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What Can I Do?  

How Can I Help?







Everything is a mess. 

I'm only one person. 
What can I do that will make a difference?        

Although the problems seem overwhelming,
there is one incredibly simple thing you can do. 

You CAN make a very powerful and significant difference!  

You can do this at home. 
You can do this anywhere you choose.
You can do this in your spare time.  
It's completely FREE.  
There is zero, zippo, nada, no money involved.  
You can do this by yourself.  
You can do this with family and./or friends.  
How you dress, 
       what you look like,
       your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
       your financial status, and where you live
      are all irrelevant.   

You can begin this today.  
You can begin right now.  

Here's the only thing you need to do: 
Become aware of who and what you are:   

You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a single, unified whole.  

We are each an
   ***   Eternal  
      ***   Invisible  
(to the human eyes)
         ***   Non-physical
            ***   Multi-dimensional 
              ***   Self-aware
                  ***   Divine being
  (having a)
                     ***   Human experience
  (in a)
                        ***   Physical body
                           ***   Here on Earth 
(in an)
                              ***   Intentionally-Dysfunctional  Social Structure (in a)
                                 ***  Holographic Universe.  

Q      What difference will that make?   

This simple act on your part
will assist all of humanity in becoming free.  
You will no longer be controlled by
lies, Illusions, deceptions, and false beliefs.

Once you understand  this Divine Truth,
everything else in your life
will begin to move rapidly in the direction of
freedom, joy, security, safety, peace of mind,
financial fulfillment, physical health, and
an overwhelming sense of relief.  

You'll know what is right for you to do next, and
you'll know what not do.     

Once you learn how to properly focus your attention,
stress and struggle will fade out of your life.  
Pain and suffering will become a thing of the past.  
You life will begin to flow with the grace and ease
with which water flows down hill.    

<><><>   <><><>
You CAN Make a Difference!  
If you think this is impossible or
that it's too good to bee true, 
check our web page titled: Believability.      





  Concept Summary  


Your First Priorities:  

The best thing you can do is take care of yourself
and do so within the highest integrity.


It's Time to Shift into The New Reality:  
Understand that even though the external world
seems to be in chaos and confusion,
it's all part of the shift 
from a world of lies, illusions,
intentional deceptions,
and false beliefs
into a world of peace, joy, and abundance for all.     

Learn the First of the Four Basic rules of Reality:  
Reality is not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  
You are much more than a physical body. 
You are an eternal God-Being
having a human experience.   


Mutual support Group:  
With family, friends and neighbors,
create a mutual-support group.   
Learn about each others talents, needs,
desires, and requirements.

Create a Garden:    
Begin growing a garden even if it's only a window box. 
Why create something seemingly so insignificant? 
Because the energy of creation will come along
and support your intention.   

Take the first step, and if you hold your positive intention
Source/ Creator / God-Goddess will be with you.
Magic will begin to happen.  
You have no idea of what and where that will lead you.  






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