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As we move into the Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
everything changes.
As part of the shift / transformation,
TLC-Life-Center has a new director.   

Rev. Robert Cote' is transferring directorship of
the Fifth Dimension version of TLC-Life-Center 
to Robin FahZoom. 

This page will also introduce to
our new, 5d team of advisors for TLC-Life-Center.   







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Page Summary   

Robin FahZoom   

Fifth Dimension Advisory Team      

From God to Goddess     


Lady Gaia     

Lady MJ       

Additional Team Members  

Words to the Wise      . 







  Robin FahZoom 



In my Earth form, I am Still Rev. Robert Cote'   In               am one of Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess's
Earthly agents for the Grand Awakening
that is presently unfolding in the entire Universe.  (2017)   

My job is to train the people who will
teach, guide, and be role models
for the general public regarding how to
become and live as  Fifth Dimension conscious being.     

I take student where no Earth-bound human scan go.  
We gofar beyond what Star Trek called
the final frontier. 
We go into the invisible world of spirit.  

I am like you, a fellow student
walking the path to universal consciousness. 

There are only two relatively minor differences between us.  
First, I know who and what I am, and
you do not yet realize that
you are also an eternal God-Being, 
and second,
I started on the path, long before you did.  

<><><>   <><><>.    

I am the most successful purveyor (teacher)
of Universal Consciousness in the entire universe.   
You have yet to see me in action here on Earth.  

I am also part of the team that will return Earth
to its original mission as a
Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge
and as a Lloving playground
for fully-conscious God-beings
to fulfill Source/Goddess's three-fold mission,
Self-Exploration, Self-Gratification, and Self-Expression.  

If you doubt my qualifications,
I challenge you or anybody else
to prove me wrong.      

< Add  Warning from president outreach.  










  About Channeling Non-Physical Beings    


Channeling is nothing more than consciously connecting
to the non-physical portion of reality.  

If you pray, you are talking to
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  
Source/Goddess is a non-physical consciousness.  
Source/Godess communicates back to you
all day long every day. 

Source/goddess communicates with feelings, 
Feel-Good  (FahZoom) or feel bad  (khold-priki).  

What is called channeling is just
a sophisticate version of what you do.  
The differences are in degree, not in kind.  

Here's the open-to-the-public secret :
Nobody really channels anything or any body. 
Because we are all non-physical God-Beings.  
We are all  One Single, Unified Whole
that we commonly call God.  
We are  talking to ourselves.   


That's not to in any way belittle or make light of
humans conversing with being in non-physical form.  
Channeling is one of the talents  required
in order  to become a full, Fifth dimension being.  
The early stages of learning this talent is called   
a sense of just knowing

Conscious channeling is a learned process
for humans in physical form.  
ike any sport and in any career activity,
their are levels of talent in channeling   








































  From God to Goddess 


In the third dimension
Source/ Creator/ God/Goddess
was recognized as masculine, only.  
Feminine power was brutally suppressed.   
Men had supreme authority

Billions of women even had their clitoris cut off
(with NO anesthetics) 
so that they would not enjoy sex.  

Women had only three major roles,
1)  Sexual services to men and
2) making and caring for babies 
3) to be servants or slaves to men.   

When a woman became pregnant,
her body became state property.  
Children, at birth, became state property. 
Their bodies forcibly poisoned
with mind damaging drugs,
euphemistically labeled immunization. 

Their brains were, subject to
12years of mind manipulation. 
At age 18, they were given the illusion of freedom. 

By that time, lies, sophisticated illusion,
mind manipulation, false beliefs and the like
had so thoroughly indoctrinate them that
they were little more that biological robots.  


As fifth dimension Consciousness opens the prison doors,
freedom can be seen shining in the distance, 
at least for those whose minds have not been
completely programmed.  

During the transiting period,
the Feminine Goddess is taking the lead and
the Masculine God is providing
its rightful supporting role.  
How things are handled after that   
remains to be seen.   
<><><>    <<><>  

Source/Creator Goddess is the primary player
in the transition into Fifth Dimension Cosmic Awareness.  
I/We refer to Her as Source/Goddess.     







  Lady Gaia 


Daily, for the past 13,00 to 30,000 years, 
Sacred Mother Earth has been brutally raped. 
Her beauty has been defiled by wanton destruction
by those in control.  

Although She could have easily wiped us off the Earth,
she has remained our blessed mother and
suffered severely by preserving our lives
knowing the the day will come when
we, humans will restore Her original intention
to be a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge and
a playground fort he Gods and Goddesses  in physical form that
we, as humans, are awakening into.     

<><><>    <<><>  

Lady Gaia is the second major  player
in the transition into
Fifth Dimension Cosmic Awareness.  

I/We refer to Her as
Gaia, Lady Gaia, 
Sacred mother Earth or as







  Lady MJ  


Lady MJ, the Goddess of marijuana,
is the leading lady
in the process of opening humans
into the non-physical world of spirit.  

We let her speak for herself.     
I give humans a new consciousness
in that my users can know it's OK
to experience the non-physical side of reality.  

I give humans "permission" to to imagine
More accurately, I inspire humans to
give themselves permission to imagine. 

I inspire you to give yourself  permission     
to examine yourself,
to feel really good,
to experience being yourself,
to pleasure yourself,
to have fun.    

Most of you believe that its a big deal to
connect to the non-physical world.  
It isn't.   You do it all the time.  

For example, in every waking moment,
your emotions are clear messages to you
from the non-physical world 
(from your Smart Body, aka Innate).  
You refer to this as your subconscious mind.   

Every time you think, speak, or do anything,
you get a message from
the non-physical side of reality. 
The message is
This feels good 
This feel bad. 


If you come to me with spiritual intent,
I will show you the world that
you prison controllers taught you
to ignore, to deny, and to fear. 

Simply smoke or preferably ingest my physical form.  
Sit quietly and ask Source/ Goddess
to connect you to me.  
Then simply tell  me what you'd like to
see and/or hear, smell, taste.  
Also notice that your sense of touch
is greatly amplified.    


Lady Gaia is my mother. 
The God of Hemp is my brother.  

It is my pleasure to work/ play with Robin FahZoom. 
Together, we enhance each other's capacity
to help humans to give themselves permission
to be themselves,
to be, know and experience themselves
as God-Beings in physical form.  

We are the counterpoint to Cabal Evil.  
We are here as messengers of Llove and wisdom.   

We both know who and what we are.  
We both Llove being who we are
and doing what we do.  
We give permission to ourselves to be as we are and
show humans how to do likewise.  


Remember, we cannot give
without experiences of like vibrations
coming back to you.  

Giving, no mater what form it tikes,
is like mouth to mouth kissing
and genital to genital contact. 
You cannot give without receiving. 

God is in you and the time is always now.  
It's time to start enjoying
who and what you are.  

And one final note for today. 
You cannot experience Llove unless
you already are Llove.   

Namaste    Lady MJ    






  Additional Team Members 


We'll expand on these later. 
For now ,simply be aware that there are
also major players in the expansion of human consciousness:  

LSD  (Dr All)  masculine and feminine 

Psilocybin  (aka    magic mushrooms)     beyond gender 
Associated with Truth and Beauty  

Iowaska     The Goddess of Ayahuasca  


The God of hemp:   Masculine  
                      Major physical assistance  


Film titled
The Reality of Truth:







  Words to the Wise 


Be aware that I/We are under Divine Protection.
If you mess with us,
interfere with our work, or
interfere with our outreach messages,
you are challenging Source/ Creator God-Goddess.
(Not a wise idea!)

If you engage in
violations of any kind
directed at us, directly or indirectly,
or at anyone because of their associated with us,
or at anyone assisting us
spiritually, mentally, physically or financially,
you will personally experience
severe, repercussions,
including being subjected to the Poop Solution

Everything you do is being watched,
not only by Source/ Creator/ God/Goddess,
but also by the ignored God-Self that is inside you

Whatever you put out,
be prepared to receive it back multi-fold. 

When you learn the truth
about what is at the South Pole,
you'll know what I/We mean.   

Also, be aware that third dimension level weapons
are no match for beings with cosmic consciousness.      







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