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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream

Chapter Twenty Two

To the Cabin





Jazbell smiles and breaks away from me.   Her demeanor and her actions immediately shift.   I’m taken aback by her ability to shift modes so quickly.   While I'm turned on by her little gesture of passion, she gives no evidence of what's going on inside her mind.   She reminds me of someone who has just finished her coffee and cake.  I just stand there looking at her.

Come on,” she says, “We’re off.   Off to the woods.   If you have anything in your car that you want to bring, please get it, and let’s go.   The ice cream will melt before we get there, so we’ll leave that here.   If you’d like, we’ll pick up more when we stop for lunch.”  

I retreat to my car, grab my bag with a change of clothes and personal hygiene items, and we climb into Jazbell’s car.   To be more accurate, what she drives is not a car.   It’s one of those utility sport vehicles in which we sit higher above the road than one would in most other cars.   I offer to drive, but she declines my offer saying,  “If you like, you can drive on the way home.”  

She puts the key in the ignition and, without starting the engine, turns to me with that intense, Jazbell look and says, “Are you ready to begin our adventure?” 

Absolutely!   And, I think we already have.”  

You’re right!   We have, and here’s the next step.   There is no goal.   There is no destination.   We are already there.   We are already here.   This is it.   Absolutely nothing for the remainder of the day will get any better than it is right now at this exact moment.”  



My mind says you’re crazy.”  

I know.   How do you feel?”  

Excited.   Happy.   Expectant.”  

Please see if you can add peaceful to that.”  

Any suggestions on how to do that?”  



Rivers of Love


Yes.   Of course.   Close your eyes for a moment and picture the Earth as though you were viewing it from the moon.   Imagine the Earth as being completely safe, completely peaceful, and completely harmonious.   Feel those feelings and become completely in harmony with the Earth.”   Jazbell is quiet for a moment. 

Now imagine yourself back here on Earth.   You are sitting here beside me and you are also floating in a warm, inviting pool of what I’m going to refer to as Divine Light and Love.   Imagine yourself connected to Sacred Mother Earth by a cord of light  reaching from your heart to the center of the Earth.

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably  in warm water waist deep.  Feel how everything below your waist is completely supported by the water.   Feel that freedom and peace in your whole body.   Now instead of water, imagine you are supported by a pool of love waist deep.   Although the pool is only waist deep, feel how the love surrounds your entire body.   Sit quietly for a moment and just be with that feeling."   My mind thinks she's crazy.   I force myself to do it anyway.

After about a minute, she says, "Now imagine a ray of warm gentle sunshine coming down from the sky above and bathing you in its warmth.   Imagine the sunshine connecting to you heart at the same point that the cord from Mother Earth is attached.   Feel the sunshine surrounding you and filling you with love, with compassion, with peace and with beauty.   See, feel, and imagine that ray of sunshine as a gift of love to you from the unmanifested part of the Universe that we commonly refer to as God."   My mind is saying this is silly hocus-pocus, but, since I committed myself to follow her coaching, I do it anyway.   

Jazbell is quiet for another minute and then says, "No matter what you may do for the rest of this day, imagine that river of Light and Love enfolding you and caring for you.”  



Traveling Intentions


Next, she opens the glove compartment, takes out a 5x7 yellow index card, hands it to me, and says, “Before we start moving, lets  state our intentions for the journey.   Please read this out loud, now.”  

I read, as follows.   As I speak, Jazbell voices the words with me.  

Traveling  Intentions

My intention is to travel confidently to any and all destinations and then return to my home base in complete safety and security, in complete freedom and sovereignty, and in maximum ease and comfort.  

My intention while traveling is to be fully focused on my driving, to be fully alert to anything and everything that is required of me in order to travel confidently to my destinations and return to my home base in complete safety and security, in complete peace, freedom, and sovereignty and in maximum joy, ease, and comfort.  

My intention while traveling is to find my way quickly and easily to any and all destinations.   Along the way, I am intending to feel and see that which I am desiring to feel and see.   I am intending to feel and see beauty.   I am intending to feel and see examples of what I am desiring in my life.   My intention is to feel joyous and thus, to create this journey, and every other journey, as a successful, joyous, profitable, free-flowing adventure.  

I finish reading, and she says,  “Now close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself experiencing what you just read.   I do as instructed.   After about thirty seconds, she says,   "Now turn this intention over to source, step out of the way, and allow that intention to become a part of your physical reality.”

Again, O  do as instructed.   My mind is still trying to analyze what’s going on.   I force my well-trained, analytical mind to stop thinking about what and why and to focus only on my breathing.   We sit quietly for about a minute.  Then Jazbell starts the engine, and we head for Bear Valley.  

Do you want to explain the ritual we just went through?”  

Certainly.   I’ll begin with the stated intention regarding our journey.   In some circles, it’s called Next Step  Intending. 21-1   Whatever we do, it is of great value that we do it by conscious intention.   We don’t want all things at all times.   Our intentions for each of our various times and activities during the day are quite different.”  

I say,  “So when we got into your car, we affirmed safety, sovereignty, and joy for our trip.”

She responds with,  “Yes, and I prefer to call this a journey or an adventure.   Using journey rather than trip has to do with multiple meanings for the word trip and how those meanings affects the messages we plug into our minds, but that’s another story for another time.”  

Another story for another time?   Jazbell, you’re using my line again.”  

I know.   I read it in one of your stories.”  

Sounds to me like we’re again wandering into another part of another elephant.”  

We are, so let’s get back to Next Step Intending.  When I finish with one segment or activity, and before shifting into a new activity, I stop and state to my inner self what my intention is to be for the upcoming activity.”  


Because, within the context of living in human bodies on planet Earth in this time frame, we create our personal reality with our thinking.   During every waking moment, our creating mechanism is turned on.   We are always creating our future physical reality.   We can take control of that creation process by consciously stating our intentions, or we can let the creative process be run by the instinctive, biological, automatic system within us.   I like to refer to that as the mechanical man or, in my own case, the mechanical woman.”  

Yes, I’ve heard about that.”  

So, if we don’t focus on what we choose, our environment will cause us to be focused on that which is immediate, and we will spend most of our day creating by chance rather than by choice.   We could spend the entire day just talking about intentional creating, but. . .”

I cut her off.   “That’s another story for another time.”

Right!  Now about the card you read from.   That brief process is an aspect of intentional creating.   What we did was a mini-version of the recipe that is recommended for intentional creating.”  

What if I don’t know what I want?”  

If I am in confusion around what’s next for me, I stop and ask my inner self, 20-2   ‘What is it that is most appropriate for me in this next part of my life?’   Of the things I may choose now, what is my highest and best option for this next segment of my life?   

    Notice that I did not use the word want.   As you will recall from our conversations with Herbert, saying I want something instructs the universe to give you more wanting rather than a manifestation of the thing wanted. 20-3  

Next Step Intending provides mental clarity and focuses the mind on a particular intention.   The clarity of focus and intention brings the power of the Higher Self into the equation.   The Higher Self is the power behind the thought.  

My clarity of focus will cause me to become excited about what it is that I am choosing.   The emotional excitement is the power that speeds the manifestation of what I am choosing.”  

This seems like a lot of preparation instead of just living.   Does this actually work for you?”  

Before I answer that, let me ask you, ‘what do you think’?”  

You are not like any other woman I have ever known, so based on what I know of you, I’d say ‘yes’.”  

Well, then, I need not add to that."   

"OK, then please tell me about the rivers of light thing we just did."

She responds, "That's a way to connect to who and what you really are.   Rather than getting your already overactive mind involved, I'm going to suggest you simply play with this practice for a while and see or feel where it takes you.   Are you willing to do that?"

"Yes," I say.



What Is Beauty


"Good." she says and then asks, "Are you complete with your questions."

"Yes, at least for now," I reply.

"Then for the next part of our journey,"  she emphasizes the word journey, "I’m going to suggest another practice for you.”  


As we travel, I invite you to become aware of as many things as possible that, to you, are beautiful.”  

I look at her and smile.   She instantly picked up my thought.   “Thank you, Stoney, and I invite you to look outside the car also.   Notice the things out there that you see along the way.”  

You are an exquisite manifestation of beauty.”  

Thank you again, Stoney.   Please be aware that the beauty you see in me is also a reflection of your own beauty.   You will very soon get to look at as much of my beauty as you want, as closely as you want,  and for as long as you want.   For now, please focus on the things out there that we pass on our journey.”  

In response to thoughts of looking at her naked, my groin twinges with anticipation.   With both loving and lusting eyes, I look at her for another moment, then take a deep breath and turn my attention on the scenes as they pass us by.   For the next thirty minutes we drive mostly in silence.  

I speculate on the questions:  What is beauty?  and  How will I recognize it when I see it?   I look out through the windshield and see a snow-capped distant mountain.   I am reminded of one of my peak experiences with beauty.

Years before, I briefly held a summer job in Mount Baker National Forest in northern Washington.   The majesty of mother nature was at its finest in those still-pristine, forest-covered mountains where, even in mid-summer brilliant white, snow-capped peaks dominated the landscape.

Because the base camp we worked from was at 3,000 feet of elevation, the morning, clouds always seemed to hang low overhead.   Early on one memorable, cloudy, and overcast morning, several of us were loaded into a van to be hauled off to a work site some miles away.

The van began its journey and soon we were moving ever upward along a narrow mountain road.   Within minutes, we were completely engulfed in the clouds.   Because the road ahead was barely visible, the van slowed to little more than a crawl.

As we twist and turn along the curvy road, the fog seemed to reach inside the van.   As I looked at my fellow passengers, everyone seemed to be staring at nothing.   Nobody spoke.   The silence was broken only by an alternation between the groan of the engine and the squeal of the brakes on the left rear wheel.

After about half an hour, I noticed that the sky was beginning to get brighter.   The man next to me, still gazing mindlessly across the van, started tapping on the hard hat which he held in his lap, as if he were keeping time to a song that only he could hear.

Suddenly, we broke out above the clouds.   The sun was shining brightly in a clear, deep blue sky.   Several, majestic snow-capped mountains towered into the sky as if they were sitting on top of the brilliant white clouds which formed a breathtaking blanket stretching as far as the eye could see.   The sight was so awesome I was completely overwhelmed by its beauty.

The man next to me kept staring at nothing and tapping.   I glanced at the others.   Nobody else seems to have noticed that God and Mother Nature had just given us a gift of incredible, breath-taking beauty.   I yearned to cry out, “Stop the van.   Let me out,” but I was too shy.   I said nothing.   In less than two minutes, the road begins to descend again, and all too soon, we were back in the clouds.   Nobody else seems to have noticed anything.   The man next to me kept gazing and tapping.

Even after all the intervening years, I still carry a strong and vivid memory of that brief gift of beauty. 

With a sigh of sadness, my focus comes back to the mountain I am presently seeing through the windshield.   I realize that the God who resides in my heart just answered my questions:  What is beauty?  and  How will I recognize it when I see it?  

I turn to gaze upon Jazbell, and say to myself, “What silly questions.”   I’m sitting beside one of God’s greatest gifts of beauty.   I can’t imagine anyone not recognizing Jazbell, or Jazz as I've begun to call her, as beautiful.  

The little voice inside me continues. “When you are with someone you love, everything is beautiful.”   At first, I’m taken aback by my own words.   Who me?   In love?   I realize that’s another silly question.   Although I dare not express it to her, I acknowledge to myself that I am indeed very much in love with Jazbell.  

One of the things I love about Jazz is that looking at her reminds me of another peak experience — one that occurred on my sixteenth birthday — a peak experience that touched my soul to a depth that far surpassed sun-lit mountaintops rising out of the clouds.   At that time, I was not only a virgin; I was also both extremely sexually naive and madly in love with a charming, young woman named Susan.   On the bright, sunny, Saturday morning of my sixteenth birthday, Susan gave me a gift, the memory of which, I treasure to this day.   As a birthday present, she gave herself to me completely.

That was the very first time I was ever with a beautiful, completely naked woman.   I was totally awestruck by the beauty of her womanly body.   Because I was madly in love with her, sharing sex with her made the encounter a highly ecstatic experience.   That day with Susan also made an extremely powerful imprint on my sexual nature and on my sexual preferences. 

With the memory of Susan’s gift and the sight of Jazbell beside me, my loins start to tingle.   I feel the tingling rising up my spine like little fingers walking up my back.   The hair on the back of my neck is standing out in excitement.   My eyes are wide open.   I say to myself, “Mountains tops above the clouds and beautiful women, what a combination!”  

I start to twitch in my seat.   Jazbell glances at me.   She is immediately aware that something is going on with me.   Then, she notices the rise in my Levi’s.   Without a word she smiles, reaches over and puts her hand on my knee and then slowly moves her hand up the inside of my leg, over my semi-erection, across my left hip and back to the steering wheel.   “How nice.   Do you want to share your fantasy?”  

Well, it’s not really a fantasy.   It’s more of a memory.”  

That’s even better.   Am I going to hear about it?”  

Of course.” 

Good!   I’m listening.”  

As I finish telling her about mountains rising through the clouds, I notice an expression of puzzlement on her face.   The moment I mentioned Susan and my 16th birthday, the puzzled expression vanishes, and she smiles.   I ask, “Your facial expression was a big question mark.   Why?”  

I was concerned for a moment that mountain tops give you a hard-on.”  

I do love mountain tops, but, no, they don’t give me a hard-on; however, thoughts of both you and Susan do.”  

I’m pleased to hear that.   I’d like to hear the details of your experience with Susan.”

End of Chapter Twenty Two  ---  To the Cabin





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