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The Seven Grand Truths: 
    I Am Worthy!           
        I am Deserving
           I Am  Llovable!  
              I Am Enough!
                 I Am Connected to God!  
                     I Am an Eternal God-Being!
                        I Am God!





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As young children, we took on
a multitude of life-altering beliefs
that were simply NOT TRUE.  
Our job today is to    wake-up to the truth
Here are some pieces of that  truth.  

I belong!  
I belong here.   
I belong to everything.  
Everything is a part of  me.   

I am a part of everything.
We Are All One, Single, Whole, Unified Divine Being

I Am Worthy!  
      I am Deserving 
        I Am  Llovable!  
            I Am Enough!
                 I Am Connected to God!  
                     I Am an Eternal God-Being!  
                           I am Llove!  
                              I am Compassion!  
                                   I am God-Goddess experiencing physical form!  


Stop reading.  
Take a deep breath! 
Now, slowly, re-read the above, nine  self-assessments again.  

I belong!  
I belong here.   
I belong to everything.  
Everything is a part of  me.   
I am a part of everything.

We Are All One, Single, Whole, Unified Divine Being.  

I Am Worthy!  
      I am Deserving 
        I Am  Llovable!  
            I Am Enough!

                 I Am Connected to God!  
                     I Am an Eternal God-Being!  

                           I am Llove!  
                              I am Compassion!  
                                  I am God-Goddess experiencing physical form!  


As you must know by now, 
most humans on Earth
have been mind manipulated ~
into falsely believing that  we are
unworthy, not enough
unlovable,  separate from God, and
inherently evil sinners.  

The exact opposite is true

This page and our websites will teach you
how to shift your consciousness
back into your natural state of being,
back into believing the truth. 
Out Loud, speak these Five Basic Truths   

I am Worthy   

I am Llovable!   

I am Enough!  

I am Intimately Interconnected with God!  

I am a God-Being presently living in physical form.       







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Page Concept - Page Summary   

Are You Llovable?   

Attributes of Llove         



A Must Listen to!  --  Pure Power of Appreciation     

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 Are You Llovable?   



Which of these statements do you believe?
*   I am Worthy.                         I am not Worthy.
*   I am Deserving                      I am not Deserving
*   I am Llovable.                       I am not Llovable.
*   I am Enough.                        I am not Enough.
*   I am Connected to God.      I am Separate from God. 
*   I am a God-Being.                I am my physical body.  

The ones you believe
determine what you are presently experiencing
in the external, physical world.

Look at your life.  
What does your life tell you about your beliefs?.

Whatever you believe about the above six statements
is what you experience
in the physical world.

Why is your subconscious mind
programmed to believe that you are not Llovable?
Because that's what you were taught
when you were a very young child. 

At that time, the world was controlled
by the evil ones who wanted to
keep you as their slaves in their invisible prison,
a prison made up of lies, incredible sophisticated illusions,
mind manipulation, intentional deception, and false beliefs.    

You took on the false beliefs  
that you were defective,
that there a piece missing in you,
that there was something wrong with you,
that you were not good enough,
that you didn't deserve Llove,
that you were not enough,  
that you were not worthy of being Lloved.

This programmed you into a life-long struggle
to make yourself Llovable.
You changeddyour behavior..
You diddthis or that to make yourself Llovable..
You didn't doo that or this to make yourself Llovable..
You worked diligentlyyto replace the missing pieces in yourself,,
hoping that would make you Llovable..

None of this worked
because you are not the problem.
Thinking you are not Llovable
is just a belief, a false belief.  


Until we learn the truth, we struggle with life.
We become addicted to something,
whatever it is, it's our quest for Llove,
our quest to be reconnected to God.

We struggle hoping that
our behavior will make us Llovable
or that it will change not being Llovable,
or we give up and use our addiction as
the reason why we're not Llovable.  

As a personal example,
very early in my life,
I became Mr. Fix It.  
I was always fixing things.  
I even spent  ten years earning my living
doing small job home repairs.  

In the late 1960's,  I looked at the world and said,
"There's got to be a better way."  
I set up what is now  TLC-Life-Center.  

and everything in it
is an expansion of Mr. Fix It.     

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The morning my wife through a huge emotional traum at me
only minutes after throwing a  previous huge negate trauma at me,
the calf of my left leg froze into a very painful cramp.  
It took days to work
the huge army of negative emotions that
had controlled my entire life.  

Although I thought I had already dealt with all this stuff,
when I went digging, here's what I found:

Anger that I was still carrying Sheyit that I thought
that had already gotten rid of.   
What's wrong withe me? 
Was I really created defective by a God
that believes murdering his son is an act of Llove?  
Am I defective?   Do I have some pieces missing
Am I Being punished by being deprived of
the blessings of God?

My family were great self-worth busters.
Because I expressed skills and talents
that older brothers lacked
I was butt of thousands of put downs
including getting slapped at the back of my head
on a regular basis, often for no reason
other than I was near them. 

At age three, I clearly remember saying words
and having thought to this affect:
This family sucks!.   Get me out of here!

At age 5, I was jokingly abandoned to the police.
To me, it was not a Joke. 
I have worked at releasing this abandonment trauma
several times , yet it persisted. 
I quietly carried that anger for seventy two years

I was regularly left out of what older brothers were doing,
"because I was too little.   My child mind took this to mean:
"I'm not good enough."

My singing was ridiculed to the point
where I stopped singing.  
At age six, I heard from older brothers
saying in laughing ridicule,
"Only sissies sing."

My father and my grand father who lived next door,
were evicted from our home
when I was age five September 1945)
This was part of a huge negative emotion
Llove triangle between my father an the boss's daughter
and the fact that  he got my mother pregnant
out of wedlock in 1933. 

He lost his love and married my mother,
and lived, stuck,  in an angry, Lloveless marriage 
for about thirty years.
Anger and stockiness ruled my parents lives. 

When my father got evicted, my pet dog, Buddy
just disappeared without a word to me.  
We spent that Vermont winter
far out of town in a n old farm house beside
a dangerous snow-covered hilly mountain road.

On moving day, September 1, 1946, (my 6th birthday)
a fire burned  the barns and nearly burned the house
The following summer, I developed sever hay fever,
even though the year before, I had no hay fever.
Nobody questioned the cause- the trauma of witnessing
the frantic effort to save the house and our belongings.

My father was an avid reader and highly
skilled in the English language.  
He spoke fluent French but was never wise enough
to teach me to speak French.  
My mother spoke fluent Polish, but she too
was not wise enough to teach me to  speak polish

I had no role models.  
I received almost zero training in social skills.
My parental sex education consisted of five words:
"keep it in your pants."

Then there's this angry, fickle God who lives in the sky.
He created me defective and inherently evil.   
And his agent (Catholic Church) keep threatening
to turn me over to the devil where I will burn in misery forever
if I make any mistakes.
I was told to both Llove God and fear him.  
Trying to do that is a  guaranteed mind-fuckover.

Then we never get a straight answer form God. 
To major questions, the only answer we get
is a hint or two and then we are left
to figure it out of suffer the consequences of not knowing

Then he secretly sick's onto us 
an army of pathological, parasitic,
child-raping, Child murdering, liars
who can disguise themselves as  real humans and
allows these heartless, emotionless sickos 
to control humans and the e entire planet
for about 30, 00 years.    

My childhood mind took all this in
and created life-long behavior Patterns:

Anger and
stuck-ness and
not god enough,  
Am must be defective or somehow incompetent or stupid,
What did I do that was so terrible that
       I got banished to the crust of the Earth?
Life as a constant struggle,
What I want is impossible,
What is is inevitable. 
It can't be any other way.
Life sucks and then you die
Great way to create Victim Consciousness

fear of loss of my home and
lack of money, and
Fear that things will only get worse.
lack of Llove.
Lack of physical touch from other humans
I'm not good enough.  
I not worthy.  
I'm not deserving,
I never felt safe or secure in any home
I have ever lived in.
I became a one boy an then a one man version of Mr. Fixit

<><><>   <><><>

Only recently did I realize that I am enough,
that everything I've done is enough.      

Are You Llovable?  >




    The Attributes of Llove


Let's take a moment and
look at one of the attributes of Llove.
Llove is connections with someone or something.
It's a sense of belonging, a sense of unity, of oneness.
It's the urge to merge with someone or something.

Sharing Llove is the urge to merge being fulfilled.
Sex fulfilled is the urge to merge momentarily fulfilled.

Llove is striving to go home, home where I belong
and where home belongs to me.
It's where I can be exactly me,
exactly who I am, what I am
and who I choose to be.

I now know that I am a God-Being
expressing myself in physical form.
I am Llove, I am joy, bliss, ecstasy.
I am orgasm at the level of  FahZoom ten.


One day we wake up and realize that
we are Llovable.
Everybody is Llovable. Why?
Because we are all God-Beings.
We are all parts of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  

Llove,   Giving Llove,    Receiving Llove,    Being Llove,
That's our natural state of being.
To acknowledge that I am a part of God
is to say,
I am Connected!   I am Llovable!     I am enough!   

Not just me.  
You are enough.
We are all connected to God.  
We are all Llovable.  
We are all enough.

At our moment of this realization,
the struggle dies and
the world expand into infinity.

WE ARE Llovable.
Llove becomes available to us.
Success becomes available.
Money, health, happiness, joyous relationships,
all become available.
Anything and everything becomes available to us.
There is nothing except that which I declare myself to be.   

            I AM LLOVABLE!  
                        I AM ENOUGH!   

The Longest Search has ended.
The Grandest Adventure now begins again.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.  

The Attributes of  Llove








C S 18-07-16




Until it is acted upon by external energy,
an object at rest stays at rest,
an object in motion stays in motion.

Momentum, as used here, referrers to
the amount of thought energy
that is moving our thoughts toward
their physical manifestation.

The more something is thought about
with positive emotions
the more power / momentum it has toward manifesting.
The more its absence of it is thought about
with negative emotions
The more its absence is manifested.


When we have a challenge,
creates the solution. 
Our job is to feel our way to that solution.

The solution is in our personal vortex
waiting for us to vibrate in harmony with that solution.  
We begin by vibrating at the level of satisfaction or higher.
use The Satisfaction Technique  (described below)
The same is true about our desires that are not yet manifested.

///   ///   ///

We each have the power and the ability
to Control of our own lives

      By controlling what we think about,
      By controlling our thoughts,  
            we controlling how we feel.
control our vibrational frequency.
By controlling our vibrational frequency,
      we each controlling what comes to us
      be it things, situations, and/or experiences.
     In other words,
       What we think about,
       What we feel, and
       What we experience
       Always match.

Bottom Line: 
We each have the power and the potential
to control of our own lives.
Like it or not,
thinking is what directs each of us
into our own future.

Our feelings are our guidance mechanism.
If you feel bad, you are taking your life
in the direction of more pain, more misery, and more 3d-sheyitt~
If you are feeling good, you are taking your life
in the direction of more joy, more Llove, and more abundance.

You must stop telling your old, unwanted story.
You have been tell that story
with your vibrations,
with your heart,
with your emotions
with your behavior,
with your beliefs,
with what you expect,
with mind chatter about your past,
with your own version of victim consciousness,
with what you are afraid of,
with your perception of what you are experiencing
      in your external world.
It's time to start telling a different story.

The Satisfaction Technique
  (described below)
is a fast and simple way to take back control
of what you manifest.

We begin inside of ourselves,
we each  create
a mild, positive,
mental state of being called

It's a state of being in which we
look at numerous thing in our environment and say,
"I am satisfied with that the way it is right now,"
and then we express gratitude and appreciation
for those things we are satisfied with

The technique is simply learning to live in
an emotional state of being
that is slightly above neutral.

This is slightly above the mid-range
between the positive (FahZoom)
passion, appreciation, and Llove
and the negative  (khold-priki)
despair, depression, hopelessness, fear, guilt, etc.

Why start near neutral?
Because that is the easiest place
to start our positive momentum flowing.

At the level of satisfaction and contentment,
it's much easier to change the direction
that our thoughts are taking us.
Why?  Because their momentum towards manifestation is soft

Once our mental state of mind is moving,
even slightly, in the direction of joy, 
when we hold these gentle, positive thoughts,
The Law of Attraction adds to them
more thoughts of like kind.
such as:   I feel at ease,   I'm OK,  
I feel feel better,   etc.

This creates a mental state of being
into which more positive thoughts can easily flow.

Remember, we are a thought and emotion-creation machines
Unless we are asleep,
our thought-creation machine in on.
We cannot shut it off.
It is the nature of what humans are.
Our only real job is to keep our creation mechanism
vibrating on the positive / joy side of life.

When we keep your mind moving gently
in the mental state of satisfaction and contentment for 17 seconds
the universe adds another similar thought.

See this link for a full description of
The Seventeen Seconds Technique:
Keep our satisfaction and contentment mental state moving
for four 17-seconds-thoughts
and the universe steps in and
adds universal power to  our thoughts.
17 seconds   34 seconds   51 seconds   67 seconds.
At 67 seconds we have
a powerful positive momentum
moving our thought in the direction of
physical manifestation.


We keep the thoughts general, soft, and easy and
     feel the associated emotions
      as distinct from hard and specifics.
When we are Contented, Relaxed, At Ease, with  Peace of Mind,
     there's not much push to go anywhere or do anything,
     Just be!   Relax, Allow, I am mellow.

Some examples:
I feel at ease here.
I know the future, joy-filled expressions of myself:
       (Robert Cote'    aka    AhhHoom FahZoom)
I am satisfied with: myself, with ________ , and with _______ .

After each statement we, add: 
. . . and that feels really, really good,   (or  . . . and that feels good.)
   Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  

Avoid being in a hurry.
The power is in  the feelings.
Words point our feeling in a particular direction.
Float on the joy side of the feelings and just be.

Think of some of the things that are satisfactory.
My chair is comfortable.
The room temperature is just right.
It's quiet and peaceful here.
My beverage tastes good.
There is great love for me everywhere.

Look for things about which
    it's easy to feel satisfied.
What is the most satisfying thing
     I can think about right now?

Today is a nice day.   Think about what's nice about today.
My timing is good.  
I do tings by feel good-feelings and by inspirations.
I am reasonably intelligent.
Inspiration is opening itself to me now.
I trust my ability.
I trust the Laws of the Universe.
See the section below (Llove-Vibrations)
     for more general soft thoughts.

The color of the curtains is fine.   I'm satisfied with that.
      The Curtains look pretty.  
      I am grateful for the beauty in my life
I like the chair I'm siting in.      I'm satisfied with that. 
     It feels good,   I really appreciate my nice chair.
I know that I am Llovable, Worthy, and Deserving
     and that feels really really good

Find ten thing about which you are satisfied
Find ten more.
Now, how do you feel? 
Express gratitude for your peace of mind,
     for your peacefulness, and relaxation regarding ________ .
     And then say:
      This feels really, really good       or         This  feels Good.
For more examples ,
see the next section below    Llove-Vibrations

About negativity -- clean it up immediately.
*   That's non of my business.
*   Couldn't control it even if I wanted to.
*   That's not my job,
*   The universe is taking care of that
*   Everything is working out.
*   My Job is to ignore everything in the external world.
*   The conditions in the xternal world are whatever they are
         and that's none of my busuiness.
*   That's an old, false belief.  That no longer applies to  me.

If it's very dissatisfying,
      first look for a neutral position
      on that topic.
The transition back to Joy and ecstasy
is too big of a single huge jump.
Make your shift one bite at a time

Be aware of what you think about
      the people in your life.
Ignore what you don't like about them and
     think of as many nice thing about them as you can.
Look for the points of satisfaction in them. 

Reference 1::
     Fifth Lost Secret of Llove Manifesting your significant other
     Create your Llover -  beloved~
     The Amazing Secret of Fifth Dimension Relationships~

Reference 2:

///   ///   //

I have decided:
I want polite not rude.
I want clear not confused.
I want thrilling not boring.
I want prosperous not needy.

(5) There's so much leverage in satisfaction
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" You are

Address of this page






C S 18-07-16





Attract Love ❤ Law of Attraction ❤ Love Meditation ❤ Find Your Soulmate ❤ Binaural Beats - YouTube  2:32:12

After each statement below, add: 
. . . and that feels really, really good,   (or  ". . . and that feels good.)
   Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

*  I am Lloved, blessed, appreciated, and supported by God
       and by my fellow humans.. 

*   I have mastered the first of The Seven lost Secrets of Llove.
*   I am a magnet for Llove.
*   The perfect team of Lloving expanded family partners
        are now in my life.
*   My heart is open to giving and receiving Llove.
*   I am complete as an individual.
*   I choose to have an abundance of Llove in my life.
*   My romantic relationships are delightful.
*   I give Llove joyfully and freely to everyone, withoutexception. 
*   I am compassionate towards everyone.
*   I realize that ego is an Cabal-created illusion.  
        It's simply a bunch of negative beliefs.
*   I attract the people with or aspiring for 5d consciousness.
*   There is great love for me everywhere.
*   God Lloves me.   I am a God-Being.   I Llove me
*   When I feel hungry, I ask, and
        I have a clear answer to this question:  
       "What am I really hungry for.
*   The universe is sending even more love into my life.
*   I deserve to love and be loved.
*   Joy fills me.
*   I radiate love
*   I feel really, really good.
*   A perfect team of friends, companions and Llovers are my life.   




C S 18-07-16

Copy prior to inserting text.   



Move everything  below to elsewhere
Notice that every time
we find another piece of evidence,
we discover that we opened a door
to an even greater Truth.

What are my behavior patterns?
What do I do Automatically?
What do I believe about the World?
What automatically  triggers in me
      into  a negative emotional response?

I can follow this simple path to Remembering my Godhood
when I remember my Godhood,,
I am, I have, I express, and I experience
Universal Cosmic Awareness.
What I Do is up to Me.

You have Twelve Major Gifts
The Universal Prime Directive
Thou Shall NOT Violate

I am contented long enough to wonder
*   What am I?  
You are an eternal, non-physical God-Being.

*   Where did I come from?  
You, as a God-Being are on an adventure,
an adventure into physical reality.

*   Why am I here?
To discover Your  God-Self
To Explore and express Your God-Self.
The Palladians say God's purpose are:

 *   What happens after my body dies?

Contented, Relaxed, At Ease, with  Peace of Mind,
Not much push to go anywhere or do anything,
Just be!   Relax, Allow, I am mellow.

Here are some example of satisfaction
*   That Freshly Fucked Feeling.
*   Being back home after an arduous journey.
*   Knowing that I am a God-Being,
*   Knowing that collectively,
      all humans together are another aspect of God.

















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