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Organic Gardens
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Page concept  /  Page Summary


This page was originally created with
a local community church in mind, 
however any local, social group in any community
can do the same thing.  

We have also included information
for those who want to create a garden  for personal use
or as a self-employed business
to sell produce that they grow.   

Whomever first manifests this concept 
is about to become
The Role Model for combining
Universal Conscious 
and   a profit-generating busSiness.  
This is Practical Self-Empowered Every Day Living
(i.e.  Feeding your family and earning a living).   

Whatever this group begins will become
a pattern/ blueprint/ role model
for others, be they a church or other social organization
or simply Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  

It was previously very Dangerous,
to acknowledge
the complete teachings of Jesus. 
It is now safe to practice and to preach
the complete teaching of Jesus.

I'm referring to the world of consciousness
that Jesus told us about: 
Jesus said you are a god.  
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

         Psalms 82:6 <>
John_10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23 <>

Plus indirect references:   Luke 17:21 <>  John 14:12.   

He also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12.     

Image what we can accomplish as a
Sharing, Caring, Lloving, Conscious Community.
Ref:    #Genesis11:6 

<><><>   <><><>

Home Grown, Organic, Community Gardens:  
Home Grown, Organic, Community Gardens   

Yes, it's nice to know that
we are God-Beings, but so what? 
What do I do now?. 
How do I feed my family?  

You feed your family, and much more, 
by becoming a participant in
Home Grown, Organic, Community Gardens. 

That's what this page is about to explain to you. 

Here's how to walk our talk:  







    Page Content



Page Concept - Page Summary   

Creating Home-Grown, Organic, community Gardens   

Urban Gardens Curtis Stone           







Home-Grown, Organic, Community Gardens  



Most people have two major concerns,  
health care and feeding their family.  
This project describes a way to fulfill the food requirement  

We can't just talk about God.
Our job is to learn how to
express ourselves as God-Beings
right now, right here on Earth,
while living in physical bodies.    

Invite all members of your local community church
or other social organization
to participate in growing organic food as a member of
the people-owned,
people-benefiting  organization
known as
Home-Grown, Organic, Community Gardens

Together, we become a
local sharing,
mutual caring
with fresh food for all participants and
some left over to sell to others nearby.   

Lloving, caring, mutually supporting community
combines, head, heart and practical living.  


This is certainly not  anew idea.  
The people in Cuba provide a great role model
on how this can be accomplished.  
If they can do it so can we. 

Presently there are already thousands of home gardens in America.   

The basics of creating a  mutual support network focused on
Home-Grown, Organic  community Gardens 
is actually quite simple in just about every aspect.  

What we suggest takes the concept
to a level never reached before.  
We are looking for a church community
that is courageous enough
to actually believe and practice the teaching of Jesus
and at the same time
create a church centered Community Garden.  

The first church to accept this concept
will make world history.   

This page is an mini version of
phase two of our five part FahZoom Town Project 
FahZoom Town -Farms and Food 


Rev. Robert Cote' 
First Minister of
Conscious Christianity 






    Urban Gardens 
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Teaches Profitable Backyard Farming



This section includes notes based on
a YouTube video in which Curtis Stone
was interviewed about home gardening.   

He has  Book: Urban Farmer available for$30
Plus Dozens of free videos on YouTube.  

Here are some highlights fro the interview   

Become a producer instead of just a consumer.
Stop trying to fix the world.
Instead create for yourself.
Once your cup is full, then you can help others.

Provide Value:
You say you want to help.   Here's what to do.
Fill one of the two major needs of people
Health Care and Food    

If you want an independent business,
home gardening
(quick growing, high value produce)
is the way to go.
Almost anybody can do it.

Home-Grown, Organic, Community Gardens   

Also produce food for yourself, your family, and
your community growing partners.
Sell excess to local stores that want organic food.

What Kind of Foods to Grow:
What you grow depends upon your natural environment.
What crops grow best in your location.  

Crops for personal and for your growing partner's consumption:
Grow foods you like to eat.

Foods to Sell

Five attributes regarding what to grow:

1) pick crops that have a high consumer demand.

2) Plant crops that have a short maturity time like 60 days

3) Plant crops that require only a small growing space.

4) Pick crops that have a long growing season,
so you can grow several crops during a single season.

5) Grow crops that have a high selling price

Salable crops include
Micro greens
Cut salad greens
Baby root vegetables

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Teaches Profitable Backyard Farming

By Vin Armani 

In this video, the Urban Farmer Curtis Stone
describes his journey from socialist musician ||
to liberty-loving entrepreneur
who’s front yard and backyard farm makes
more than $100,000 a year.
Curtis is an inspirational example of
living the change he wants to see in the world.  

Curtis Stone is a farmer, author, speaker and consultant.
His area of expertise is in quick growing,
high value annual vegetables
for direct consumer market streams. His book, 

The Urban Farmer demonstrates organic intensive techniques
with a focus on business and systems
to streamline labor and production.
He offers a new way to think about farming.
One where quality of life and profitability coexist.
Visit Curtis at     

The Astonishing Success of Fleet Farming:
Breaking New Ground in the
“Food Not Lawns” Movement  

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Curtis Stone  --  Urban Farmer<>





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