The Yoni Dance Book Trilogy

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Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream 

Chapter One

Setting the Context for the Story




Can you look back in time and remember some incident in your life that, in the moment, seemed insignificant, but it actually changed your entire world, forever?   You've probably encountered several such turning points in your life.   I know I have.   For me, one  occurred about a year ago, on a sunny Saturday morning when my life suddenly took a joyous, fun-filled turn for the better.  

Was it luck?   Was it fate?  Was it Serendipity playing one of her little games?  Was it a prayer being answered?  --  or was it simply chance?   Who's to say with certainty?   I think I know the answer, at least for myself, and, if you read the story that follows, you just might know that same answer for those changes in your life.  

t the time, it seemed magical how piece after piece just fell into place, and I ended up  in a loving relationship with a charming lady named Jazbell or Jazz, as her friends call her.   Before I met Jazz, I thought I had my act together.   Boy, was I mistaken!   Jazbell has turned my life completely around, inside out, upside down and every which way that I could have imagined and much more more that I never imagined.  All of it delightful.   And I love it.   Even the low moments are pretty high.  

The joyous times and the love weíve shared together are beyond anything I could have imagined only a year ago.   And Iím even getting paid to write this book and tell you about it -- and about the CLI Circle Arts --  and about love and romance -- and about the intimate love arts that Jazz has so willingly taught me -- and about Jazbell herself, that delightful lady who took me out of my head and into my heart.  

For the past year, Jazbell has been my guide on an incredible journey of self discovery, and now, I, in turn, would like to be your guide.   And I assure you, the things I've learned you can learn them too.   The arts I've mastered, you can master them, too.   Why do I say that?  Because you and I have a lot in common -- because I'm not much different from you.   

I like to think of myself as a regular sort of guy, reasonably intelligent, generally attractive, rather healthy, with all those other "sort of normal" characteristics of a young, adult male.   I'm a guy like you, that is, if you're a male, and, if your a woman, I'm much like the young men you know.   So fellows, the story I'm about to share with you could have happened to you instead of me, and ladies, it could have happened to your brother.   Fortunately for me, I'm the one who was in the right place at the right time.   I also possessed the required writing skills.   

A year ago, I would have said that it was a lucky coincident,  that I just fell into it,  but now I realize that I unconsciously created my part in the story I'm about to share with you.   Again let me say, if I can do these things, you can do them too.   And your gender doesn't matter either because men and women are equally talented.  



    Not For Everyone


<>    <>There's one other thing I need tell you before we begin.   The story you're about to read is definitely not for everyone.   It's not for those who know only what to think and not how to think.   It's not for those who have given up freedom for security.    It's not for the prudish, the squeamish, or for those offended by a naked human body.   And, it's definitely not for those who live their lives blinded by religious dogma.  

There are no car-crashes, or explosions, no police or lawyers, no guns, bombs, or evil villains.Ē   Also, there arenít any murders, rapes, robberies or muggings, and nobody gets ripped off.   In fact, there isnít even a hint of violence or demonic behavior in the entire book.

This story was written for those of you who love life, joy, and personal freedom.   It's for those seeking to manifest a grander vision of who they are.   It's for seekers on the pathway to the God-Self within.   

This tale is also about a search for "Reality" while living in this fantasy world we call planet Earth.   I call living on Earth a fantasy because  much of what we take for granted as reality, is totally unsupported by the physical evidence, and in some cases, is completely at odds with what common sense tells us and with what  the physical facts point to as "real."  

I'll give you some examples.   We've been programmed to believe that you and I are our physical bodies and that we are separate from God, separate from nature and separate from each other.   We've also been programmed top believe in scarcity, to believe that we are victims of people, circumstances and event in the external world, to believe that violence solves problems, to believe that humans are inherently evil, and dozens other illusions.   All of these stories are completely false.  

When  looking back at my own life, I find that much of what I accepted as real was only my little-kid-mind parroting what adults around me believed.   I accepted what my parents and other elders taught me because they were the ones who were supposed to know. 

At any rate, that's all changed now, 
Jazbell and I, playing on the same delightful team.  
We have turned our separate worlds into
the shape and form of a Two-Player "Kline Bottle."  

I'm inside everything and at the same time,
I'm outside the event and watching it happen.  

I'm still me alone.   I'm me with Jazz in my life, and I'm inside of her life. 
There's the same three parts from her perspective, and then
there's the biggest part for both of us:  
What We Create Together.  

OK, enough of that for now.   Let's get on to the story.  



End of Chapter One -- Setting the Context for Our  Story

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   The Yoni Dance Book Trilogy


Book One

The Dream Catcher's Dream 

Chapter One

Setting the Context for the Story     

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