because this is your first CLIC experience, I’ll leave the style in which we share ourselves completely up to you.”

Even though I had known for some time that this moment was coming, I’m speechless.   I just sit there looking at Jazbell with my mouth open.

Jazbell continues,  “One of my favorite games is to strip while you watch.”  

I regain enough composure to say, “Half the fun of receiving a present is in the joy of unwrapping it.”  

I take it then,  that I’m the present which you’d like to unwrap? “ 

Indeed you are.   I shall take great delight in being unwrapped.”   I clearly remember sitting across the table from Jazbell in the restaurant on the day we met, fantasizing about what it would be like to slowly and deliberately take her clothes off.   Today, my fantasy is becoming a physical reality.   

OK, Stoney, you have spoken and so it is.   I have several sets of clothes here, so if there’s any particular style of type of clothing you would like me to wear, I’ll go change.”  

I respond with, “What you have on right now is exactly right.”  

With the exception of the color, Jazbell’s clothing style is almost identical to what Susan was wearing when I first saw her on my sixteenth birthday — a loose, knee-length, full skirt and a button-down-the-front blouse.   I flash to the memory of sex with Susan.   That memory and my anticipation of striping Jazz out of her clothes set my heart beating fast and my fingers tingling with anticipation.  

    I know Jazbell has a bra under the blouse, and I’m assuming panties under the skirt, so the similarity between Susan’s clothing on my sixteenth birthday and Jazbell’s clothing here today is an extraordinary coincidence, or is it?   

I say, “I’d like you to play that game with me where you seemingly innocently allow me to look down your blouse.”  

I like that game, too.   Sarah and I perfected it years ago, and it’s gotten me into places that an armed gorilla couldn’t get into.”  

Haven’t people accused you of using your sexual charms to manipulate men?”  

Jazbell laughs and says, “Numerous times, but I don’t live my life so that others will approve of my behavior.

I’m well aware that you don’t”

That’s because anyone else’s response to my behavior belongs to the person doing the responding and not to me.   To quote an old line, ‘What someone else thinks of me is non of my business’.”

Then your behavior is based on what you, yourself believe is just and right?"

Of course!   It's also about being in the moment with awareness of the existing context and conditions.   I live by my own honor code.   I’ve never used sexual enticement to steal anything or hurt anybody, and I’m always cautious and discriminating as to when and where I use it, so I like to think of this as a win/win game.   And, besides, how many women can say they’ve never used their femininity to gain some advantage or to get something from a man?

    Later, I’ll share with you a couple of adventures I’ve had as a result of using this technique.   In the meantime let’s play.”   Jazbell unbuttons the top button of her blouse and reaches to her right shoulder where she slightly increases the length of her right bra strap.   She then assumes a normal sitting position.  

"That should do it,” she says.   A moment later, she leans forward and, at the same time, slightly raises her left shoulder.   Because I am sitting by her left side, her seemingly innocent movement causes the right side of her blouse and right bra cup to fall away just far enough to provide me with a perfect and complete view of her right breast as it rests gently against the bottom of her bra cup.   My heart jumps.   I feel like an Olympic ski jumper who has just pushed off at the top of the trestle.  

As quickly as that beautiful breast comes into view, it disappears again in a shroud of cloth as Jazbell sits back.   She asks me about the story I wrote last week regarding a new style greenhouse, and I’m taken aback by her words because they completely break the spell that her actions had just inspired in me.   She acts as if nothing had happened.

Do you really want to know about the greenhouse,” I ask?

No, I just wanted to break your train of thought.”

You did that all right.”



Stating Our Intentions


Shall we start by stating our intention for being here?”   Again Jazbell exposes a view of her breast to me.   This time she looks directly into my eyes and in my returning her gaze, I miss most of the show.   She laughs teasingly, and, as she continues to look directly into my eyes, I feel my right hand being taken into hers.   The back of my hand is gently pressed against the cloth which covers her left breast.   I feel her warmth and softness as my composure melts and my loins begins to respond.   I look down at those inviting curves and slip my little finger into her blouse, reaching just far enough to hook her right bra strap.   I gently pull both blouse and bra forward completely exposing an exquisite breast with its erect nipple.   Jazbell sits motionless, watching me.   Except for my eyes, I, too, remain motionless.  

Three times, I shift my gaze from her breast to her face and back to her breast again.   Jazbell simply sits quietly smiling.   The fourth time I look into her eyes, I become self-conscious, break the eye contact, and withdraw my hand completely from her.  

Another preview of coming attractions,” she says as if nothing unusual had occurred.   “We were about to state our intention for being here.   I’ll go first.” 


OK.   I declare that I am here to experience a joy-filled day sharing our bodies together, sharing our sensuality and our sexuality and sharing whatever else unfolds for us.   I declare that today I am experiencing at least fifteen minutes of intense orgasmic ecstasy while you are here with me, watching me, and/or touching me.”  

Fifteen minutes of orgasm!   Are you serious?”   

Absolutely.   Fifteen minutes is the minimum for me.”  

Fifteen minutes!   I find that both fascinating and hard to believe.” 

Perhaps you might loose your hold on your beliefs and expectations and just be here with whatever happens.”  

OK, what else do you intend?”  

I declare this property on this day to be a safe haven for us to share conscious, intimate touching of ourselves and each other.   I declare this time and place to be a completely safe haven for both of us to intimately share our emotional and physical vulnerability with each other.”  

I declare our sensual and sexual sharing to be a spiritual experience, a sacred journey, and an active, energetic prayer.   And speaking of prayers, please join me as I offer a prayer of gratitude.”  

All right,” I hear myself saying, not able to imagine, after that last declaration, what kind of prayer would emanate from her.   Jazbell, as usual, does not disappoint me as she continues. 

We speak now to Pure God, pure Goddess and All;  to Divine Mother,  Divine Father;   to Jesus, to Krishna, and to the Masters of every religion of love; and to all our personal and invisible mentors.   To all of you, we say thank you for the blessings of this day, yesterday and tomorrow.   Thank you for the joy and good fortune that flows freely into our lives.   Thank you for our excellent health, for our earthly abundance, for our loving relationships, for our careers based on bliss, and especially for your presence in our lives.   Thank you!   Thank you!   Thank you!”  

We are both silent for a while, and then I ask if she has any other declarations.  

She replies with,   “I certainly do.”   And then she continues her amazing list as I sit in awe. 

I declare that today we are raising intimacy, personal-interrelating, sensuality, and sexuality into an art-form.   I declare that we maximize our intimacy on all levels, and thus, make both our physical and our emotional intimacy as experiential, as sensual, and as pleasurable as possible.   I declare that we both maintain the integrity of our personal body fluids.   I declare that all activities engaged in here today are engaged in completely by free will choice and with mutual consent.”  

And, I declare that I shall demonstrate for you how you can raise your passion, your pleasure, and your orgasmic ecstasy to levels that you have previously considered as impossible and unreachable.”   

Laughingly, I say,   “While you’re at it, why don’t you declare the Titanic to rise?”  

Jazbell becomes silent.  She looks at me with questioning eyes.   In a matter-of-fact voice, she says,  “Are you okay with my stated intentions, or are we taking too big a bite out of your elephant?”  

My apologies for sounding cynical, and I don’t mean to be a smart ass.   Your intentions are excellent, and I will support them to the best of my ability.   I’m just surprised at the number of them and how thorough you are.”  

Stoney, as I’ve already told you, our lives are self-created and are not a function of the whims of some god-being sitting on a white cloud in the sky.   Thus, we have two choices.   We can create our personal reality intentionally or we can create it by default.   I choose intentional creation.  

    Just look at my life.   Do you think that I’m some kind of freak accident, or that God loves me more than She loves the poor people who sleep in cardboard boxes and eat out of garbage cans.”  

I say to her,  “Truly, Jazz, I . . .   I . . .   I don’t know.”  

Well, I do,” she says.   “I don’t mean to be bragging, but life for me is, for the most part, a joyous experience, and I attribute that success to my awareness of how the universe functions.   I know how I create my own personal reality by my thoughts, words, action, beliefs, emotions, and expectations.   When something goes wrong, I don’t claim to be the victim.   My life in not at the mercy of mom, the government, some invisible devil, an angry vengeful dude sitting on a cloud in the sky, or any other bullshit story!"  

Whoa!   Whoa!   You do have passion for this issue, don’t you?”  

Yes, and I’m a little taken aback by your Titanic comment.   Let’s get that out so we can move on.”  

My apologies.   No offense was intended.   I was trying to be funny.“  

Apparently, I missed your humor.”  

Apparently you did.”  

I guess I need to lighten up, too.   Your apology is accepted, and I apologize for getting heavy on you instead of seeing your humor.

    I’m well aware that my statements are quite formal and sound rather unusual to those not used to them, so I can see how you could easily be put off by declarations that seems to be incredulous.

     Please remember that all expressions of energy are manifestations of God regardless of what you believe God to be.   I use a different approach to life and to prayer than most people are used to.   In prayer, I use statements of what I choose to be, do, have, express, or experience, and those tend to come forth as expressions of praise and gratitude rather than as asking for what isn’t, so if I sound like a kook to you, please bear with me until you have had the opportunity to personally experience this day and then, you can see for yourself whether I’m kooky or onto something good that’s simply so new to you that you don’t yet understand it.”

That sounds fair enough.”

"Before we get back to our intentions for today, I'd like to address one more way to shift the way we relate to each others."    "And that is . . .?  

"Stop apologizing.    You recall how  we've shifted the verbal thank you into and energetic hand movement?  

"Yes, we did that to keep the energy flowing."  

"Now I'd like to do the same thing with apologizing.   Instead of saying 'I'm sorry' which, by the way, is a negative self declaration, you might say something like this:   I'm aware of how I was off the mark.  I'll act (or speak)  differently from now on'."  

She stops speaking and sits quietly, and takes a deep breath and then says,  "I’m complete, so now it’s your turn to state your intentions.”

After your masterful presentation, I hardly know where to begin.”  

Shall I assist?”

Please do.”   Through her coaching and with a series of questions, Jazbell guides me through the intentions.   I do pretty well, but, unfortunately, I feel required to leave out the fifteen minutes of orgasm.

She ends the setting of intentions with the following words: “And in completing our intentions for this next part of our day, with sincere gratitude, we say thank you to the Infinite Source of All Love and to all the invisible beings and energies of love that are here sharing this day with us.   We have spoken and so it is.”  

End of Chapter Twenty Five ---  My First Day in Heaven





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    24-1  For those readers who may choose to use this technique with a partner, please remember, it may take some practice to actually feel the energies.   If, at first, you don’t feel anything, just imagine you do feel something.   Why?   Because there really is an energy field flowing between you.   Remember, the basic law of the universe — “Energy Follows Thought.”   Because you attract to you what you think about with belief and strong emotion, hold your thought.   Hold your focus.   Be patient, and practice, practice, practice.  


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