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Life,  Llove,  &  Joy 
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Facing Life's
Unanswerable Questions






  Concept Summary  


When I was a child, (1940 to 1958)
the Catholic Church was
the only source of information
regarding questions like:
Where did I come from? 
Why Am I here? 
What is life?  
What is God? 
What happens when I die?" 

God was a super-human-being who lived in heaven.    
Heaven was in the sky above the clouds.  
Hell was a fiery place beneath our feet.  
Humans were powerless, inherently evil sinners
separate from God, separate from nature,
and separate from  each other.  

The church was the sole authority in these matters.  
One did not question church authority.  
To do so was to face threat of
eternal damnation in the firry hell beneath our feet.   

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God is still the ultimate mystery, however,
much new information is now available to us.  
This page addresses these questions and
offers new perspectives previously unimaginable to humans.  







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Concept Summary       

THE Answer or a Good Imitation ?      







THE Answer or a Good Imitation 


We may not have been given 
THE answers to the above questions.  
We have, however been given
AN answer that if it is no The answer,
it a very good imitation of The answer.    

Reality  --  The Nature of Reality     How the Universe Functions            






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