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How to get from

Third Dimension Sheiyt     
Fifth Dimension Joy   





    Concept Summary


All of humanity is moving from
Third Dimension pain and misery to
Fifth Dimension ecstasy and abundance. 

Energetically the transformation
into the Fifth Dimension
is already complete.   

However, the fast majority of humanity
is still stuck in false third dimension beliefs. 
They still believe that they are
separate from God, separate from nature,
and separate from each other.    
They don't yet realize that all humans
are eternal God-Beings. 
These are just two examples.   
There's much much more to learn

Our job and our great joy is to assist people
to make the transition
from third dimension consciousness
to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.         







    Page Content



Concept Summary     

Where Are We?        

What Is Our Intended Destination     

A Note of Gratitude      

We Face Two Major Challenges   
      Ending the Old  and the Obsolete: 
     Top Down Control     
     Excessive Secrecy      
     What's Required That's Not Being Done    
     What Else would Help?    

     Building the New Reality:   
     How do We Get from Here to There<







    Where Are We



Step one in any journey is learning where we are,
to answering the question,
"What is our starting point?  

For this discussion, I'll give you
a very simple overview below and
direct you to a more detailed version of where we are
on the page titled:  How the Universe Functions.  

1)   If this is your first adventure in to
The Nature of Reality,  You won't believe this.  
You'll say it's impossible.     

2)   You've been lied to about everything
Nothing is what we are led to believe  it is 
by those who claim to know. 

2)  The Universe is teaming with intelligent life. 

3)   for centuries, Earth has been  under
the secret control of
an off-planet species of beings known as Lizzerdz and
the genetically altered humans known as the Cabal..  
These beings are psychopathic parasites
and despicable child molesters.  
The Cabal look like regular humans but they are not.  

Their Secret, global control network has been exposed,  
their control system is breaking down, and
they are being removed
from their positions of power.  

4)   As part of the cosmic transformation,
the energy of our entire solar system
has been raised into the fifth dimension.  
We now have the power of Fifth dimension being,
most humans don't yet know that, and
they don't know how to live
as fifth dimension beings.       







    What Is Our Intended Destination?



This transformation is like nothing
that has ever happened before
in the entirety of cosmic history.  

It's not a physical change. 
It's a change in consciousness. 
It's a vibrational change,
It's an energetic change,
It's a change into infinite potential.     

We now have the the potential to recreate
our personal lives and our human collective lives
in any way we choose. 

<><><>    <><><>  

Here's the utmost critical factor regarding
what our Fifth Dimension world will be like: 
We must design it and create ourselves. 

As you will see in the section below:  

***   We have all the tools necessary.  

***   We have an infinite supply of anything and everything
        we could ever want, need require or desire.  

***   We have thousands of intelligent being
        from our entire galaxy, waiting
        to be guides, teachers, coaches and advisors.   

We, ourselves, must to the doing. 
We must do the designing.  
We must do the creating.  





    A Note of Gratitude 


The galactic assistance has been
and is phenomenally positive.  
We owe them a deep debt of gratitude.  

Without the assistance from other civilizations, 
most of humanity would be dead by now, and
the few left alive would be mindless salves,
or victims for the Lizzerdz torture chambers,
or food for them to eat.  







    We Face Two Major Challenges   


Challenge Number One

If we don't create our new Fifth Dimension world
there are plenty of mindless third dimension so-called experts
that will step in and attempt to create our world
to suite themselves.  

Here are some of the challenges we must get beyond : 





    Top Down Control  


At this time, everything we hear from those
who claim to be in charge of the transition is
Top-Down Thinking.  
They are in charge and
get what they give us. 

The new system MUST follow
a Republic-style social structure. 
God is first,
We-The-People next, 
Local social structures,- ---Family, Clan, Village Community,
Geographic areas  --- Regions  States and the like
The larger social structures are primarily
for logistics,  coordination, and inter-agency cooperation.

Power must  remain with the people.  
All Leaders must pass leadership test
before being given any authority.  






    Excessive  Secrecy  


Those in control tell us that
they are helping us get rid of those
who use secrecy to hid their criminal activities,
but they, themselves
are still
violating the rules of an open society
by functioning in unnecessary secrecy.  

In Fifth Dimension, there are no secrets. 
It's literally impossible to hide anything.  
and yet, our so-called leaders
are still working in secrecy.   

Obviously some things must be temporarily
kept secret to avoid saboteurs. 
However, hundreds of thing do not require secrecy.   

Specifics may require temporary secrecy,
however general knowledge should be open to the public.  

For Example:  We would like you to
understand the difference between
debt-based Federal Reserve notes and
Debt-Free money issued from a state of federal treasury.  

For Example:   We would like you to understand
the difference between a democracy and a Republic.  

For Example:   We would like to show you  a set of pictures
taken of the back side of the Moon.     

For Example:   We would like to show you  3,251  artifacts 
found here on Earth that could not have been created
by humans as we presently know ourselves  to be.    







    What's Required That's Not Being Done



The National and Global Economy:   

Since 1913, the Cabal, criminal bankers have
manipulated the money supply in the United States
to create boom and bust cycles.  
This is there way of stealing  everybody's wealth.   
Recessions and depressions are simply the result of
the criminals putting in or taking out vast amounts of money
out of the people's economy.  

Here's a simple step that would produce
overwhelming positive results and
would gently transform the entire planet

From the treasury of any state of national government,
issue debt-free money from its treasury and
use that money exclusively and only for
the purpose of rebuild its infrastructure.

All the mouth-fart about gold  being required
in order to transform the economy is just that,
mouth-fart to fool the people.  Ref:  The Gold Fairytale.   

The global economy has one major problem.  
That problem has an incredibly simple solution: 

Replace the fraudulent debt-based money
from the Cabal owned and controlled Federal Reserve and
replace it with debt-free money
from the state of national treasury.  
Use the money exclusively for
rebuilding old or building new infrastructure.  





    What Else Would Help?



Release, to the public domain,
the thousands of patents that are 
sealed in the patents office.   
Release to the public domain,
the ones that are not associated with
destruction or violence 
Many of them could be
very beneficial to the people.        

<><><>   <><><>   <><><> 

Those in control at the Galactic Level
claim to have contacted Earth's leaders
and asked if they wanted assistance. 
This  sounds like a violation of
the law of non-interference. 

They did not ask the people. 
Theywent to the psychopathic pedophile parasites
who mind-control, manipulate us, rape and murder our children 
and asked them if they wanted to free their prisoners.  

In essence, they asked the parasites if they wanted to
eliminate their food supply and thereby commit suicide.  
They did not ask We-The-People of Planet Earth!

We may be mind controlled, but
we are still not quite that stupid.   
We wonder what's really going on.  







How Do We Get from Here to There?  



In Fifth Dimension Consciousness,   
we get to build our future reality, 
but how do we do that?   

Take step one and,
in divine right timing, 
step two will show up.   

Step one is to learn the first basic rule of reality:
You are an eternal, non-physical diving being.    






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