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Body Communication 


DNA       Innate       Smart Body







 Page concept  /  Page Summary


There is an essential piece of
who and what humans are
that is still unknown to most people. 
That part is  
Our Body's Consciousness.  

It's referred to by several names: 
Body Consciousness / 
Innate Body / 
Smart Body
DNA Body and
the name I use when conversing with
my own smart body. DayNA  

It's non-physical. 
It's invisible to human eyes. 
It's the part of a human being that responds
when you do muscle testing or use a pendulum.  

We've known for a long time
that there is something there.
we've labeled it as our subconscious mind,
but until very recently, beyond its existence,
we know almost nothing about how it functions.   

That is rapidly changing, NOW! 
Dr. Bruce Lipton opened the door, 
Kryon (Lee Carroll) made a huge contribution .  
Many other s are now expanding or understanding 

Kryon, a non-physical entity who 
communicates with us through Lee Carroll, 
has provided much of the basic information
included in this section. 
With sincere appreciation
we say thank you specifically
to Lee Carroll and Kryon,
to Dr. Bruce Lipton 
With out them this page
would never have been produced.  

<><><>   <><><>.  

In and of itself, our smart body
has no physical form. 
It is consciousness.  It is energy.  It is vibration.  
The information in human consciousness
is held in our DNA.   
It controls our physical form (our physical body).  

What we didn't know is that
our DNA is programmable,  
that it takes its orders from its environment.  
that human consciousness is that environment,
that our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations
are constantly instructing and reprogramming our DNA. 

We now realize that we can literally
have a conversation with our smart body and
intentionally make change in our live by altering our DNA.  

When we realize that we have this huge potential,  
Our goal becomes one of blending
our physical mind (personality self),
our smart body (body mind), and
our higher self  (Soul-Self)  t
ogether into a unified consciousness 

So that we can function as unified God-Beings
experiencing human life physical form and
experience the essence of what we really are. 
We are God-Beings experiencing life in physical form.  


The additional information that came to me
via my own experiences, via my intuition
and from the outside sources
are all in complete harmony .   

On this page, I describe this concept
from my own experience, and
from information provided to me. 

Literally dozens of hours  of study and research
went into producing the overview of evidences
provided below on this page.  

Kryon has several videos about
DNA and the Smart body.  
Links to the Kryon videos are included
at the end of the section.  

My interpretation of the evidence
may not be completely accurate.  
What you do with the information
is your own choice and your own responsibility.  

Page Content / Page Summary







    Opening New Doors 


Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is carrying our entire  universe
into something that completely new,
something that has never been done before
in all of cosmic history. 

We as humans are destined to playa major role
in these new creations.    
Our job is to participate in the transformation
by prepare our bodies
to carry the new, high vibration energy.  

Our bodies are being transformed by
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
from a carbon structure to a crystalline structure.   

I've not focused any attention on
the technical meaning of,
carbon structure and crystalline structure,
however, I know that
where this transformation is taking us
is profound beyond profound.  

We'll let Source/Goddess handle the technical stuff and
we'll focus on what we choose as our destination, and
on what we are required to do in order to play our role.  

Source/Goddess has opened the door for us
to re-create our bodies, our experiences and our live
into anything we choose.    
We now possess infinite potential
in its yet-to-be-manifested form. 

What we do with
our new freedom,
our new talents, and
our new opportunities
is completely up to us.    

I have chosen to be one of the conscious creators
of our new reality.  
I invite you to come with me.  





    About Your Body Consciousness / Body Mind  


Each of has a part of ourselves that is
a non physical consciousness. 
Kryon refers to this as 
,   Innate,   and   Smart-Body
Our body's consciousness controls
our physical form.  
It also dominates our
Earthly experiences in our physical bodies.  

It mirrors our beliefs, attitudes, desires,
expectations, words, activities, and intentions. 
Thus we have the free will to direct the control
that that controls our body and our experiences.   

Innate  is a unified field of consciousness made up of 
the consciousness of every cell in your body.  
DNA receives and transmits energy 
and thereby, Innate  plays a major role
in the communication among the various parts of each of us.

The physical body is programmed for survival.  
The innate (smart  body) is designed |
to create our spiritual awareness.       

DNA is one of the prime characteristics
of your body consciousness.  

DNA is a storehouse of our individual consciousness.  
It stores everything we have ever done / experienced 
n all of our incarnations. 

DNA is also the control panel that controls
everything in our present physical body.   


Only recently have we become aware how strongly 
our physical bodies and our Earthly experiences
are tied to the invisible Innate body consciousness.  

Although Innate controls our lives,
we have the power and the ability to program the innate. 
So, the bottom line is that,
by conscious intention,
by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations
and physical alctions,
we can control our own lives.  
We simply have to learn how to re-program innate.  


Before you read any further,
we suggest that you read the Internet article titled:

The Human Energy Field and DNA. 

About Mind / Body Consciusness -- 1 





    Waking Up    Into a New Reality  


Now that we know we can redesign our body
and our personal lives,
lets examine how to do it
and where to start.  

This is a multi-step process.  
I'll describe this in first person, I am.  
I am describing my own process.   

Connecting the Players: 
*   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,  
*   My Higher-Self/ Soul-Self   (Abednego) 
*   My Innate / Smart Body       (DayNA) 
*   My Personality Self    (Robin FahZoom)  (3d name:  Robert Cote) 
*   Physical brain and Body.  

The goal here is to  blend all these characters
into one unified, Fully-Conscious being    Fully-Conscious.  


Free-Will Reality:  
Earth is the Universe's first free-will reality.  
I have the right to renegotiate my soul contract
and to reprogram my DNA. 

Two Soul-Level Examples: 

1) I do not (and neither do any of my fellow humans)
require 26,000 years to learn
that its wrong to allow evil beings to rape, torture
and ritually murder children.  

That will NEVER be allowed to happen again.  
Those who allowed such atrocities to continue
for thousands or years, you are hereby notified:

When I reach Full Cosmic Consciousness,
consider yourself out of a job.

2)   The Law of Attraction is an evil-distorted fraud. 
When I reach Full Cosmic Consciousness,
the Law of attraction will be thoroughly investigated
and either revised
or replaced
by the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  


When I committed my self to becoming
a fully-conscious being,
one of the first responses from the Universe was
activating the principle called synchronicity.    

Things began to fall into place.  
What seemed like coincidences and fortunate occurrences began flowing into my life far more frequently than simply by chance. 

Unexpected things, new things, unusual occurrances
began showing up.   
I took notice when I looked at someone or something
and received an internal message, a word,
a feeing, a push in a particular direction.   

When I got the same message several times,
I began to pay attention.  
I began to notice the times I ignored the message.  
The last message I ignored cost me weeks of stress and
then cost me on third of my monthly income.    
I pay attention now. 


Half Full or Half Empty:<>  <><><>        .


DNA puts me in the right place at the right time<><>

<> <> <> <> <> <>

Waking up into a New Reality





   From Secret Slavery to Freedom  



Our minds have been programmed by evil beings
who used lies, illusions,
mind-manipulation and false beliefs
to keep us from knowing the truth.  

Although the leaders of the evil ones are gone
there are still millions of their mind-manipulated servants
that do evil and have no idea that they are still mind-controlled.  

We, all of us, with rare exception,  
are still functioning under the illusion
that we are free when we are actually
still slaves in a Cabal-created invisible prison. 

Our job is to wake up and realize that
a far different, joy-filled world awaits us. 
Our job is to wake up and realize the truth.  

The truth is that we are much more than physical bodies,  
We are God-Being having a human experience.  
Our job is to learn the truth about who and what actually are
and the talents and abilities that we have.   

When we understand our true nature, we will also know and understand that we can expand
the Llove, the freedom, the joy and abundance
in our lives by free will choice,  
simply by declaring our conscious intention to do so.  

Earth-dwelling humans can do this
because we hold Divinity in our DNA.   

Not only are we Divine Beings
we are unique divine beings.  
Our DNA, our genetic make up,
has been repeatedly altered thus,
giving us a variety of talents that are not found
in other parts of the Universe. 
Our very high levels of emotion is one example. 
Our powerful spiritual potential is another.            

From Slavery to Freedom







We are shifting our way of life
from service to self
to Service to All.    

We are multi dimensional, multi-faceted beings.  



Please keep in mind that  
you have been mind-manipulated to disbelieve
and then ignore information
such as what you will find on this page.  
Because the truth could cause you to realize
that you and most of humanity 
are much more than physical bodies.  


<> <> <> <> <> <>














    All Is One     and     Related Videos



Evidence that you will find on this page
comes from forty five years of work, study, and research.   
Body Communication,    DNA,    Innate (smart Body),  
much of the information gathered from the videos reference below:    

<><><>   <><><>.  

Pineal Gland,
Body Consciousness  --   Smart Body  --  Innate,
Personality self (including the subconscious mind) |
the chakra system
are intimately interconnected and interrelated.   


The Human Energy Field and DNA. 

The secrets of the Pineal Gland <><><>

Kryon  --  How to LLove Yourself   

Kryon Teaches Exactly How to Instruct Your Cells to Heal    

Magenta Pixie Starseed Wisdom and DNA Activation     


Kryon Teaches In Depth How to Properly Communicate With Your Cells to Invoke Powerful Cha   

Kryon May 2017 - It's Finished   <>

AlI  Is One and   Related Videos









    The Re-Programming   



How do we re-program the body mind? 
That depends upon your level of self awareness>  

I use an updated version of Theta Healing process
that I learned back in 2006. Reference: 

God-Self  --  Connecting to Your God-Self













I am part of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.   
I come to Earth come from Source/C/G/Goddess. 
I am also apart of Gaia (Sacred Mother Earth).  
I'm like a flower on the tree of life. 
Gaia is aware of me.  
Gaia Lloves me like a mother Lloves her child. 

Gaia is also A God-Being.  
The Earth is her body.   
We are her creation, her children.  

Gaia, like you and me,
She is also an intimate part of Source/C/G/Goddess. 
Gaia is also independent consciousness.    
Her Consciousness is in everything that we call nature.  

You and I are part of her consciousness. 
We are also a part of Source/C/G/Goddess. 
Whatever we do to Gaia and/ or to my fellow God-Beings,
I also do myself.   

We are each the same being. We are each a independent being.
and at the same time,
an intimate part of Cource/Creator. 

My activities on Earth expand my smart body.  
They expand Source/ Creator.
They expand Soul-Self (Abednego) and
They expand Gaia. 
What we (humans)do collectively will eventually,
dramatically  change the Universe.  

DNA holds all records of all my lives ( called the Akash),
thus, everything I am in other lives
is available to me here and now
in this present life experience.  
My job is to intend access to my complete self.  

Humans are thought creators.  Animals are not.
Animals are here as our helpers.  

This make me my own ancestors.  
Everyone else is also for themselves as I am for me. 
We have a collective storehouse of infinite data. 
This is called the Akashic records. 
Kryon Uses the term, "Cave of Creation."
This term is related, but I'm not yet sure what this term means.  

As part of the shift into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
our physical structure is being reconstructed.  
The shift is from a carbon-based form
into a crystalline format.  I don't yet know what that means, either.<><>

<> <> <> <> <> <>

About Mind / Body Consciusness --2 








    <Related Information>




Right Brain Left Brain.  
The physical brain is linear, left brain.     

Innate (Smart body brain)  is non-linear.
It is right brain, spacial, pictures, feelings.   <> <> <> <> <>



<> <> <> <> <> <>















    Karmic  Release 


As part of human transition into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
Source/ creator/ God/ Goddess
has mandated an end to karma, karmic debts,
and karmic payback.  

We can release ourselves from all karmic ties.  
However, we must each state out intention and.  
declare our release by   
communicating our intention to and reprograming
our body consciousness. 

How do we do that?  
The same way you would talk to a friend. 
If you do muscle testing or use a pendulum,
you're already connected.  

Talk to your innate body and receive Yes or No feed back via muscle testing or by using  pendulum.     <><>

<> <> <> <> <> <>






    Fifth Dimension Body Consciousness



We are headed into a whole new world,
a world of Joy, Love, Freedom
and abundance for all.  
We must change and adapt to
this dramatically different, vastly improved lifestyle  
or leave planet Earth.  

Below I have listed some of the changes we are facing. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton offers this new world to us
in symbolic form,  The Evolution of the Butterfly.     

Here's step one in What You Can Do to Help Ease the Shift
          Relax!   Allow!   Enjoy!  Just Be 

Cosmic & Solar System    --  
      The Entire Universe is Changing Dramatically     

See this same transition in
a simplified expression of mathematics and geometry.
Everything is jumping to the next level in
the Fibonacci Number sequence    1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. 

Each number in the Fibonacci sequence
is the sum of the two smaller number.  
Everything in life follows this numerical sequence

The True Nature of Reality.  
Humans are much more than physical bodies. 
We are eternal, non-physical, dynamic God-Beings
having a human experience.    

Religion    --  
      Conscious Christianity


Schumann Resonance       

Marijuana and Hemp    
       Marijuana Sanity   

Accessing the non-physical side of reality<>

The Universe Is Teaming with Life <> <> <> sososolosmononijkioaeioaeiouoiopiou <> <>






 Why We Must Re-Programing the Body-Mind  



Until Kryon talked to us about our body mind,
we had almost no knowledge about this part of ourselves.  
We now know that it plays a major role in our lives.  

Our physical brain is programmed
and gives us our personality.  
Our body mind is programmed. 
It's basic programming is to bring us to spiritual consciousness.  

It Lloves us and does it's best to care for us by
matching our bodies with the thoughts we think.  
However its programming is based on
obsolete, dysfunctional, third-dimension reality. 

Because we are now waking up to
Fifth Dimension reality, 
the Body-mind requires major updating
to match the new reality.

Humans have live in thousands of years of sameness,
thousands of years under the secret mind manipulation
by an off-planet of beings.   
(We here numbers ranging from from
13,000 years to 30,000 years.)   

We are just awaking up to the realization that
we have been secret slaves to beings
who lived on the energy radiated from a human body
when the dweller in that body
was experiencing anger, pain, grief, misery etc.  

Our body-mind requires major reprogramming.     <>







    How to Re-Program the Body Mind



The four prerequisites to success are
sincerity, Llove, forgiveness, and the changing of beliefs.  

We must be sincerely committed to
become a Fifth Dimension beings.  

We must freely flow in the energy of Llove.  

We must forgive EVERYONE, including our selves.   <><>

We must let go of obsolete beliefs.

<><><>   <><><>  

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess    <>   Source/ Creator
Soul Self                                           <>   Abednego  
Body Consciousness                      <>   DayNA    
Personality Self                               <>   Robert  / Robin   

I am   We Are     ______  
I know   _______    
I  know how to (do)   ______  
I know how to be   _____
It's safe for me to   ______
I know what ______  feels like.   
I know how to keep my new ______.    


I trust myself.  
I trust Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.
I trust the Universal Laws.  
I trust my intuintion.  
We communicate via right brain,
       by concepts, feelings, emotions. pictures 
My understanding of ______ is the same as creator's.     .







    Beliefs to Add, Change. or Delete   



For more about how to use these words
to expand your consciousness, see the page titled:
Manifesting in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  


I am Llove   I am Llovable   I am Lloved.  
I am Worthy / deserving.  
I am Connected.
I am Enough
I am Complete
I am an eternal, non-physical God-Being.  
Death of the physical body is no longer necessary
      for my spiritual evolution. 
I am part of and intimately interconnected to Source. Creator.  
I am the Unity and Oneness of everything.
My physical expression is in
      Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's Holographic Universe.   
I am Perfect / Excellent
I am Safe and Secure.  
I am Compassion.  
I am Synchronicity

My Pineal Chakra is fully functional.
      fully functioning, and  active.   <>

I forgive everyone and everything, including myself. 

<><><>   <><><>  
<><><>     <><><>

In the next section, we'll move from
Obsolete 3d Consciousness    to       Perfect 5d Consciousness
.     .

Perfect             Perfect    
Perfect is herein defined as the optimum state of being
that I choose to experience
in any condition and circumstance. 
It is a sate of being that inspires me
to feel Really, Really, Really good.  

Perfect is a function of my consciousness  
Perfect is flexible. 
It's outside of the box of 3d thinking.    
Perfect is what I declare it to be
in any situation and circumstance.  

I used to think that there was
only one one state of being called perfection,
and that was the definition of
an out-there-somewhere God
that was separate from me.  
Now that I realize that
I am an intimate part of Source/Creator,
I see multiple variation of perfection.     .







Obsolete 3d consciousness       To      Perfect 5d Consciousness

Self-Image as an evil sinner        to     I am an eternal God-Being.   

<> <> <> <> <>

Expensive Car Trouble        to       The power and freedom to travel 
                                                           anywhere i choose to go at any time
                                                           and under any conditions and under


Compare 3d and5d:  
Here's an analogy that compares 
the new, delightful Fifth Dimension
with old, obsolete third dimension,
including comparing third dimension sex
with Fifth Dimension sex.  

In the Fifth Dimension you enjoy a delicious meal.  
In third dimension you
go to your favorite restaurant
and eat only the menu.     .







    Footnotes and References  



Hyphenated Adjectives
Like Fully-Conscious       Fully-Conscious 

Perhaps  you've noticed that on our websites,
the double-words with adjectives like
are hyphenated.   

In the old, obsolete third dimension consciousness,
Robert used to write fully conscious
without a hyphen.  

Now, in Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
he writes double words like  fully-conscious with a hyphen.  
Why?    Simply because he likes it better that way. 
It feels right.    
He says that, in his opinion,
it delivers its message more clearly. 
This is a very simple example of thinking for one's self. 

We are all God-Beings, including you.
In spite of what the 3d rules say, 
he now does things that inspire him to feel good.  
As long as we stays in Full Integrity,
he does not  need to follow other people's arbitrary rules. 

How does that feel to you? 
Do you feel compelled to follow other people's rules
when, in your heart, you know it's wrong or
when you know that there is a better way?   

We encourage you to reach/ step  Outside the Box.   .    

Full Integrity  
Full integrity means being positive or neutral
in ones affect upon others.  

<><><>   <><><>.   

About Consciousness:  
The primary quality of consciousness
is knowing, being aware, being connected.  

If you do not know that something exists,
you are separate from it. 
You are disconnected.  
You cannot experience
that which you believe is impossible
and that the existence of which you are unaware.. 

Another  major attribute of Consciousness
is that it is neutral, non-judgmental.  
When you judge something,
you have an emotional hook to it and
it has a hook into you.  You are connected.   

The inner world of
Sense perception,  

There's also  the mental part
Stated Intentions, >

Wisdom is the ability to put these attributes together
in a manner that produces mostly
FahZoom (feel-good feelings).      

<><><>   <><><>  

Reach/ Step  Outside the Box:                           Outside the Box   
We encourage you to match 
the highest level of joy that
you have ever reached
in any aspect of your life
and then,
take one step more.  

If that feels scary, then turn the fear into excitement.   
Remember, fear and excitement are closely related. 
It's merely a matter of personal perspective.  

Come on!      Let Go.  
Relax.  allow.   Enjoy.   Just Be
Join us in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
It's really much more fun.  

<><><>   <><><>

Why are we here on Earth?  
We are here to expand consciousness by way of
Self-Exploration,    Self expression,    and     Self Gratification.    

Self-gratification, gratifying self, feeling good, feeling bliss
is an aspect of our natural state of being.  
Sex is also divinity gratifying herself in physical form.  







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