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Service to Self    or    Service to All





     Concep Summary  



Service to Self  
(Third Dimension Consciousness
is being replaced by  
Service to All      
(Fifth Dimension Consciousness)

This is only one of  about
25 ways you can
be of service. 
For the full list,
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Service to Self VS  Service to All  

Life on Earth Is a Game     

Re-Birthing the New Me  -  5d Style  




Service to All


     Service to Self or Service to All   



How can you best be of service?  

The most powerful,
 the most joy-filled
the most helpful, and
 the most effective  way
 to be of service has seven, simple steps:

1)    Do whatever it is
       that excites you the most.

2)   Do whatever it is
       that brings you your greatest joy.   

3)   Do whatever makes you feel
       really, really good.  
        Do what  brings you happiness

4)   Do what makes you feel light,
       connected, and alive. 

5)  Take responsibility for yourself. 

6)   Stay in Full Integrity.      .

7)   Each moment and each day,
       hold in your mind, a clear  mental image
       of what you choose to create and to experience.
      <><><>   <><><>

Although this sound like a crazy way to be of service,
as we examine the evidence, we'll see that
it's actually how the universe functions. 
We call this  the Universal Law of FahZoom,
The Law of Feel-Good Feelings.  

Listen to
Abraham hicks describes this concept:  

Each of us, has already created everything
we could ever want, need, desire or require.    

We have done so by our thoughts and
by the nature of who and what we are.  

Our job is to think and to feel  our creations  
into physical form.  
Remember, in 5d consciousness,
thoughts and feelings
are the first acts of creation. 

Thoughts are electric. 
Emotions are magnetic. 
When thoughts and emotion
are intentionally combined,
they spark into a
holographic multi-sensory
representation of the thought.
This is also true when we think and feel
without conscious intention.

To think and feel intentional
is to consciously create a Joy Circle. 
A Joy Circle is a series of joyous experiences
that produce joy thoughts and feelings
which produce more joyous experiences
which produce joyous thoughts and feelings
which produce even more joy experiences.  

The spiral that only stops
when we, as humans, stop thinking joy thoughts.  

Kissing  and sharing sexual joys are great Joy Circles
You get back as you are giving.
You get back by giving.   

This all follows The Universal Law of Returns:  
"What you put out is what you get  back."   

Humans are God-beings.  
Our basic nature is to be kind,
Lloving,  joy-filled, and compassionate.
We want to help. 
We want to be of service.  
We are willing do things for others.

So our job is to be who we are by our nature,
and the heavens will open up and
our lives will be filled with even more joy.  

             Granted, there are some who do evil. 
             Almost all of the evil doers
             are cabal mind-controlled slaves
             who have no idea what they are doing, 
             Our job is to let  them go and move on.   

                    Luke 23:34  
"Then said Jesus,
Father, forgive them;
                    for they know not what they do."

FahZoom feel-good feelings
are our gateway to our personal version of heaven.  
Heaven is not a physical place we go to
after  our body dies.  

It's a state of mind, a state of being
that we create by thinking.  
Humans are thinking machines.  
We each create intentions
that are transformed into experiences.    

Service to Self  or  Service to All




     Life on Earth Is a Game    

You can only consciously play life from inside the game.
If you are  intentionally creating something,
see/ hear/ feel/ yourself inside the game.
Experience, (see, hear, feel) 
the joys you choose to experience.  

This concept is part of The Five Grand Truths
We'll get into that aspect of reality later.  
For now,  just hold this idea as a possibility.

Your Feelings 
will immediately start
enhancing, uplifting, and expanding  

everybody's shared version of our collective reality.  
Every joy that others feel will feel more joyous,
like it grew bigger and  more self-aware. 

Humanity, as a species, will vibrate faster
because of the joy energy (the FahZoom) energy
that you give to yourself.  

Here's the bottom Line:  
The more you focus on joyous  experiences,
the more joyous experiences the Universe gives all of us.  
This is another Joy Circle.  

Experiencing your greatest joy
and your greatest excitement
is actually how best to be of service!  
We are all aspects of one unified being.  

When we  give to ourselves,
we also give to each other! 
When we  give to each other,
we also give to ourselves! 

When you realize this truth,
you will have arrived in
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   


Humans are social animals.  
We function best by sharing, by living  in groups.
Two people sharing,
is the smallest level of group sharing. 
Group sharing goes  
all the way up to sharing infinity.    

Functioning in families
is the most common
expression of "Service to All."  
Everybody in the family is included. 

You have been asking
how to be of service,
well . . .   
Now you know!  


Video Confirmation
Gregg Braden 2017 (August 09, 2017) - Surprising New Discoveries
Minute 42:55 to minute  43:43        

Life on Earth Is A Game   





  Re-Birthing  The New Me -- Fifth Dimension Style

I' rebuilding my universe, my world, my playground.  
I am beginning by re-designing me.
I'm using       The universal Law of Thought
as a technique for assistance in creating the new me.

Let's see . . .    
The new me?  
What and who do I choose to be?

I choose to be Conscious that I am Conscious
I Am conscious as a Fifth Dimension being 

I now know  that I Am an eternal, non-physical being
experiencing life in a Holographic Reality
called Life on Earth

I Am 
I Am  that  I Am
I exist

I am Intelligent

Open minded
I Am a Great Creator.     

I am
Worthy and Deserving 
I am Enough
I am Connected to Source/ Creator/  God-Goddess
I  Am A God -Bing
I Am God!

My Special Qualifications:
I Am The Holder of the Vision and
the team leader for creating
Earth' firsts Fifth Dimension Consciousness  
Mutual-Support Community
FahZoom Town  

I am   
My Self Image is of one who lives as herein described.
I am
Willing to assist
Willing to allow other to be as they choose to be

I am
Impeccable Integrity   
I Am a Lloving God Being.   

I am
Loving Fun and Fun Lloving
Visually Attractive
Sensually Sexy
Sexually Sensual


Can you see that living
as a Fifth Dimension Man   F.D.M.   
is being of Service to All
(Women use F.D.FM)          

Can you see that most of the above self-attributes
require another person, 
Thus I am almost always being of service to others.

Can you see how Service to All  (service to others)  
is also service self. 
If the connection is not clear,
please re-read the opening paragraph on this page

Living as a Fifth Dimension Man,  F.D.M.
may seem to be quite a challenge.  
it soon gets much easier.  

I am committed to the being of service to All
by shifting my being and my behavior
to match the character traits described in the list above.

The idea of Service to All
is becoming wildly popular.

Because success is always easier when it's a team effort,  
enjoy meeting others with similar aspirations.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The first place I've learned about its actual use is
Sam Ovens  Creator and owner of
Sam is a powerful example of being of Service to others
is the best way to serve one's self.

I highly advise listening to his Webinar. 

We are offering a   $10,000 dollar reward
to the first person who connects us to a donor
ofone hundred thousand ollars (#100,000) or more    






Footnotes and References


Full Integrity  
Part of integrity is to avoid
intentionally of mindlessly causing harm to others
or the the environment.  
It's following the Prime  Directive   <
Thou Shall NOT Violate!    













    Make new Pages  

And More 


Your high, joyful vibration
enhances, empowers, and expands
the collective vibration.    

As the number of people living in 5d grows,
the rate of expansion
into a complete 5d collective
also speeds up.  

At some point,
kicks in, and,
as if by magic,
The Fifth Dimension is all that is.  


As you can see, your power
is NOT in your physical activity.  
We say that because every blissful, exciting,
joy-filled experience that you have
is a multi-dimensional mirror
of your non-physical thoughts, emotions and feelings. 

It's your thoughts, feelings, and emotions
(not your physical actions)
that expand and empower the entire collective.      

A huge number of different activities
all enhance and expand the joy, passion and excitement
of our entire, Fifth Dimension Collective Consciousness.  

Your Job is to do whatever it is
that excites you the most
to do whatever it is
that brings you your greatest joy

Knowing and living as
who and what you really are
is the most powerful way to be of service! 


The Amplifier  
Let's take this to the next, logical step. 
That step is to amplify our power and effectiveness
by working together in teams. 

We have created the basic design
for a networking for sharing and mutual support
We call it:  
Fifth Dimension, People to People, Connection Services.  

If you choose to be of service,
help us build
5d People to People Connections
into a powerful and effective organization

You'll Soon Find Us on Facebook     
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services 

5d People to people Mutual Support Network 

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Old:   
Service to self is a product of
the belief in lack, a belief in scarcity. 

The New:  
When you understand that
you are a God-Being,
scarcity disappears.  

In its place, you discover yourself in a world where
anything and everything  
you could ever want, need, require, or desire
is available to you. 

Instead of everything being just handed to you
in its fully-manifested form,
you make up games about things like "scarcity." 
You put your mind in a place
(in a vibration of consciousness)
where you believe in scarcity.   

You win the game and get the prize
when you wake up and realize
you are a God-Being  playing _____.
(fill in the above blank with your own name.)

You discover that you are on an adventure
into a strange, distorted and troublesome world. 

That world is in the middle of
being transformed into a mixture of
everybody's personal version of
a Fifth Dimension level
Garden of Eden.   

When you are first exposed to this truth,
you'll almost certainly be confused.  
You'll  think, "This Can't be." 

Slowly, the fog will begin to disappear. 
Then, you feel a hand on your shoulder. 
You hear your name.  
Someone is gently saying, "Wake up."

Wake up.
You are a God-Being. 
You are part of God. 
You are a God.  
You are God!  

When this realization arrives,
you'll have a period of shock and confusion,
then, a period of celebration.
You'll soon be ready for the next play in the game.

At that point, you may think your job is to
get back into The Garden of Eden.  
You soon realize that
returning to something from the past
is not the correct path.
In a moment or so,
you remember that you are a God-Being
having a human experience.  

You look around you and ask, "What's going on?" 
A beautiful being who looks exactly like
your cosmic dream lover says to you, 
"We are building the new updated version
of what used to be known as the Garden of Eden.    

You realize the path to heaven
is in the building of a new matrix that
matches your version of heaven.    

Your job is to begin building
your own version of the Eden
from exactly where you are right now,
in this moment.  

You look around and say,
"What do I do?
What can I do?  
How can I be of service?"

You assess the situation: 
What is the context I am in?
What resources are available to me.   

You'll soon notice
that your greatest resource is
your fellow humans.     

In the new  consciousness,
Service to All
we begin functioning as teams.  
We create, not only for ourselves,
but for each other.  
We begin to function like 
large expanded families.
Everyone is included.    

Then, the teams begin sharing with other teams.  
Collectively, we create much more than
just a new Garden of Eden.  

Our creation turn out to be
The Universe of Eden.

Our focus becomes a Service to All, including ourselves. 
Imagine a world where several billion people
are all working for the best interest of everybody
including YOU!  

In that context, you have access to anything and everything
you could ever possibly want, need, require, or desire.   


Service to All      And More




  What Else Is on the Horizon? 


The truth about what is at the South Pole
will soon be disclosed to the public. 
This will forever answer
some long-unanswered questions.  

Also, the truth about The Nature of Reality
will be taught to all.

Humanity will shift:
From secret slavery to total freedom,  
From fear to self-confidence, 
From war and destruction to peace and prosperity,  
From fighting to cooperation,
From-self interest to everybody's best interest, 

We could go on adding to this list
or at least another hour, however,
you get the message so we will move on.
Let's just skip to the bottom line.  

Actually, we are going to take you back
to the place where we started.   
This is profound beyond profound.  

May we introduce you to "Yourself:" 
           (See the next section, below.) 

What Else in on the Horizon?






are invited
to participate in
the most profound changes

in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.

The Teachings of Jesus
Tell Us that 
Humans are God-Beings

The Scientific Evidence
Tells Us that
Humans are God-Beings




Conscious Christianity

Examine the Biblical Evidence.   

I'm referring to the world of
God Consciousness

that Jesus told us about: 

Jesus said you are a god.  
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23       Also see   
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

He also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12.   For Conscious Christianity, please continue below on tis page.


This heralds the marriages among 
all human perceptions
about The Nature of Reality,
religious, secular,  and otherwise.

Together, we'll
experience everything 
from the perspective known as
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Welcome to
      Conscious  Awareness  2017


Conscious Science   

Examine the Secular / scientific Evidence    

Let us  introduce you to
what the evidence tells us.

The secret Cabal criminals 
tricked you into teaching lies
that are still believed. 

As a result, unexposed lies
are still  severely damaging
our children. 

It's time to clean that up now.    
It's time to wake up into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

Welcome to
The Fast Track     
Cosmic Learning Games   2017.

See our TL-Life-Center's
Cosmic Awareness Training Program






All the pieces are finally in place.  
Our job is to show you how everything fits together
in divine right order, from both

the New Conscious Christianity approach and

the "New Age," Science based approach  

We are taking ourselves and each other
into a very different world.   

Let us introduce you to  
Who and What You Are

You'll be further guided from there.     






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