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All Home Loans Cancelled

Cabal Criminal Bankers Defeated





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Here's a story from the Akashic Records:

A Major Milestone in the Defeat of the Cabal
occurred the day all home owners, in-mass,
stopped making home mortgage payments
to the Cabal criminal bankers.  

That took about 130 BILLION dollars every month
away from the Cabal Criminal Bankers and    
provided 75 million home owners
and their families with an average of $1,780
in spendable money
every month









  The Story"  

All Home Loans End  

Cabal Criminal Bankers Defeated  



Regularly, I roam the Universe
in deep meditation using 
The New Rules of Reality,
looking for Future History.
A few days ago, I stumbled onto this story:   

A Major Milestone in the Defeat of the Cabal
will occurr the day all home owners, in-mass,
stop making home mortgage payments
to the Cabal criminal bankers.  

That will take about 130 BILLION dollars every month
away from the Cabal Criminal Bankers and

provided 75 million home owners
and their families with an average of $1,780
in spendable money every month

What I found appears to be
an Akashic Record's story.  
It was somewhat garbled
as if someone had tried,
unsuccessfully, to erase it.   

They could not erase it,
but they did succeed
in making some of the details unclear,
however, the essence of the story
was and is still crystal clear

<><><>   <><><> 

Here's the Story:  
This story occurred on Plant Rosetta.   
Rosetta is one of
an infinite number of  
timelines related to Earth. 
In other words, it's different but very similar.

Editors Note:  
The lead character
does NOT need to be the President.  
All that is required is a recognized authority figure
that the people will follow, such as
a state governor or a very popular celebrity.

The nation's President
at a live, televised, national, public event,
suddenly stopped speaking.  
He stood quietly for a long moment,
looked intently at the people in the audience,
then spoke these words.

"Recently, while sitting quietly
in prayer and in meditation,
I asked Source/Creator/God
for guidance on how to most effectively
lead our nation back into health and prosperity.
I heard these words .  

"Guide.   Do not attempt to control! 
Instead of fighting the opposition,
ask the people what they want. 

Remember, it's everybody's country

First, tell all American homeowners
to immediately stop making home loan payments.

By this simple act, the people, themselves,
will defeat the Cabal criminal bankers."  

Second, put the people back to work   
rebuilding the nation's infrastructure. 
Pay for the reconstruction with
DEBT FREE money issued directly from
the nation's treasury."  

"Ladies and gentlemen,
take a moment and think about
the power that you have as 
The People of this Nation

The President stopped speaking.  
The entire local audience became silent.  
After about 30 seconds, someone in the audience yelled, 
"We-The-People have spoken.  Let it be done!" 

Everyone began to cheer. 
When the audience quieted down, the President said,
"If you have the courage to act as one people,
every month, you will put about 130 billion dollars
back into your own hands.
Imagine what an economic stimulus
of the much money will  . . . " 

At that point the President's microphone went dead.  
We could hear shouting and noise of
a physical confrontation beside the stage.  
A low hum of whispering voices could be heard
coming from the audience.  

The President motioned everyone to silence.  
With hand gestures, he indicated for the people to
touch their hearts and send Llove out everywhere.  
He began to sing The Woody Guthrie Song,
"This Land in Your Land."   
The audience joined in. 

"This land is your land.    This land is my land,
From California to the New York island;
From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me."  

One of the president's bodyguards came on stage and
handed the president
a functioning microphone.  
The President motioned the audience to silence and said,  
"If one of you knows all the words, 
please come up and lead us in this song."

A young woman immediately responded. 
She came on stage,
the President gave her the microphone, and
she began to pre-speak the words
as all again began to sing.  

When the song ended,
the President took back the microphone,
thanked the woman, and said,
"Before the microphone was cut off,
I was about to tell you that   
the banks, all of them,
lend money that they create out of nothing and
then require you to pay interest
for the use of make-believe, non-existent money."  

Remember, this is your country.  
When we all, at the same time,
speak with one voice, we are unstoppable.  
Even the Bible tells us that.  
Let us speak with our behavior.  

If you do so, from now on,
each month 130 billion dollars
will go to We-The-People  and
NOT to the criminals who control the banks.  

I'll get the latest numbers on this,
and share them with you soon.
In the mean time, imagine
the power of 75 million homeowners and their families
with 130 billion dollars in spendable money
in your pockets every month.  

Remember, is just one step in rebuilding
The American Dream

Now let us return to our program. 
Thank you.     

<><><>   <><><>

You can find this story along with links and
much supporting evidence online at:  

<><><>   <><><>

Hopefully you'll find this story interesting enough
to pass it along to your family and friends.    

Home Loans Ended   Cabal Defeated<><>






   What Will be The Result?   



75 million homeowners will have an average of
$1,780 each to spend each month
for goods and service.  

That's about a 133 billion dollars
economic  stimulus package
inserted into the economy
each and every month.  
This is the ultimate economic stimulus package!  

***   The home foreclosure problem
         will be stopped dead in its tracks. 
         It will end
         in a matter of days, not years. 

***   It will cause zero inflation.  

***  It will cost the taxpayers zero dollars.  

***   It will dramatically stimulate the economy.

***   It will be the people taking care of the people.  

***   It will prevent millions of homes
         from being seriously damaged or destroyed
         during the foreclosure process.  

***   It will prevent the financial devastation
         of millions of families.  

***   It will dramatically re-empower the working class.   

***   It will be infinitely cheaper than
         the present proposed solutions.  

***   It will be much faster than the present proposed solutions.  

***   Forgiving home owner's mortgage debt
         will trigger a much needed overhaul
         of the banking system. 

***   Most of the so-called toxic bank assets will simply disappear.  

***   The result will be the-emergence of
        both the people's confidence in our political and
         economic system system and 
        it will reinstate our faith in the American Dream.  

It will shift the cost of
resolving the home foreclosure crisis
from the taxpayer to the bankers and financial speculators.
These are the people who are responsible for creating
both the overall financial disaster and
specifically, the home foreclosure crisis.  

In sharp contrast to the very questionable results
of  taxing the public to reward the multi-billionaires
for their wild speculation spree,
home-loan-debt forgiveness will actually work.  

The proof of this action will
show up immediately in numerous ways,
such as American businesses will begin to boom.   

Forgiving all personal and debt will bosom into
much grander benefits for everyone.   
This is step one in the ultimate economic stimulus.  

It's also a major step in riding the entire planet of
the Cabal criminal bankers.  
That is the the ultimate blessing for all humanity.

Benefits and Beneficiaries  






  Let's Talk Numbers   



Editor's Note:   
This section uses home loans as its example. 
Forgiving other personal loans would significantly increase
the positive results shown here.  

The numbers below are not exact,
they are approximations
based upon Internet searches done in 2009.  
Even though these number require upgrading,
they clearly deliver the intended message.  

The goal is not statistical perfection,
rather it is to give readers a sense of
the vast amounts  of the money
that is regularly being transferred
from the pockets of the people
into the vaults of the money lenders
under highly unethical, immoral,
and criminal circumstances. 

<><><>    <><><>  

The Numbers:  
According to,
there are approximately 75 million home owners
in the United states.  
The average home loan is $225,000, and
the average monthly payment is $1,780 per month.   

75 million homes  times $225,ooo per loan
equals about 17 trillion dollar
in outstanding home loans.   

Each month those 75 million homeowners
each pay an average of $1,780 to the bankers
for interest and for return of the principle.   
That is about 133 billion dollars per month
(just under 1.6 trillion dollars per year).   

Each Month, 130 billion dollars
is being fraudulently transferred
from the pockets of the American home owners
to the money vaults of the banks and
other home mortgage  lenders.   

<><><>   <><><>

Now Let's Ask that Long-Avoided Question:    
Who has 17 trillion dollars   $17,000,000,000,000
to loan to home owners?  

Then, where did all  that loan money come from? 

The answer is P. F.A.,
plucked from the air. 
They made it up. 
There is not and never was any money. 
You are paying interest for the use of
fairytale, make believe, non-existent money. 

Charging Money for the Use of an Illusion:  
The financial industry is unique in that
it is the only industry that has ever succeeded in
lending/selling customers a non-existent product and
charging its customers rent (interest)
for the use of its non-existent product.   
Lenders have been and still are
lending  make-believe,  non-existent money. 

Do you recall the child's game called "Monopoly."  
Well, the bankers have been lending you
a glorified version of Monopoly money.  
They call it fiat money.   

Borrowers are paying their hard-earned money
(transferring some of their goods and services)
to the super-wealthy money lenders 
for the use of this non-existent (fiat)  money.

Let's Talk Numbers






    The Magic Power of Forgiveness  



is in order today.   
Forgiveness is, after all, at the heart of
our moral, cultural, religious, and spiritual values.  

Offering a Quid Pro Quo:  
The bankers forgive all homeowner mortgage debts,
and  We-The-people forgive the super-wealthy bankers
for over a hundred years of fraudulently
charging us and our parents and grandparents
trillions of dollars in interest
on the use of make-believe (non existent) money. 

This would include forgiving
all commercial-lender-loans
to private individuals for their private use,
including every home owner's mortgage debt, 
student loan debts, and
Much Beyond That.      

We refer here to residential home owners,
not commercial investments.

The Power of Forgiveness<>






    Manipulating The Money Supply  


Another Cabal Banking Scam Exposed



We've all  heard about
the boom and bust cycles in the economy.   
What we are not told is that these cycles is the truth.  
They are intentionally created by the Bankers.  
It's one of the techniques they use to steal your wealth.  

Here's hoe the scam works.   ><><><>











    Lenders Get a "Dear John" Letter 



Here's how homeowners dealt with the banks:    

Instead of a normal check made out to the lender
for the monthly loan payment, the lenders got
a "Dear John"-style letter saying good by
to the home mortgage Lender.    

The essence of the letter is: 

Dear home Loan Lender, 
You have intentionally and knowingly
violated my person and my legal rights.
You entered into a fraudulent contract with me. 
You lent me money that does not exist and then
demanded payment of principle and interest
on that fraudulent loan.  

The enclosed check made out to you
for "nothing" and signed by me.  
is is payment in full
for any and all obligation that I had
or may have had to you.  

I hereby return to you all the non-existent money
that you loaned to me, along with more "nothing"
as payment of interest on the loan of non-existent money. 

Knowingly and intentionally
entering into a fraudulent contract
is an ethical, moral, and  criminal violation of
Source. Creator/ God-Goddess's
Prime Directive: 
Thou Shall NOT Violate!    

In the name of We-The-People
I herby declare your fraudulent loan to be null and void.  

If you wish to take further action on this matter,
I suggest that you contact Source/ Creator. God-Goddess
and beg for forgiveness for your criminal behavior.  

<>< <>< <>< <>< ><> ><> ><> <> <>

Hopefully you'll find this story interesting enough to pass it along to your family and friends.     <> <> <> <> <> <> <><>

Lenders get Dear John Letters<>






    Footnotes and References



Future History  
Finding Future History is
a personal transformation technique
in which a person imagines and searches
his or her own future
looking for ways that she used to
improve her life.  

She finds a joyful, potential future experience and
reverse engineers it to find out
how it was done and then,
in the here and now, 
takes those steps
into her own future success.   

Much Beyond That    

***   The National Debt   
The Cabal bankers have loaned multi-trillions
of non-existent dollars to the US Government.  
Cancelling those loans would eliminate
a huge burden on the American taxpayer.  

***   Eliminate the IRS (income tax).  
Replacing the Internal Revenue Service
with national Sales tax will be great benefit
to all except the Cabal bankers.  
This is not a final solution,
but it is a huge step in the right direction.

***   Foundation / Corporate Partnerships
Completely eliminating all taxes
by creating
Foundation-Corporation Partnerships

FahZoom Town's hemp industry is an example of this.  
The FahZoom Town Foundation
sets up and owns a profit making hemp corporation. 
The profits from the corporation belong to the foundation.  
FahZoom Town and its residents are the foundations named beneficiaries.    

<><><>    <><><>  

<><><>   <><><>  

<><><>   <><><>

If a homeowner (borrower) defaults on his or her loan
the bank takes everything. 

The borrower loose the home and
every dollar he or she has ever paid. 
This includes the down payment,
any increase in property value,
all interest moneys paid, and all fees.  

<><><>   <><><>

Boom and Bust  
Fake money is just one part of the scam.  
The bankers also manipulate the money supply,
intentionally creating boom and bust cycles
so that in a bust, (recession or depression), 
many borrowers cannot repay their loans, and
the bankers can then steal the homes.   

<><><>   <><><>  

The bigger Picture. 
Money is just one piece of a huge,
secret cartel of criminals.  
It's so huge and so overwhelming and
so well organized that, unless
you already know about these criminals,
you simply won't believe me.  

There's one other secret  aspect
of these criminals that all of us,
including you,
must face and eliminate. 

<><><>   <><><>  

An adult sexually violating a child is,
in and of itself, grossly offensive, however,
the members of the secret, Cabal,criminal organizations
are far worse.  

They engage in satanic rituals
in which children are raped, tortured, and murdered.  
Some of these criminals will engage in
blood-drinking rituals and
some even stoop to cannibalism.   

and much much more.
a stimulus package isn't simply taking taxpayer money
out of one pocket and putting it in another.  


Editor's Note:  
On 14 Feb 2017, I went to the President Trump's web page title
Get in Touch with the President.  
My intention was to send a shorter, condensed
email version of this story
directly to the President.  

The formatting of the page
would not accept my message as written.  
Short message only.    No links,   No formatting.
No paragraph breaks

I could only get the page to take
this tiny piece of my message:      

I/We would  like to offer you
a perspective on life in America
that comes from We-The-People.
I/We offer a perspective
that you cannot get
from millionaires, politicians, military generals
or those near you who are secretly controlled
by the Cabal criminals.

I/We will get our complete  message to him
or someone else
that can get this idea
into the minds of the public.  
If you want your home loan cancelled
pass this message along to everyone<><><  


Footnotes & References>





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    The Rosetta President's Political Strategy



When I first enter the presidency,
I knew the whole world was watching.  
A times like that, I avoid directly, and openly
offending huge portions of the population,
by unilaterally changing any laws
related to highly controversial issues
such as immigration.  


Leadership Strategies:  I bring in the people.  
I enroll them in doing what most of us want done, 
Telling all home owners to stop paying
their home loan mortgages
was an example of that strategy.  


I remembered that  supporters come and go,
but enemies stick like glue.   


Good News  Bad News: 
If there is good new to deliver,
I tell it myself.  
If there's bad news to deliver,
I have someone else deliver it.  


When something that's painful needs to be done,
I emphasize the good news portion of the task.   
Sometimes I wait for
something to distract the public,
then I quietly take action.   


Mind Manipulation: <>

In any situation where there are
two different, emotionally potent opinions,
the controllers send in  goons on both sides
to start physical confrontations. 
It's called, Lets You and Him Fight.   <><><   

Here are two cabal distraction incidents.  
911 twin towers and patriot act 
The escalating revolution if Iran and the murder of Michael Jackson