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   Marijuana and Cosmic Consciousness






Fifth Dimension Cosmic Consciousness
are intimately related.   

According to M K Ultra Whistle-Blower,
Cathy O'Brien,  

Marijuana interferes with mind-control programming   
Marijuana opens neuropath ways in the human brain.  
This makes it impossible for those in control to maintain their mind-manipulation programming.  






    Marijuana Sanity


We have an entire expose  devoted to the topic of
Marijuana Sanity><of> <> <>











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(4)   The war on marijuana continues in spite of the fact that it's been a multi-trillion dollar fiasco and a complete and total failure at accomplishing its publically-stated intention.   What it has accomplished is:   1) to provide the Cabal with at least 250 billion dollars per year in secret profits from illegal marijuana and drug sales, and 2) to create a semi-police state and powerful police and prison industry -- an industry that is, in practice, American, home-grown terrorism.  


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