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Consensus  --  The Great In-Between



What Is Consensus?  
Consensus is thoughtful compromise.  
It brings accord, harmony, consent,
unity, and peaceful  agreements. 
Consensus brings ration, reason, logic, the evidence,
and the needs and desires of others
into a decision making process.  

Our Present System:
It is quite different from
the present American political process
which is tyranny by a majority vote of one.  

"If I can muster up one more vote that you can,
I'm going to force my way down your throat.  
If you don't like, that's your problem!   
We leave no tree standing. 
We take no prisoners."  

Where Does Consensus Come From?
A consensus is similar to a Context.   
It's a non-physical co-creation of all the people involved.  
Consensus  brings people together and
minimizes differences by
making harmony more important than
getting one's way.  

Everybody's point of view is given consideration
Where opinions differ, decisions are often
outside the will of either side.  
Often, there are more than just two sides to consider.  
For example, the controversy between religions a multi-faced issue.  

Unfortunately, in most controversies
that require someone to become a major looser,
the warring parties consider
only two of the three possible outcomes.  

They completely ignoring the third alternative.  
The critically important, third  alternative is Consensus.   

Consensus in Greater Detail:
There are several parts to a consensuses.  
The intention is to make the most appropriate decision,
after looking at all the evidence, including
the present conditions and circumstances, 
the needs, desires and differing beliefs and 
opinions of those affected.  

Consensus is sharing ideas.   
Consensus is discussing questionable issue
with others directly involved in and/or
affected by a particular behavior,
or position, or belief, policy, rule, law, etc.  

In a consensus, the intention is
to get all sides of an issue openly and freely discussed,
to put all the evidence on the table.    
Hidden Agendas  are out of place here.   

The goal is not domination or the peddling of a position.  
It's sharing, it's bringing everyone in,
it's talking with others rather than talking at them. 
It's listening to others.  
It's being open to new possibilities.  
It's asking questions like: 
"What are your needs, desires, feeling and beliefs."  
It's answering the following 

Critical Questions:

***   What will this action produce?      

***   Who will be damaged or hurt
        by the each of the possible outcomes?  

***   How can reduce
         the total amount of damage
         done to all concerned?  

***   How can we arrange things so that
        everyone receives a little damage as possible and
        that all receive the maximum of benefits possible?  

What is required here is information gathering
regarding each possible outcome,
Who will gain?  What will they gain?  
Who will loose?   What will  they loose?    

The Goal Is To:  

Produce the long-term, highest good
for the greatest number
at the  lowest cost,
cost being measured by the expenditure of:  
time, money, and effort,   
resources consumed,
environmental damage,    
grief and misery produced, 
loss of life (human or other life forms).       

***   How can we work together now that
         the decisions have been made?  

We hold this as a lesson learned and
another victory for Llove, cooperation and gratitude.  
We give the unwanted remnant back to source. 
We say thank you.  
It is declared to be so and So It Is! 
We move on. 

To learn more about this, see the section titled: 
Consensus - A guide to decision making.    

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