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Where Are We Headed?







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The days of  pain and struggle,
toil and  trouble are ending.
We, individually and  collectively,
are shifting into
the world of Fifth Dimension Consciousness
a world freedom peace, and abundance for all.   

The steps to get ourselves there
are quite simple, however,
remembering to take the steps
is a significant challenge.      

In this transition phase, we reach our destinations
by shifting our thinking process.  
For example, completely let go of
any specific goals or intentions.   
Think in more general terms,
such as  feeling even better, having  fun, 
and following you greatest excitement.       

The concept  sounds too simple, too good to be true,
but here's the secret.  
In Fifth Dimension Consciousness
the rules of reality are dramatically different
from what you are used to.  
Within our collective consciousness,
we each create our own personal reality.
Whatever we believe to be true is true for us.    









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Page Summary      

Where We Are Headed      

Re-Building the Family Unit    <>    <>    <>







    Here's Where We Are Headed:   



When we reach our into the physical world,
we are seeking connections.  
We are seeking feel-good feelings.  
We are seeking a place where we belong,
a place that belongs to us,
a place where we are at one with everything,

We are seeking a space where family,  friends
are close by, both not too close, 
a place where fun,  excitement, passion,
sensuality, and sexuality are an intimate aspects of life.  

We are seeking the knowing, the understanding,
and the wisdom of who and what we are
We are seeking others with whom
we can share each other's essence.   

We have found that destination,
and that destination is US!   
It is in each and every one of us.  
We have just learned that:    
      We are God-Beings,
      We are great  creators,
      We live and create our lives in a holographic reality, 
      Everything and everyone are all part of a single unified whole,.    

<><><>   <><><>   

We notice that everything physical is just stuff.  
What we are seeking is NOT the physical stuff, itself.  
It's the internal feel-good feeling that we are seeking.  
The physical stuff, and the physical experiences
trigger those internal feel-good feelings.  

The physical world is a place to experience ourselves
as who and what we are and
to share that experience with others
who also know, understand and feel themselves
as fellow God-Beings. 

This creates the joy of sharing Llove with
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess while also
experiencing our own and each other's physical bodies. 
We have been programmed (mind-manipulated)
to live our lives at the survival level. 
That is changing dramatically. 

Presently, in third dimension consciousness,
we are mostly ignorant of the joy-potential
of playing with the emotional feeling and physical bodies.   

Our job is to bring back in all the lost forms of joy,
including sensuality and sexuality.

<><><>   <><><>  

We are presently (Dec 2016) in the process of
shifting our consciousness to higher,
more joy-filled levels of reality.  
Our intention is to experience
these new (to us) and different realities.  

We don't actually create anything
or even attract anything. 
Everything is consciousness.  
As part of our shift into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
we are learning how to vibrate our consciousness
to match  what we chose to experience.  

Everything is done inside of ourselves.   
One of the challenges is to
find to God-Self who is doing the shifting.  
I exist.  You exist.  We exist.  
I Am. You are.   We are.  

Everything is part of (and  all of) a single unified,
non-physical, dynamic, self-conscious, unified whole.   
There is nothing else.  

What I do to you, I do to myself.  
What I do for you, I do for myself.  
When we learn to live as part of each other,
the result will seem like magic.  
It's not magic.
It's simply how reality functions. 

Our thoughts and emotions are the vibrations
that create states of being that we call experiences.   

<><><>   <><><>   

In Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
there are no secrets, no hidden agendas,
no con artist, no con games,
no lies. no liars,
nothing to fear,
nothing to be angry about,
no Cabal criminals, no criminals of any kind,
no prisons,
no taxes,
no money,
no religious dogma, and
nobody controlling your life.  

You do NOT need a job. 
Anything and everything you could ever
want, need, require or desire is already yours.  
All you have to do is learn, study, practice, and master 
the basic rules of reality.  

Then you'll know how to
vibrate your consciousness so that
you experience you desires.   







Re-Building the Family Unit  



Begin in your heart.  
Remember that the primary energy
in the entire Universe is based upon Llove.   
Remember to  Llove yourself.  

You will not find Llove outside of yourself
until you can find Llove inside your self
and Llove for yourself.  

Also remember that the greatest joy in life on Earth
comes from interactions with other humans.

Many of us have had conflicts within our family unit.   
Think of these conflicts as Buddha Gifts,
as lessons to be learned,
as lifetimes of conflict that you now
have to opportunity to resolve and to end.  


Understand that we are in a very new context.  
Reconnect with family members.  
Begin creating an expanded family.  
If you have no family, create an expanded family.










The history and evolution of Earth and humanity    

Includes Source-Creator's three points of focus: 
Self Exploration,  Self Gratification,  and Self exploration.  

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