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How to Play

The Game Called Life  
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  Page One  Summary 


The first thing to realize is that life is a game.  
The four rules for winning the game are
Relax.    Allow.    Enjoy.    Just Be.  

There is one simple truth that will allow you
to get beyond  
A L L   of your pain and suffering.
That truth is knowing that
you are much more than just your physical body
You are a God Being having a human experience.  

If you are not willing to, at minimum,
accept this statement as a working hypotheses,
Don't bother reading any further.   

Once you understand
the overall rules of Fifth Dimension life,
there's the question of how to master the day-to-day details.  
This page offers insights and suggestions.       




R. F. 

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Page Summary

The Thought Machine     

How Your Thought Machine Functions   

Reprogramming Your Thought Machine     


Worthy Connected Llovable, and Enough       

The Correct Use of Language

What and Where Is God



Releasing a Fear     

Shift into the Context of Knowing and Being         

About Religion   

Getting Beyond Religion  * * * * *     


Biblical Expressions     

End Internal Conflicts

How to End Arguing, Fighting, and Wars    

What Is Our, Basic HumanNature



Beware of the Savior Fairytale    

Evolution Consciousness Expansion         



The Power of Appreciation    

The Power of Change   


<><><>   <><><>

Rev. Robert Cote' 
First Minister of Conscious Christianity 
The greatest change in Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked
The Reformation in 1517





R. F. 

  The Thought Machine   


We live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph.  
In the holographic reality that we call Earth-life,  
thoughts and emotions create
the physical world that we experience.  

Humans are Thinking Machines
From our first awakened moment in the morning
to our last thought before sleep,
we are, by our thoughts and emotions, rebuilding our reality.   
We are creating our future experiences. 

When we first hear this, we are repulsed at the idea
that we would do these terrible things to ourselves. 
We say, "Nobody in their right mind
would be that stupid, callous, and cruel."    

You are correct.   They wouldn't.
But what about someone who has been
mind-manipulated, brainwashed lied to, deceived,
from the moment they were born. 

What about someone who was mentally programmed
by a lies, incredibly sophisticated illusions,
and highly-destructive  false beliefs?  

What about someone who was falsely taught to believe
that he or she was separate from God,
that he or she was an inherently evil sinner,
that he or she was worthless, undeserving,
that he or she was not worthy of Llove,
that here was a evil being inside of him or her called the ego.

Such a person would not realize
what he or she was doing. 

We (each of us) have been creating our lives unconsciously
(as described in the above two paragraphs) for our entire lives.  
Here's a small example.  

Now that you know the truth,
it's time to start creating consciously

The next step is to understand
how your thought machine functions   

The Thought Machine



R. F. 

   How Your Thought Machine Functions


You presently live by old, obsolete,
third dimension Cabal-criminal-created
mind-control programming.   

Without your consent,
without your knowledge,
your mind has been secretly programmed with:

*   a set of dysfunctional habits and behavior patterns,
*   a set of destructive automatic, emotional reactions,  
*   a set of false self-judgments and fixed expectations

*   a set of self-damaging childhood beliefs,
     attitudes,  and perceptions,   
*   Thousands of outright lies and
     thousands more lies of omission,   
   and a huge package of self-destructive, negative emotions.  

These factors are like invisible prison wall.  
They restrict, control and direct your life.  
They function just like a set of computer programs.   


You were tricked by Lloveless, compassionless,
evil-minded parasitic genetically-altered, evil being
who pretend themsleves to be human.  
They are psychopathic criminals
who are so goods at deception
that we think they are really humans.

They  have no creativity of their own.
They tricked you into mis-using your powers of creativity. 
As a result most humans are replaying
the controller's bullshit programming over and over again.  

If you do the same things today
      that you did yesterday
If you think the same thoughts today
      that you thought  yesterday

If you feel the same negative emotions today
      that you felt yesterday
Tomorrow will be another day just like yesterday and today.     

Your mind is a biological computer.  
Thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions  are vibrations. 

To vibrate in Source/ Creator/ Goddess's
Holographic Universe is to create
a holographic, multi-sensory representation of
your thoughts
feelings, emotions, and actions.   


If you choose NOT to change, your life will continue to be
an unconscious, redundant, automatic, mindless
repetitive, machine-like, sheyit-filed, mental treadmill.  

The old programming  will keep you where you are.  
It will  keep you reliving yesterday until you get sick and die


Your mind has been screwed over
from the day you were born.  

However, you are still responsible. 
because before you incarnated
into your present physical body,
you chose to be here.  

You are also responsible
for choosing or not choosing
to end your struggle and suffering
by learning the rules of reality.

To start with feeling and with knowing, and say out loud: 
Source/ Creator,  guide me along the path
to understanding, knowing and
experiencing myself as an eternal God-Being.

If you want to help, but don't know what to do,
go to our webpage titled,
How to be of Service
and to our webpage titled,  
From Service to Self to Service to All

We came Earth to assist Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
as She get's rid of the evil ones who
have been secretly controlling human life on Earth
for thousands of years.      

The Intention of those who
secretly control EVERYTHING in our social structures
is to destroy humanity and
take over the planet for themselves. 

They are defeatable.  
We are here to wake up and realize that we are God-Beings.   

Remember, t
he four rules for winning the game are
Relax.    Allow.    Enjoy.    Just Be.  

Are you ready to take care of yourself?

How Your Thought Machine Functioons



R. F. 

  Reprogramming Your Thought Machine


If you knew you could be different,
would you be willing to be different?  

The answer sounds simple,
but part of the false programming you received
is to react to potential changes with FEAR, 
*   fear that things could get worse, 
*   fear that you will be rejected
         and thrown out of your social structure
*   fear that if you buck the system you will de destroyed
*   fear that you'll burn in hell forever.  

We are NOT suggesting that you say or do anything
that moves you into the public spotlight,
but there is a lot you can do for yourself, by yourself
and with your family and friends.  

The first step is to learn The Grand Truth.  
Why?   Because this truth will set you free."       

If you want to change, ignore everything outside of yourself
(except safety issues and urgent matters)
and  change you internal computer programming.  

One of the beginning steps is looking for
the false programing that is running your life. 

Let's look at your beliefs about yourself.   

How to Reprogrmming Your Thought Machine



R. F. 

 Worthy Connected Llovable Enough


We have all been deeply mind-manipulated
into having a very low self-image.  

Begin by examining your beliefs about your self-worth.   

With complete certainty,
I now know I am  Enough     
I now know that I am Worthy and Deserving.   
I now know that I am Llovable,    

Notice that I DID NOT suggest that you believe anything.  
When you make a  declaration about yourself,
say it with the God-Power of knowing.  
For example,  begin a statement with
"I now know . . . "     or with      "I am . . ." 

Go to this webpage.  

Read it.  
Study it.  
Watch the videos linked-to on this page      

Worthy, Connected, Llovable, and Enough




R. F. 

  The Correct Use of Language  


Notice that in the above declarations,
I DID NOT suggest that you believe anything.  

When you make a  declaration about yourself,
say it with the God-Power of knowing.  
When you begin a statement with
"I now know . . . "     or with      "I am . . ." 
the power of your words comes from
the God-self inside of you

When you say words like:  
if only,   
they lack the power of creation.  

There is NO POWER in Can't  Won't  
Should   Shouldn't   Must   Have to  Aught to

These words are the language of those
who falsely believe them selves
to be separate from God.   
Your power of creation is in your knowing.   

God, the Universe,  Source/ Creator, the Great Wow,
responds to whatever  you declare into existence.  

When you make a statement of declaration
"I now know . . . "     or with      "I am . . ." 

Know that it instantly is.  
You are then in receivership of you declaration.  
Know that it is done.  Let it be.
The part of yourself that is not in physical form
takes over and begins delivery.

This brings up your perception, your understanding
of the nature of what we commonly call God.

The Correct use of Language



R. F. 

  What and Where is God?  


The simple answer is,
Source/ Creator God-Goddess is Everything
Source/ Creator God-Goddess is everywhere ,
including  in the illusion that know as physical 
and everywhere that is not physical.   

Source/ Creator God-Goddess is pure consciousness. 
God is inside of you and you are inside of God.

Those of us who grew up
in a Christian tradition,
heard this universal truth  
"God is all-present, all-knowing, and all-powerful.  

The True Message of Jesus!
(What religion doesn't want you to know!)    

<><><>   <><><> 

Warning: This Story Might Change Your Beliefs!  

<><><>   <><><> 

Wayne Dyer 
"You Are God"

Rather than adding anything further here,
we direct you to these three sections on our websites:   

The Grand Truth  -- 
Who and What Humans Are    

Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole     

Conscious Christianity     

Let's move on to the very powerful practice called forgiveness.       

What and Where Is God?



R. F. 



5th Dimension:
When we examine this topic from 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
we see ourselves as sparks, as aspects,
as pieces, parts, and holographic images
of Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.

There is nothing and no one outside of ourselves to forgive.
We ourselves chose and created
everything we have ever experienced.  
We may not remember doing so, but  
we are responsible for creating/attracting
everything we experience

There are no bad guys,. 
There are no victims,
only unconscious creations. 

Understanding that we are our own self-creation
gives us the power and permission to create ourselves  anew.

3rd Dimension:
From a third dimension perspective, it appears that
others have "done us wrong."  
OK.  So what?
I suggest that you let these two statements
from the Master, Jesus 
guide your behavior:  

"Forgive them Farther, they know not what they do."
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Now, answer these two  questions: 
Do you want drag a bag of
old obsolete garbage around with you
for the rest of your life.   

How is being angry, vindictive, or vengeful
serving you or anyone else?     




R. F. 

  Releasing a Fear  


Setting the context: 
Understand that life is not what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   
You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.

Do not believe anything your read here. 
Don't disbelieve it either.
Hold each new ideas as a working hypothesis.  

Know that you are much more that a physical body.  
You  are a n eternal, non-physical God Being.   

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Releasing A Fear     
1)  Acknowledgement: 
      I get in touch with something that is causing me to feel fear. 

2)  Old Belief:   
      What do I have to believe in order to
      be afraid of this right now.  
      Example: Fear of losing my home base
      which is in someone else's home.

3)  Ownership:  
      I acknowledge and own my fear.  
      I remember that I cannot release a fear unless
      I acknowledge its existence and own it.   
      Its is my fear.   
       I created it.   

      Simply allow it to be. 
      Feel it.  
      Realize that it is not you. 
     It's just a thought.   
     Then let it go.  

4)  New Belief:  
      What new belief would I like to have instead of the old belief?  
      Example:   I know that I am completely safe and secure
      in my present home.  

I also know that I have already created
a new, nicer, more functional home over which
I am in control of the home. 
My new home is presently in the gestation perid.
The gestation period (the pregnancy period)
is the time between
creation in the non-physical world and
manifestation in the physical world.

5)  Adopting   
      I adopt and accept my new belief.  
      Example:   I know that I am completely safe and secure
      in my present home.  

      I declare it to by my new reality.  
      I now own the new belief.
      I breath it into myself. 
      My new belief is now active
      and fully functional in my being.

6)  Witnessing:  
      I take a moment to focus on my new belief. 
      I feel the relaxation and the peace of mind
      that comes with my new belief. 
      I acknowledge my new mind-set. 

7)  Gratitude:  
      I feel and express my gratitude for my new state of being. 
      I incorporate it into my body language and
      into my actions and into my behavior

If an old belief shows up again, repeat the above prcess

We suggest two follow-ups to this exercise:

Worthy, Connected,  Llovable, and Enough       

Service to All    Replaces    Service to Self

<Releasing a Fear



R. F.     KNOW


Shift into the Context of
and Being  


We have been taught to believe, to have faith,
to hope, to expect, to doubt,
All of these words reference possibilities.  
None of them represent what is right here, right now.     

To wonder, to imagine
to question, and  to be curious has been
downplayed or outright suppressed.   
We have been taught what to think and not how to think

We have also been secretly mind manipulated
to feel insecure, to feel alone, disconnected, separate,
un-worthy not-deserving, and not enough.  


The opposite is true.  
We will know who and what what we are
when we declare ourselves to know.   
Make the following sentences statements of who you are.  

With complete certainty,  
I now know I am Absolute.   
I am Complete.   
I Am  God/ Goddess.  
I Am.   I Am.   I am   
I Exist.     

To say I am _____ is a declaration of beingness
To say I know is a declaration of knowingness
We can know, be, do, have, express, and/or experience
whatever we choose by making statements of declaration.

I, we, you, each one of us 
has the ability to
know all that is is or ever will be.    
The word "knowing" is absolute. 

Declaring our knowingness
brings our desires into absoluteness,
into physical manifestation.

When we know, when we realize that we are God-Beings,
that we are worthy, deserving,   Llovable. and enough,  
then anything we could ever want, need, require or desire
is ours.  
We must know prior to experiencing.

Here's how straight forward creating actually is:  
All you have t o do is say I know  _____   (fill in the blank)  
and the realization  (the manifestation)  of it will soon follow.  
Saying I know puts me  (you, us)   into the state of receivership.   
Knowing is absolute.

Remember, there is a delay between
creation and manifestation

When you become aware of your divinity, 
You will know that you have the ability
to create absolutely anything.  

Anything you ever want, need, require or desire
is yours for the price of learning and
applying the rules of reality to your life.  

When we remember we are a God-realized beings,
the third dimension con artists have nothing to offer us.   
We will vibrate at such a high rate of vibration
that they will not even know we exist.

While still in the transition phase between
3d consciousness and 5d consciousness,
our best protection is to simple declare
with complete knowing that I,   we,   you,   all of us  are God-Beings.

To be enlightened is to know all there is to know or ever will be.

Here's the bottom line:   

Knowing brings what is know
into physical manifestation.

Shift into the Context of Knowing and Being



R. F. 

       About Religions  


Religion are mind-manipulating tools
designed to enslave the people
who do not yet realize that they, themselves are Gods.

What You Are Not:  
You are not your physical body.  
      You are an eternal divine being
      having a humanexperience.

You are not inherently evil.  
      Original sin is alie.

You are not powerless.     

      You are a Great Creator

You are NOT separate from God,
       or from nature or from your fellow humans
       We are all part of a Single, Unified Whole

Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,  
Page Two  The Invisible Prison

<><><>   <><><>  

Third dimension consciousness say
I'll believe it when I see it,
Fifth Dimension Consciousness say,
you have it backwards, 
You'll see it whey you believe it,  

Step out of 3d and into 5d and   KNOW!
When you know something, 
you experience it as real in the holographic 3d world

<><><>    <><><>
"There is no room now 
for the strictures and encumbrances
of organized religion,
which stand like a guardian over each of its followers,
reminding each of what they have done, thought, or felt
that is Wrong, and how this proves their unworthiness."

"Those teachings entirely deny your god/goddess essence,
your co-Creative power,
your soul’s  incalculable ability
to constantly learn, progress forward, and
Know on a level that mere words and ideas
can never grasp."
<><><>   <><><><>


About Religion 




R. F. 

    Getting Beyond Religion  


Here's an antidote to the dysfunctional, religious concepts
such as sin, inherently evil, separation from God,  etc.  

Remember that You Are God, and
everything you say after  the words "I am "
is God declaring  Him/ Her self
to be __whatever has been declared__. 

Speak the words below and then
pause after each declaration long enough
to take a deep breath and, as you exhale
to feel the physical, body sensations.  
Also become aware of the emotions  
(the state of being)  
associated with declarations you speak.  

Again, remember,
you manifest your feeling NOT your words.

I now know with complete certainty that:   
      I am absolute.  
      I am whole and complete.   
      I am all that is 
      I am worthy and deserving    
      I am enough.  
      I am Llove  
      I am Lloved.    
      I am Lovable.
      I Llove every aspect of myself exactly as I am.
and  that feel really, really good.

      Under the divine guidance of my Soul-Self, 
          I now now take back full control of
          my physical,  mental,emotional,
          innate, and etheric bodies.  

      I am expressing perfect  balance of
          the right and left hemispheres of my brain.

     The pathways in my brain are now connected and complete    
      I am now expressing my full, divine potential.   

I now know with complete certainty that:   
      I am connected everyone and everything.   
      I am an aspect of God.  
      I am a God-Being   
      I am infinite    
      I am eternal  
      I am  am God.  
      I am all the is and ever will be.    
      I am that  I am. 
      I am God.  
      I am discovering . . .
      I am open-hearted.  
      I am open-minded.  
and  that feel really, really good.

I now know with complete certainty that:   
      I am flexible in body and mind. 
      I know how to go with the flow.    
      I realize that all is one perfect, divine unity.   
      I am a discoverer of options, choices, and solutions.  
      I realize that challenges and  what we call mistakes are
            simply steps along the path to success.   
      I am an open door through which
            others may access their own divinity.   
      I am infinite potential   
      I am divine power    
      I am success.   
      I celebrate every success

I now know with complete certainty that:   
      I am enlightenment   
      I am clarity      "
      I am discovery  
      I am awake
      I  am aware of cosmic wisdom
      I am strong.  
      I am powerful.  
      I am healthy
      I am wealthy

      I am divine integrity
      I am illumined truth  
      I am trustworthy and honest  

      I am divine Love expressing that Llove in physical form,
      I am unity, oneness, and wholeness
      I am  all that is, ever was and ever will b e.     
      I am and I hold reverence for  all life   
      I am worthy and deserving of
          God’s infinite abundance and sternal peace  

      I am perfect vision.  
      I am perfect hearing
      I am streetwise savvy
and  that feel really, really good.

Everything is Consciousness.
I am inside of Consciousness
I am Consciousness  
I am the director of consciousness


Getting Beyond Religion




  Biblical Expressions 


The Christian Bible Genesis11:16 - English Standard Version

And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And everything that they propose to do will now be possible for them.   

The Universal Laws tell us that in a Holographic Universe,
words (thought or spoken) are tools of creation.  
Again this is expressed in the Christian Bible:  John 1:1 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God    




R. F. 

  Ending  Internal  Conflicts 


The war with ourselves must end.    
Every self judgment,
every negative emotion,
every fixed expectation
is a conflict within yourself.

The "ego"  is an illusion.  
It's a number of false beliefs about yourself
that have been programmed into your mind.  
You have been tricked into
giving the name "ego" to this set of self-destructive lies.  

By giving a set of false beliefs  a name,
you give it your life energy. 
You give it your power. 
It does not exist except in your mind.

<><><>   <><><>

Self-Llove   Self-Acceptance:
I declare the following statements
to be true for me.  

I now know that
I am Absolute.   
I am Complete. 
I am a God-Being.   I am God.  

FYI:  So is everyone else.    

Because I am a God-being,    
and because I  know  I am a God Being,  
I like myself.   
I Llove myself.
I'm good to me.  
I'm good for me
and  that feel really, really good.

Someone tricked by mind manipulation
into believing that they are not God-Beings,  
they could  imagine themselves to be
not likeable, not Llovable, etc.

God of Llove
not liking Herself or nor Lloving Herself
is not only absurd, it's impossible!  

However, a mind manipulated person 
could falsely believe that he or she was
not worthy, not Llovable, not good enough, etc.

Stop reading and  feel the consequences
of you being a God being,   
of you being God.  

of you Lloving yourself.
of you being good to yourself.  
of you being good for yourself.    

Imagine and feel how good that feels.  
It feels really, really good.  

Say this again with positive Loving emotions:

I now know I am a God being,   
I now know I am God.  

I like myself!  
I Llove my
I am good to me.  
I am good for me,
and that  feels really, really good

Although I am always growing and changing,
I am content with myself exactly as I am
right now, in this moment.
I am at peace with myself.  

Here's some Biblical confirmations:
Anyone who does not love
does not know God,
because God is love.    

1 John 4:8

God is love.
Whoever lives in love lives in God,
and God in him.   

1 John 4:16b

Now listen to Wayne Dyer take on this: 
"You Are God"   

And to all this, we'll share with you
the words of the Divine Master, Jesus.    

End the Inner Conflicts



R. F. 

  How to End Arguing, Fighting, and Wars  


Let's follow the sequence below and
see if we can discover a new end result.   

Problem > Challenge > Opportunity > Possibility > Discovery > 
New Knowledge  >  Resolutions > Solutions >  
Growth > Expansion, > Wisdom > Self-Confidence   

<><><>   <><><>  

The basic, universal laws. 

***   We are all one, single, unified, Divine Whole.  
***   We are all eternal, non-physical, divine God-Beings.  
***   We live in a Holographic Universe.   
***   We are all Great Creators.  

***   The Law of Attraction tells us that:
         We give our creative energy to  
         whatever we focus our attention on.

***   To fight something is to feed it  
         your universal power of creation.     

To give something a name
is to give it recognition that it exists and
to give the power to be  in your reality.

***   Whatever you put put is what you get back .  
         This is called Karma.   

***   You cannot manifest something by focusing on its opposite.    

Some of us know these laws.  
Most do not know them and
they do not know that they do not know.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
The Three Primary Laws of War
***1   The side with the most advanced technology always wins.  
***2   Know your enemy, your adversary.  
***3   Understand the context in which you are functioning.   

The evidence points to the conclusion that
those who physically direct the wars in this galaxy
function by way of  third dimension consciousness,
thus they are basically ignorant.  
They may know law #1, but
what they do
tells us that they don't know laws t#2  and t#3.

***   They ignore the four  basic rules of reality.  
         i.e.   The Law of Unity           We are Gods.    
                  Holographic Universe     We are Great creators.   
With a huge amount of powerful, negative emotion,
         they fight what they don't want.   
***   They are attempting to fix the problem with
         the same level of consciousness that created the problem.  
***   Past focus has been focused of treating the symptoms
        and ignoring the root cause.   
***   Pre-planning called prevention was and still is  absent.  
         Pre-planning is to move the planet population's
          rate of vibration (level of consciousness) so high 
          that the planet becomes invisible to the evil ones. 
***   They allowed planet Earth to be devastated
         to the brink of human extinction
         before they took action, and
         they only took action when it was obvious
         that their own asses were on the line.    

These warriors obviously possess  huge amounts of
third dimension intellectual and technological capacity, but
the evidence tell us that they possess
all but ZERO
Fifth Dimension Spiritual God-Power. 

Let's go back to war rule #1
The side with the most advanced technology always wins.  
When dealing with low-vibration,  evil beings
Spiritual God-Power Is the Ultimate Technology

Did you get that?   
When dealing with low-vibration,  evil beings
Spiritual God-Power Is the Ultimate Technology

God is the absolute authority.  
Nothing surpasses Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess

Instead of fighting,
raise your civilization's collective consciousness
to a level that evil ones cannot reach.  
Once a planet is under attack,
it's way to late to apply the prevention strategy.  

There's another factor that must be considered.  
What about the secret, behind the scenes
controllers who literally own
those who physically direct the wars.

The Law of Correspondence tells that
what we find secretly in control on planet Earth
also exists in secret control elsewhere the galaxy.  

The behavior patterns of
those who physically direct the wars in this galaxy

tell us that the process of getting rid of the evil ones
calls for cleansing way  beyond dealing with
only those who have controlled and devastated Earth
for the past several thousand years.

In cleaning up this mess, look for the two red flags that say
the leadership of this civilization    
may be infected with secret psychopathic parasites.   

Red Flag Number One:  
          The society engages in violence
Red Flag Number Two

         The society has a low level of spiritual awareness.  
         They are not yet aware that
***   We are all one, single, unified, Divine Whole.  
***   We are all eternal, non-physical, divine God-Beings.  
***   We live in a  Holographic Universe      
We are all Great Creators.  

<><><>   <><><>  
Well, that's all nice, but what do we do
here on Earth where we are
already overwhelmed with veil beings?

Do four things:  

One:   Now that the their evil secret war has been exposed, 
teach the people how the universe functions.  
Begin with The Grand Truth:
We are all eternal, non-physical, divine God-Beings.  
This will open them up to the rest of the Universal Laws.
God-realized beings cannot be enslaved. 

Two    Use the enemy's own tactics against them.  
Secretly infiltrate the world with
Cosmic Conscious Beings. 
Have these beings quietly teach the universal  truths.

Three:  Dry up their money supply. 
a)   Legalize Marijuana
b)   Issue debt free money from the U.S. Treasury 
c)   Cancel all debts to the bankers  
d)   Inspire all home owners to stop making
       home loan mortgage payments to the banks  
Open Letter to President Trump

Four:     Expose the  truth about 
the satanic rituals of the evil ones.  
They rape, torture, and murder our children
and then drinking their blood.   

<><><>  See Notes pg. 1,006    

Also  See Page  1,102


How to End Arguing, Fighting, and Wars



R. F. 

  What Is Our Basic, Human Nature?  


Excuser me, but this section is going to be
more than a bit of a rant.  

I'm no longer willing to allow myself and my fellow humans
to be smeared with te false bullshit about
how war-like, how self-centered, and
and how prone to violence humans are.

I speak now to all who peddle  these false, bullshit claims
about how bad we are
I speak now to all criminals, all idiots
and all off-planet beings who
think they know something about internal human nature.  

The overwhelming experiential evidence
tell us a very different story.   
Yes, there is presently a huge amount of
violence, and intentional destruction on planet Earth.

In a moment I'll expose the source of that violence. 
The source, the core cause of violence

Let's look at the evidence,
fist about human nature and then
about the source of the violence and destruction.    

Human nature  has a huge abundance of  Goodness. 
Humans are God Beings.  
We carry the attributes of God in our genetic makeup,
the most powerful of which is Llove.

God is not angry, hateful, vindictive, violent war-like
or any other of the bull shit behaviors attributed to us.

Humans are inherently    Kind,    Trusting,   Lloving, 
Compassionate, Selfless,   Willing to serve,   
Wanting to be of service,    Harmless,   Helpful   
Genuine   Humble   Righteous,   Courageous,    
Patient,   Adaptable   Flexible,
and willing to forgive even the foulest of violators.

How many thousand times have you heard of situations where
humans have risked their lives to save a stranger.  
Some even choose
saving others in desperate situations
as their occupation.    

Billions of human  parents make  huge sacrifices
for the sake of their children.

In your daily life, how often do you find people
polite, kind, courteous, and helpful?   
How often do you find the opposite?    

We are trusting to the fault of being incredibly naive. 
We simply cannot imagine
doing the evil that is directed at us and
of which we are accused.   

As a species we are very intelligent,
with incredibly strong emotional power.  
This significantly amplifies our already powerful imaginations 
and gives us  manifestation power
well beyond our galactic brothers and sisters.  
Our bodies are the most beautiful variation
of the human, biological form in the entire galaxy.    

We are the "new kids on the block." 
We have yet to even spread our wings. 
When we truly fly, there will be none
who can even come close to us

We have exponential, spiritual discernment. 
While others strive to grow beyond physical form,
we bring God into us in our physical form.  
We are about to take God on a ride
never before seen in the entire gallaxy.

We say to all,
once we escape your invisible prison,
stand clear.  
If you ever mess with us again,
we'll set you ass on a hot stove until you wakeup
and then we will banish you from our worlds
until you learn the rules of reality. 

Now to Address the Source of Violence and Destruction:

Have you heard the Biblical passage:
"Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing?

It means, watch our for deceivers, liars, swindlers,
con artists , illusion peddlers, and other people and things 
that are not what, on the surface, they appear to be.?  

Have you ever found any?  
Would you know them when you saw them?

I invite you to take a few minutes and check these two webpages

Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,   Page Two  The Invisible Prison

We share them with you simply
to open your eyes to the fact that
there are evil ones
influencing human behavior o Earth.

Be aware that such beings exist and then
ignore them return your focus to
being of Service to All, including yourself    





R. F. 

  Self-Realization        I Am That I Am   


I Now know that I am God having a human experience.
As God, all things are possible. 
Everything is possible.  

I now know with absolute certainty that
I am already as complete of a being
as I am ever going to be.

All conflicts within myself about  myself
will disappear once I realize/ remember
who and what I am.


You have been falsely taught that you are outside of God. 
It is literally impossible to be outside of God.

Pray not by asking.   
True, functional, effective prayer
is a declaration of what is.

Stop seeking anything outside of self. 
With the exception of safety and urgency,
ignore everything outside of your self.   
Begin discovering the part of God that  is inside of self.

Here the Power Language
I am creating . . .
I am intending . . .
I am manifesting . . .  
I am bringing about . . .  
I am being . . .  
I am doing . . .  
I have . . .     
I am having . . .
I am expressing . . .  
I am experiencing . . .
I am exploring . . .  
I am gratifying myself with . . .
I am a role model of God's Earthly expression

follow each statement of I am . . .   with
"and that feels really, really good! 
Pause long enough to feel really, really good.

Remember, the power of manifestation
is in the feelings and NOT in the words


Find God Inside Yourself:
Here's a simple discovery technique:   
Sit quietly. 
Close your eyes.   

Take a deep breath. 
As you exhale, say  Aahh!   (Aahh as in draw)
Pause briefly after the exhale
and prior to the next inhale. 

Take another deep breath.  
As you exhale, say  Uuhhh!   (Uuhh as in you)  
Pause briefly after the exhale
and prior to the next inhale. 

Take another deep breath.  
As you exhale, say  Oomm!   (Oommm as in home)  

Pause briefly after the exhale
and prior to the next inhale. 

The three breaths  sets the stage
for the energy breathing practice

Imagine your breath is if it were a ball of energy.  
See it and feel it at the base of your spine.
Forget about the words.  
Focus completely on the ball of energy

As you inhale, imagine the energy
rising up your spine into your head.  
As you exhale, imagine the ball of energy
flowing down the front of your body
and into the lower part of your stomach. 

Pause after the exhale.  
Allow your mind to be in that empty space
between you exhale and your next inhale.     
Notice how you feel
while in that pause moment,
Feel your body completely relax. 

Repeat the energy breath several times while
focusing primarily on the pause after the exhale.    
This is the moment of no-thought.  
Notice how you feel.

Repeat this process daily.   You be suprised at
what you will discover in the moments of stillness.  

Self-Realization   I Am That I Am 




R. F. 

  Beware of   The Savior Fairytale 


As of August, 2017, 
the evil ones were still peddling the fear-based, savior fairytale. 
Here's the essence of the fairytale.    

Humans are powerless, inherently evil sinners.   
Humans are not ready handling the truth.   

Then answer this question:  
What makes you ready?  
The simple answer is  "
The doing makes you ready."

As the story goes, the devil, or some variation thereof,
such as space invaders,
is about to destroy humanity.     

In order not to perish, humanity must be protected.  
Along comes God's chosen man, sent here by God Himself.  
The savior will protect you, if you bow down and worship him,
obey his every word and fear death, hellfire,
and damnation if you don't.    

What does the evidence tell us?
***   Everything is a singly unified whole.  
***   Separation from God is a Lie.  
***   You can't be separate fro God because God is all there is.   
***   You are inside of God     
***   You are an intimate piece, part, aspect of God.     
***   God is Llove.   
***   Humans are God-Beings.
***   Humans are powerful, Great Creators.     

Everything fear-based is a lie (an illusion) peddled by evil ones

Here's The Ultimate Protection.     

Wake Up!   You are God!  
See The Teachings of Jesus.  
You are the   sum total of everything.  
You do not require anything other than to realize
and KNOW with certainty,  
who and what you are.     
There is noting "out there."  
Everything originates inside of your own consciousness. 

Evil one attempt to trick you into  believing
that you are nothing  and they are everything.  
So that they can keep you as their slaves.  

The Savior Fairytale is pure  SHEYIT for suckers!

WAKE   UP  ! ! ! ! !      

Beware of the Savior Fairytale



R. F. 

  Evolution   and  Consciousness Expansion  


Stop struggling to grow, to evolve. to expand.  
Because to grow and to expand is a natural part of
who God-Beings are and what God-Beings do naturally. 

We are all God-Beings.    

Instead of struggling, 
Allow!  life to come to you.  
Relax and enjoy being who and what you are.  

Focus your attention onto whatever it is
that excites you the most
onto  whatever it is
that brings you your greatest joy.  

See the page titled
Service to Self is Replaced by Service to All.     


About third dimension Life:  

A common response to 3d life is:   
   *   Life sucks and then you die.  
   *   Is this some kind of sick, cosmic joke?
   *   What am I doing here?  

Bentinho Masarro give us a more enlightened perspective
on a YouTube video.  
How to Reveal You Are God -- A Conversation with Gentinho Masarro 
Listen to minute 1:39:2- through  Minute 1:47:00      

Evolution  Consciousness Expansion 






Integrity is another natural part of who and what we are. 
Those who understand the rules of reality understand that
there is absolutely nothing that we could steal from another
that we cannot get directly ourselves
at no cost to anyone.   

Does being right make someone else Wrong? 
Ten hundred thousand equals a million.  
No. You're wrong. 
A thousand thousand equals a million.  

Maybe we should get the people of your country
to fight wit the people on that country  and   
whichever side can produce the the most violence
will be declared correct. 







  The Power of Appreciation     


For each of us, our goal is to create a life of
freedom, peace, joy and abundance
in whatever form feels best for ourselves.  
Appreciation / Gratitude  is a major key to our success.

In the journey from the Cabal-controlled third dimension
to the Fifth Dimension world of
freedom, joy, peace, and abundance,
there are no elixirs, magic potions, or silver bullets.   

There is the never-ending evolution
in the direction of Universal-Consciousness,
a growth in the understanding of who and what we are
and an expansion of our personal levels of
consciousness  and self-confidence.  

The most powerful tool of growth, expansion
and consciousness is appreciation. 
It overcomes the illusion called scarcity.   
It's a tool for acquiring the missing things in our lives. 

Rather than struggling to have, do, or experience something,
relax, allow, appreciate, enjoy what is and just be.   

Appreciate everything.  
Appreciate whatever you have because
that tells the Universe to give us more
of what we already have.  

The universe functions on consciousness,
on perceptions of what is and,
not on the physical matter, itself.  

So, you can use appreciation
to manifest what you don't have
by imagining you already have it and
by appreciating it with the same joyous feeling
you will have when your intention
is physically manifested.  

The universe will follow your imagination and
bring you what you appreciate, even when
you appreciate having something
before it shows up in your physical life.  

Notice how this a perfect fit
with the Universal
The Law of Feel-Good Feelings. 
See the page titled
Service to Self is Replaced by Service to All. 

  We highly recommend that you
watch this video  

Abraham Hicks – Pure Power of Appreciation    <><>

The Power of Appreciation 



R. F. Page  Content

  The Power of Change  


Everything is always in motion.
With the exception of the three most basic Universal Laws,
everything is always changing, growing, and expanding,
or it's disintegrating, dying, and
returning into it's basic, unmanifested potential.   

The basic motion is spiral.  
It's spiral because nothing ever returns to where it came from.
It can't return because the "place" you came from is different
when you return.     

The basic format is fractal.  i.e.   variations on a theme.   

As Self-Realized God-Beings, we have the awareness
and the power to direct the changes.
When we work and play as teams our power is infinite.


The power of Change



R. F.  Page  Content



If you are right that does not make others wrong.  

Matthew 6:22-23King James Version (KJV)    
22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.    
23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

Matthew 6: 22-23 MSG     (The Message Bible)
22 "Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light.
23 If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have!

Lecture:   If Thine Eye Be Single
"We see things not as they are, but as we are."   





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    A Must for Your Listening  



Abraham Hicks – Pure Power of Appreciation    <><>






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